Spock: I fail to comprehend your indignation, sir. I have simply made the logical deduction that you are a liar.

Star Trek: The Alternative Factor 1967

One of the things that we are hearing constantly from our friends on the left, even as we see images of leftists rioting and destroying over the election of Trump, is that muslims, blacks and latinos are being victimized by hate crimes by Trump supporters since the election. We’ve heard both Van Jones and Mr. Kahn on CNN (who has become the new Cindy Sheehan absolute moral authority voice of the left) about such things going on and I’ve heard said reports on CBS radio as well.

But you know what I haven’t heard or seen? Any audio or video of such events.

We live in an internet age, where smartphones are had by practically everyone, college students, factory workers, etc etc etc. The ability to record, either on audio or video a person threatening you is the push of a button away as is the ability upload such audio or video.

Yet for all of the talk of this going on we don’t see any of the actual evidence, nor a line of people going to police and filing charges. Actually that’s not true we did see one young lady making that claim to police in Louisiana but…

A Louisiana college student has acknowledged she fabricated a report that she was assaulted and robbed of her wallet and Muslim headscarf by two men, one of whom she described as wearing a white “Trump” hat, police said Thursday.

The Lafayette Police Department said in a statement that it is no longer investigating the 18-year-old woman’s claims, which were made within hours of Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

Police said the student told investigators she was walking near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s campus Wednesday morning when she was accosted by two white men who drove up in a gray sedan. Police added the student had claimed the men shouted racial obscenities as they knocked her down and stole her wallet and the headscarf, known as a hijab.

Charlie Bier, a spokesman for the university, said a federal privacy law prohibits him from saying whether the student could be disciplined.

On the other had we have no shortage of video of Trump supporters being beaten to wit:

So to all of those claiming a hate crime wave, I challenge you to show me some video and audio, and I further challenge you to file a police report and file charges and let’s find out if there is some there there. After all is it credible that there is absolutely no video of this if it is so common?

If this is actually happening such people doing these things, like those attacking trump supporters should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If this is NOT happening and people are perpetuating hoaxes for the sake of political advantage then they too should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But until I see the video, or the police reports, signed under pains of perjury you’ll forgive me for assuming that you are lying through your teeth.

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by baldilocksBaldilocks mini

Too many of us are getting caught in the weeds.

If one’s perspective is Christian, one is able to see a broader perspective of the direction in which Leftist ideology has taken this country. I’m not saying that all will see; I’m saying that they can see, if they are willing to look. And, sometimes, God will open the eyes of wisdom so widely that you’ll wonder why you didn’t see certain things before. The answers will have been right in front of you all the time. But, again, willingness comes into play.

Often, we are unable to see things right in front of us and this is because we don’t want to see them. But it’s there.

And it’s this: the Left wants death. For as many as possible.

For the ideological intractable. For the ethnically/politically useless. For the previously useful who have become useless. And for as many as can be killed just for hate’s sake.

Remember what the late Larry Grathwohl–infiltrator of the Weatherman Underground–claimed the Bill Ayers said about the Left’s desired fate for those who refuse to embrace communism/socialism/Marxism/progressivism. Ayers has never disavowed the following:

I brought up the subject of what’s going to happen after we take over the government: we become responsible then for administrating 250 million people. And there was no answers. No one had given any thought to economics, how you’re going to clothe and feed these people. […] They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter revolution and they felt that this counter revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing reeducation centers in the Southwest where [they] would take all the people who needed to be reeducated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be. I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t reeducate that are diehard capitalists and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say eliminate I mean kill – 25 million people. I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.

Childish musings from a bunch of misguided wannabe revolutionaries? Perhaps. But the fact that we are seeing it come to pass isn’t mutually exclusive to my summation of their character.

They are not so wannabe anymore.

And here’s the bottom line: nearly every social change—there’s that word—we have seen since the1960s has the deaths of the “counter-revolutionaries”—the anti-Left–as the goal. That would be you and me. (Andrew Breitbart knew this and his special gifts were making it plain for us and displaying his great joy at doing so.)

Perhaps I’m exaggerating or maybe I’m paranoid. But everything that’s happened since the sixties and, most especially since 2008, points there. Much of it also leads to fewer Americans being born, which amounts to the same thing.

Of course it would have already come to pass were it not for that pesky Second Amendment. Therefore, much slower and more insidious methods have been necessary. Like these.

  • Abortion on demand
  • The normalization of homosexuality and the indoctrination of gender confusion into K-12 school children
  • Feminist-induced demonization of heterosexual men, culminating in alienation between them and heterosexual women
  • The planned destruction of the family, starting with the black family
    • This has a direct link to the feral behavior which we see among black teenagers and many who are older, leading to death.
    • This also has a direct link to the high rate of incarceration for black men and black-perpetrated homicides, leading to children not be born or becoming feral
  • The political, financial and social subjection of America to her enemies; to those who want to destroy America
  • The demonization of white Americans, coupled with black failure to hold other black individuals accountable for their criminal and immoral actions
  • The continuous exacerbation of racial hatred, which is intended to lead to racial war
  • The planned induction of foreign pestilences

There is much more evidence that death–for Americans and of America herself—is the goal of the Left. And we have forgotten this since the onslaught began; hundreds of brazen actions—some so ridiculous that they are difficult to believe–perpetrated  on the American people since the fruit of Left’s loins, Barack H. Obama, was inaugurated as president of the United States. (He is another weed which we get caught in; the real problem is the fear evident in the other two branches of government. They are afraid to restrain him.)

So it’s our death that the Left wants. Theft of our property. And destruction of our country.

They told you so and they keep telling you. When are you going to believe it?

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2015.

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One of my most memorable moments at CPAC over the last 4 years was when Andrew Breitbart jumped onto a table and laid down on it to be interviewed.

it was quite a spectacle but Andrew understood that when the media doesn’t want to notice you, it’s necessary to act in a way to be noticed

Andrew Breitbart "sits" for an interview at CPAC 2011
Andrew Breitbart “sits” for an interview at CPAC 2011

That dynamic has just been played in the Texas GOP primary yesterday.

One of the problems when you are a candidate with a lot of passion, a message that grass roots seems to like but not a lot of money is to get noticed.

Dwayne Stovall has been campaigning for the Senate seat held by John Cornyn in Texas for a while and that has been a problem.

You can get Tea Party Endorsements:

Tea Party-endorsed candidate in Texas for U. S. Senate, Dwayne Stovall, just received a notification from JoAnn Fleming, executive director of Grassroots America – We the People – one of the largest constitutional conservative grassroots groups in Texas, that Dwayne Stovall has earned the enthusiastic and unanimous support from its board of directors. The organization will release a full statement of support later today.

Stovall also wins the support and endorsement of Southern Conservative, a group that formerly supported Rep. Steve Stockman. Southern Conservative uses all means necessary to promote conservatism and remind the country of our roots.

