This post is of a slightly personal nature so if you don’t know me personally it will mean very little to you.

Due to circumstances described in this post the Christmas Open House Scheduled for Jan 3rd (9th day of Christmas) at my place has one minor change.

I now have a small supply of booze that I didn’t expect, this includes:

1 Jug Lambrusco (Italian wine) there is no chance that I will finish it in a week
1 Case of Budweiser
1 Case of bud light
1 bottle of Chivas Regal (over the normal supply)
1 bottle Grand Mariner Liqueur

This means that the BYOB part of the invitation to the open house will not apply to you if you drink any of the stuff above assuming that it isn’t polished off by the time you get here. (Odds are very slim most of my friends aren’t drinkers).

If you wish to drink something not on that list than the BYOB stuff does apply.

Remember that the open house starts at 2 p.m. Come at any time, leave at any time, it will continue till the last person goes, current record is 1:45 a.m. the next day. Feel free to bring food if you want but it will be provided.

If you are a friend of mind and for some reason didn’t get the invite that is likely due to my error so consider yourself invited. If you are a former co-worker who wants to come but doesn’t have my address e-mail me personally. If you don’t have my personal e-mail leave your e-mail in comments or ping me in AIM. I still have the same AIM address as before.

If you are a total stranger who reads the blog and somehow figure out where I live and show up, use the word “DaTechguy blog” when you come to the door and you will be allowed entrance after all it is an open house. Remember that you will be in a house full of Sicilians so if you are not known by anyone you will likely be well scrutinized.

Basic house rules:

No one has ever gotten drunk at a party of mine, if you somehow manage and try to drive I will use my Sicilian wiles to steal your keys if you don’t surrender them voluntarily. If that fails I’ll take your distributor cap, you will NOT leave my house driving drunk

Unless you are required by law to carry one at all times you should not have a weapon in my house.

If you use drugs don’t bring them into my house, if you bring drugs into my house I’ll call the cops on you personally. And I don’t care about the new grass laws in Massachusetts, they don’t apply in my house.

Three members of my family have Asthma so there is no smoking in my house.

If you are a friend of either of my sons who has been invited by them don’t even THINK of trying to drink in my house. If I catch you trying to sneak booze in my house you will be removed, your parents called and you will not return. Ever!

And that also applies if you violate any of the other above rules.

Any questions just ask.

There is an interesting development in the HiWired situation.

According to the main HiWired site it is now a part of RadialPoint.

I checked the Radialpoint site and there is no press release confirming this but it is plain as the nose on your face on the HiWired page.

As for Ctrl-center that has apparently gone to PlumChoice. If you go to the ctrl-center page you see the re-directed address it goes to is

So the bottom line at the moment is this:

HiWired have been acquired by Radialpoint

Ctrl-Center has been acquired by PlumChoice

I’ve been acquired by nobody, but I am available.

As you might guess when a blog tracks back you tend to take a peek to see what is there. Apparently Tel-Chi Nation’s author Avi Green has a second blog devoted to comic books called The Four Color Media Monitor. Looks like a good site for comic book fans.

I’m an old Green Lantern, Justice League fan but other than Usagi Yojimbo and the occasional Groo I don’t have much interest in the new stuff, but if you want news on characters like The Scarlet Witch, this seems to be the place.

Yesterday Israellycool was very frustrated as Israel after promising retaliation for the more than 200 rockets that have hit it over the past week responded with trucks of fuel and medicine.

Well the Captain reports that the other shoe has finally dropped:

After taking more that 200 missile attacks in the past week, the IDF attacked every known Hamas security station in Gaza today, killing hundreds and wounding hundreds more. Gazans pledged resistance to any ground invasion, but Israel has not yet indicated when — or if — one will come

If our Aussie born friend is right however it might be a day late:

Most Hamas gunmen in Gaza have gone into hiding on Wednesday for fear of a harsh Israeli response to the heavy rocket and mortar barrages emanating from the Strip, Ynet has learned.

All exposed Hamas structures, including police stations and government buildings, have been abandoned.

All of this really stinks but let me say it bluntly. If their positions were reversed then Gaza would be Judenrein. In fact it already is.

Two years ago my wife gave me seasons 1 & 2 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. I liked and appreciated it but I didn’t want it enough to buy it myself. I guess some things aren’t just worth working for.

Caroline Kennedy made a little more news on NY1 tonight, telling host Dominic Carter that she finally spoke to Hillary Clinton — who didn’t initially take her call — and that, if she’s not selected, she won’t run for the seat.

Let me declare right now that I also won’t run for the seat if Patterson doesn’t pick me.

