I was looking at some Notre Dame stories today and found this quote concerning the college:

“We have a much more challenging mission than most universities. Most universities strive simply to be excellent educational institutions by the accepted standards of the profession. We do this at Notre Dame, and we have had great success. But we also foster and celebrate a distinctive mission to be a Catholic university, inspired and guided by a great spiritual tradition.”

If you want to find out who owns this inspired quote affirming the importance of the Catholic identity of Notre Dame click here.

Then as quick as you can click here to get the Kryten out of your system.

Glenn Reynolds talks about the Pirate situation and notes something:

Funny that nation-states successfully suppressed pirates for years without such troubles, suggesting that the law has not exactly “progressed” in this area.

The problem is the law has progressed. Until the mid 1800’s or so pirates taken in the act on the high seas could be hanged at once without further trial. Remember the Royal Navy has ordered its ships to avoid detaining pirates because they were afraid of violating their human rights.

Expect more of this unless it is treated harshly.

…when you remember that before 9/11 the president had a similar with a US ship and China.

After long negotiation Sec state Powell secured the release of the crew.

Personally I think there are two easy solutions.

#1 sink the lifeboat, the pirates will be two busy not drowning to kill the captian.

#2 Four snipers 1 shot each.

In the end they can wait them out they are on a raft, they aren’t going to be allowed to get to shore so their surrender is going to happen.

I think that Notre Dame’s administration might be praying (assuming they actually pray) for something to come up to get them out of this mess.

Even MSNBC covered the 10 priests of the CSC objecting to Fr. Jenkins leaked statement suggesting that because President Obama is not Catholic these rules don’t apply is only going to make things worse. (Then again he hasn’t found a church yet has he, maybe he is Catholic and we just don’t know it?). This is going to keep producing pixels till it is resolved one way or the other.

Update: noticed a grammar error when revisiting post, fixed.

Well I know nothing about SUU university but i do know one thing. At least one Senior by the name of Jeffrey Wilbur paid attention when reading the Constitution much closer than the administration of his college to wit:

In light of SUU officials plan to designate “Free Speech Zones” on campus, I thought I’d offer my assistance. Grab a map. OK, ready?

All right, you see that big area between Canada and Mexico, surrounded by lots of blue ink on the East and West? You see it?

There’s your bloody Free Speech Zone.

Jeffrey Wilbur

Senior communication major from Bountiful

This has gotten attention. No less than the great free speech crusader from the north Ezra Levent quotes him positively.

But think about it for a moment. Is this not a horrible thing that the public expression that the entire US is a free speech zone is so novel that we bloggers are celebrating it? It should go without saying. That fact condemns our politically correct and cowardly society more than anything else.

My mother had business for many years and in those halicon days before everyone had credit cards she gave this advice:

“Don’t be so fast to give credit, because when the people have cash they will go to people who demand cash and when they don’t they will go to you.”

My father being very soft hearted didn’t take that advice as much as she would have liked.

Well it looks like our liberal blogger friends have discovered the joys of this economic truth:

Welcome to a little place I like to call Reality.

Why should a group pay her to say what she was going to say anyway?

She complained about Americans United for Change and American Association of Retired Persons.

I’ve seen ads for Americans United for Change and AARP on Fox News. Those groups know that they have to pay to get their messages to Fox News viewers unfiltered.

Why should they pay Hamsher to do what she was going to do anyway for free?

Hey I thought these guys were true believers that they were doing this for the cause? Oliver and Andrew are making an actual living on this via time and media matters. If these guys want a paycheck for this don’t they have to produce a product that someone wants to pay for?

However there is a case to made:

The behind-the-scenes tensions go to the heart of the role these bloggers have created for themselves in Democratic politics — they’re basically advocates and operatives with big platforms — and their future role, too. They argue that their efforts and fundraising helped drive the Democratic ascendancy. Yet even the Dem party committees are reluctant to advertise with them, raising the question of whether the party will ever be willing to seriously invest long-term in this new media infrastructure.

“We don’t invest in the future, and Republicans do,” says John Aravosis, the founder of AMERICAblog. “The party committees really get that we can be effective as their partners and that we’re happy to help, and they take advantage of that. But even so, very little ad money comes from them. It’s more than just wanting to share in the spoils. We are small business-people who are fighting to survive economically in a really bad year.”

Blogging is nice but there is this thing called life that takes precedence. Anger sustained people for a while but you can’t stay outraged all the time. The only reason why the Answer crowd manages it is because they do it for a living.

It will be interesting to see what kind of response beyond some inexpensive ads this produces. This is why a blog like Instapundit that is not just a political machine is more favored.