So far he has 23 such endorsements…and you can win straw poll…:

the Houston Young Republicans, announced the results of their straw poll, and they overwhelmingly chose Dwayne Stovall as the winner. Stovall won with three-quarters of the votes cast, and Stockman and Cornyn split most of the small remainder. This is the seventh straw poll win, and that out of seven straw polls. Stovall has won every straw poll to date across a variety of conservative groups.

…after strawpoll

Stovall won the straw poll of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Congressional District 36, which is Rep. Steve Stockman’s district. Stockman placed 4th after Stovall, Cornyn, and Undecided, and has yet to win any straw polls.

and the media won’t care.

You can even produce a pretty good ad on your opponent’s record

and not much will happen if the MSM doesn’t want to notice you.

But, if 24 hours after being mentioned by a national blogger who has had you on his radio with a big Texas readership…

If I was Dwayne Stovall with little money but lots of Tea Party support I’d be comparing Cornyn flip to Wendy Davis’ flops every time I opened my mouth from now till election day

Update: That didn’t take long

“Cornyn’s vote with the Democrats to end debate on the bill helped to clear the way for its passage. That required 60 votes, and John Cornyn joined with Mitch McConnell to hand that liberal victory to Harry Reid. Once cleared, the simple majority of Democrats in the Senate was all that was needed to pass it. This allowed Cornyn to vote No on the final bill so that he could say he voted against it. That’s a half-truth and it’s misleading. The bill would never have passed if it were not for Sen. Cornyn’s bait and switch tactics.”

…you release an ad not only highlighting Cornyn flip on the debt ceiling for the sake of McConnell but comparing the minority whip to a cartoon turtle.

Suddenly people like Dave Weigel:

In the primary for Texas’ U.S. Senate seat, Dwayne Stovall hasn’t gotten as much coverage as Rep. Steve Stockman. The reason, mostly, is that missing “Rep.” Stockman, for all his issues, has been elected to Congress. Stovall is a more typical Tea Party challenger, the kind who runs and wins a small share of the vote on the way to an incumbent’s re-election.

But he does have this ad.

and The Washington Post:

But, just when you thought you had seen it all comes this ad via Dwayne Stovall, who is also challenging Cornyn in the Texas primary.

notice you.

And then defenders of the establishment like Greta Van Susteran attack you

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Friday blasted a bizarre television spot by longshot Texas Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall that likens Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to a Looney Tunes turtle.

“This ad is lousy,” Van Susteren said on her Fox website. “It is gratuitously insulting.

“I have no idea whether Stovall is a great candidate or not — but his ad makes me think he is a jerk,” she added. “You can be clever and funny in ads … or you can be gratuitously insulting.”

giving you the chance to replay thus on twitter:

I’m sure Dwayne loves the attention but there is a point to be made here, consider the comments of The Huffington Post concerning the ad:

U.S. Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall stole some attention Thursday from Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) in the Republican primary against Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).

Now maybe it’s just me but I’d say beating Rep Steve Stockman and winning a straw poll in his own district (not to mention beating him & Cornyn in 7 others) constitutes stealing a man’s thunder considerablly more than an ad with a picture of a turtle & a talking dog.

However Weigel, the Washington Post, Newsmax, Huffington Post and Greta didn’t think he was newsworthy when he was winning straw polls, nor did they notice the highly substantive ad concerning Cornyn’s voting record.

He only became worthy of note when he compared the appearance of a GOP senator the MSM wants to defeat badly, Mitch McConnell, to a cartoon turtle and he only became worthy of Greta’s attack when the comparison might stick.

It does say something unflattering but not about Dwayne Stovall & his run for Senate but about the MSM who care more about cartoons than substance.

To Dave Weigel’s credit he is heading to Texas and will be doing some ground level reporting, but my advice to Greta & the rest of the media making fun of the ad or hitting Stovall is this:

If you’re going to play gatekeeper on what news is noticed and what isn’t don’t critique a person for using your own biases against you to crash that gate…

…just like Andrew Breitbart did.

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There is a divide in this country that once didn’t exist a divide that is being illustrated very strongly in action both getting lots of press and being ignored”


During the shutdown we’ve seen what US Park Rangers will tolerate. They’ll tolerate strong-arming tourists and locking them in hotels, they’ll eject WW 2 vets & Vietnam nets from their memorial and even impede access to roads and business to obey the shutdown order.

The Park Service is willing to forever have their reputation tarnished to watch the Back of Obama No matter what effect it has on them.

There was a time when that would have been unthinkable.


It’s been almost 2 years since Andrew Breitbart died but Shirley Sherrod (remember her) still wants blood.

In February 2011, Kirkland & Ellis sued Andrew Breitbart and others for defamation, false light and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In February 2012, after weathering the pressure of the lawsuit for a year, Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure. He left a wife and four children.

One might have thought that would be the end of the matter.

Not content to have hounded Andrew for a year before he died, Shirley Sherrod’s lawyers are now seeking to add Susie Bean Breitbart as a defendant to Sherrod’s lawsuit. Andrew’s widow has been described as the nicest woman in Los Angeles. She had nothing to do with Andrew’s work at, save for perhaps putting up with his endless hours on the phone.

Breitbart was not a rich man but he had written about Pigford and Pigford and as Lee Stranahan reports Sherrod & her family had fingers in it. (emphasis mine)

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this lawsuit comes just as things are starting to heat up in the Pigford investigation. Mrs. Sherrod is connected to Pigford. She’s the largest recipient of a Pigford claim; she, er husband Charles Sherrod and the New Communities farm won over thirteen million dollars while most other farmers only got $50,000. Mrs. Sherrod was hired by the USDA after this award. Prior to being hired, she worked to help keep angry black farmers from pulling out of the lawsuit after they objected to the terms of the consent decree. And despite her hero status with many, the farmers I have personally interviewed about Mrs. Sherrod have decidedly mixed feelings about her.

It’s worth noting while she is going after Breitbart’s widdow & children who she is NOT Suing:

Shirley Sherrod resigned. She is not suing Tom Vilsack, nor is Shirley Sherrod suing Vilsack’s boss, Barack Obama.

That’s because they were enabling $13 mil in government Andrew highlighted it.

There was a time when someone trying to sue a widow & 4 children would have been unthinkable. Not Anymore.


While it has not gotten a lot of press lately the IRS scandal still moves forward. the latest news is that the IRS apparently was sharing personal information:

Top Internal Revenue Service Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram discussed confidential taxpayer information with senior Obama White House officials, according to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and provided to The Daily Caller.

Yes you read that right, the IRS, you know the people who went after the Tea Party because they opposed Obama and whose officials have taken the fifth, they are sharing taxpayer information with the White House. In fact it’s worse than it sounds:

“The data show that, had the Tea Party groups continued to grow at the pace seen in 2009 and 2010, and had their effect on the 2012 vote been similar to that seen in 2010, they would have brought the Republican Party as many as 5 to 8.5 million votes compared to Obama’s victory margin of 5 million.”

