…because of the asthma combined with pneumonia my oldest is sleeping on the den couch. MSNBC is channel 53 in these parts. Under the Comcast plan it is a free channel if you have a cable box, as I have only one I can’t put on the show without waking him. Since he’s sick I’m letting him sleep so until he is up Morning Joe blogging is either delayed or on hold.

Yes I could rent an extra cable box for only a few dollars a month, and I could get a dvr box for only a few dollars a month, and I could get a cell plan for a few dollars a months etc etc etc. When you add up all those few dollars a month they add up to more than a few dollars when I’m not working and even when I am.

I’d just as soon have the money to pay the bills in thin times and to use for things I really want in thick ones.

I fell asleep in the 3rd inning but was up long enough to see Korea’s first two innings and the pummeling that Hugo’s boys took to start the game. It was 7-1 when I hit the sack and Korea ended up winning 10-2.

Korea now goes to face the winner of tonight’s Japan/USA semi final.

From everything I’ve seen in this tournament Japan should win this game, they have had timely hitting and great pitching and the only team that has given them any trouble has been their arch rival Korea. The US on the other hand has lost to Venezuela twice and Puerto Rico by mercy. There is one ace in the hole for the US team.

Japan is starting Daisuke Matsuzaka for the game against the US. He has now pitched two seasons in the majors for the Red Sox helping us to our second World series title in 4 years. The US team has seen this guy and that might be the edge necessary to win the day. Much better to start a pitcher that hasn’t been seen to slow the team down.

Anyway If I have to make a prediction I’d say it will be an all Asian final.

Some general thoughts for the last few days.

First when you are sick it is amazing how little the vagaries of the political world matter. When you are lying in bed with fever you don’t care what joke the president cracked or no.

That being said if President Bush had said that…etc etc etc.

Is it just me or it it almost becoming a cliché to say those words “if George Bush had done that”, it’s pretty sad that this is the case only two months into a presidency.

And slate is still doing Bushisms. They just can’t help themselves. Hot Air is answering with their Obamateurism of the day.

I actually thought that the Comedy Central show “That’s my Bush” was actually kinda funny. think it’s safe to say we won’t see a comedy central show called Obama & Mama about a president dealing with his mother-in-law living in the White house. The concept of a mother-in-law comedy in the White house does have possibilities but it would never happen.

This won’t be our first post racial president until we can laugh at him like any other president.

Then again I don’t recall laughing at the president being normal until Nixon. In fact other than Carter and Bush #1 every president from Nixon on has been the butt of public jokes. That is a real change in my mind or maybe I am whitewashing history.

In my opinion Ezra Klein’s attack on Ann Althouse is dishonorable.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that only 4% of president Obama’s first term is done. There is still a lot of time for him to make things work out.

Then again after calling for Imus to be fired for insensitivity his special Olympics joke was really stupid. Not so much the joke which was kinda lame but that the President cracked it. Where was the teleprompter when you need it. Wasting its time blogging!

Of course he could have said it was candlepin bowling. That takes real skill. There has never been a perfect game in Candlepin Bowling.

And can someone tell me how a protest of 25 people at AIG make the top of Yahoo news while 3000 “tea party” protesters don’t warrant a mention?

Bert Blyleven and his Dutch team have done the sport of baseball a great service. All baseball fans should be very grateful…

Unless you are from the Dominican Republic.

This by the way is the first time that a Cuban baseball team didn’t make the semi’s of a tournament in 50 years, I’m heartbroken.

Is it just me or is there just nothing worth going to the movies to see anymore? I haven’t been excited about a movie since the LOTR trilogy.

And I still can’t believe they cut out the death of Saruman from the theatrical release. Buy the extended version instead.

Rich’s comic blog is nearing the end of his Doctor Who strip that has run 210 pages so far since march of 2007. If you are even the least bit of a doctor who fan and you haven’t already checked it out you are missing something wonderful.

I sure hope there will be an actual physical comic, I would very much like to buy it.

