DaTechGuy Jan 24th:

here is what I think the government should do outside of the normal functions of controlling the money supply and interest rates:

Do nothing.

That’s it, no stimulus, no bailouts, no directed loans. Let the business cycle work itself out.

The Politico Jan 28th:

In fact, government stimulus plans have a long history of failure. Remember last February’s $168 billion economic stimulus package? President Bush called it “a booster shot for our economy” and promised that it was large enough to have an effect. It wasn’t, and it didn’t work.

This time around, the Do-Nothing Crowd argues that the new spending — which dwarfs last year’s effort — is probably insufficient and definitely unwise. It is largely an economic argument. But there is also a cultural dimension. Many of the Do-Nothings argue that a painful recession is the best way to destroy America’s runaway culture of irresponsibility and debt. Economic turmoil, after all, has a way of grounding Americans.

Via Glenn who makes this statement of fact:

when it’s prudence vs. pork, prudence usually comes in a poor second.

I’d say when it prudence vs. almost anything it comes in a poor second.

Arab Rockets and bombs, Israel hitting tunnels, Hamas leaders a beating a very brave retreat. It’s deja vu all over again.

As usual Israellycool and the Muqata are the places to be. One great example:

UNRWA has gradually adopted a distinctive political viewpoint that favors the Palestinian and Arab narrative of events in the Middle East. In particular, it seems to favor the strain of Palestinian political thought espoused by those who are intent on a “return” to the land that is now Israel. UNRWA’s adoption of any political viewpoint is undesirable, but the one it has chosen to emphasize is especially regrettable. In addition to clashing with the objectives of the United States, this view has detracted from UNRWA’s humanitarian assistance, encouraged Palestinians who favor refighting long-lost wars, discouraged those who favor moving toward peace, and contributed to the scourge of conflicts that have been visited upon Palestinian refugees for decades.

and this:

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees employs and provides benefits for terrorists and criminals, asserts a former legal adviser to UNRWA who left the organization in 2007. James Lindsay, now a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, served as an attorney with the US Justice Department for two decades before leaving to work for UNRWA in 2000.

This stuff is being funded here in the US. I know we are bailing out almost everyone but this takes the cake.

At least they had one quiet week.

Tonight we tried a variant of Settlers of Catan, Traders and Barbarians.

The Variant actually is several variants, Fishermen, Rivermen, Caravans, Knights and Barbarians. We only had time to play Fishermen and Rivermen. Both variants were rather interesting and the addition of random cards to replace the dice was really interesting, It kept the probabilities while removing the randomness. In our first game using the cards to generate the numbers for resources. Sort of like Blackbeard or the old Status Pro series of games.

In the Fishermen variant the deserts are replaced by lakes and by fishing you can trade to get other items that you might not get able to get your hands on normally.

In the Rivermen variant you gain funds for building along rivers and building bridges, you can also spend your funds on resources, but beware, if you are the low man financially you will have penalties while the richest man will gain rewards.

If you haven’t played Catan you will need the base game for the variant, if you have you will likely find the it a welcome addition to the game.

As we had five players we were playing the 5-6 player versions of both.

Since the games are played on a roter on our game night it will likely be a bit before we get back to Catan. I believe the new version of Axis and Allies in on the list for next week.

Barak Obama yesterday in his interview:

he hoped for a restoration of “the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago.”

Us Muslim relations 30 years ago:


News from Iran today:

Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a single nuclear weapon later this year, the prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) predicts…

Yup looks like Obama will get his wish. BIG Jimmy Carter vote for this one Carter 6 Arthur 2

Had to run to Office Max to get some ink for my Brother MFC 665CW since I have an interview on Thursday and need to print some items.

It was the first time I’d been in an OfficeMax since HiWired went under and was later bought out. Considering that Plum Choice picked them up I was a little taken aback to see the old Ctrl-Center packaging and the old boxes sitting there. Same products same offers and the same price points.

Very little promotion other than the small display and nothing on the web site.

Can’t vouch for the quality of the services, as they are US based I suspect they are likely ok.

Kind of sad to see it all and think back to the old place and what could have been. Of course HiWired exists now as a part of Radialpoint with some good people there. If you have to get service and you don’t use DaTechGuy I’d go there first myself.

In looking for the video for Kryten’s head exploding (Ketchup on Lobster! BOOM) for the last post I found this bit of news at the BBC:

Cult comedy Red Dwarf is returning to TV, 21 years after its initial launch.

The show has been resurrected by digital channel Dave for a two-part Easter weekend special, which sees the cast finally return to Earth.

Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, the new show reunites the line-up, including Coronation Street’s Craig Charles.

The hit show, which ran for eight series on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999, won an International Emmy award.

This show was always very funny and very offbeat. It will be a very fun time. More details here.

If this is the real thing then a lot of people are going to go nuts.

The press however will be delighted because there will be a large visible republican politician who they can spend all their time hating. If people fail to support Obama she can be blamed and McCain and his people can blame her for the lack of bi-partisan behavior. The rise of SarahPAC may make my prediction concerning the turning of the media impossible. Lack of transcripts or no.

It sure won’t be boring.

UPDATE: Hot Air readers like the idea.

Update II: If you don’t get the Kryten reference watch this.

Update 3:
Allahpundit confirms it.