Given those numbers, it is reasonable to be suspicious of the IRS targeting, Veuger said.

And who came to those conclusions?

The AEI study was done by Veuger, Andreas Madestam of Stockholm University, and Daniel Shoag and David Yanagizawa-Drott, both from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

And it’s not just groups, individuals are worthy of investigation:

Carson said he had only his suspicions to go on, but this year was the first time his taxes had been audited by the IRS and he added that the agency had tarnished its reputation for trustworthiness in an earlier scandal.

“We are in a situation where a government agency has been used to harass opponents of the administration, which places everything that the IRS does in a light of suspicion,” Carson said in an interview Thursday. “So whether this is a massive coincidence or if I was targeted, it looks suspicious.”

There was a time when such behavior would not be tolerated where the people where the objections would be so strong they could not stand. As Glenn Reynolds put it:

If this were a Republican administration, there’d be impeachment talk on every nightly news program.

But it’s not, so it does not.


In my lifetime the country would have been united against such things now this is not the case and it’s brought this kind of reaction:

More and more I’m beginning to believe that there are very few people on the left who are decent.

To get that reaction from Karen the Lonely Conservative takes an effort. To get it from Stacy McCain, well that takes no effort at all:

The Culture of Victimhood encourages people to turn every grievance into a license to inflict harm on others. Flimsy accusations rooted in dishonesty or self-pity (or both) are applauded as “courageous,” and exploitation of the system is hailed as “social justice.” A sex offender turns her crime into a fable about homophobia, a notorious convicted felon claims to be a victim of “malicious prosecution, conspiracy to abuse process, defamation, false light invasion of privacy, harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and stalking,” and we have become so accustomed to this evidence of pervasive moral decadence that we are not even outraged by it.

I’m past the point of being angry at the people who do this stuff.

I’m angry at everybody who is not as angry about it as I am.

One thing about anger, it comes from expectations. Stacy & I are old enough that we recall when such behavior would have been way beyond the pale and Stacy’s expectations have not decreased. The question is why has the behavior become acceptable against conservatives?

Ironically the answer comes from Jake Tapper on in a Q & A on Reddit: (emphasis mine)

“Do you believe there is bias in mainstream media?” a Reddit user asked. “If yes, which way does it slant and which networks?”

“Yes I do,” Tapper replied, “but I also think it’s more complicated than just liberal bias.”

“I think there are a lot of hard-working reporters in NYC and DC who have never fired a gun, or never worked a 9-5 manual labor job, or lived in the middle of the country, or worried about their next paycheck, or have anyone in their family who serves in the military and I think that creates a cultural bias,

That’s the secret. Since the rise of secular America there have been two cultures in America, one the Traditional Judeo-Christian culture that has been part of America forever and the other the new secular one which the media and the left has embraced.

Judeo Christian values have specific definitions of right and wrong. There are things things that cross the line and those lines are the boundaries of decent behavior. Thus the while it’s fair to say George Tiller was a killer, murdering him crosses the line and no pro-life group, no member of clergy & no member of the conservative movement celebrated his actions and his killer is not elevated to hero status.

However in a secular culture where right and wrong are flexible, where the ends justify the means, where the tactics are less important that the result things are different.

The Best illustration of this came during the Chick-Fil-A protests, I covered one of them and when the protesters were talking to the MSM they ignored me so I pressed them and something interesting happened:

I was generally surprised at the time they believed I would film their license plates implying I would attempt to trace them personally some way. I was offended at the time that they would think I would do such a thing, but I misread them.

They weren’t offended that I might use such a tactic, they assumed I would because it was a tactic they would use in my place because the ends would have justified the means.

Thus Brandon Darby can be pilloried for reporting an attempt to firebomb the GOP convention since the people who wanted to do it believed the right thing

Thus: Brett Kimberlin et/al can be funded and the tactics of his crowd can be embraced because his targets are conservatives who are impacting the debate against the president.

Thus: the left can decry the Catholic Church for its position on homosexual acts yet shy away from any critique of Islam to the point of siding with those who would censor TV & send Molly Norris into hiding.

Stacy McCain calls it evil and so it is, but the primary enabler of this are not the hard core left, the Sherrods, Kimberlin’s et/al who profit from it. If you talk to people who speak in their favor individually, you’ll get a lot of “Well nobody supports this…” because as CS Lewis pointed out they, like the rest of the Human Race are children of God with that spark of conscience inside.

However good requires courage and confronting evil has a cost.

Molly Norris paid it with her fleeing.

Ben Carson paid for it with an Audit

Andrew Breitbart paid for it with his derision

Stacy McCain Aaron Worthing John Hoge pay for it via a law suit.

It has a cost of comfort, it has a cost of acceptance and of retaliation. That’s where the rest of the sentence comes from “Well nobody supports XXX BUT…”

How many are wiling to pay that price? How many IRS agents were willing to resign? How many Rangers? How many people on the left are willing to make excuses rather than critique for all kinds of excesses for fear of the retaliation?

And how many journalists are willing to cross that line, even  a little and risk rejection.  The answer can be found by how quickly Wolf Blitzer ran away from this statement on an Obamacare delay

If that small a statement produces a need to run quickly away, how much higher is the price to speak the truth to power every single day.

That’s why I’m not as angry as Robert Stacy McCain would have me be, not because I don’t object as he does, but because I know the price and I don’t expect people without courage to pay it for people they don’t understand or agree with…


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Two Days ago I watched Hating Breitbart for the first time and was reminded that one of the things Andrew Breitbart constantly taught was in a New Media Era it was a lot harder for the old media to hide truth.

He seemed to me convinced that given the right information the American people could figure out reality vs the left’s fantasies and make the right decision.

Yesterday in Andover MA a great example took place of people figuring it out.

market basket 110

The people gathered to protest work at a Supermarket chain, Market Basket which operates stores in Massachusetts and other New England states. Prime Blue state country that Barack Obama took with very little trouble.

market basket 111

They were carrying signs and camped for hours on end in the heat to show support for Arthur T Demoulas, a multi millionare CEO of a company that had over 5 Billion Dollars of sales last year.

market basket 107

These blue state denizens of were of many different races and colors and were neither rich, nor unionized.

market basket 109

But they were united in their support of Arthur T Demoulas and their opposition to his proposed replacement.

market basket 106

I interviewed many of these people, at least all who were willing to talk to a strange guy in a Brown Fedora and a 12 ft Doctor Who scarf in 90 degree weather.

market basket 112

And during those interviews they talked about how Arthur T had taken care of them while still making millions for the company.

market basket 108

But the key moment for me came in the middle of the last interview I conducted

I was framing a question to highlight that Market Basket’s ability to retain talented workers through good times and not just bad, I prefaced the question talking about the bad economy of the past five years when a fellow off camera said: “What bad economy?”

