I presume from this story that critics of the president in Iraq are now just as repressed as critics in the US.

There is likely a lot of laughing going on because of this but then again that’s too be expected.

The fact that Gateway pundit reports that the Cairo based news channel is demanding his release saying his “freedom of speech” has been violated is making my head spin.

Roger Simon as usual gets it right.

You know you would think that winning an election would be enough for some people , apparently not:

Investigators say arson caused a fire that badly damaged the former church of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin late Friday night and into early Saturday morning.

The blaze at the Wasilla Bible Church broke out as a group of women made crafts inside. It is not yet known if the church was targeted because of Palin’s affiliation. Palin’s spokesperson, Bill McAllister, issued a statement on her behalf after she visited the church on Saturday.

“(Palin) told an assistant pastor that she apologizes if the incident is in any way connected to the undeserved negative attention the church has received since she became a vice presidential candidate on Aug. 29. Whatever the motives of the arsonist, the governor has faith in the scriptural passage that what was intended for evil will in some way be used for good.”

The Captain being his level headed self is not willing to state if this had anything to do with Mrs. Palin candidacy. In my opinion he is being very generous.

Gateway Pundit notes that the folks at Democratic Underground are in his words: “having a field day with this”.

Michelle Malkin however links to a fund raising page to help rebuild.

By their fruits shall you know them

A few thoughts in the middle of the mess that is North Central Mass these days….

The troubles of a crook in Chicago don’t mean a lot when you can’t turn on your lights in Massachusetts.

I can’t imagine what people went through say 150 years ago when there was no communication when a storm like this hit. Then again they would have mostly cleared land and no electricity and generally had their own food supplies so it might not have been an issue in the days before the car and the telephone pole.

When you are a 16 year old kid and you are working in the only supermarket in town that has power, you are likely doing the greatest service for the general public that you will do during your teenage years.

The local Bishop gave dispensation for Catholics to skip mass this Sunday however we had it anyway and a fair amount of people turned up.

It’s kind of funny I’ve been disappointed that there have been no bites on my eBay offerings for remote tech support, but it turns out that I’m lucky because if there had been pretty bad to not be able to connect.

It is a real commentary on the state of television these days that I have not missed it in the least.

During my time when my family and another stayed at a friend’s house in Ft. Devins on Friday night we ended the evening with a game of Apples and Apples and started the morning with a game of Talisman. There is a real pleasure of 6-9 people sitting at a table together playing a game and enjoying each other company.

It very odd when you can drive 50 miles in a direction and there is absolutely no damage when your city looks like its been chewed up and spat out.

You know all those ads about firing your phone company with magic jack or the Comcast triple play sound great until you have no power to run your phone.

And I am very grateful that I decided to keep my second line as an old fashioned land line. It has been working the entire time.

And finally it is amazing what you can do without when you have no choice in the matter.

Well its Sunday night and I’m over my sister-in-laws for her youngest son’s birthday. She is one of the few people in town who has had heat, power and internet right along, its kinda odd because houses very near are all pitch black.

When I got back to my house yesterday afternoon the power was back the heat was back but Comcast is down and no internet. We lost power again briefly last night but it came back after 45 min. We basically put the house back in order and started to clear the trees out of the driveway. I have acquired a great respect for lumberjacks of old as we finally got the big logs out using one manual saw, one large axe and one hand ax. I’m going to have very sore muscles for the next few days.

For some reason one Market Basket store in our town is open, they have been flat out selling cooked chickens and stuff, the irony is they keep selling out of ice with the temp below freezing around here.

The power ends right with my house so the neighborhood is half dark and half light, from what I hear (no confirmation yet) Comcast will start restoring service when the wires are fixed in town.

School will be out for the next couple of days, my oldest feels gyped since he was going to have they day off for a conference anyways.

Had errands to run in town my Mother’s section looks like disaster area which indeed it is.

Snow if forecast for Wednesday so I hope stuff can be up before then.

As you might guess blogging will be VERY light or non-existent for the next few days as I’ll be staying close to home.

I strongly predict that our friends on the left will suddenly get a new respect for Victoria Toensing:

I am as repulsed by the governor’s crude statements — captured on tape by investigators — as anyone. And although I am a Republican, I am first an officer of the court. Thus, I take no joy in a prosecutor pursuing a Democratic politician by violating his ethical responsibility. I fear for the integrity of the criminal justice system when a prosecutor breaks the rules.

I further predict that we will see her on morning talk shows this week. It’s the Kathleen Parker effect.

I really like Charles Johnson, his blog Little Green Footballs is one of the first ones I started reading back in 2001. When it comes to the Islamic threat he will NEVER earn a Nelson nor will he compromise his beliefs concerning some on the right who have bedfellows he objects to. His blog should not be missed.

When it comes to religion however he can get a bit iffy. Today he posts on the fact that more people in the US believe in the Devil than in Evolution.

Well DUH most Americans are Christians. The Devil is specifically mentioned in both the new and old testaments. Christ specifically mentions him. As a Roman Catholic I will state this categorically:

If you say you are a Catholic and don’t believe in the devil, then you might as well say you are something else because you are not a Catholic.

If you say that you are a Christian and you don’t believe in the Devil, then you must be of a sect that doesn’t believe in the divinity of Christ either, and if not, why are you bothering to say you are a Christian?

