While the Diocese of Worcester has chosen to resend the invitation of my friend Robert Spencer to speak at the Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester. You can still see him speak if you are a Catholic from Worcester County.

Tonight Mr. Spencer will be appearing at the Natick VFW Post 1274 this evening at 7 PM to speak about the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” a UN organization whose agenda is to criminalize any critique of Islam.

I would urge people were planning to attend the Catholic Men Conference in Worcester Next month to consider offering the Suggested donation of $20 and see what the local Islamic groups and the Boston Globe didn’t want you to hear.

Then again considering what our Islamic friends are doing to Catholics in Nigeria

Those are (were) people of the Catholic faith and citizens of Nigeria. They were reportedly burned alive in Nigeria by Muslims.

Perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised to see intimidation of Catholics by Muslims be successful.

Via the Brenner Brief that asks a simple question:

Why in the world isn’t the mainstream media covering this? Because it doesn’t fit their perfect little meme that the Christians are mean and evil to the innocent Muslims. A few blogs have covered this, but that’s all.

I’m sure Lisa Wangsness will get around to it eventually

Update: As of today here we are on this week’s goal:

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Act Boston, CJUI, Americans for Peace and Tolerance and RMI. sponsored Kenneth Timmerman in an appearance in Stoughton Mass at the Ahavath Torah Congregation.

Timmerman’s and expert on Iran, who once spent 5 months in a PLO jail in Lebanon was there to talk about Iran and the 12th Imam belief.

In a 1992 report for the Simon Wiesenthal center he first wrote about a pattern of behavior from international purchases that suggested Iran was working on the Bomb. That belief was finally validated in 2003

He talked about how Iran’s current government believes it is their mission to bring the return of the 12th Imam, how they can’t be effectively deterred as they are willing to lose millions of people if Israel is destroyed in the process. He suggested that the Iranian missile tests resulting in detonation 200 miles up were not in fact failures but were tests toward the goal of deploying EMP weapons.

He talked of the devastating effect of an EMT weapon and our unsteadiness to face one since the end of the cold war.
but also suggests that this problem can be solved by supporting elements in Iran looking to overthrow the regime, a clip.

During the question and answer session I asked a question concerning his suggestion that to replacing the Iranian regime

After the end of the Q & A I spoke to Mr. Timmerman about his reception and theories

He was well received and sold a fair amount of his book to the 70+ people who attended.

I will have further video and photos available after the weekend

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Update: Right wing Granny was there too.