He and the people I was interviewing pointed out that while others were suffering, Market Basket was growing, the company and the employees were making money and doing well.

The reason for this? No debt. These people have a good pension and profit sharing plan, and they understand that if a new CEO chooses to borrow against the company and pile up debt, the future of first their pensions and then the company itself will be in doubt as eventually all that borrowed money will have to be made up with interest.

market basket 113

Think about this for a second, a bunch of ordinary workers, not rich guys, but college students, lower middle class cashiers, middle class managers are protesting and more spent yesterday in 90 degree heat for hours for a CEO who understands you can’t finance prosperity with massive debt.

And they are making that case on the same day that Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

Detroit was once like Market Basket thriving, expanding. a solid and successful city.

Then during the 60’s just before I was born something happened, Democrats didn’t just win an election in the normal back and forth of time, democrats won the city and kept it. In 1974 Coleman Young held the Mayor’s office for 20 years and was followed by increasingly more and more liberal set of mayors who saw no issue with building up debt, tax, spend and borrow some more.

The people started fleeing the city in droves, the values of houses dropped like a rock.

But we were told not to worry, the Obama administration fresh from pumping borrowed money into the general economy, pumped borrowed money into the auto industry, actually the auto unions. When people like Andrew & Glenn Beck made the case against this saying you can’t borrow and tax your way into prosperity, protesters were bussed in to attack, protesters who couldn’t even defend their own signs. The farce reached its pinnacle when with the help of the media, the administration bragged that just before the election that they didn’t allow Detroit to become bankrupt.

And now with the election safely over Detroit is.


The Market Basket employees are non-union, they weren’t bussed in by an organization. They were protesting in shifts, some left for work while other came when their shifts were done. Those middle class market basket employees protesting in that 90° heat, are making the same argument that Pork Busters and the Tea Party has made since 2006, the same argument that Conservatives have been screaming at the federal government.  They are speaking to the board of directors and saying as loud as they can:

You can’t borrow your way to greater prosperity!

Arthur T. Demoulas understands this and has run the company accordingly, the Blue State Market Basket Employees see this and are doing their best to highlight it. They understand that a company that keeps out of debt is in a position to both make a profit and share those profits with them.

If Barack Obama managed this economy the last 5 years the way Arthur T. Demoulas ran Market Basket during the same time we would be looking at a different situation today. If Arthur T. Demoulas spent the last 40 years working for Detroit instead of Market Basket the city might not be bankrupt today.

These workers get it, they understand this, that’s why they can say “What Bad Economy?” during a time when most Americans are struggling.

I submit and suggest that they Market Basket workers are the epitome of Conservative values and they are making the practical case for conservatism perfectly and doing it in a way that can be clearly understood by the average voter.

I think conservatives should be talking about them, I think conservatives should be embracing them, and I think conservatives should be making their arguments and taking them to Washington.

They are Breitbart, they just don’t know it.


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But I want to for a moment talk about someone else. A blogger by the name of Peter Davis who was brought to my attention by Cynthia Yockey.

Peter is a Viet Nam war veteran and Texas sheriff’s deputy retired on disability and coping with Parkinson’s disease

Peter had just lost his wife and he could use your help

I hope my dear gentle readers will read their story below and donate to Peter by clicking the GoFundMe button above. The donation goal is $1500 with the hope that if he doesn’t need it to cover the costs of Linda Lou’s final care and cremation, or the skyrocketing costs of his own prescriptions, that he can use it to buy a much-needed new computer to stay in touch with family and friends. It’s not easy for Peter to do that by phone because he is hard of hearing, what with all those decades of shooting firearms. I’m hoping that for all the years of service to his country and in law enforcement protecting strangers, that strangers will thank him with a donation to express their gratitude and help him heal from his loss. (I have set up this GoFundMe account especially for Peter and all the proceeds will go to him.)

I would be very happy to get that last $82 and a full paycheck, but I think I’d be happier if Mr. Davis was able to cover the burial/cremation of his wife.

Michael Grazier: So he says.

Jedediah Tucker Ward: So he says under oath.  Do you understand, sir,that you are testifying under oath?

Michael Grazier:   Yes, I do. 

Jedediah Tucker Ward:  And that perjury is grounds for disbarment?

Class Action 1991

A couple of days ago I talked about the Gerorge Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin meme as a “news dump“. Today provides the perfect example.

The “Big Trayvon Story” that is ruling Memeorandum is the idea that Trayvon Martin threw the first punch, advanced by the most famous teenager in the nation right now Rachel Jeantel.  He did so obviously because he was worried about being raped by a gay “creepy ass cracker” (which has not stopped gay groups from going all in for “justice for Trayvon” faster than NOW broke out their presidential kneepads for Bill Clinton).

However the single most newsworthy story of the day will be taking place far from the Martin/Zimmerman media circus, before the House Oversight Committee:

Retiring IRS lawyer Carter C. Hull implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office, headed by Obama appointee William J. Wilkins, and Lois Lerner, the embattled head of the IRS’ exempt organizations office, in the IRS targeting scandal and made clear that the targeting started in Washington, according to leaked interviews that Hull granted to the Oversight Committee in advance of Thursday’s hearing.

The significance of this can’t be overstated.  Of all the Obama scandals the IRS scandal is the only one that is not only easily understood by a public that fears the IRS but has an actual legal component that could send someone to jail.  Now a witness is going to link this to the White House: Under Oath

By saying these things under oath he is maintaining, under pain of perjury,  that this scandal is a White House scandal.

If true this means that a criminal enterprise meant to affect the results of a presidential election by disabling the political opponents of a sitting President can me linked to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in a tight election.  (As opposed to a 2nd rate burglary before an election that was the biggest landslide in history which is considered the standard for Presidential corruption by the media and has been for two generations).

I don’t expect the MSM is going to bother going there, In fact I expect them to ignore it but the trap here is for them, it’s for US, the New media.

We are fueled by hits, we are going to get a lot more hits talking Jeantel vs Hull, that’s basic math.  But as I was reminded by Andrew yesterday as I watched Hating Breitbart for the first time, it’s up to the new media to get stories like the Hull testimony out there, so it’s up to us to make sure this story is promoted.

So don’t fall into the trap, the Carter Hull testimony linking the White House to the IRS scandal not only IS the biggest news of the day, but it’s going to be the cornerstone for any future action against the White House.  That is the story that needs to be pushed, linked and talked about.

Don’t be caught in the Jeantel trap, unless you can cleverly work her into the Carter Hull post and maybe draw some eyeballs to it. Like so.

Update:  Ed Driscol avoids the trap.

Update 2: Via Glenn, HOLY *&R@!!!!

