I’m jumping a bit ahead in my writing about religion and Catholic faith to touch on something that people find uncomfortable particularly in this modern age.

If one claims to be a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular there are several things that are required beliefs. The defining belief is the divinity of Christ. No less critical is the existence of the Devil and Hell.

People like to think that due to the modern world that such things as Devil’s and Satan can’t be real, that no reasonable person can choose to believe in such a supernatural concept. One doesn’t want to deal with the ridicule of such a belief, particularly publicly expressed. After all its one thing to believe in Christ, there is history that shows his existence but to believe in a fellow with a pitchfork and horns out to novel you, that’s just a story to frighten children.

CS Lewis talked about this very thing in Screwtape #7:

We currently live in an age where people believe in psychics, witchcraft and various unseen forces. I can drive down the street in Leominster or Worcester and see the shingle for psychics advertising their services. I have wiccan friends one who is a wiccan priest. You see all kinds of books on harnessing various forces. Science Fiction fans talk of all kinds of planets that might be inhabited by all sorts of creatures; yet all these same people would look as if you had 4 heads if you suggest that the devil or hell exists. Continue reading “Required Catholic Belief; The Devil and Hell”

Yesterday commenting on the economic plan and what was being proposed and how it was done I had this to say:

This is what is happening , the ground is being prepared not for the recovery of the county’s economy but for the retention of power. If the economy recovers all well and good but if not they are going to be damn sure that they keep their majorities.

First things first after all.

Well it looks like someone a whole lot more knowledgeable than me on this has something to say about this:

Put simply, I believe his stimulus is aimed at re-establishing “eternal” power for the Democrat Party rather than stimulating the economy because anyone with a brain knows this is NOT how you stimulate the economy. If I can be made to serve as a distraction, then there is that much less time debating the merits of this TRILLION dollar debacle.

I don’t claim to have the experience of Rush Limbaugh but remember first and foremost this is what it going on. Anyone who thinks it isn’t the case isn’t paying attention. economy

Back from the party, a lovely gathering at the home of a very liberal friend of mine.

It is always important to remember that politics are politics but friendship trumps it.

If you are a fan of offbeat radio and a little video might I suggest the WDOA blog here. It isn’t my scene but it might be yours.

Was offered spiked eggnog. It had a bit of a kick I didn’t care for the taste, never been an eggnog guy but the wife liked it.

The kick came from 190 proof grain alcohol. I tried it straight and found it much better than the eggnog. Tasted kinda like Anisette to me but It’s not something I’d have again. Sort of like when I tried Mead at Steve’s place except it tasted better.

Given the choice I’d much rather have Lambrusco any day.

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I’ll be heading off to a friend’s party in a bit so if your comments are not approved in a timely manor that’s why.

Unfortunately the couple that was coming with us has one mother and one daughter down sick, but that means I might take a detour to show the wife where Anna Maria College is.

Since that visit the boy’s been accepted to Emmanuel, Fitchburg State, Bridgewater State, Curry and Newbury with various scholarship packages offered. So far Anna Maria has the offered best financial package of the batch but he’s reached no decision yet. I’m sure he’ll visit at least a couple more before the final decision is made.

The truce still holds, the rockets still haven’t fired but some things are unfortunately returning to normal:

Hundreds of Palestinians are starting to repair tunnels in Gaza that are used for smuggling in goods from Egypt.

Israel, which ended its 22-day offensive last Sunday, has warned of renewed military strikes on the strip if the tunnels are reopened.

If Hamas rearms and rockets return then so will the war.

It hit me that I didn’t specify how we got to the current 5-2 count with Carter in the lead.

The president got one vote for Arthur with the predator strike in Pakistan.

He got three additional Carter votes for the following:

The Jimmy carter walk. (I know it’s cheap but all I could see was Carter when he did it)

The unwillingness of his own press people to confirm the strike above

The call for Israel to open up the Gaza checkpoints

No points yet for the Mitchell appointment but that’s close.

As I’ve made clear on this blog, I’m a practicing Roman Catholic. I believe the reason to be a Catholic is because it is true. I’ve also stated that Abortion is the killing of human life and comparable to slavery.

So why no outraged posts concerning the change in abortion funding rules under Obama? Mainly because this was not an outrageous act.

I don’t mean that in the sense that it isn’t a deeply wrong thing that aids and abets a significant evil that will destroy lives, scar people and help cause suffering in this world and damnation in the next to many. It will do all those things. I don’t in the least disagree with The Anchoress, L.A. Catholic, The Curt Jester or Gateway Pundit. I just can’t get work into a lather over it.

Why? Because this is a liberal democrat. To his party Abortion is a sacrament. He stated clearly that he supported Roe v Wade and that he would repeal these things. The time to get outraged was when this was declared and to campaign against the election of people who would support such a thing and a congress that would back him up. Not after his election when he does what we all knew was going to happen.

This is not outrageous behavior for a liberal democrat. It is evil but not outrageous.

Apparently the Anchoress has come to the same conclusion about Obama and Carter as I. However she doesn’t have the hope of a turn toward Chester Arthur that I do.

Then again the Obama’s gitmo moves are a Carter vote so she might have a point.

I guess we will see.

My current count is Carter 5 Arthur 2

Update: Welcome Anchoress readers, take a peek around. You might find the essays on belief of interest or a little debate on the subject. I’d also appreciate any new perspectives on Anna Maria College after my son’s visit. And if you are looking for remote PC support I do that too.