One scheduled part of our day was an 11 a.m. meeting with a representative of Senator Scott Brown. The first thing you learn is the lines to get into the senate office are long, VERY long and unfortunately unlike airports where if you arrive very early you can left people go around if you are slow with a lot of metal stuff like me you tend to hold everyone else up.

The offices are a full suite of rooms a the utterance is the name of the Senator on one side and the seal of the state on the other.

Tom Weaver running for the GOP nomination in my district arrived at Senator Brown’s office at the same time as me

Tom left his card and eventually the rest of the group showed up. A lot of people likely go there entire lives without visiting a Senator’s office so it is quite a treat.

Unfortunately a different Massachusetts group (the state delegation of J-Street) has an appointment at the same time as us. Their larger group went in the conference room while our smaller group was entertained in the hallway”

I had ample opportunity to observe the young lady and gentlemen working for the senator and I found them helpful and friendly. Considering the volume of traffic they get and some of the encounters they must deal with I suspect it is not an easy thing to be.

They also gave us some passes for the House and Senate Gallery

The young staff who met with us in the hall not only spent a considerable amount of his time…

…but he also gave us straight answers which is more important than time:

As we were finishing much to our surprise who turned up but the Senator himself

He also talked to us

and posed for pictures

He had two dogs with him. Harry Truman famously said that if you want a friend in Washington get a dog. As the senator tends to take views that on occasion confound both sides of the aisle one dog must not be enough.

Brown was forthcoming and displays all the attributes that won him election in 2010 and will in my opinion win him re-election in 2012. I’d like to see more tea party from him in style but bottom line he has been the best senator we’ve had from this state in decades and if we vote him out and end up with an ultra liberal ideologue we will only have ourselves to blame.

After leaving the front of the Supreme Court we headed toward the location of the Americans for prosperity rally about a block or so away.

The area around the stage was absolutely packed and the prospect of getting to the front, just wasn’t.

One of the first things I noticed were people with Breitbart signs but there were many cool displays:

and flags:

and I absolutely LOVED this t-shirt:

and this sign:

And of course press, Dave Weigel of whom was striking a classic DaTechGuy pose:

While the Politichicks TV pose was more traditional:

There was a vast array of speakers, pols were well represented both in office and those running.

Sen Pat Toomey (R-Pa) & Candidate Tom Weaver (R-Ma-3)

The crowd seemed to eat them all up, but even with Paul Ryan on stage at one point it was former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann who was the star and Keynote. She got there a tad late:

But when she got on stage the crowd was hers

Congresswoman Bachmann stayed for quite a while signing autographs and greeting attendees but as she headed toward her car it was still impossible to get close:

Although Bachmann was the star David Cox was more important in a particular sense:

Elected officials not withstanding, it is due to people like David Cox that the left is in trouble, because he like many others had been living their lives and happy to do so until the left reached so far that they pulled the average American back into the political process.

The full photo gallery follows

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Today at the Supreme Court and at the Americans for Prosperity event, Andrew Breitbart was in clear evidence:

I interviewed one of them

Why do I think Andrew would be pleased?

Update: Instalanche Thanks Glenn, I have a post up with shots and video from the protests in front of the Supreme Court here, I also have several posts in the works with photos and videos from the day including the AFP event, my group’s meeting with Senator Scott Brown, my meeting with some of the J-Street people, a quick tour of the inside of the Supreme Court and exactly how good IS the food there. Those links will be added as they become available.

I interviewed Vee who owns a fashion shop in Massachusetts as the bus stopped at McDonalds The Ray Kroc Memorial Media Center.

Is it just me or are African Americans who were actually born in Africa more likely to be conservative?

BTW the uploads on the bus are dead slow, I have a bunch of other photos and videos to post but it took nearly 3 hours just to get this one up so this might not be done till after I get home.