IRS Admits It Leaked Christine O’Donnell’s Tax Records To Opposition Day She Announced

Nixon was a piker compared to these guys

Update 3: The Trap Illustrated in two images from Memeorandum

Jeantel story:

datrap 2

IRS Story

datrap 1

Guys let’s get onthe ball


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The moving Hating Breitbart has been re-released as a PG-13 movie, thereby dropping its R rating from when it was released last year (so, it has been slightly edited as the only reason for the R rating last year was a small amount of foul language).  I saw it last year when it was released the first time.  I would definitely watch it again this year, but it isn’t playing in the Dallas area this time around.  Hopefully the powers-that-be can rectify that.

I was recently musing about what a field day Andrew Breitbart would be having with these White House scandals.  First of all, he probably would have already discovered the extent of the abuse in the IRS (before Congress) complete with names and dates, etc .  He likely would have been carrying the banner on this months ago, even before the election.  Breitbart had a way of being connected, and he fearlessly pursued truth.  He found his way to stories that at first seemed crazy (like Anthony Wiener Tweeting pictures of himself and then vehemently denying it and lying about it on CNN), and yet they always ended up being true.

Breitbart was recently vindicated in the Pigford scandal which he uncovered long before anyone else did.  He would be leading the way right now in the fight against the MSM narrative in this latest round of scandals.

Breitbart is the person that inspired me to keep fighting at a time when it seemed that just about everything was lost.  I met him at a Tea Party event in Mesquite, TX in 2010.  He had given an articulate speech about the reality of the “organized Left” in the media.  I had followed politics for years (I even majored in Political Science in college) but had never put the dots together about the intentional coercion that goes on with the what information flows to the general public and how dangerous that really is.  Breitbart explained it so well and afterwards I shook his hand and told him how inspired I was by his speech.  I felt like I had just learned something profound and things would never be the same.

Since that day when I sat riveted in my chair listening to him speak for the first time, I’ve devoured the news like never before in my life.  And, I can say with certainty that every single thing he asserted that day was true.  Every iota.  The Left is organized.  They are well-connected with the MSM.  The MSM themselves are either in cahoots with the Left or they are so entrenched in their narrative that they don’t even know what they are putting out there anymore.  The “watchdog” role of the press has been greatly diminished in recent years.  And, the important role the press is supposed to play almost disappeared when Obama was elected president as the press has fallen all over itself to support this man.  Now that there is incontrovertible evidence against this administration, we finally see some measure of criticism.  However, this is too little too late as the election already passed and the good that the press could have done with an honest assessment of the President’s first four years of office never came to fruition.  Imagine if the election had involved a true assessment of the President for all to see.  So many who voted for Obama would have had information in front of them to help make a more informed choice.  However, instead the press did everything it could to re-elect Obama.  So, as we sit here for 4 more years holding our breath that the President doesn’t entirely destroy the country, we know that if not entirely responsible, the press is certainly accountable for much of the blame.

Because of the Left’s infiltration into the MSM, Breitbart also rightly championed new media.  This blog and the thousands of others out there counter the MSM narrative every day.  Breitbart understood that the internet is the key out of this informational tyranny.  And again, he was exactly right.  The role that the internet and individual bloggers and regular people play in helping the truth get the light of day cannot be overstated.

So, was Breitbart pugnacious?  Was he confrontational?  You bet.  He was only reacting to the power structure in place.  He knew toughness was needed.  He did everything he could to get attention so that his voice could be heard.  I wish he was around now to be a part of the events of the day.  I would love to see how he would have handled all of this.  However, I know we can all take solace in knowing that he influenced many who get up every day and fight the good fight.

If you want to see Hating Breitbart (which I highly recommend), here is the official site where you can see if it is playing in your area.

Also, here is a great tribute by Rush Limbaugh about Breitbart.

Lisa @

Lee of course is the expert, but if you want to see what I’ve done on Pigford in the past here is a quick roundup:

My initial post was 4 years ago this very day.

Followed by this a year later

During one of my very first Radio Shows Dan Riehl talked Pigford

My famous “Table” interview with Breitbart touched on Pigford

And Lee Stranahan’s first appearance on my Radio show back in 2011 before Syndication was on Pigford

With Obama safely re-elected the Times has decided to move on it

Pigford is a scandal but I suspect by 2016 it will be overshadowed by the wreckage of many other Obama disasters but for today if you don’t know it, take a peek

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be writing to you from You can normally find me on but Datechguy has opened his blogging door and here I am.

For me it all started when I went to a Tea Party rally in  Texas and heard Andrew Breitbart speak. I didn’t know who he was then and was unsure about the Tea Party, but I was fed up with Obama and looking for an outlet and a solution. Enter Breitbart. His charismatic, in your face, passionate style sucked me in. He was intellectually fighting, not discussing, not debating, but fighting for freedoms and I was inspired.

Lisa (who you’ll hear from later) had previously started the blog and while I had been a part of it, I hadn’t found my voice. Andrew Breitbart helped me find my voice. Dedicated to voting Obama out of office, I took to blogging to point out his discrepancies, the loss of freedoms he promoted, his poor leadership style…(let’s be honest, this list could go on and on). Lisa and I attended CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) in 2011 and met Breitbart again. We embarrassingly fawned all over him – he was our inspiration. It is during this love affair with Breitbart we met Datechguy.

Flash to today. Despite the efforts of many, Obama is still in office. I  went through a mourning process after the country passed over a man with fiscal responsibility and a generous spirit. Mitt Romney would have done good things as president. But here we are again. The battle for freedom continues. And like my friend Andrew Breitbart, I hope to fight with passion, zeal, and persuasion to help the American people choose freedom instead of slavery. Freedom from taxation. Freedom of religion. Freedom from the socialist agenda of our current president.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence

There is much good to be done so let’s get to it!

– Rebecca @


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“God damn you, don’t cheer me Fight!”

General Phil Sheridan Battle of Cedar Creek Oct 19, 1864

“When push come to shove they know who’s on our side, they are the bullies on the playground and they’re starting to realize, what if we were to fight back, what if we were to slap back…”

Andrew Breitbart Lexington Ma. September 16th 2011

Andrew Breitbart "sits" for an interview at CPAC 2011
Andrew Breitbart “sits” for an interview at CPAC 2011

Andrew Breitbart died one year ago today. I knew him, interviewed him. The clip below is the single most watched clip I ever recorded.

There are plenty of tributes to him today on the net, but I think words I wrote a year ago still ring true

On the left there are plenty of people celebrating (literally on twitter right now) but the line from Spartacus was never more true than today: He’ll be back and he’ll be millions.

I know because I’m one of those millions, and if you are a blogger or radio host on the right who have gotten involved in the last few years, so are you.

And those are the most important words period. You want to miss Andrew, fine. You want to reminisce about Andrew? Great. If, however, you want to honor Andrew get out there, and fight his fight. Challenge the media, confront the media, BE THE MEDIA, cover what they don’t and hold their feet to the fire.

it’s not easy, it’s tough, it can be hard on the family and hard on the pocketbook but it had to be done.

Andrew Was willing to do it. Are you?


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I’m willing to keep up the fight daily, are you willing to support it?

