Roger Cobb: Terry? I guess it wasn’t meant to be between us. I’ll always regret that. But I want you to know that, wherever it is you’re going, I hope you’ll be very happy.
Terry Hoskins:: I will. I’ve got a wonderful house, beautiful horses and all the money in the world why shouldn’t I be happy?
Roger Cobb: What?
Terry Hoskins:: If you think I’m really going through with this you’re not just stupid, you’re crazy.
Edwina Cutwatter {in Roger’s Body} What?
Roger Cobb: I’ll handle this. What?
Terry Hoskins::From the beginning I thought if mad Edwina wants to give her money away, she may as well give it to me. I never thought that “Flying Nun” could do it.

All of Me 1984

One thing about the Trump Tax story that’s actually more interesting than the left going from:

 Trump is keeping his tax returns from the Public because it will hurt him


Trump tricked us into releasing his tax return to the public because it will help him

Is  this question being asked by Allahpundit:’

Maddow’s fans idolize her as a smart liberal with a supposedly foolproof bullsh*t detector — yet here she was last night not only bullsh*tting them at length about the news value of the returns but quite possibly doing so as an unwitting pawn in a limited hangout by the Trump White House. She got suckered by someone, maybe the Republican president himself, which is something that should never, ever happen to MSNBC’s liberal eggheads. It’s sufficiently bad for her brand that it’s hard to imagine how she could have rationalized one night of mega-ratings as being worth the letdown and loss of faith in her judgment that she’d suffer among her regular fans. So I ask again: Why the ridiculous hype? I can’t figure it out.

which is even more cogent given this excellent point

by the time she finally got into the details of the 1040, it was Geraldo and the Al Capone vault all over again. Which brings us back to the question: Why? Why make viewers wait with bated breath for something you know can only disappoint them?

John Ziegler’s explanation is that hype is usually inversely proportional to actual news value. That is, it’s because Maddow knew she had nothing that she had to draw out the suspense. If there was anything truly juicy in the return, he reasons, don’t you think it would have been revealed by NBC’s hard news division, most likely Lester Holt’s program, instead of by Maddow during the 9 p.m. hour of liberal power?

So the questions on the floor are:

Why did Maddow push this?

Why are MSNBC and the rest of the press are still pushing it‘?

The Answer is as Stacy McCain alludes to is:  this is what the liberal rubes want.

After finally “reporting” the numbers, Maddow then filled the extra time with a lot of blabber — wild speculation about what sinister secrets might be hidden behind those opaque numbers. She suggested there could be debts owed to shady foreign entities (Russians, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) who could thereby influence Trump’s policies. While it is of course possible that such things could be true, speculation is not news, or else I could win a Pulitzer Prize for my seven-part series speculating that Rachel Maddow could be having a secret affair with Mika Brzezinski. Because, hey, why not?

The circular logic of Maddow’s “investigative journalism”:

  1. Donald Trump is a Republican;
  2. Republicans are evil;
  3. Somewhere, there must be evidence of how evil Trump is.

Really, that’s all she’s got — a belief in Trump’s evil, which permits her (and every other liberal journalist) to constantly locate mountainous “scandals” where anyone with common sense sees only a molehill. Ever since Hillary lost the election, the media have been dogpiling every possible variation on the Russians-hacked-the-election conspiracy theory, because that’s what their core audience of disappointed Democrat voters want to believe. [emphasis mine]

Remember we’ve seen this before, when the Target was Michelle Bachmann

For many months we’re heard about Bachmann “scandals” that have been ready to break .

With a left dying to beat her and a media scoffing at and hating her it would be only a matter of time before the chickens would come home to roost.


You have an IRS that was leaking tax information to the left, you have an AG going after Fox news reporters and their families, you had a press united in their disdain for the congresswoman and you think if there was some there there we would not have seen some actual meat out there?

