& the Worcester Tea Party presents

President Trump: A Year in Review & Looking Ahead

Join Award Winning blogger Pete DaTechGuy  & the Worcester Tea Party at Tang Dynasty Restaurant Leominster for President Trump A Year in Review & Looking Ahead.

For only $20, mark the anniversary of this administration with our panel to discuss the ups and downs of President Trump Year one and what we might expect to see in year 2.

The day starts at Noon with the Tang Dynasty All you can eat Chinese Buffet brought back specifically for this event!  Feast on an excellent selection of Chinese favorites while enjoying the cash bar and play a little Keno as we talk and mix.

At 1:15 Pete DaTechGuy takes the mic to introduce our panel featuring:

Chip Faulkner:  Of Citizens for Limited Taxation & Host of the Friday Morning Group

Mike LaChance:  Contributor to the National blog Legal Insurrection & editor for

Christopher Maider:  Longtime Host of the Meat and Potatoes Radio show

Dianna Ploss:  President of the Boston Chapter of Act for America

DaTechGuy will  be asking them about what they expected in Trump Year One vs what we got and their take on what we should be expecting in Trump Year Two.

Finally Matt O’Brien of the Worcester Tea Party takes the floor with announcements of upcoming events and items of interest.

It all starts at Noon on Saturday Jan 20th at Tang Dynasty Restaurant 638 North Main Street Rte 12 (Exit 31b off Route 2) Leominster Ma  01453 (snow or shine)

Tickets :   $20 available online through at Eventbrite or save the service change by reserving your tickets through

DaTechGuyblog  (

OR The Worcester Tea Party

When I spoke at the Friday Morning Group a few weeks ago I was preceded by Dianna Ploss formerly of the Trump Campaign now the new head of the Boston Chapter of Act For America

She was talking about her Sept 9th event that unfortunately was going to conflict with my Stacy McCain in Leominster, I say was because that event is a casualty of Boston.

ACT for America is canceling its America First Rallies, previously scheduled for Saturday, September 9, “out of an abundance of caution” due “to the recent violence in America and in Europe.” The national security organization will instead replace the 67 rallies organized across 36 states with an online “Day of ACTion.”
In a press release, exclusively given to Breitbart News, event organizers say the reason for making the difficult decision “is to contribute to the de-escalation of rising tension and violence in America while pursuing the organization’s goal of a safe and secure America.”

This was the real goal of the tactics of ANTIFA and the media, to silence and marginalize effective opposition voices. That this has happened is a national disgrace.

On the bright side, if you are a member of ACT Boston and are looking for something to do Saturday Sept 9th might I suggest you click here to join us for Stacy McCain event in Leominster, I would be proud to have you join us. You can get your tickets here.

Yesterday in a pouring rain I traveled to Hudson Mass to cover Brigitte Gabriel at the Portuguese American Club.

gabriel photos 015

Local Tea Parties along with Act Boston sponsored the event and were well represented
gabriel photos 005

The crowd was large.

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Yesterday Robert Spencer 60 people came to see Robert Spencer speak at the VFW in Natick Massachusetts


People came to see him

Even from as far away as NJ to Support Robert after he was dropped from the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference

This Event was sponsored by the local act Chapter:


And Mr. Spencer’s remarks ran about 45 minutes

where he talked about Islam and free speech

He spent a fair amount of time signing books and also stood for an interview with me on the evening and the situation with the Diocese of Worcester:

But the majority of his time was spent in the Q & A for the 70 or so attendees for the speech

on Sunni vs Shia Islam:

Whitewashing Islam in education

and much more (below the fold)

Robert will be my Guest on DaTechGuy on DaRadio March 9th to speak further about this situation.

I’m in the middle so to speak. I know the Bishop and his spokesperson and am also a friend of Robert’s. If the goal is to avoid controversy, that has failed spectacularly. The question now become, what is the thing that is just and right? Or put another way, this is much like the New Evangelism. We are going to get considerable pushback when we go to boldly proclaim the truth of the message of the Church of Christ. Will we have the courage to speak when objections are made by those who wish to silence us?

I urge you to pray for all concerned that God may grant the gift of discernment.