Last night I discovered the Movie Occupy Unmasked was available via streaming on Netflix.

While the film was no revelation for people who have paid attention, to the average person whose only source of news comes from Bill Maher or Comedy Central or the MSM it would be the equivalent of putting on the glasses in the cult movie They Live.

Although the “star” of the movie is undoubtedly Andrew Breitbart the most prominent person in the movie outside of Andrew is without question Lee Stranahan.

There are other prominent faces Brandon Darby, Many Nagy, David Horowitz but after Andrew, Lee is the face of the movie.

Why is this important? This isn’t the last picture that Citizen’s United will make, but it is the last one featuring Andrew Breitbart as the star. In order to get the attention of the larger public it is necessary for someone to elevate himself. The most obvious candidates are naturally the people in this film, folks like Nagy, Darby, Moncrief and of course Stranahan (I don’t count Horowitz due to age but 30 years ago it might have been him)

Lee would be a good choice for several reasons, the experience in this film, his familiarity with the left and it’s tactics, he has screen presence and the right look for the role, any attempt to paint him as part of the 1% elites is comical on its face.

If you are the left you remember the taxpayer money taken directly from the mouth of Acorn by Andrew Breitbart.

If you are the left and remember the fall of Anthony Weiner a story ignored by places like Morning Joe but featured by Breitbart until Weiner fell.

If you are the left you remember every time Andrew gave you fits.

Andrew Breitbart directly threatened the money and power of the left. The rise of a new Breitbart must be stopped, by any means necessary.

Some people might wonder why a Brett Kimberlin or a Bill Schmalfeldt or a Neal Rauhauser might go after a guy like Lee Stranahan.

I don’t

Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind

Michael Corleone Godfather III 1990

Yesterday there was no story on the web bigger than that of the Image from Barack Obama’s Literary Agent.

As you doubtless already know by now from 1991 till just before he entered the presidential race the agency for Barack Obama’s book in their bio listed his place of birth as Kenya. The agent claims this was a simple oversight, however it would appear none of the other biographies on the site have such glaring errors. As Breitbart’s Big Government says:

The errant Obama biography in the Acton & Dystel booklet does not contradict the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Moreover, several contemporaneous accounts of Obama’s background describe Obama as having been born in Hawaii.

The biography does, however, fit a pattern in which Obama–or the people representing and supporting him–manipulate his public persona.

Left wing sites like Mediate are pooh poohing this:

Yes, this pamphlet to advertise a book that was never written, right alongside a New Kids On The Block book that was written, is obviously another piece in the Obama world-domination jigsaw puzzle. What better way to get your Obamaganda out there than a trade pamphlet that will be read by dozens?

Our friends on the left either don’t want to or don’t care to get the reason why this matters.

We are constantly dismissed as “just bloggers” yet with its “layers of fact checkers” and Corporate infrastructure behind it the MSM should have found and reported this 4 years ago but instead, a blog site with a staff the size of a baseball team did. That of course presumes the mainstream media did not find this and choose to ignore it.

Tim Stanley at the London Telegraph gets it both in terms of the agent’s story:

If we accept that Obama didn’t provide the biography, it would seem highly unlikely that he didn’t get a chance to vet it. Accepting that he didn’t do that either, it’s incredibly strange that the literary agent approached by does not remember Obama calling the agency to register a complaint and make a correction. My mother spent a lot of her childhood in Grenada. If my literary agent told people I was born in the Caribbean, I’d at least pick up the phone to set the record straight.

and then about the media:

Look beyond the sordid details and the big story here is that this nugget wasn’t part of the wider discussion had back in 2008 about Obama’s background and credentials. And why not? The documents were easy to find – the one that showed that “born in Kenya” was still being used in 2007 was on the Internet.

Apparently not as easy to find as second-hand sources for quotes from dead people about Mitt Romney

Bottom line this “vetting series” isn’t about Obama being unfit or unqualified as president, (his record amply demonstrates this for him) it’s about the fitness of the media and left that spent a frantic weekend pouring over Sarah Palin’s e-mail that was, and still is more interested in electing (and re-electing) Obama than doing their jobs.

If the MSM actually acted like, you know reporters, and did the jobs they claim to do, than Rush, Fox News, Drudge, Breitbart and me wouldn’t have one.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see the left swinging at Breitbart, it beats acknowledging their own deliberate failures.

One of the big moments of Blogcon Charlotte was the screening of the first few acts of “Occupy Exposed” the film Andrew Breitbart and Citizens United made about the Occupy Movement and it’s creation as a media phenom by the MSM.

It was presented as a tribute to Andrew who had been scheduled to be the keynote speaker. I talked to Steve Bannon after the presentation about the film and its reception by the crowd

The film has not had its final edit but you can see the trailer here:

Today at the Supreme Court and at the Americans for Prosperity event, Andrew Breitbart was in clear evidence:

I interviewed one of them

Why do I think Andrew would be pleased?

Update: Instalanche Thanks Glenn, I have a post up with shots and video from the protests in front of the Supreme Court here, I also have several posts in the works with photos and videos from the day including the AFP event, my group’s meeting with Senator Scott Brown, my meeting with some of the J-Street people, a quick tour of the inside of the Supreme Court and exactly how good IS the food there. Those links will be added as they become available.

Yesterday evening Conservatives from around the Area got together at JJ Foley’s in Boston to remember Andrew Breitbart:

I got there almost an hour early and there were already people there some new media.

Some who follow politics:

And the organizer of the event:

Who was kind enough to sit for an interview

As the night went on more people showed up, Bloggers

Local celebrities like Michael Graham

Political activists

They raised their glasses to Breitbart

And some wore their conservatism on their person…

in a permanent fashion

There were more toasts

More photos

More beers

And more laughs

Lots more laughs

and even a congressional candidate (Jeff Semon running for congress in Ma-5)

And when the Breitbart video came on the owner graciously put the back room TV on Fox for us

I talked to the owner of JJ Foley’s at length, the business had been his father’s before his. He worked there for 49 years and talked about how you make a business like that survive, particularly in a tough economy, you show up every day, you make yourself be seen, you produce a quality product, and you put in the time to make a difference for yourself and the people who work for you

That what Andrew Breitbart did for his short life, he worked hard and created a quality product and made a difference for not only himself but for conservatism and the truth.

And that is why people in Washington , New York and Boston and beyond remember him and that’s also why the event in Boston was more about celebrating that he lived than mourning that he died.

And that’s as it should be, because as long as we are keeping up the fight, as long as we’re still doing the work then like the poster says, Breitbart is here!

Was a tribute to Andrew Breitbart:

In this interview Breitbart talked about calling out the lie put forth by Andre Carter and the congressional black caucus—who had claimed that Tea Party members had shouted the word “nigger” at them on Capitol Hill. (Never mind that a bunch of audio-enabled cameras were rolling at the time, and never picked that word up.)