And of course there was Fitzmas, when the entire left was convinced that prosecutor was just a step away from indicting Karl Rove, who would lead to Dick Cheney and maybe even George W. Bush.  Do you remember the anticipation, the jokes on late night and all that?  Stacy McCain did

For the love of God, have we forgotten “Fitzmas,” the 2005 rumor that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s federal grand jury was about to indict Rove or Cheney or both? Who could ever forget the ridiculous farce of “investigative journalist” Scott Leopold “reporting” in May 2006 that Rove had been indicted?

And most importantly how it ended for them


Stacy again

All of that ridiculous “PlameGate” nonsense was taken very seriously by the mainstream media, as though it were a real scandal that might implicate the president in High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and yet it was transparently absurd from start to finish.

That sounds really familiar doesn’t it, Trump Russia, Trump and Taxes, Trump and Bannon, etc etc etc the MSM keeps pushing this stuff, not because they believe it but because they know their customer base on the left does and will keep believing, and even if They’re burned

They just keep grabbing the next one.

You see liberalism is a religion and Their primary belief is that Conservatives/Republicans are the focus of evil in the world and we’re only one leak or investigation away from them being exposed forever.

That’s why this 2nd tweet from Ali is evergreen

Just substitute Bush, or Cheney, or Rove, or Palin, or Bachmann, and that tweet would be true in the past. We can put Conway or Bannon instead or (or along with) Trump and that sentence still works. And someday and someday in the future those names will be replaced by Republicans we’ve never heard of.

But the Democrats will still be the same and the MSM and the professional left will be there to play them, just as Ironically Buzzfeed reports that even Brett Kimberlin is back to play the rubes. Yeah Kimberlin is a bomber, a con man, a violent mendacious serial litigator but he’s not so stupid as not to recognize an easy mark when he sees them.

This is religion for the left and they’ll keep believing no matter what reality says to the contrary and if it doesn’t pan out they’ll wipe away their memory of their last failure just like Wikipedia wiped away Fitzmas removing its entry & redirecting it down the memory hole and grasp the next “scandal”.

I’ll give the last word to Peter Cook and Rowan Atkinson who demonstrate here

that Monty Python isn’t the only British comedy that the left has mistakenly decided was actually a guide to life.

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One of the first principles of free speech is two sides express what they what they think and they compete in the arena of ideas.

Ali Akbar has a regular show on Blog talk Radio, he invited Bill Schmalfeldt to come on and go head to head.

There is absolutely no question what side I’m on here but I think this is incredibly healthy and it says something positive about Ali that he is unafraid to share the platform with an enemy.

And in fairness to Mr. Schmalfeldt by going on faces public critique in a format he does not control

Good form Mr. Akbar, Good Form!

At CPAC the National Bloggers Club did more than simply hold a party. They had a few events where people had a chance to mix with folks. One of them was Rick Santorum:

He answered a question on Pope Francis I

and others after he was thanked for attending

In addition to Rick Santorum Author Evan Sayet was there and spoke to me after Sen Santorum

Buy his book Kindergarten of Eden here

Sen Fred Thompson was minority counsel during the Watergate Hearings, who asked the famous question concerning the recording system in the White House so he knows from cover ups:

BLUE ASH, Ohio – Former Sen. Fred Thompson today said he was “totally disgusted” by the Obama administration’s handling of the Libya terrorist attack, saying that U.S. officials failed to act “while our people were being systematically slaughtered” at the Benghazi consulate.

Speaking at an event sponsored by the free-market group Americans for Prosperity, the former Republican senator from Tennessee invoked his experience nearly 40 years ago as a Watergate investigator, saying that Congress must “get to the bottom of” the administration’s failures in the Sept. 11 incident that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead in Libya.

Blue Ash Ohio? You would have bet no member of the Mainstream media would bother to be at Blue Ash Ohio to hear Fred talk to a 40 person crowd, and you would have been right…if you didn’t know a fellow named Robert Stacy McCain:

My mind wasn’t on Benghazi much, and when we got there, the sleep shortage started catching up with me. Quite literally, I was nodding off at one point during Fred Thompson’s speech. And then Fred started talking about Benghazi.