Meanwhile the rest of the Q & A follows:

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While the Diocese of Worcester has chosen to resend the invitation of my friend Robert Spencer to speak at the Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester. You can still see him speak if you are a Catholic from Worcester County.

Tonight Mr. Spencer will be appearing at the Natick VFW Post 1274 this evening at 7 PM to speak about the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” a UN organization whose agenda is to criminalize any critique of Islam.

I would urge people were planning to attend the Catholic Men Conference in Worcester Next month to consider offering the Suggested donation of $20 and see what the local Islamic groups and the Boston Globe didn’t want you to hear.

Then again considering what our Islamic friends are doing to Catholics in Nigeria

Those are (were) people of the Catholic faith and citizens of Nigeria. They were reportedly burned alive in Nigeria by Muslims.

Perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised to see intimidation of Catholics by Muslims be successful.

Via the Brenner Brief that asks a simple question:

Why in the world isn’t the mainstream media covering this? Because it doesn’t fit their perfect little meme that the Christians are mean and evil to the innocent Muslims. A few blogs have covered this, but that’s all.

I’m sure Lisa Wangsness will get around to it eventually

Update: As of today here we are on this week’s goal:

[thermometer raised=190 target=300 width=150 height =200 ]

Hey did you know that Ray Hanna of Act for America was on DaTechGuy on DaRadio talking Gaza and Jennifer Pelland adult Sci-Fi fantasy author of books such as Machine and Unwelcome Bodies and contributor to Chicks Unravel Time Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who talking Doctor Who on DaTechGuy on DaRadio last week?

You didn’t? That’s why you missed the show?

Fess up you were at the mall and missed it, c’mon you can tell me.

Well either way, miss it no more, you can listen to it here.

and you can buy Jennifer’s books Right here

Jennifer’s web site is here, Act for America’s is here.

Thursday I has the pleasure of seeing Claire Lopez at the Natick VFW

She was sponsored by Act Framingham chapter

She spoke on the Muslim Brotherhood

And Huma Abedin

She took plenty of questions

Including mine on Demographics

The gist of her speech was the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, Huma Abedin and the tactics being used to modify US policy

Ms. Lopez has 20 years as a CIA analyst her presentation was complete and in some ways dry, but it is those dry facts that are necessary

The full set of videos & photos are below the jump

General tactics

Will Israel hit Iran?

What do we do with what we know?

Is Europe fighting back

And finally what the US seems to favor the Muslim brotherhood these days


A great presentation Claire

Claire Lopez before her speech

And the rest of the pictures

I interviewed Claire Lopez after her event at the Natick VFW Aug 16th

Claire has 20+ years in the CIA and knows what she is talking about.

I’ll have a full report on the VFW event later in the day

This morning I drove down to Boston to check out the protests at the opening of the Tarek Mehanna trial as I heard there were going to be competing protests concerning it.

I left the house at 7 a.m. but thanks to rush hour traffic in the pouring rain and a slow T, arrived at the courthouse in Boston at about 9:45.

Courthouse in the rain

The MSM was well represented in the streets for the trial:

With the wet and the cold and the rain there were only a few protesters outside.

I took a shot of a woman and asked if she could tell me why she supported Tarek. She was unwilling to answer the question and simply referred me to their web site.

A woman of few if any words

I asked others but none of them were willing to articulate a reason for their support all they continued to do was mention their web site. This is in stark contract to Tea Party members who are rarely shy about saying what they think to people who ask.

I spoke to the police and outside security, they were very friendly and cooperative. They told me there had been a counter protest here briefly but they didn’t stay long. The Free Tarek crowd had been here regularly and had generally not given any grief.

A thankless job on a cold wet day

I don’t think these guys get enough credit, after all if someone decided they wanted to go Boom it is these guys who would get it first saving everyone else.

Inside the courthouse I was informed by some of the press crews on the scene that a group of about 30 from the “occupy movement” were hanging at the US attorney’s area and joined the Free Tarek crowd inside the packed courtroom. Considering the rain and wet it sure makes a lot more sense to occupy a heated building than a tent on the common. At the time I left there were no reported incidents of arrests or disruptions.

Interesting enough before I left I heard MSNBC continue to lionize the occupy movement but somehow their public support for a person accused of aiding Al Qaeda still wasn’t newsworthy.

