If I ever become rich and successful this pair of e-mailed received 3 min apart will keep me humble, details removed to protect the innocent:

Sent 12/4/2008 2:38 p.m.:

We have reviewed your application and are very interested in speaking with you further about the position…

Sent 12/4/2008 2:41 p.m.:

Please disregard my last email. We are still reviewing your application and get back to you shortly.

Some things are just plain funny even when they happen to you.

I’ve been teased a bit about not being on facebook, most of the guys I worked with are there and the HiWired group is rather large or so I’m told.

I might be one of only two who don’t have of the crowd who doesn’t have a facebook account account. Then again maybe it isn’t a bad thing considering today’s news

Reports circulated today about a virulent piece of malware making its way around Facebook, a major hub of the social Web with 120 million users. Because of its walled-off internal e-mail system, Facebook has long been a tough target for spammers and other fraudsters, but the “Koobface” virus is a sign that the relative viral calm on the site — which just today announced an ambitious program to extend its services outside its own tight perimeter — may have been a luxury.

The virus’ most insidious property is that users receive the offending message from a friend: On Facebook, only people whom users have explicitly approved as friends can send them e-mails.

So I guess I’m immune but I’ve gotta figure that a group of ex tech support people will likely be able to dodge this stuff.

Then again I still haven’t purchased a cell phone yet either…

One of the pleasures of having a new blog is getting the initial comments meaning someone is bothering to read you.

One comment to this post got me actually laughing, I posted it to the chat room where a few of us former HiWired people hang out. I quote the question here:

I am not finding any other information about them going ‘belly up’. What is the source of your infirmation? (sic)

Considering I was one of the initial techs approached about the pilot program and was involved in it. I took the initial call. I was one of the initial techs hired and worked there the entire time the company was open, posted 1000+ posts on the company blog and was actually still on the phone with a customer when we closed and missed the initial message to shut down so you could say I took the last call too. I’d say I have some solid info.

However David’s question is a lot less funny when you check out google news. The first 5 days I checked every day for news of HiWired or Ctrl-Center or whatever closing and didn’t see a thing and frankly didn’t bother checking after that. But as I check today I STILL don’t see anything on the subject and the phone message as of two days ago suggests a service outage. As Limbaugh would say , zip, zero nada.

Maybe we aren’t a big enough company to matter with all the bad economic stuff going on, its pretty sad to go from the PC Mag editor’s choice to non-existence in the space of a year but you would think it would be mentioned SOMEWHERE.

I can say that the local Office Max had our product sold under their brand off the shelves by the 24th and the local Bj’s pulled it off by the 25th both are near the Unemployment office so I checked them out after I filed.

I still have no idea if the board plans on trying to salvage the name and the existing contracts, if they plan on going Indian, if they plan on selling the name to one of the contracts, if the banks owns the name or someone else. My inside info disappeared when the company did. I would think all of that was still possible, in fact I had wondered if they would simply re-organize and hire us back at a pay cut but I’ve heard nothing. Unfortunately for us but fortunately for the country we didn’t have high powered lobbyists to convince taxpayers to keep us afloat.

So I think it is pretty safe to say we are Kaput, but if anyone knows otherwise I’d be very interested.

Today the wife got paid, with the final check that we got from HiWired and the bi-weekly pay that we had, this will be the last week that a regular normal paycheck will arrive in the house. Next week I will be empty, the week that follows She will be paid and I will get my first unemployment check (baring disaster or success) so that might cover it as normal, but the countdown is on to the “how do we pay the bills?” days.

The good news is my oldest has only 5 more payments on his highschool and I have under a year to go on my car loan. The bad news is college looms and between this and the crash in the markets the college fund and reserve is tanked.

We will see how the countdown goes so far I’ve had one semi interview for a position at 75% of what I was making and no chance for an increase but they haven’t called back. I’m a bit worried now but I’m not going to go into full worry mode till sometime after Christmas. So we will see.

Wish me luck.

Tom Freeman gets it to some degree. No Nelson for him.

On Feb. 6, 2006, three Pakistanis died in Peshawar and Lahore during violent street protests against Danish cartoons that had satirized the Prophet Muhammad. More such mass protests followed weeks later. When Pakistanis and other Muslims are willing to take to the streets, even suffer death, to protest an insulting cartoon published in Denmark, is it fair to ask: Who in the Muslim world, who in Pakistan, is ready to take to the streets to protest the mass murders of real people, not cartoon characters, right next door in Mumbai?

