No substitute for Altar Boys superb “No Substitute”

During the second generation of Christian rock in the early to mid ‘80s, reaching out via musical genres previously thought by even the most fervent contemporary music supporters to be at best ill-suited if not utterly inapplicable to evangelical/edifying work gained a foothold. Among the purveyors of these new musical realms were Altar Boys. Roaring … Continue reading No substitute for Altar Boys superb “No Substitute”

Shooting Arrows Over The Horizon

On a sunny Orange County afternoon some twelve years ago, I was in a bookstore containing (but of course) a large coffee shop upfront. My purpose in being there was to meet up with one Mike Stand, leader of seminal Christian punk rock group the Altar Boys. At the time, Stand’s musical career, at least … Continue reading Shooting Arrows Over The Horizon

Hopeless, Etc.

I'm hopeless Hopeless and tired Will you give me the sign I'm looking for? I am mired with the earnest and sight-inspired Hopeless A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway;  successfully reaching its initial goal in a few days. Objective? Remaster, and for the first time release on vinyl as well as a remastered CD, the 1992 album … Continue reading Hopeless, Etc.