“They didn’t think in a million years,” Andrew remarked, “that someone would challenge their authority.”

That was the essence of what he did: he used new media to push back against an entrenched left that had not been opposed in quite that way .

You can read the rest of the column at The Conservatory or the Minority Report where Under the Fedora appears twice a week.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio at 10 AM we are going to start by remembering Andrew Breitbart.

At 10:45 we will begin the first of our series of Voices of the Candidates with Brian K. Hill who is running for US senate in Connecticut

And in our second hour we will talk to the makers of Cherry Tree for children marketing a series of aps and products for kids emphasizing Patriotic and American values and stories for Children.

Join us live on your home of the Boston Red Sox WCRN AM 830 at 10 a.m. EST, you can join the conversation at 508-438-0965 or toll-free 888-9-fedora, you can tweet us at hashtag #wcrn and you can listen live at

One would think that 24 hours and 12 updates would be enough to tell the Andrew Breitbart story, but that just isn’t so:

Sissy Willis

Like the conspiratorial “dog whistle” of our statist adversaries’ nightmares, Breitbart’s passing was a call-to-arms for the freedom fighters to ratchet up our defense of the Shining City. “

Cynthia Yockey who I spoke to yesterday:

I will update this post with a response to his post, “Liz Glover confronts Andrew Breitbart and Dana Loesch over GOProud ban,” since I only just read it today. However, I will point out that the fact that the reason she caught up with him was the dignity and respect he was showing to A Conservative Lesbian thoroughly spoils the leftist narrative. I’m guessing the last thing she expected was to have that argument directly with a conservative lesbian involved and fighting back, literally shoulder-to-shoulder with Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew was constantly the target of homophobic slurs from the tolerant left.

No one of Any Import:

Well. As a typical average nobody, can I just say? It’s awesome when a bigger voice speaks for you. And that’s what Andrew Breitbart did. When nobody-ol’-me attended the Code Red anti-Obamacare rally, and promptly got accused of terrible racism, what good would my little tiny voice have done?

Not much. Enter Andrew Breitbart, who offered $100,000 to anyone who could provide evidence of this supposed outburst of racism. Of course, no such evidence existed. Because it was a lie.

Andrew would not have considered her a nobody.

Jonah Goldberg

60 Minutes won awards for hidden cameras, but when he used the same technique to embarrass liberals, such tactics were suddenly proclaimed ethically beyond the pale. The joke was on the scolds because they had to cover the stories anyway. And the stories got results. Congress defunded ACORN. Heads rolled at NPR. Andrew understood that news and arguments change politics if you can get the news and arguments to the people — and if you don’t let those who don’t like what you say define you.

For the left the messenger justifies the means

John Podhoretz

that I was older and with a longer career in the news biz meant nothing to him, and it shouldn’t have. He understood something I didn’t — that the guildlike nature of media was about to shatter into a million pieces; gatekeepers like me (I was then editing these pages) would have to reconcile ourselves to the entry of amateurs who had something new and powerful to contribute, or we’d be crushed by the shattered glass.

Andrew Klavan:

But his vision extended beyond any single duke-out with any one Goliath. He was going after the whole Philistine gang. I remember standing with him on a corner in Westwood for a good portion of one afternoon, listening to him describe his long-term plans. He outlined the unfolding of the Bigs, which had then just begun, and went on to discuss the ways new media could break the Left’s stranglehold on culture and information to give the American public access to something closer to the truth. He even had a plan for a cultural think tank—a Great Good Place in Hollywood—where conservative artists could come for support and protection from the blacklists and beat-downs of the artistic establishment. I would be the think tank’s first president, he told me, an idea I found sweetly amusing then but which only makes my heart hurt now.

He has built an empire, Every blogger who fights the fight is a part of it.
Legal Insurrection proves that this is true:

Andrew lived in a world without restraints. He could be who he wanted to be, a luxury few bloggers have, particularly those who blog under their own name and work for others.

I live in a world of restraints, and I envied Andrew’s freedom more than you can know.

Andrew is irreplaceable, but we would serve his memory well to aspire to more freedom of thought and more freedom of action.

I’ve often wondered where to go with this blog. I now know.

To the left celebrating his death, people like William picking up the flag and going forward unafraid is the great nightmare.

Ed Driscoll:

Andrew Breitbart’s entire mission, both on Twitter and on his Big sites, was to say to the MSM, you don’t get the final word anymore. It’s now a conversation. We’ll consider what you report, and how you report it, and determine for ourselves how factually accurate it is. How well it matches up with our worldview. How well it matches up with modern “liberalism’s” mission statement that promises tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism — and if you can’t respect your neighbor, simply because he disagrees with you on the size and role of government, you’ve failed that mission statement. And when you’ve failed those objectives, we’ll call you out.

And they HATED him for that.

Byron York:

Breitbart knew instinctively, as people in Washington and most other places did not, that movies, television programs, and popular music send out deeply political messages every hour of every day. They shape the culture, and then the culture shapes politics. Influence those films and TV shows and songs, and you’ll eventually influence politics.

The Left had known that for generations, but on the Right, so many people in politics thought only about politics. To Breitbart, that was folly. “The people who have money, every four years at the last possible second, are told, ‘You need to give millions of dollars, because these four counties in Ohio are going to determine the election,’” Breitbart told the National Policy Council in October 2009. “I am saying, why didn’t we invest 20 years ago in a movie studio in Hollywood, why didn’t we invest in creating television shows, why didn’t we create institutions that would reflect and affirm that which is good about America?”

There is one video I shot of Andrew that directly reflects this. It never got the attention it deserved.

Dan Riehl

It’s significant that Andrew picked his battlefields as a brave and fearless man. When you are fighting what many conservatives believe to be a biased media in their headlines, you are fighting them on their turf, not retreating, surrendering, or simply musing off in your own little protected, right-leaning corner of the media world.

If I had to pick the blogger that most reminded me of Andrew, it would be Dan

Stacy McCain:

A few months ago, I’d called or texted Breitbart about something and left my cell-phone in the kitchen, plugged in to re-charge, while I worked in my home office. So the phone rang and my son Jefferson answered, then brought the phone to me. Andrew and I talked a while and, after I’d hung up the phone, Jefferson said: “Wow, Dad, you know Andrew Breitbart?”

A lot of people knew Andrew Breitbart. He loved to meet people, to hang out and socialize. Among those whom you could call “celebrities” in the conservative movement, he was the most accessible person I knew, no matter how famous he became.

Yeah that’s Andrew:

American Glob:

In the Fall of 2008, I was unemployed. In addition to looking for full time work, I was immersing myself in conservative new media. I had heard of Andrew Breitbart through his appearances on Red Eye and his work with Matt Drudge but back then his name wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as it is today. Even so, when I read a news story that said Breitbart was launching a new group blog called BIG Hollywood, I was excited by the idea. Without expecting much, I emailed him. All I said was that I heard about BIG Hollywood and I liked his idea. How can I help?