Good question, its been asked on the right for years and ignored, lets see if that changes when asked by a columnist of the New York Times?

Oh and if you are too young to understand the title of this post read this.

When HiWired went belly up one of the first things that hit me was the backup. I have the HiWired backup (read Carbonite) on my primary family system so I figured it would be a good idea to restore that backup to an external hard drive I had. Not only would it be an extra copy of all the latest stuff but it would give us an idea if the backup was still functioning.

Well yesterday my restore function completed and all the files downloaded successfully. That could mean one of several things:

#1 We paid Carbonite monthly and the built in grace period hasn’t expired.

#2 We paid Carbonite yearly and the year for mine isn’t up let.

#3 The “Owners” are keeping the backup active since unless there is an issue they figure they can recoup funds through it and either route tech issues to Carbonite or hire temps to cover the few backup issues

#4 Nobody thought to turn it off.

If you have the backup if would be a pretty good idea to do that download as well, why take a chance.

Oh and if you DO restore to an external hard drive do a virus scan on it, found a couple of virus’ on the download that weren’t present in the system.

Patterico Pontifications has some traffic numbers that show where the future of the net is, hint its not with newspapers:

As you can see, Hot Air had 23,713,333 page views in October, as measured by SiteMeter. By contrast, latimes.com had 75,088,000 page views.

This means Hot Air had 31.58% of the traffic that all of latimes.com had in October 2008. That’s almost 1/3 the traffic of the entire web site of a major American newspaper.

And that’s two guys blogging away — meaning either one of the Hot Air bloggers is almost certainly getting more Internet eyeballs than any one writer on latimes.com.

And as Michelle Malkin points out, hot air doesn’t have auto refresh most papers (and Drudge) do.

Frankly the newspaper industry is in the same boat that the porn industry is in, how do you sell a product when a similar one is available online for free?

This discussion at the Volokh Conspiracy deserves more than the short comment I left there. Here is the excerpt quoted by Glenn:

ERIC POSNER: “Obama supporters should probably root for Bush to issue pardons. Bush might be just ornery enough to refuse.”

Here is the long version of my answer:

Two interesting things on this thread.

First seems the absolute assumption that that “torture” took place and was sanctioned by the White House. Apparently everybody here has seen Clear and Present Danger enough to know it is an absolute fact.

I have a young friend who I’ve known for most of his life. He was stationed at Gitmo and he said there was plenty of abuse going on, but it was of the guards by the prisoners who knew that the guards had to take it. The loose use of the word torture is particularly offensive when we’ve within the last week seen actual examples of it from our foes that carry no ambiguity, but seem to provoke less outrage among our intellectual class.

If is certainly possible that laws were broken and both those arguing for pardons and those arguing for prosecution have strong credible arguments in their favor. Laws are like muscles if not used they rot but personally I’m not inclined to go after people who successfully protected my family from attacks such as we’ve seen in India this week.

All of this being said here is the overriding consideration why, in my opinion the president-elect will not move on this issue regardless of what the current administration does. Frankly it’s rather crass.

You can take this to the bank: Any successful attack on American soil during an Obama administration is going to be wholly owned by not only that administration but the Democratic party.

It won’t matter how diligent or responsible the administration has been. It won’t matter that they acted in good faith which any fair minded person must assume. It won’t matter if like Hornblower in Hornblower during the Crisis members of the current administration and people who understand how hard it is to be right every time rush to their defense. The public will remember who succeeded in protecting the country and who failed particularly if a major population center is successfully hit.

Any kind of trials will be drawn out affairs and would likely be still going on during a successful attack. How much worse will it be for those who failed to protect the country if those who succeeded in protecting the nation are on trial during their failure? Would they risk it? Would they even consider it? Considering the history of the president elect who has a history of avoiding risk I think not. If his attacks on the current administration were mere rhetoric then he will never take the risk. If they were not I don’t know if he would have the moral courage to proceed and even if he did would people below him with less courage urge him against the risk?.

I just can’t see it, but it is moot because I think the current president will offer those pardons. He has already proved his willingness to take the slings and arrows of those who he has protected. I think he is comfortable enough in his skin to take one final hit for his country and for those loyal to him. The fanatical haters will just be louder but it would it would save the incoming administration from an additional burden. It would also keep national secrets from coming out at any trials. I think the current president has the guts to do it, but it will be a close thing since there is just enough of a that smirk in him to want to watch those who follow him stew in it.

I’m glad its his decision and not mine.