He never raised his voice, but he was clearly angry and, when it was over, it was obvious that Fred had definitely made news:

When a member of the crew that investigated Watergate tells you something is being covered up, you had better believe it.

But just as significant is this tweet:

Ali and I were the only media in the room.
The MSM didn’t find this event interesting enough to bother with.

If you ever question the usefulness of actual shoe leather reporting, wonder no further.

And as more of this information comes out the Democrats might find themselves fortunate that Barack Obama will not be in office after Jan 20th:

Though they do not realize or choose to ignore it now, the Democrats will be lucky if Obama loses on November 6.

If he wins, not even the mainstream media will save him. Although a few will try, the walls are already crumbling, first, tentatively, from David Ignatius in the Washington Post, now more strongly and courageously from ABC’s Jake Tapper. More will follow. They will be forced to as the revelations pile up and the justifiably angry whistleblowers, which are sure to come, emerge. And we in the new media will be here to make sure attention is paid. We have the power to do that now

And don’t doubt for one moment that a GOP house will be investigating this.

President Obama has already cost plenty of democrats their political future, God help the party if they find themselves forced to choose between defending the him on Benghazi or no.

It is really no choice at all, the Activist Black Community who are the party’s foot soldiers and the pastors after choosing their skin color over their God, will not tolerate any other choice.

Benghazi is a national disgrace, but for the Democrats it’s a disaster of their own making. It remains to be seen if this disaster will effect the entire party or just this administration.

It’s a double dose of DaTechGuy this week.

Saturday’s show with Donna Cahill & Jeff Semon is now available, you can listen to it live here.

and I’ve just been notified that last week’s show thought as lost as a Patrick Troughton Dr. Who episode has also been found! This is our big Brett Kimberlin & Co Episode with Ali Akbar and Robert Stacy McCain. That is available here.

Yesterday evening just after I finished talking to the IRS  I noted I had missed a call from Ali Akbar and gave him a ring.

Ali expressed concern about Ladd Ehlinger Post that I had retweeted late last night concerning him and Paul Lemmen.

Some background. I’ve known Ali since the Scott Brown race and he has treated me well, the very first press credential I had, came from Ali. I think Ali is a talented young man who has a future and I have a very high opinion of his mother who I met at the last Blogcon. Blogbash at CPAC.

We Sicilians tend to remember that kind of thing so when Ali asked me if I would interview him on this matter, although I frankly thing this entire post is ill advised, I agreed.

Before we began I told Ali about my own relationships with the others involved in this conversation. Paul Lemmen & Ladd Ehlinger.

I have regularly linked to Paul Lemmen (although we’ve never met or spoke) I became aware of him through Zilla. Our exchanges have been unexciting but have really been just about posts.

As for Ladd Ehlinger with the exception of Stacy McCain there is nobody I’m closer to on the net. We talk regularly on issues and what is going down. He has been particularly good to me and mine. Ladd has my unequivocal friendship and trust.

Ladd does not have a high opinion of Ali. I have friends such as Sunshine State Sarah who share Ladd’s view while Stacy McCain on the other end likes Ali a lot.

Anyways Ali & I talked for a while and he made the following points concerning this dispute which is now getting some pixels:
Continue reading “And now by request…I jump into the middle of it”

Usually by new we have Saturday’s show up for download.

Unfortunately I received word that due to a data error at the station last weeks show has been lost.

If I didn’t know the people at the station I’d find it an odd coincidence considering the subject matter but that’s the only lucky break Kimberlin & Co have had in a since the Worthing hearing..

