The Baseball Hall of fame voting is coming up the only shoo-in on the list is Rickey Henderson. Of the remaining people on the list only David Cone and Mark Grace even deserve a thought and that thought would be brief.

As for the people already on the list Harold Baines, Bert Blyleven, Andre Dawson. Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Tim Raines, Jim Rice, Lee Smith and Alan Trammell. Other than Parker and Baines and perhaps Mattingly there isn’t anyone on the list that would be a bad choice. There are currently people in the Hall less worthy than any one of them. Personally I’d vote of Blyleven, Dawson and perhaps Rice and Murphy. Jack Morris is a tough call for me but still a no. So is Trammell

Ironically if I had to pick a starter for a single game from the list above that I had to win; it would be Morris. Likewise if I needed one hit at one critical at bat from the list, my choice would be Baines.

My provocative statement concerning the left and Jews is not going over well with some. My follow up considering Nordlinger’s position is still being considered by me, but there are very simple steps that the left can do to prove me wrong right away:

  • Condemn the rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel that led to the current war.
  • Condemn groups within their own coalition that call for the destruction of Israel
  • Condemn groups that call for the death of Jews
  • Exclude groups from “anti-war” marches that call for either the destruction of Israel or the murder of Jews
  • On left leaning blogs comment condemning those who call for either the death of Jews, the destruction of Israel or advocate violence against the Jews.  I don’t call for banning such commentators unless such statements contravene the particular blog’s guidelines.  Speech whenever possible should be answered with speech.
  • This must be done in the same public manor and with the same volume that you condemn Israel, Bush or America.

If the left can do this then that would certainly prove me wrong.  I would be delighted to see it.  A great example of this on the right is at Little Green Footballs which has taken an awful lot of grief for rejecting any alliance with Vlaams Belang even to combat Jihad.

Yup they still hate her:

Palin, however, has done nothing remotely like what these other political ner-do-wells have done. She did not take bribes, she did not indulge in sexual dalliances with co-workers or call girls, she did not get booted from her party or lose her job as Governor. She is not under indictment nor does she face jail time, yet CNN includes her in a list with Rob Blagojevich, John Edwards, Kwame Kilpatrick, Larry Langford, Tim Maloney, Elliot Spitzer and Ted Stevens.

Gretta Van Susteren is outraged:

CNN thinks Governor Palin is like these guys? one of these guys? is that fair? Let’s KEEP CNN HONEST…is this right? post your comment…

The comment area is now gone but blog after blog after blog have weighed in. Resulting in her removal from the list but no acknowledgment of it.

CNN forget that the net never forgets. This type of edit without a correction is Bad form. I’ll say it again; God they must hate her!

In this post I made a rather provocative assertion when explaining why 65,000 civilian deaths dead in the fight against the Tamil-Tigers provoked no protest on the left as opposed to Israel and Gaza:

How could this be? Simple answer. If you can’t blame Jews or Americans, then its not evil or important. Why? Because their final goal is dead Jews. Period.

In is column today, Jay Nordlinger may have a better explanation:

During the Cold War, we used to speak of anti-anti-Communists. These were people (on the left) who were not exactly pro-Communist. But they so hated the anti-Communists, they were . . . well, anti-anti-Communists — the best, the fairest name for them.

Today, there are anti-anti-Islamofascists. They are not on the Islamofascist side in the War on Terror. But they hate those who are fighting, or attempting to fight, the Islamofascists more than they could ever hate the Islamofascists. They are anti-anti-Islamofascists.

The similarities between yesterday’s anti-anti-Communists and today’s anti-anti-Islamofascists would make a very good essay — perhaps by David Pryce-Jones or Norman Podhoretz. Of course, many of today’s anti-anti-Islamofascists were yesterday’s anti-anti-Communists — I mean, the same people, in the flesh.

And it’s all embodied in a publication such as The New York Review of Books.

That is a much more charitable explanation, I’ll have to think on it.

He also touches on another quote I made during the first week of this blog.

You can take this to the bank: Any successful attack on American soil during an Obama administration is going to be wholly owned by not only that administration but the Democratic party.

Here is Nordlinger:

A wise Republican head said to me the other day, “I actually think Obama is going to have a hard time of it.” Here was his reasoning: “Two things Bush has done right are Iraq (after the surge) and preventing a second attack. Those are big achievements to live up to — especially if you don’t believe there is any connection between the president’s means and these ends.

This goes to the heart of the Arthur vs Carter question. Anyway its another reason why Nordlinger should be regular reading for you.

As for yesterday’s anti-anti Communists as today’s anti-anti-Islamofascists; I guess they are fooled twice. Shame on them.

There has been talk that with the rise of blogs, YouTube, twitter, facebook etc, that Matt Drudge doesn’t matter.

Yesterday Drudge reported that Ann Coulter was banned from NBC. Within a few hours NBC has denied it and today Drudge reports that NBC is re-thinking things.

Hotair reported on this yesterday, but I think the Allahpundit might have it pegged last night:

Radical countertheory: They booked her intending to cancel but also fully intending to invite her back, knowing that Drudge could be relied on to hype the “controversy” so that her raincheck appearance would do huge ratings. Exit question: Was she in on it or not?

Two python moments in one day!

I can’t find the clip but Morning Joe is reporting that Roland Burris is apparently saying he has Jesus on his side to be the junior senator from Illinois.

If this is true apparently he is an idiot.
If this is not true I will edit the post accordingly

This however doesn’t change the fact that he is legally appointed to the seat and should be seated.

P.S. Admit it you thought this was an Al Franken Post when you read the title didn’t you?

Update: Apparently the quote was slightly different:

Burris, in turn, has gone to court hoping to win an order for White to sign the necessary paperwork, and has also threatened to sue to take his seat in the Senate.

“We are hoping and praying that they will not be able to deny what the Lord has ordained,” Burris said Sunday night.

What an idiot!

Hat tip Newsbusters.

Update 2: Joe and Mika are having much too much fun with this.

If you are not a person who follows Doctor Who you might not know that the four seasons of the revived series has one overriding theme. Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper.

The doctor meeting, traveling with, slowly falling in love with, losing, tortured over her loss, being pursued by, re-united with, and shot dying in her arms, somehow surviving, and in the end both getting and losing her again at the same time.

So how ironic is it that Billie Piper’s series after Doctor Who was The Secret diary of a Call Girl and the newly chosen 11th doctor not only meet, bed each other (without payment) he uses his powers of deduction to solve a mystery.

They also appear together in a show called The Ruby in the smoke and actually flee from an explosion together.

Talk about typecasting!

Two notes:

#1 As the title might suggest any link to the Call girl series may have content that is not work safe or not proper for younger readers, follow at your own risk.

#2 As time permits I may add You Tube clips concerning the Doctor Who stuff so this post may change as the day goes on.

Rich is back from his vacation and The 10 Doctors has resumed.

He apparently put up page 164 late last night so if you go straight to his blog today you might miss a page.

So I would start with the link above before going to the current page to read on.

BTW the link for the “current page” above is to today’s current page in case you are reading this as an archive page.

Thanks again for the great gift Rich. It’s a wonderful break from the nonsense of the world. If your blog had been on the 2008 webblog awards page I would have voted for it.