This post from Glenn Reynolds is a short but telling.:

MCCAIN ON OBAMA APPOINTMENTS: “Many of these appointments he would have made himself.”

One might say that this explains why so many conservatives stayed home. I didn’t.

However if one actually reads the article there is this very important point:

He added, “Obama does not want to be the guy who lost Iraq when it is close to being won.”

That is the thing that may redeem this presidency. It is inevitable that liberals would get power sooner or later as much as it was inevitable that the power of the purse would corrupt conservatives. That’s the nature of the world. The primary reason why I supported McCain was the war. The primary reason why I held a sign at a polling place in the bluest of blue states on Election Day was Sarah Palin as I support her positions considerably more than Sen McCain’s.

If the president elect prosecutes the war to victory then I will consider his presidency a success since that is the president’s primary job. There is always 2012 or 2016 for Mrs. Palin and social and economic issues but the war comes first, survival is trumps. That’s why this stuff was and is smoke. Despite the nonsense we have been hearing this week he has a tough act to follow.

I don’t have a lot of use for Bob Herbert but this column on Zimbabwe is required reading:

Most of the world is ignoring the agony of Zimbabwe, a once prosperous and medically advanced nation in southern Africa that is suffering from political and economic turmoil — and the brutality of Mugabe’s long and tyrannical reign.

Zimbabwe mess is even worse since it was done by Zimbabwe’s dictator and his supporters with no opposition from African leaders who might have made a difference. Totally avoidable

It brings to mind this Wondermark Cartoon.

Well Obama will be president tomorrow so it will be ok. Right?

Update: Here is the Comic Proper used with permission and don’t forget to check out Wondermark twice a week available from our permalink:

Liberalism defined!
Liberalism defined!

Via Hotair it looks like the bus ads have spread to Italy, not:

The city was targeted because it is home to the head of the Italian Catholic Bishops Conference Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, an outspoken opponent of artificial insemination and gay marriage.

Cardinal Bagnasco was said to be ‘furious’ about the plans and had his assistants write to the bus company and the advertising firm in charge of the £13,000 campaign to express their opposition.

At the last minute the campaign was cancelled. A source said the cardinal was ‘delighted’.

I disagree with this move. Christianity is more than strong enough to compete in the marketplace of ideas. It has hundreds of centuries of experience in delivering its message and it has the added advantage of being true. As always speech should be answered by more speech. If the church with the power of Christ behind it can’t compete with this message then you need different people delivering that message.

As a purely free speech move lets cut to the chase:

The Bus company has a perfect right to accept these ads and take the cash.

The Cardinal has a perfect right to object to these ads loudly.

And the customers of the bus company have the perfect right to give or not give their business to them accordingly.

That’s how it should work. In my mind you can’t argue for Churches in Arabia and argue to repress this speech.

via Israellycool on the Hamas English site you have this Hamas poster:

Where are the kids to hide behind?
Where are the kids to hide behind?

This is very funny. Where are the kids they hide behind, where is the cowering under a hospital? Show this to any actual soldier and say this is supposed to be Hamas and they will die laughing.

It’s as python as you can get.

They’ll call it a draw for a week then they will call it a victory. Just you wait.

UPDATE: Didn’t even take a day.

Update 2: Welcome friends from Hot air. Take a gander. Today we are saying thanks to President Bush, shaking our head and Morning Joe and to our shock agreeing with Bob Herbert.

We even fix computers!

Update 3: This one is even more ridiculous and made for kids.

Woke up early and saw everyone fawning about the HBO party and Tom, “your un-American” Hanks. I’m almost getting diabetic listening to it.

6:34 a.m. Spike Lee has come on and once the founding fathers were mentioned Lee started attacking them. For those of you who voted for Barak Obama for the hope of absolution, forget it.

6:38 a.m. At least answering Lee has stopped the sugar. Scarborough makes a great point that kids going to school in say 1st grade will remember Obama as their first president and will not think anything of having a Black President. The importance of this can’t be overstated.

6:40 a.m. The pretense that Obama didn’t run as a black candidate is very funny. His only qualification was that he was a black candidate, but in fairness the media was the one who pushed the “history”.