If somehow the show is recovered I’ll be sure to let you know.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we are talking Swatting and the blogger day of silence (with a little of Wisconsin thrown in) with Ali Akbar in the first Hour and Stacy McCain in the 2nd hour as the story finally makes the MSM in a big way

Join us 10 a.m EST on AM 830 WCRN or online via or TuneIn

And don’t forget you can call in at 508-438-0965 or 888-9-FEDORA you can tweet us at #wcrn

It’s also nice to see the rest of the terrestrial media catch us to us bloggers, even CNN covered the story at last

Of course if you were listening to WCRN during the Memorial Day Morning Drive you would have already heard the story.

If the story has become so big that CNN has finally decided to cover its own story then the endgame is near.

And yes I still advice state evidence for the Swatter before the rest of the left and the Kimberlin crowd throws you under the bus…

…and they will.

Update: The time magazine story that Stacy Mentioned The Wizard of Odd can be found here.

Today is the Award Winning Ace of Spades‘ suggested National Day of Blogger Silence in solidarity with Aaron Worthing, et/all.

For those of who you get all their information from the MSM and are now only hearing about it via Yahoo News and/or ABC all of this stems from attempts by a fellow named Brett Kimberlin and his allies to shut down conservative bloggers (part of this crusade comes seemingly from their belief in a vast conspiracy to frame Anthony Weiner, his confession not withstanding).

Tactics used against have included lawfare, harassment and something called SWATTING which involves calling the local police while posing as the blogger in question and pretending a violent crime has taken place in the hopes of drawing a SWAT team to the locations.

Ironically Kimberlin insists that it is HE that is being harassed, presumably over his past as the “Speedway Bomber” when he terrorized parts of Indiana with a series of bombings during his drug dealer days.

When the National organization of bloggers became involved in the defense of Aaron Worthing who incredibly was jailed for his blogging about Kimberlin (yes you read that right) Kimberlin’s allies responded first with attempt to intimidate his family and then through their site Breitbart Unmasked went Ali Akbar’s past.

Now Ali’s past is no less fair game than Kimberlin’s but these guys are missing an important point. His past (although violent ) is not the issue, remember Moses:

On one occasion, after Moses had grown up, when he visited his kinsmen and witnessed their forced labor, he saw an Egyptian striking a Hebrew, one of his own kinsmen.  Looking about and seeing no one, he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.  The next day he went out again, and now two Hebrews were fighting! So he asked the culprit, “Why are you striking your fellow Hebrew?”  But he replied, “Who has appointed you ruler and judge over us? Are you thinking of killing me as you killed the Egyptian?” Then Moses became afraid and thought, “The affair must certainly be known.” Exodus 2:11-14

Yet when the time came who was picked

“Come, now! I will send you to Pharaoh to lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.”   But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and lead the Israelites out of Egypt?”  He answered, “I will be with you;  Exodus 3:10-12a

Likewise Paul (Then known as Saul) had a history but that didn’t matter to the Lord:

The Lord said to him, “Get up and go to the street called Straight and ask at the house of Judas for a man from Tarsus named Saul. He is there praying, and (in a vision) he has seen a man named Ananias come in and lay (his) hands on him, that he may regain his sight.”  But Ananias replied, “Lord, I have heard from many sources about this man, what evil things he has done to your holy ones in Jerusalem.  And here he has authority from the chief priests to imprison all who call upon your name.  “But the Lord said to him, “Go, for this man is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before Gentiles, kings, and Israelites, and I will show him what he will have to suffer for my name.Acts 9:11-16


