There is a lot more to the Blizzard of 2013 than the two videos you have seen so far. There is the prep of getting what you need:

Like Ice melt
Blizzard photos 003


Blizzard photos 002

and flashlights (which Bob tests before they go out).

Blizzard photos 001

There was the calm before the storm

The Fifth Street Diner proclaimed they would be open when the snow came

Proud words, but then the snow came

Blizzard photos 010

A lot of snow

Blizzard photos 011

So I went down to see if the 5th street diner folk made it in:

Blizzard photos 004
They did:

The Plow Drivers were in to eat

Blizzard photos 014

as were some people in the neighborhood

But the coolest person was Norma

Blizzard photos 015

I don’t know about walking in the snow to school years ago but she sure walked in snow to get breakfast.

When it comes down to it, Their business is how they pay the rent, if they aren’t open the bills aren’t paid so when people talk about Americans not willing to work, that certainly doesn’t include these folk.

Earlier this week I got an E-mail from the great Fausta.

I gave her a call and we talked about a poll she wanted my opinion on. It is the Latino Decisions polls and she thought the numbers were kind of weird.

I took a look at the poll and it didn’t take long to notice some ….interesting issues to wit:

This is the sixth release of an 11-week tracking poll of Latino registered voters. Each week impreMedia and Latino Decisions will release a new rolling cross-section of 300 completed interviews with Latino registered voters across all 50 states. Battleground interviewers are combined across all six weeks and are 267 completed interviews, with Florida accounting for the largest share of battleground states.

So the battle ground figures in this poll are actually mini samples taken over six weeks while opinions might be changing. That’s bad enough but consider one more thing:

Battleground states: FL, NV, CO, AZ, OH, NH, NC, VA, IA, MO (all 7 points or smaller margin in current presidential polls)

Forget the insanity of trying to extrapolate the latino vote over fifty states based on a 300 person sample. Lets look at the 10 battleground states 267 answers over 10 states.

I would just say the numbers but I think I can explain this with a visual much more effectively:

And yes people are actually falling for this stuff.

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This morning it is really interesting to see the level of coincidence yesterday.

First of all because I had failed to raise the money to get to Pa-12 I was in Fitchburg instead of being on the road.

Because of this I went to morning Mass for Ascension Thursday.

Because of this I ran into my 80 something godfather.

Because of this I was able to invite him to breakfast with my mother and myself.

He ended up going to the wrong diner, because of this I had to go get him.

Because of this I saw the sign at J & R glass concerning the Governor’s visit.

Because of this after breakfast I headed down there to report on it.

Because of this I heard about the cancellation and the terror arrests

and because of that I have the photos and stories that you read yesterday.

The moral of the story? When you attend Mass on a holy day of obligation, good things happen!