As you might have guessed 2013 was not as busy around here as the 2012 election year (as of the close of business yesterday traffic was 96.1% of 2012 levels) but there were plenty of posts that got a lot of attention.  Here are the five that you found the most interesting:

5.  From Oct 4:  Miriam Carey Shatters Media Dreams

Do you remember Miriam Carey, no?  Well that’s because she didn’t fit the template

The possibilities were endless!    and then came the facts:

The driver wasn’t a Tea Party member

Wasn’t a person involved in politics,

Wasn’t armed

Wasn’t a man

Wasn’t even white!

The driver was a black woman with  mental health issues and a young child violating every stereotype the media held dear, given she lived in Ct. they couldn’t even blame her postpartum depression on lack of access to abortion.

And a two-week story about the violence of the tea party with heavy face time dominating the landscape faded toward the bottom of Memeorandum and the hour-long segments with just a little news tossed on it became a small opening before going back to hitting the GOP on the government shutdown.

It’s sad to see a dream fade so quickly

If she had been a white Republican every end of the year story would have featured her.

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