Steve Bannon in Manchester 11-10-17

Last night I covered Steve Bannon’s speech at the 603 Alliance fundraiser in Manchester NH.

Because I got home a little late my post on the subject, including video of speeches by Bannon and Corey Lewindowski and some interviews (including an exclusive with Corey) will go up tomorrow but there was one thing that  was newsworthy enough that I thought it worth getting up now.

Our friend JD Rucker has some suspicion concerning the Roy Moore story and so do I.  Given Moore’s long history as a person despised by the left it seems odd to me that something like the Post story would have waited until just before this particular election to break given that the same media has been looking for something to bring him down for more than a decade.  It reminded me very much of the Billy Bush tape and Trump during his campaign.

It appears blogging minds think alike because in the middle of his speech Steve addressed the very same thing and gave it some needed perspective. I’ve excerpted that part of the speech here (I apologize for the brief video blur in the middle as the camera readjusted focus)

My gut feeling is the same as Steve’s and based on Moore’s response on twitter he plans on taking a page from the Trump book, ignoring the national MSM pile on and just keep fighting, particularly against a media that is highly trusted by the voters in Alabama.

While I can’t speak for the establishment GOP there is one thing that seems pretty clear, the days of non-establishment GOP members wilting or backing down from the MSM without a fight appear to be over. Or to paraphrase myself. they’re not going to let themselves be played.

That is a seminal change, which is why I believe the MSM/Establishment will now go all out in Alabama, because if Moore ignores the attack, fights back and wins the example that will set for other candidates and the damage to the media as the left’s attack dogs will be incalculable.

(Reminder Steve’s full speech short 25 seconds when camera #1’s battery died and I went to camera 2 will be up tomorrow)

Update I’ll be including this in my post on the event as well but here is an exclusive interview with him after the Bannon speech where he touches on the subject as well

He’s putting the reason why we shouldn’t trust these guys rather diplomatically don’t you think?

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Senator Ted Cruz was kind enough to give me 10 minutes after his return to the 603 Alliance Caucus site to speak to and congratulate his campaign volunteers

There are several points to make concerning this result and what Senator Cruz said.

It would have taken the cost of renting a bus for any other candidate to get 25 NH voters to the caucus to get past the first round and to steer the result in a direction they would have liked.

There are a lot of expenses in a campaign but renting a few busses for a day isn’t a big one, if you can’t find 25 registered republican voters willing give up a few hours to show up for you at this caucus what does it say about your actual strength in a state? Jeb Bush has been running ads calling himself “the conservative candidate”, how much stronger would such an argument be if he managed to draw 25 voters. He could have claimed to have out one Donald Trump in an actual vote. (By the same token I don’t understand how the Donald Trump campaign doesn’t manage to get 25 folks to show up. Rep Al made a strong speech but this feeds right into the MSM template on the Donald.

As Mark Steyn has said the future belongs to those who show up, if you can’t get voters to show up for you to a no cost event out of an entire state when you’ve had six months to get ready, that’s bad.

Furthermore if you are a candidate in single digits how do you not take advantage of such an event to make a showing? Even if your candidate couldn’t draw enough to win your people could have steered the result away from a candidate you DIDN’T want to win.

Now let’s talk about WHY Cruz won.

Ted Cruz talked about his country chairmen in every county of all four early states and his donors his “sustainers” funding all on the ground game in 20 primary states, rent staff etc…

I don’t think any other candidate can say this, why? Because CRUZ FIGHTS! His willingness to stand up, make the fight and take the barbs of the media for years is the reason why so many people are willing to give monthly, it’s the reason why he leads in hard money and it’s the reason why his people were willing to show up to caucus for him yesterday. It’s also the reason why I endorsed him Sept 30th

Every single other candidate currently serving in congress could have chosen to do this. Every single other sitting governor could have supported Cruz’s fights in congress when he was making them, every single outsider could have stood up and stood with Senator Cruz as he fought for the causes that conservatives sent him and other republicans to fight.

They did not and that’s one of the reasons why they were not the subject of that victory interview.

Update: Between Senator Cruz’s opening speech at the 603 alliance and the interview above, Ted Cruz did this interview linked by Legal insurrection for Meet the Press


I do all of this in a 17 year old car with 130,000 miles on it, a $100 camera and some batteries. The only pay I get for this work comes from you. My goal for all of 2015 is $22,000.

