Since both boys made the honor roll celebrated by taking them to foxwoods to see Frank Caliendo. (Tickets were pretty low for the cheap seats). Not only was he show pretty funny but he stayed after the show and signed everything and took pictures with everyone who wanted to.

His tour tickets are available here. It’s worth a visit.

6:12 a.m. We are re-defining bi-partisan apparently to the state of Maine

6:14 a.m Joe says its ok if it whats to do that but don’t play the game.

6:16 a.m. I’m not going to be the sap says Obama, As I’ve pointed out we are instead

6:21 a.m. Sen Burris: The Senator from Morning Joe

6:31 a.m. Thanks to Frank’s act whenever Mrs. Clinton goes on a trip as Sec of State I smile.

6:41 a.m. It’s now all about the elections of 2010

6:58 a.m. Not a bad list but where are Cleveland and Polk on the top. Dead right about Buchanan my list is here. You can tell that historians wrote this rather than pundits. My list here

7:10 a.m. You know when Willie is given the chance to be serious he’s pretty good.

7:28 a.m. Obama mania in Japan oh joy, can they have him?

7:30 a.m. Andrea Mitchel even when she is 10,000 miles away I can’t avoid her.

7:53 a.m. Saving money by buying new presses who woulda thunk it?

Mass for My Uncle this morning that will do it for Joe today.

Last month I wrote this:

Until the Governor is removed or the laws changed he has the right to appoint a replacement, absent evidence of wrongdoing it is legal and should stand.

It is a bit distasteful but there are many things in life that are distasteful. Of course if evidence is presented that there is something corrupt in this appointment then the senate can take action but for now the law is what it is.

Well now that we have some evidence it will be up to the senate to decide if there is some there there.

I think one of the reasons why our friends on the left seem to have a rose colored look at the world is their perception of the White House.

We’ve had the American president, We’ve had Dave, and we’ve had the West wing and let me tell you. You have people who actually think that our democratic friends are riding white horses to save the world.

They see Barak as all of those people in all of those roles and are willing to buy what is being sold.

I once asked if Obama was Pumpsie Green, apparently he is Pumpsie Green with Scott Boras as his agent.

Mark Steyn gets to the heart of the matter concerning the head of a TV network out to combat the negative public image of Muslims who has beheaded his wife in Buffalo:

Look at the late Aasiya Hassan, beautifully coiffed, glossy-lipped. On countless occasions since 9/11, I’ve found myself at lunch or dinner in New York, London, Washington, Paris or some other western city, sitting next to a modern Muslim woman like Mrs Hassan telling me how horrified she is at how hijabs and burqas, honor killings and genital mutilation, forced cousin marriages and the disproportionate number of Muslim wives in European battered women’s shelters, how all these have come to define Muslim womanhood in the 21st century. Yet Aasiya Hassan ended up no differently

That bottom line is whole point. Apparently the national media sees no story here however.

Update: The Reclusive Leftist asks where the blogisphere is on this story. Well the right side of it is present and reporting for duty.

Update 2: Glenn Reynolds nails it:

HEADLESS BODY in Legless Story. If a Mormon had done this, it would be all over the news. Or a Baptist.

Considering our last post this is the perfect metaphor for the Obama administration so far:

They had HOPE, but were only left with CHANGE…

These Obama coins mimic the current administration, looks pretty but not only are looks only skin deep but the costs are a lot more than you were led to believe.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit Agrees

You know it took decades for Nixon to get his reputation as a liar. This president is managing it pretty quick.

You might recall candidate Obama promised to use public funding. That was a lie.

The congress had voted to allow 48 hours before the vote took place, democrats refused, a lie:

Instapundit reminds us of the promise to not write legislation behind closed doors. A lie.

Hotair reminds us that President Obama promised that there would be a 5 day comment period before signing a bill. He is planning to sign it tomorrow. If he does it will again be a lie.

And don’t forget the rendition discussion, a matter important to the left.

Don’t forget the Caterpillar plant double speak either.

Nick Guariglia asks why anyone is the slightest bit surprised:

What could anyone have possibly expected from a young, overtly leftist Chicago upstart who had accomplished precisely nothing of significance throughout his short career — and yet still promised the world, and more, to his loyal adherents?

Consider his campaign pledges: It wasn’t too long ago that Obama promised to “tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over.” Ah, the corporate lobbyist, every candidate’s favorite whipping boy. “They have not funded my campaign, they will not run my White House, and they will not drown out the voices of the American people when I am president,” Barack once swore to his sea of idolizing worshipers.

That was then; this is now. President Obama has allowed seventeen exceptions to the no-lobbyist rule. And remember that “sunlight before signing” pledge, giving citizens enough time to read a bill — and offer their opinions on it — before it is signed into law? Well, that’s gone to the wayside, too.

I forgot the lobbyist promise, his conclusion:

During last year’s campaign, critics of Barack Obama contended he was too inexperienced, too leftist, and in a sense, too good to be true. He was, we observed, just another politician — in fact, one uniquely entrenched with Chicago corruption and archaic tax-and-spend philosophies. In other words, a less noble Jimmy Carter.

My take: I think you could see who this guy was a mile away and people just didn’t want to see it. So as always we get the government we deserve.

UPDATE: Sweetness and Light lists 7 broken promises.

…how about congresswoman Grace Napolitano. Hotair tells how to get rich very fast as a congressman or woman:

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Withdraw money from a pension or tax-protected savings account to justify charging yourself an interest rate that would make most credit-card companies blush.
2. Pay only the interest as long as possible on the loan.
3. Hold fundraisers specifically to retire the debt you owe to yourself, and make sure donors understand exactly where that money goes.
4. Give yourself all the donations from those fundraisers.

Once you have that system established, it allows contributors to stuff money into your pockets as long as the loan remains outstanding. At 18% interest, that could go on for decades, and in Napolitano’s case, she already has one decade on the books. Napolitano has managed to keep more than half of the debt alive as principal while earning almost 150% just on interest payments — and at this rate, she could do this for another twenty years.

This shows once and for all that its not the rules, its the people. Elect honest people and the rules don’t matter they will remain honest, elect dishonest people and they will find a way around rules.

Picked up another Big Finish #88 Memory Lane, turned out to be a first rate adventure. Discovered that apparently the author, Eddie Robson is the same writer who was responsible for the Condemned and The Raincloud man. If you are a Fan of the audios keep an eye out for that name as it will mean a worthwhile use of your money.

Well with plane crashes and stimulus bills etc going on some things have been forgotten, but not by us:

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck just south of the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon as officials from the Hamas Islamic movement said they were close to signing a truce that would halt such attacks.

This was the second such strike today, after another rocket fired from Gaza struck an Israeli agricultural settlement this morning, according to an Israeli army spokesman speaking on customary condition of anonymity. There were no reported injuries in either incident, the first rocket attacks since the morning of Feb. 6, the army said.

You didn’t think that pulling back from Gaza was going to stop Hamas from trying to kill Jews did you?

Reuters being Reuters reports it with this headline:

Israel troops kill Palestinian teenager-medics

At Paragraph 5 we hear about the rockets. Some things never change do they?