Downballot, Some Life-Issue News

I arrive at DTG Blog sheepishly, behind schedule, having been entirely too wrapped up in my own state's election (424 legislative seats, for starters). As I look at results past the state line, I see that voters in West Virginia and Alabama passed pro-life ballot measures that are essential but shouldn't have been needed. The … Continue reading Downballot, Some Life-Issue News

Florida Woman

Yeah, I'm from California. So what? by baldilocks Call me paranoid, but I think things like this are intentional. MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell on Monday claimed Florida's Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes is a Republican, despite the fact she is a Democrat. "We should also point out that Brenda Snipes in Broward County is … Continue reading Florida Woman

IL 14: Has Democrat Lauren Underwood ever worked as a nurse?

One issue that the Democrats have had some success with during this election cyle--other than frenzied hatred of President Trump--is health insurance coverage for preexisting medical conditions. Here's a juicy story for voters to take their temperature on. A Democrat who is a registered nurse, Lauren Underwood, is running to unseat four-term incumbent Republican Randy … Continue reading IL 14: Has Democrat Lauren Underwood ever worked as a nurse?

Three More Days

by baldilocks The great Walter E. Williams reminds us of how our system of government works -- or, at least, how it's supposed to work. Democrats are hoping the coming election will give them a majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans and much of our nation dread that prospect. My question is: What would … Continue reading Three More Days

Will NHGOP Flip a Congressional Seat or Two?

Just in case you think Democrats are talking through their hats when they predict a "blue wave" in November, let me give you a peek at my state's 2018 recent Congressional primary.  I admit that New Hampshire is a small sample size. This is a cautionary tale, not a prediction of anyone's "wave." Our entire … Continue reading Will NHGOP Flip a Congressional Seat or Two?