I have not checked for Dr. Who Audio’s on ebay now for several weeks, April 12th can’t come fast enough for me.

Eventually the normal business cycle will turn and the country will be back on its feet again. The only question is when it will happen and who will be in a position to take credit for it when it does.

And it would be nice if Catholic Colleges can have pro-life rather than pro abortion speakers at their commencements.

And those quarter sovereigns that I picked up at £47.50 (or 47.10s if you want to go old style) are now selling direct from the royal mint at £67.50 That is a £20 increase in under 3 months. I hope you followed my advice way back when and picked some up.

Oh and they make that Darwin coin in gold too. Price £625.

The Marxists, and Answer are still protesting the war. Gotta do something to keep that bankroll full.

And Gateway Pundit has more pictures from his tour of Spain and Morocco amidst his political blogging. They are really something. Just keep scrolling down.

And finally before I hit the sack and get rested up for tomorrow I want to thank one of my favorite fellows of the left Mike for his good wishes during my illness. If you haven’t figured out that good friends come from left right and center then you spend too much time on the web and are too angry to enjoy real life.

Our family had planned a large combined birthday dinner for my wife and my Aunt (she turns 88 tomorrow) for Thursday but due to various sicknesses in the family we had to reschedule to tomorrow. So instead the 4 of us went to the newly opened Texas Road House in Leominster… Continue reading “Resturant Review: Texas Road House”

Bryon York proves that his move from National Review hasn’t lost him a step:

the image of Obama as a centrist, pragmatic problem-solver was born. It was an image that would last through the campaign, and through the election, and all the way until Inauguration Day.

But now, after nearly two months of the Obama administration, more and more voters are wondering: Is the Barack Obama they voted for the same Barack Obama who now occupies the Oval Office?

As Glenn says read the whole thing.

If there was ever a time when Castro’s son might be tempted to defect it would be now as not only has the Cuban team failed to make the final 4 but given the change to avenge their defeat to Japan of three years ago managed to be shut out twice!

Might I suggest that this would be a great time for the lot of them to decide to hang around in the US. Perhaps Castro won’t want them back after this.

On the bright side for Latin American dictators Venezuela continued to impress defeating the US in the seeding game winning it’s 5th straight. The game is meaningless (I actually think they should drop the seeding game myself).

The last seeding game puts Japan against Korea for the 4th time in the tourney. It appears that Korea, Japan’s arch rival has been the only team that can handle them. I must say I have absolutely no idea who is going to win this one. The winner gets the US and the loser gets Venezuela. Since they have split their games lets say Japan wins and faces the US and Korea faces Venezuela. I would not be surprised to see a Japan Korea final although MLB would consider that it’s nightmare scenario.

One side effect of my unemployment has been rising early so I’ve been able to watch Morning Joe every day.

It is a very enjoyable show, I liveblog it almost every day. Joe and Mika have incredible chemistry and except when Andrea Mitchel who I can’t abide is on the guest just click together, Willie, Pat and even on occasion the Doc just work.

They are not shy about disagreeing with each other and they are principled even when I disagree with them. Mika reminds me of my wife, she is not only a handsome woman but she has her opinions and is not afraid to defend them and I get the sense that she is above all the mother of her children. Joe is the only republican hosting anything on MSNBC.

Because of the very tilted lineup over there this is the one show where a republican can get anything near a fair shake over there. In addition to that democratic pols are actually challenged on things, and because the rest of the lineup is so fawning they feel obliged not to duck them.

Stories that are often totally ignored by all the MSN except for Fox are often touched briefly there. Once Morning Joe touches it other outlets that try to pretend that Fox news isn’t news can be hit over ignoring such stories. In addition their much more conservative radio show goes even farther and is referenced on the show. Conservative opinions that are never heard by many get aired by them.

It is the best chance for conservatives to make their points in the mainstream media and as the Pelosi immigration story proves, if there is no video there is no story.

Oh and today Joe mentioned that Barney Frank won’t come on the show, that says something.