Second chances and repentance is an integral part of Christianity. Kimberlin’s story could have been one of redemption and renewal, instead as documented in his book Citizen K Mark Singer shows that wasn’t the case. Publishes Weekly put it this way:

the New Yorker’s Mark Singer was possibly the most prominent journalist to sympathetically report allegations that convict Brett Kimberlin had sold marijuana to Dan Quayle when the Vice-President was a law student. Indeed, Singer signed a contract with Kimberlin to write a book, but Kimberlin turns out to be a top-flight con man?as the author reveals with dismay and near admiration. So this picaresque detective story has a mea culpa at its heart, an effort to explain how certain things?such as former Harvard Law dean Erwin Griswold’s support for Kimberlin’s court appeal and Kimberlin’s muzzling by federal officials?helped build an edifice of sand. Singer conscientiously reconstructs Kimberlin’s history of crime?he was a drug smuggler and, mostly likely, the man behind some vicious bombings in Indianapolis. Some of this narrative gets tedious, yet it’s part of Singer’s effort to contrast facts with Kimberlin’s confident but “apparitional” explanations.

And this was written before the lawfare and intimidation of bloggers.

Now however the lid is coming off the pot, Members of Congress have spoken out concerning it, ABC and FOX have covered it and the endgeme is coming, and if the Swatter takes my advice and turns state evidence the endgame will come even faster.

One of the real questions that has been asked: “Why are such prominent names on the left funding this guy?” I think the answer is easier than people think

It’s my opinion that the reason why Kimberlin is being enabled, defended and financed by the left is not because they believe he’s changed, it’s because they believe he hasn’t.

The idea is to have someone who can do the dirty work that they don’t want to soil their hands on. The left would LOVE to bring right leaning blogs down, but they don’t want to acknowledge them while doing so. Kimberlin is the perfect choice for such a task. He has the history cunning and willingness to use tactics that the more prominent folks on the left can’t risk. His 501(c)3 gives them plausible deniability in terms of actions and most importantly if something goes wrong he can be discarded with denials all around. A prospect is becoming more likely day by day.

Even if that is the case and Kimberlin is abandoned by his allies has the heat turns up, he has the intelligence and the ability to still choose a different path, after all as long as one is alive there is time for repentance.

Meanwhile until that day comes bloggers like myself will continue to fight, as part of that fight many blogs on the right will be silent except for a post on this subject.

This blog will NOT be one of them.

It’s my opinion that our silence is what our foes want, I see no logic in giving them what they want even for a day, as protest, but I have no problem if others think differently.

Things being how they are I might not have time for a lot of other posts, but with new polls showing Obama behind in Michigan, Florida, Colorado & Minnesota that deserves attention is only to laugh out loud at the left’s panic.

If that’s not worth a post today I’d like to know what is?

Update: Is it just me or does the Black color scheme on Michelle Malkin’s blog look better than the regular one?

Update 2: Stacy McCain still in hiding due to his writing on Kimberlin points out bottom line of all this:

On the morning of Thursday, May 17, I was planning to go to Camp David, 15 miles from my Maryland home, to cover the G8 Summit.

I had never even heard of Brett Kimberlin.

Then Aaron Walker published his 28,000-word post, “How Brett Kimberlin Tried to Frame Me for a Crime” and, after skimming over it, I made an executive decision: “Screw the G8.”

This story was more important. A convicted terrorist using lawsuits and other forms of harassment to intimidate bloggers into silence about his criminal history? Not on my watch, Mister.

It wasn’t the harassment of Aaron Worthing that got the ball rolling, it was his breaking his silence and letting the world know what was going on that did it.

Update 3: With Radio Patriot with me, how can we fail?

Update 4: Just got off the phone with Stacy, who strongly disagrees with me and supports the “blogger silence” day. That’s OK part of what we’ve fighting for is doing things as we see fit, unlike others.

Update 5: John Hawkins isn’t silent either but has a great summery of what has gone on and asks the $64,000 question

There are still a lot of questions about these allegations that are impossible to answer without information that only law enforcement can gather. For example, where is the money for these lawsuits coming from?

I don’t think that’s a question at all.

Update 6: Camp of the Saints Pirate Cove, the Lonely Conservative, Evil Blogger Lady Protein Wisdom chime in and a memorandum thread builds.

Update 7: Nathan Martin joins the fray (or Frey perhaps) and did you know Kimberlin made the front page of Yahoo News yesterday?