But my real motive was for this post was to get a 3rd rock clip into the blog somehow:

Was reading this article on the Kennedys at the weekly standard and this jumped out at me:

From Joe Sr. on down to his sons and their children, the Kennedys have been many things to most men. Morally, they have been profiles in courage and cowardice: They fled Luftwaffe bombs in Blitz-ridden London, and in wartime sought out the most dangerous missions; they have saved shipmates from drowning in dangerous waters, and left a woman to drown in a scandalous accident; they have given the last full measure of devotion in war and its aftermath; and in peace and in new generations, they have sometimes asked for much more than their due. In politics, they have been far right, far left, and dead center; they have been male chauvinists and quivering slaves to the feminist movement; they have been isolationists, interventionists, and democratic crusaders; they have been Churchillian and Chamberlainesque.

When you read that paragraph, it looks like it could be any family in the world couldn’t it? All different types of all different people all one family.

It just makes it all sound so normal doesn’t it?

Noticed that the page for Ctrl-Center has changed.

When HiWired stopped breathing it remained to be seen what would happen to Ctrl-Center, would Office Max drop the brand or give it to another tech support company?

I presume Office Max decided they didn’t want the dough already sunk into be a loss so somebody is doing it. Since the page say US based support I presume it hasn’t gone to India but as to where it is being done and who is doing it I have no idea.

Still not sure if they will be supporting the old services that we once offered, but that is a post for another day. I’d be very interested in knowing what people think of the new service, of course I’d recommend Datechguy’s tech services instead.

UPDATE: It belongs to PlumChoice.

On Morning Joe today there were showing some old clips, one had Brian Williams talking about how the country needs the mainstream media for information and what we would do without them for information.

It’s a good thing too otherwise I would have missed this news:

Palestinians misfire rocket, two Gaza girls killed after Qassam hits home in northern Strip; earlier Friday, Palestinian man wounded by misfired rocket taken for treatment in Israeli hospital

Oh wait I didn’t see it on any mainstream media page I saw it at Meryl Yourish’s blog.

Commenting on the the fact that Israel is treating the Palestinians who were wounded by rockets meant for Jews she bottom lines the reason why I refer to one side as barbarians and one side not:

That’s the difference between us and them. And it’s the difference that never gets highlighted by the news agencies.

It also explains why with the media it is always verify before trust.

Today is the 2nd day of Christmas, it is also Boxing day celebrated in England and all over the former British Empire.

It is also the 2nd day of Maulana Ron Karenga’s (Ron Everett) holiday of Kwanzaa. Celebrated “offically” by many municipalities this newest of December Holidays (even younger than Festivus) is not only the source of much debate.

It seems to me not to be making a lot of noise these days. Reason mag has noticed that too:

In the days leading up the Christmas, one couldn’t help but notice that references to Kwanzaa, the decades-old African-American holiday that captured so many dull minds during the Great Culture Wars of the 1990s, were almost nonexistent. Kwanzaa, an Afrocentic celebration of black self-reliance (or something) that so spooked the “war on Christmas” types, has largely disappeared. Back in the day, its champions and critics alike thought it could potentially replace Christmas in the very Christian African-American community.

But now, silence.

Josh Newman at the Huffington post is disappointed but gets it:

I still can’t help but notice not noticing Kwanzaa at the greeting cards store. Certainly people are still celebrating the holiday, but clearly corporate America no longer seeks to capitalize on Kwanzaa the way it once did. At a time when a black man can be elected President, the powers-that-be seem to be saying African-Americans are much more ready embrace the de facto American civic religion, Christianity.

Multiculturalism was supposed to highlight our differences in radical ways, not transform them into different flavors of ice cream. But I worry about how Kwanzaa’s disappearance will get understood. In a few years (if not already), Americans will probably remember it the way they remember parachute pants or the Rubik’s cube–the irony, that removing Kwanzaa from the aisles of greeting card stores might end up forever enshrining it as a pop cultural relic. Meanwhile, the meanings of Christmas and Hanukkah continue to be contested and questioned as they reside in the marketplace, Whether it’s gone because nobody knew how to sell it, or because nobody wanted to buy it, Kwanzaa is now nowhere to be found.

I don’t have a big problem with Kwanzza mainly because those who celebrate it these days do so not in the spirit of separation as the founder would like. Kwanzza has become more about a celebration of Blackness than the Marxist drivel of its founder or his attempt to Co-opt Christmas.

So if you celebrate it have a Happy Kwanzza. If you celebrate Boxing Day have a happy one and if you don’t celebrate anything at all then just have a nice day as always.