6:42 a.m. The sight of Pat Buchanan and Spike Lee sitting three chairs from each other and discussing the founding of the county and MLK is something. The shot of it I think would make Charles Johnson’s head explode like Kryten over Ketchup on Lobster.

6:47 a.m. Now Lee is complaining about the lack of black coaches. He must have taken Frederick Douglas’ advice post emancipation, agitate agitate agitate.

Let it not be forgotten today that if it wasn’t for George W Bush and the security he brought to the country the public celebrations of yesterday and today might have been conducted in an atmosphere of fear and cowering rather than celebration. Those who are celebrating have forgotten it, I won’t.

7:02 a.m. Spike Lee says it had to be ordained by God. Apparently when republicans believe this we are fools, if democrats believe this it is celebrated.

7:05 a.m. Barnicle compares the last 8 years to domestic abuse. Oh c’mon!

7:07 a.m. Andrea Mitchell has replaced Pat. Should have mentioned it 4 min ago.

7:10 a.m. Spike Lee leaves saying he is glad to be an American. That’s a great close.

Update: fixed a sentence that had dropped its end.

Today is the last full day of the presidency of George W. Bush. Personally it has been a good 8 years with a few stumps in the road such as my current employment situation but it has been quite a time. I want to say thank you to a good and decent man who did despite the nonsense of people who don’t know better was a fine president.

I want to say that I am grateful for your actions. During the recount mess at the start of your presidency you showed class and restraint. In the most trying of times you have remained steady and have not wavered due to political pressure nor forgotten your primary duty to your country. Even when you have failed such as with the attempts to rein in Fanny and Freddie and reform Social Security your attempts to do what others have failed showed the political courage that you have.

As I would with any other man they’re have been things I have disagreed with. I object to the following

The Steel Tariffs
McCain Feingold
The Bailouts
The Amnesty Bill

These positions that I disagree with. The early steel tariffs was political payback, it can be expected but was not wise. As for the others although i disagree with them all strongly I accept that your support was on principle though I disagree with them strongly.

I thank you strongly for your decisions on Stem Cells, Judges Alito and Roberts, Abortion and Life, Kyoto and drilling. These things particularly on Alito and Roberts will mold the country for years to come.

And most of all for the willingness to stand up and lead, first in the days after September 11th, next the 14th on a pile of rubble

On the speech on the 20th:

Finally in the lead-up to Afghanistan and the long slow advance into Iraq. I remember those days. Not withstanding the lack of memory by many of your foes I recall the long debate, the slow build up and the deliberation. The going to the UN and to the congress. The quick victories and most importantly the long slow slog leading to the surge and final victory. When many even who supported you were willing to lose for political reasons you were not. You promised to remember, you promised to remember your duty even if the country forgot; and you did.

You were steady in the hardest of time. It was a tough time for you and the stress of it shows on your face, but so does your resolve and your faith. You humbly acknowledged the prayers said for you and partook of their strength. Most of all you have kept our country in general and my children in particular safe. For some that is a debt they refuse to acknowledge for myself it is a debt I can never repay.

Thank you so much. May God bless you in your retirement as he has blessed us by your work.

Update: Apparently the Dali Lama likes him too, another Kryten head exploding moment, but for the left this time.

Update 2: Sissy Willis looks at the other side’s thoughts.

Drudge and Michelle Malkin have noticed the Pelosi tough talk about trials:

“I think you look at each item and see what is a violation of the law and do we even have a right to ignore it,” the California Democrat said. “And other things that are maybe time that is spent better looking to the future rather than to the past.”

Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced Friday he wants to set up a commission to look into whether the Bush administration broke the law by taking the nation to war against Iraq and instituting aggressive anti-terror initiatives. The Michigan Democrat called for an “independent criminal probe into whether any laws were broken in connection with these activities.”

Patterico suggests a preemptive move:

Pardon anyone and everyone in your Administration who participated in wiretapping, interrogations, detentions, and related efforts. Don’t depend on the vague, indecisive words of Barack Obama and his surrogates. Just as you depended on them, the people who helped you combat terrorism are depending on you.