Update 8: Film Ladd finds a video so brilliant that you MUST go to his site to watch it, even with the bit of vulgarity within it.

Update 9: As Jimmie Bise and others continue to climb onboard Stacy’s Spectator Column notes that the first target of this nonsense was a man of the left:

Velvet Revolution, made headlines by offering rewards for evidence of wrongdoing by public figures including GOP strategist Karl Rove and U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Tom Donohue. And then a left-winger who used the alias “Socrates” began to speak out on a number of Internet forums, expressing his suspicion that Kimberlin and his Velvet Revolution partner, prominent liberal blogger Brad Friedman, were running a dishonest scam.

“Socrates,” it turned out, was an eccentric young Massachusetts resident named Seth Allen. Believing that Velvet Revolution’s frequent accusations of Republican election fraud and other right-wing crimes were a bogus fundraising gimmick, Allen started doing online research, discovered Kimberlin’s infamous history and persistently wrote about it, getting himself banned from several progressive websites in the process. In October 2010, Kimberlin sued Allen for more than $2 million, charging him with “defamation, libel, cyberstalking, and tortuous interference with business.”

Well I can understand the anger, if you have a sweet fundraising deal and playing people for suckers and someone attempts to blow it up, naturally they become a target.

Now guys like me we don’t have the Koch brothers financing us I make my living off of my tip jar, so feel free to give it a hit.

and if perchance you work for the Koch brothers or any large conservative group and care to kick in enough money to support me for a year, say $28-40K I certainly won’t say no.

Update 10: Pundit & Pundette & New Neocon are aboard, and as you might guess the usual suspects on the left are mocking. This is not surprising, the children always whine as long as they know the adults will do the heavy lifting for them, but consider, if you decide these tactics are proper and correct to be used against us, you’d better hope we don’t change our tune if they are ever used against you.

Update 11: When Ladd Ehlinger linked to the “Thank you Hater” video it had about 400 views, 24 hours later it is now at 197,950.

The Lesson: Always check out content linked by Ladd Ehlinger.

…apparently not so good:


WASHINGTON, DC — The National Bloggers Club, Inc. is announcing that it will continue to raise funds to provide financial relief to member Aaron Walker. An appeal to the peace order granted by Judge C.J. Vaughey was filed Monday.

Last week the Maryland judge issued a 6-month peace order and jailed attorney Aaron Walker, preventing him from mentioning Brett Kimberlin in public. A Blogger and Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney wrote of this order that, “this is a clear-cut case of a First Amendment violation — about as clear-cut as you’ll ever hear.” Since then, Walker has been working with a new legal team and the National Bloggers Club to legally restore his free speech rights.

“We’ve got over a dozen lawyers coordinating on this now, volunteering their time. Aaron’s first amendment rights are being violated when he is barred from even being able to publicly mention the case or Kimberlin’s violent past,” said Bloggers Club president Ali A. Akbar.

Akbar continued, “Yesterday they came after the Bloggers Club and my family — my family. We’re not stopping. We’ve got to raise $5,000 more dollars to continue to stand with Aaron Walker and I’m positive supporters will continue to step up.”

The National Bloggers Club is working to promote where supporters continue to give financial and written support to this cause.

In keeping with the ruling of the court, Walker’s response was simply, “thank you”.

This whole “intimidate the other side” business plan doesn’t seems to have a lot of legs, Stacy McCain might be in hiding but he’s blogging up a storm, Aaron Walker now has a new legal team that’s include Eugene Volokh consulting without pay, and the attempt by these democrats to intimidate black political operative Ali Akbar has been about as successful as you would expect of any attempt to intimidate a Texan.

And if Michelle Malkin and Stacy McCain posts aren’t enough Ali will be my guest for DaTechGuy on DaRadio this Saturday at 10 a.m. on WCRN AM 830.

This is going to end as well for the left as Wisconsin.