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the 603 alliance had their caucus today at the Hopkinton State Fair grounds in Contoocook NH. The idea was to get conservatives in NH to unite behind a single candidate via a caucus.

Ted Cruz has won, Ben Carson came in 2nd Carly Fiorina 3rd. Donald Trump failed to make the first cut not managing 25 votes, Jeb bush didn’t manage a single vote.

Under the rules if the winner of the 603 alliance caucus drops out of the presidential race the people pledge to support the 2nd place finisher and so forth.

Expect updates

Update 1

I arrived at the event at 10:30 AM one hour before registration was to end. The person directing me to park commented on the number of people who had showed up and expressed worry about finding places for all of them.

Any voter who was in line at 11:30 would be checked in as long as they met the following requirements

1. They were a Registered republican voter in NH.

2. They were a registered unenrolled NH voter who pledged that they had not taken a democrat ballot

3. They had a photo ID.

Ted Cruz showed up in person to greet people before the start of the event

It was very apparent that his people were there in force and read and raring to go. Ben Carson’s people were also well represented:

603 stills 1 006

I hand counted 718 people. at my arrival and it was very clear that some candidates took this very seriously and others did not.

and the vote would come down to who bothered to show

Under the rules of the Caucus any candidate who failed to get at least 25 votes in the first round would be eliminated. From the looks of things early it seemed it would be a Cruz vs Carson race

Ted Cruz showed up in person to make his case, speakers showed up to speak for Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Carly fiorina. Oddly enough while Rand Paul had two events in the area his people did not show up for the caucus.

Expect another update

Final update:

Here are some random images from the event

Here are the speeches from the event for the various candidates & their reps before the vote:

Ted cruz spoke in person:

However there were representatives for other candidates Marco Rubio:

Ben Carson:

But the most eloquent speech for a candidate not there came from Rep Baldarsio for Donald Trump:

Based on this speech representative Baldarsio’s candidate deserved a better fate after the first round of Voting Donald Trump was eliminated for not drawing the 25 votes necessary to advance.

But even so Trump did infinitely better than Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Jim Gilmore combined who despite a ton of time spent in the state by some and millions in superpac money belonging to others didn’t garner a single vote between them

In addition to trump Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and John Kasich all failed to get 25 votes (but at least weren’t shut out like Bush Christie & co.

Trump had not missed the first cut by much and once he was out the other candidates scrambled for his votes. When the 2nd round was done however Fiorina had not been able to catch up with Carson and was out. It was down to Cruz and Carson but while the absent Carson had made a decent showing Cruz’s crew was just too large:

When it was all over I talked to Diane Vitter of the 603 alliance:

I think several candidates made a big mistake not showing up. Rand Paul was less than a mile from the location in the very same town. Lindsey Graham has spent the last week in the state, and the fact that Kasich managed to get votes when Bush was not.

As for the candidates there, if I was Carly Fiorina I’d make a big fuss about advancing when Trump did not, and if I was Ben Carson I’d point to a 2nd place showing while being on a book tour.

And Ted Cruz, well that’s tomorrow’s lead post.

Final update, some stills:


The only pay I get for this work comes from you. My goal for 2015 is $22,000.

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Less than 24 hours after the candidates and the media swarm that follows them vacated the Crowne Plaza a political event took place in the same room where speaker after speaker took to the stage a different set of speakers took the stage.

As Granite Grok was filming the 603 alliance took the stage and make the case for the GOP didn’t abandon the conservative cause for the sake of “electability”

Many of the attendees were at both events, at least one speaker (Dr. Betsey McCawley former Lt Gov of NY who I interviewed here) spoke at both events but the vibe was different in terms of who was there and who was not

The state party was not there but several state rep and members were including former speaker of the house Bill O’Brien who I spoke to

The place was not crawling with presidential candidates but congressman Steve King who I spoke to was there

And while all the candidates at the FITN summit gave lip service to life Jane Cormier of NH Right to life who I spoke to was there too.

But the message was the same, if you compromise conservative principles for the sake of victory you won’t get victory, yet if you keep your eye on advancing your principles victory will come.

These people are the activists, the ground game. In 2014 the GOP candidates for Governor & US senate didn’t attract them they moderated or in the case of the candidate for Governor actually attack them and in a year when GOP won sweeping victories nationwide (even in Mass In Maryland) they lost.

If you are a GOP campaign trying to break out of the deepest bench since the Celtics of the 80’s or the Yanks of the 50’s they would be wise to pay attention.


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