Was checking out Colin Baker’s blog and found myself empathizing with this paragraph:

If ever I post blogs on this site regularly, you should worry for my well being. It will mean that I have time on my hands and am not working. And not working, while I have two daughters at University and one still at school is, believe me, bad news!

Sometimes people forget that just because someone is on TV they don’t make big money automatically.

Who says you can’t get good work out of slave labor? For the second time tonight a pinch hitter makes the difference late to get their team back into it. In this case a pinch 8th inning two run homer put the Cuban team ahead and a 1-2-3 night gave them a trip to the states.

A fine game all around. Australia has really showed that they belong in this tourney. This sets up quite a revenge match for Mexico who will be desperate to avoid the fate of their fellow Latin Americans in the Dominican Republic.

I must confess I would have liked to see Castro’s boys go home early. The only thing I like about them going to San Diego is that is a better location to defect from.

How bad it it appointment-wise for the Obama administration? There is even a scandal involving his new Zombie cabinet position Secretary of Undead Affairs appointment as the Star Village World Inquisitor reports:

An unexpected snag occurred today as members of the senate ethics committee uncovered documents related to Mr. Murman’s death, showing that his family never paid the required death or estate taxes associated with his death. Mr. Murman and his representatives were unavailable for comment on the allegations, brought forth this morning.

The White House is crying discrimination:

“This is precisely the sort of thing that this new post is meant to discourage,” says White House aid Dirk Diggler. “If Murman was a live person, his integrity probably wouldn’t even be questioned. It’s pure bigotry!” Diggler declined to comment on other tax problems Obama appointments have been under scrutiny for, calling it “a coincidence.”

Ted Kennedy however a longtime supporter of the death tax is having none of it:

“It’s bad enough the undead pay no income taxes,” said Senator Ted Kennedy. “er, ah, I mean come on. When you die, you er, ah, need to pay your death taxes. It’s the er, ah, last time you have to pay, and failure to do so is a slap in the face of the living.”

Since reportedly Mr. Murman’s family put the unpaid death taxes in the stock market the funds unfortunately are deader than he is.

Well Chas Freeman has withdrawn his name. This is good news for the US and although they might not believe it right now even better news for the Obama administration as they won’t a toady who defended the massacre of pro-democracy protesters in China on the team.

Glenn Reynolds as usual notes the most relevant point.

It’s also worth noting that, like the John Edwards story, press covering this withdrawal will have to explain all the stuff they didn’t report before.

At least Morning Joe hinted at it, but this is why the reputation of journalists and newspapers are in the tank and rightly so.

Update Steyn:

Poor old Freeman. He has the guts to spill the beans on the Israel Lobby, and either their stooge Pincus or the sinister cosmopolitan Jews who control America’s Union of Newspaper Delivery Boys hoover any reference to the dark truth out of the paper before it reaches your doorstop.

At least I hope that’s the case. The alternative explanation is that The Washington Post would rather protect anyone even peripherally associated with President Obama than risk giving its readers any “news”.

Manipulating the news was always more about people keeping people ignorant of facts that are dangerous.

I have to admit it, when the Dutch right fielder missed the ball in the 11th allowing the Dominicans to score against Boyd I didn’t think there was much of a chance of a comeback. Apparently the Dominicans felt the same because they not only got sloppy but the put in a Pitcher from the Chicago Cubs with playoff elimination on the line.

Apparently the curse of the Goat sticks with you as long as you stay on the roster. First a double then a single then a bad throw then an error at first. Presto 2-1 loss.

Seriously I felt bad for Aybar who was one of the people on that Dominican team who had really performed, the fact that he would make the miscue that would allow the winning run to score was a surprise.

Congratulations to the Dutch, even if they don’t win another game they have made baseball history! They left 35 opposing players in scoring position. An awful lots of walks but you know, its hard to score from 2nd on a walk.

As for the Dominicans, Lets not forget that their pitching didn’t give up any runs in the first 10 innings either. The Dominican pitchers gave up one earned run in three games. That is an incredible figure that is 4 less than the Dutch. The pitchers can generally hold their heads high. Their hitters however just couldn’t deliver with men in scoring position and their defense or lack thereof cost them both games.

The team is going to get a rough reception back home:

“Oh, God, thank God I don’t have to go back home for a while,” (David) Ortiz said. “I’m telling you right now, in the Dominican, there had to be a blackout right now.”

Felipe Alou, the Dominican manager, told Delmonico and other Netherlands players that he would be watching them and rooting for them. But Alou, 73, has been agitated with the Dominican players who did not participate in the Classic and how that impacted his roster.

The names that didn’t make it are going to hear about it back home, almost as much as the team is going to.

On the other hand, this is a bitter blow for baseball mad Dominican, which received a huge hit at the outset of the tournament when Alex Rodriguez had to pull out. They were already without another superstar, Albert Pujols, who couldn’t get insurance to cover his participation. Adrian Beltre, the logical A-Rod successor at third base, stayed in Arizona at the behest of the Mariners. Also missing: Manny Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, and Aramis Ramirez.

It will be remembered that those guys weren’t there.

If I’m the Dutch manager I rest my best pitchers tomorrow and have my best ready for round 2 but as has been demonstrated he certainly doesn’t need my advice.

Update: David Pinto hits the nail on the head and has the best line of the night:

I’m stunned and happy. This game just put the World Baseball Classic on the map.

By the way, Felipe Alou joins John Thompson in the crappy international coach Hall of Fame.

It’s not quite 2004 but it’s damn close. Marvelous.

Some great games on tap for today:

5 p.m. Italy vs Venezuela

Hugo’s boys took Italy lightly and played a little sloppy early but the Italians failed to take advantage of men on base. I still get the feeling that they take them lightly, and the Italians have shown they can put runs on the board.

If Italy can score early then its anyone’s game. The Italian defense is going to be the key here. I’d like to see Italy bounce Hugo’s boys but I wouldn’t be willing to bet money on it.

5:30 p.m. Netherlands vs Dominican Republic

When they scheduled this game It was expected that it would be Panama vs Puerto Rico instead Panama is already out, Puerto Rico is in and the Dominican Republic wants revenge for its most humiliating defeat ever.

They will be gunning for the Dutch and look to put them away early, It will call come down to the Dutch starter in that respect. If they fall behind again I think they might crack like an egg. Robbie Cordemans being available might make all the difference.

The Dutch have to score period! If they can’t score they can’t win.

10:00 p.m. Cuba vs Australia.

Tonight we find out if the crushing of Mexico was a fluke or not. If Australia can put up the numbers against Cuba then there will be sweating in Mexico tomorrow.

I feel bad for the Cuban convict team. It’s hard to spend your life in a prison and know that if you try to escape your family will suffer, it must be even harder to have to play for your jailer. The sheer joy of Baseball is a partial release but its still a convict team playing under guard.

My take, I have no problem with them advancing if it means some of their guys can jump the fence and escape, if they are just going to stay prisoners, they might as well get bounced now and go back to prison.

….when he talks about the Federalist papers and the separation of powers.

Not that he is incorrect when he talks about it. That is exactly right this was what the founding fathers intended and slowing this stuff down is the proper function of the senate…

…However I do recall back in 2002-2004 Rush complaining about the senate obstructing the will of the people when certain Bush era items were being pushed. I confess I don’t recall the exact items that were being pushed but I do remember the argument that the house reflects the current will of the people, and that is certainly correct. President Obama could make that same argument if he wanted to.

He didn’t quote those particular parts of the federalist papers at that time, although he often did quote other parts of them in other matters.

Oh and if you’ve never read the Federalist Papers you should.