As I had missed the counter protests I gave a call to one of the people involved in them, it turned out I had only missed them by a few minutes and one of their leaders was still in the area. I told him if he could get him down here I’d be happy to talk to him. Within 10 minutes Charlie Jacobs from Americans for Peace and Tolerance came by and unlike the pro-Tarek people was much more inclined to talk.

Quick note, right in the middle of the interview my Batteries died so I had to start over, I’ll upload the truncated interview later so you can see it uncut.

At this point I considered going into the building proper but when I discovered I’d have to check both my camera and cell phone I figured I’d call it a day.

Just got home from the Brigitte Gabriel event in Westborough Mass. To say it was moving is like saying Mt. Rushmore is a big statue.

The crowd assembled slowly many doubtless waiting until patriots halftime to start the trip to Westborough, I got there about 35 minutes before the event and ran into John Weston who was Emceeing the event.

I was very pleased to see Jose Trasancos and was even more pleased to meet Stacy for the very first time:

There were quite a few familiar faces and at least one Fedora as good as any I own:

Ray Hanna of Boston’s ACT was hurriedly making sure all the last-minute arrangements were complete but still made time for me:

There was a highly visible but professional security presence as Brigitte Gabriel was not the only person in the room who had received credible death threats in the past. I mingled with the crowd a bit and introduced myself, :

One gentleman who I hope to have on the show in the future who attended was Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts:

A few minutes after she came in I had the pleasure of meeting Brigitte in the green room. I hope Mrs. Gabriel will forgive me for leading with this, but lets say it and get it out-of-the-way: This woman isn’t just beautiful, she is supermodel beautiful. My photos don’t do her justice.

What is really amazing is how her beauty is so quickly overwhelmed by her story, her message and her accomplishments that it fades to the background like a forgotten footnote.

Guest of honor or no there was some stalling as the Patriots game was in the 4th quarter but as the hour was getting later things began with 2:47 left and the Pats down 3. John Weston joked that we could all cry in our drinks later not knowing that the Pats would drive down the field to score the winning touchdown.

I was invited to lead the pledge of allegiance and was rather flattered by the honor once the pledge was done Ray Began the meeting and after a brief video introduction about ACT Brigette came to the stage.

Her presentation touched on several points. One of which was the oft made point concerning “Moderate” Islam:

Her story of how Lebanon went from one of the most pluralistic and free nations in the middle east to a place of repression once the country went from majority Christian to Majority Muslim and the fierce repression Christians suffered until Israel aided them was not lost on the 225 person audience. She spoke of her childhood and how her family was shocked at how quickly her Muslim neighbors turned on them and was even more surprised at the kindness Israeli’s showed not just her and her ill mother but wounded enemy fighters.

She spoke of the memory that drove her; she remembered asking her father why their neighbors wanted to kill them and his answer: “Because to them we are infidels”; and her shock giving the same answer to her 13 year old daughter when asked the same question at the time of the 9/11 attacks. She has vowed to work tirelessly to make sure that her daughter will not have to give the same answer to her granddaughter.

She also stressed the amount of money the Saudi government has spent to spread their radical version of Islam not only to mosques but to “secular” schools and universities who are all too willing to compromise principles for the tens of millions involved. It is no wonder that universities produce such anti-Israeli and anti-American attitudes when funded by foes.

Her solution is action, uniting and speaking out when this type of thing goes on. She appealed to the crowed to join and at the end of the event it was clear she had won them over to the point where the applause she received overshadowed the subsequent clapping that came from the crowd when informed of the Patriots victory.

When the evening was complete she stayed for a very long time signing books for all who asked.

I put myself at the signing table and took photos of everyone who got an autograph. She was very generous with her time but unfortunately for me so generous that by the time she was done there was no time for a brief interview, but I hope to correct that during her next visit.

The full gallery follows. If you attended the event and you see a picture of yourself with Brigitte feel free to download your photo.

Update: You might note that some photos are no longer here, those photos have been removed at the request of the subjects for reasons of personal security. I’m rather outraged at the whole idea of Americans having to be in fear of their lives for attending a public event, if you’re not outraged by that prospect, you oughta be.