I disagree. Not only is it a bad idea but it is a politically foolish idea. The democrats are all talk and smoke on this subject. They will try to go though some motions to mollify their guys but there is no way at all they will pursue this. It is a high risk move at a time or crisis with the only upside being among fanatics.

My explanation is here, my money quotes:

You can take this to the bank: Any successful attack on American soil during an Obama administration is going to be wholly owned by not only that administration but the Democratic party…

…Any kind of trials will be drawn out affairs and would likely be still going on during a successful attack. How much worse will it be for those who failed to protect the country if those who succeeded in protecting the nation are on trial during their failure?

It was my opinion at the time that the President would offer the pardons as he cares not what the press think. From what I’ve seen about the way the press and the news has been treating not only the incoming president but the outgoing crew even in his last days, I think the smirk is going to win. He is savvy enough to know what this would do to the Democrats they will be forced to either engage their far left base or take the risk I said above. These people won’t do it and it they did it would destroy them. It will be his final victory against them.

Not necessary. Not gonna happen.

Update: Talkleft gives a reasonable view on this from the left.

Atlas Shrugs has a live feed of a March in London where people are just saying the nicest things about Jews.

It’s hard to pretend things aren’t happening when you see them live.

And if you want more Meryl Yourish has plenty more. And this to say:

So please, opinion writers, spare us the hypocritical commiserating over how Israel has damaged its world image due to the war in Gaza. Israel hasn’t damaged her image at all. You’ve damaged it, and all the Israel-haters out there chanting Hamas slogans aren’t making us feel too confident that things will ever change.

What the world has done is exchange the word “Zionist” for “Jew”—for a while. Or “Israel” for “Jews.” Now it’s coming back into fashion to hate Jews again, using the excuse of the treatment of the Palestinians. The reasons behind that treatment are immaterial. It gives the Jew-haters the chance they’ve been looking for since the news of the death camps first hit the papers. Now, the David Dukes of the world are feted instead of hated. They’re quoted on educational listservs. And they’re out in public, shouting for the end of the Jewish State, at protests all over the world.

Don’t think we haven’t noticed. Spare us your crocodile tears for Israel’s “soul.” We don’t need them, and neither does she. Israel’s soul is intact. It is the souls of the deranged Israel-haters that need looking after.

I get the feeling that Israel doesn’t give a damn what the world has to say, nor should it.

In Chapter 1a I talked about God either existing or not, today lets talk about the possibilities concerning God. I’m not going to argue the existence or non existence of God here, plenty of room for that at the raving Theist but I won’t give it as a given.

There are quite a few different religions out there and a lot more denominations as well within them. Monotheistic religions are by their nature mutually exclusive, that is if Islam is correct then Buddhism can’t be. Within the various religions there are also divisions (Reform and Hasidic Judaism for example).

This leads to the possibilities

  1. God doesn’t exist and all religions are wrong.
  2. God exists and all religions are still wrong.
  3. God exists and One Religion in general and denomination within that religion in particular is correct and everyone else is wrong.

If we look at this as a flow chart then if one decides that #1 is correct then their personal quest is over unless other evidence comes in to play. I would also point out that #1 would not preclude some from of “existence” after death. A full understanding of the consciousness doesn’t exist at this time. If consciousness exists as some form of energy what becomes of that energy can be the subject of an interesting debate, but without scientific evidence at this point the logical conclusion of one who does not believe in God is that existence ends period at the moment of death.

If we decide on #2 then we are left with two choices. One can choose to decide that since one doesn’t know the nature of God there is no point in trying to worry about it and simply your life. The second choice to attempt to decipher the nature of God. If one concludes that all religions have it wrong then this would seem to be an insurmountable problem as there is no correct frame of reference to guide one.

If we decide on #3 then logic dictates we try to determine the nature of God as eternity would be more important than a much shorter life.

This gives us a path to go on.

Now all of this is a question of what kind of thing you decide. I have come to the conclusion that #3 is the path with Christianity as the correct religion with Catholicism in particular is correct. I’ll go into details concerning whys and wherefore at a later point.