Christianity as a religion is not one of compromise, either Christ is God or is is not. If he is not then there is no point being a Christian. If he is then he is and nothing anyone else says will make it otherwise. The Catholic Church states that the devil exists as a fact. Period. End of sentence. I’m not a protestant but I’m not aware of any protestant denominations that believe in the divinity of Christ that don’t state the existence of the devil as a fact.

Now unlike most Christian denominations the Catholic Church doesn’t deny the existence of evolution. Catechism of the Catholic Church says the following:

282 Catechesis on creation is of major importance. It concerns the very foundations of human and Christian life: for it makes explicit the response of the Christian faith to the basic question that men of all times have asked themselves:120 “Where do we come from?” “Where are we going?” “What is our origin?” “What is our end?” “Where does everything that exists come from and where is it going?” The two questions, the first about the origin and the second about the end, are inseparable. They are decisive for the meaning and orientation of our life and actions.

283 The question about the origins of the world and of man has been the object of many scientific studies which have splendidly enriched our knowledge of the age and dimensions of the cosmos, the development of life-forms and the appearance of man. These discoveries invite us to even greater admiration for the greatness of the Creator, prompting us to give him thanks for all his works and for the understanding and wisdom he gives to scholars and researchers. With Solomon they can say: “It is he who gave me unerring knowledge of what exists, to know the structure of the world and the activity of the elements. . . for wisdom, the fashioner of all things, taught me.”121

284 The great interest accorded to these studies is strongly stimulated by a question of another order, which goes beyond the proper domain of the natural sciences. It is not only a question of knowing when and how the universe arose physically, or when man appeared, but rather of discovering the meaning of such an origin: is the universe governed by chance, blind fate, anonymous necessity, or by a transcendent, intelligent and good Being called “God”? And if the world does come from God’s wisdom and goodness, why is there evil? Where does it come from? Who is responsible for it? Is there any liberation from it?

This doesn’t even count the Jews, the Muslims who’s writing also specifically state the existence of the devil as a fact. There is no way that the numbers can not favor the existence of the Devil vs evolution.

This should not be a shock and its a good thing too. In a later post I’ll explain why.

UPDATE: Allahpundit puts up the numbers.

Bob Owens the Confederate Yankee goes after truthism on the right with an article on Pajamas Media on the president elects constitutional qualifications for the White House:

In various courts, dozens of cases have been filed claiming that Barack Obama is not eligible to hold the presidency because of various alleged citizenship issues. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned down a request to review one such case. Another case challenging Obama’s eligibility nearly identical to the first was immediately added to the Court’s docket for December 12, and yet another case looms in the wings.

What all these cases have in common is a sincere, often irrational belief that Barack Obama does not meet the Constitution’s minimal requirements to become president of the United States. Let’s look at those requirements and see if we can lay these to rest.

He lays out a great case and on his own blog asks if it is good enough to convince the doubters. The answer is no. And the reason is multi-fold.

First the leadership will never admit defeat, that hurts the book sales, conference sales and speaking fees as suggested in this post. The subject is different but the tactics are the same, make a buck. When it comes to these guys i’m not so sure about the sincere part.

Secondly there are the followers, they need a reason to follow, and be part of something bigger then themselves. By being a part of this they “know” a truth that is either in their mind denied by the more foolish or unknown to the ignorant. This increases self esteem which might be lacking.

Thirdly you have those who absolutely hate Obama and the fact he was elected. It’s hard to lose an election. As I said before I held a sign for McCain in Massachusetts for 7 hours on election day it was tough to lose. I didn’t buy the results in Pennsylvania at first but in the end the facts are the facts and one must to steal a phrase “move on”. This group actually has the best shot of being convinced because they are motivated more by hope than anything else but some will cling to this and will bring it up every time that the president elect does something foolish.

Hey some people are still not convinced that the 2000 election wasn’t stolen, what makes us think that these people will be any different?

Via Glenn who knows all , sees all and sooner or later blogs all.

Via The Captain, The Anchoress makes the correct argument in a column at Pajamas media today:

To secularists and avowed agnostics who work to expunge all religious language from governments, that idea is anathema. I doubt it makes many Christians or Jews happy, either. But the war on terror is as much about ideas and ideals as about security and strategy. If one side’s ideas are mayhem in service to transcendence and the other side is thinking about meetings and signed papers, then secular Western diplomacy is boxing with one glove.

Silencing the language of faith in public discourse and policy weakens the West’s ability to engage and defeat an enemy entirely motivated by relentless theology. By failing to speak in the same language, it has no weapons for victory, short of destroying whole cities.

Well she wanted to know what we thought. I think this is exactly right, since we don’t want to have to use the “Sherman” option. Faith is highly respected in the Islamic world as Christians as “People of the Book” should take advantage of this. I would think that our secular friends would not care how the war is one as long as it is, and any tactic that would decrease the need to kill should be plan A or at least plan B. I see no reason why it should generate the hate mail it apparently has.

Her blog is always a worthwhile read particularly if you are a Catholic like me although I must admit I did forget today was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As our Hispanic population has increased it has become a bigger Catholic feast here in the US and will continue to do so. The story is here.