Less than ten minutes later, he wrote back.

“Thanks for writing. Here’s my cell number… call me.”

You have to understand, as a blogger I email other bloggers and media people all the time. I never get a response like that so quickly. I was a little stunned but once I had a chance to gather my thoughts I called him and he answered.

Andrew was always the best of us in that way

Zilla of the resistance:

“No, no, oh dear God, no”, I gasped, standing in shock staring at the TV that I was walking past in my kitchen when the news it aired stopped me in my tracks. A hand reflexively flew towards my mouth to stifle a sob as the tears fell from my eyes when my little boy came to my side and asked, “What’s wrong mommy? Are you sad? Do you need a tissue?” I looked down at my sweet little four year old and, after taking a deep breath, I told him, “One of America’s Greatest Heroes has died” and my son hugged me and then ran to bring me some tissues.

Great Heroes tend to die young because they fight from the front.

Bob Belvedere:

Few people are indispensible to a cause, but Andrew Breitbart was. There is no one else like him around. A good number of commentators have been saying that we should honor him by carrying on his fight using the methods he developed, and they are correct: we must not let his life’s work be in vain because his life’s work was to defeat the malignant forces of the Left and see America restored to the ways of The Founders. However, we have some mighty big shoes to fill, so it will not be easy.

One of the few tributes I disagree with. Andrew entire goal was to be replaceable, to have a 1000 Andrew Breitbarts challenging the media at even the local town level.

Nick Gillespie:

It doesn’t matter who we is, kemo sabe. It’s the conservatives at Drudge, the liberals at HuffPo, the leftists at DailyKos, the libertarians at Reason. It’s all of us and Breitbart helped create and grow a series of do-it-yourself demonstration projects through which we can all speak more loudly and more fully.

Yup that’s what he did and he did it for both sides oddly enough.

Via No Moss Here the Franklin Center has this video

That’s my Fedora he is wearing at 1:24

Oh and the left continues to be the left per Howard Portnoy, Matt Labash (who talks of a dinner party with Breitbart and the Ayers, Michael Graham, Mental Recession, Jim Geraghty nails it:

I didn’t want to believe it, really. I personally know too many people I’d identify as Democrats, if not liberals, who are too decent to ever express such raw hate and cruelty. But a large chunk of the rank and file of the Left — way more than a small percentage — really don’t believe that their opponents deserve anything resembling basic human dignity or respect.

We’re not really people to them. It’s not an accident that New York Times columnist referred to his critics on Twitter as “right-wing lice.” They’re not good, decent Americans who just have some different ideas about how to make the world a better place. They run on hate.

My wife who has all the same interest in politics that I have in Morris Dancing was on facebook yesterday and someone made a remark about Breitbart’s death along those lines. It disgusted her and prompted her to comment.

If these guys are even getting my wife to speak up, then they’re making a huge mistake.

But instead of closing with that junk lets go with two different pieces on Andrew. First the story of the last person to ever meet him:

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sando says he arrived at the bar in the tony Brentwood section of L.A. around 10 p.m. and soon the empty seat next to his was filled by a man with a familiar face.

Sando says the duo quickly struck up a conversation that would last a little less than two hours.

“He was friendly and engaging,” Sando recalls. “I said, ‘You can’t be very happy with the slate of Republican candidates’ and he said, ‘Why would you say that?’ I said, ‘Well, they’re talking about contraception,’ and he said, ‘The conversation is being framed by the liberal media.’ I said, ‘Well, the media isn’t writing Rick Santorum’s speeches for him.’ We had a back-and-forth for awhile until we said we weren’t going to agree on some things.”…

After the two hours, Breitbart said he was leaving. “We exchanged contact information,” Sando says. “We were going to get together.”

That is Andrew, engaging debating and challenging preconceived notions.

But I’ll give the very last word to 54-40 or fight:

Part of it is his how much he inspired thousands of conservative activists, turned conservatism on its ear and completely changed how we talk about politics – all in a very short few years of prominence. The Left is scared out of its collective mind that Andrew inspired the entire Citizen Journalist Movement. AND THEY SHOULD BE.

That is the enduring legacy of Andrew Breitbart and will be a thorn in the side of the left for decades.

Update: You’ve got to be kidding me:

the Post couldn’t even muster the curiosity to Google the reaction. Twitter is a reliably volatile forum and collecting reactions there wouldn’t be a fair representation of the reaction among Breitbart opponents, but Slate’s Matt Yglesias isn’t just some guy on Twitter, either, and he tweeted that “The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.” Some of his opponents did handle the news in a professional and classy manner, including Media Matters for America, which gave a surprisingly humane response, much to their credit. However, that was hardly the norm yesterday, as the Post would have its readers believe — and the fact that they had to premoderate comments gave them a big clue as to what the actual reaction was.

These actions by a national newspaper trying to whitewash their allies is dishonorable and mendacious. I’m sure Andrew would phrase it a tad different.

Just saw the tweet and got the news that my Andrew Breitbart has died.

To say that he was a giant to conservatives is the ultimate understatement, the left hated him tremendously because he was a regular citizen who shined a light on the left and refused to back off.

Andrew was not pretentious, when I was a much smaller blogger Andrew gave me both time and his cell number, that was not uncommon, Andrew always had time for the people in the trenches.

My most vivid memory of him was an interview I did with him at CPAC 2011. He promptly leaped onto a table lay down across it and then conducted the interview lying on the table in the lobby until the hotel made him get off of it.

To think of a man with such energy and such a love of life and of what he did dying so young, six years younger than me, just doesn’t compute.

I did not know Andrew in the same way that Larry O’Connor or Dana or the others did, It might be pretentious of me to call him friend, but he always treated me as if I was a friend and his death hits me tremendously but he left a team of incredible writers and bloggers who will carry on the fight.

There will be those on the left who will celebrate, but his big sites prove, he has fallen but he has left behinds hundreds to continue the work.

And we will

here is that photo I told you about

and here is the last picture I took of him

Update 2: The left is going nuts with joy on twitter, Andrew always showed them for what they are in life and he continues to do so in death.

Two other breitbart interviews here and here.

Update 3: Breitbart’s last CPAC speech

Update 4: From my Examiner piece:

On the left there are plenty of people celebrating (literally on twitter right now) but the line from Spartacus was never more true than today: He’ll be back and he’ll be millions.

I know because I’m one of those millions, and if you are a blogger or radio host on the right who have gotten involved in the last few years, so are you.

Update 5:
Media Matters manages a classy post on the subject, will they dare open comments?

Update 6: Ben Dominich

Breitbart believed intensely in the value of hard work and the essential worth and sanity of the American people. He was confident that if only the people knew the truth, if only they had something other than the New York Times to give it to them, they would choose the right path. So he had many enemies, and many more friends.

A line from G.K. Chesterton, which I have for years considered a personal motto, always seemed to me an apt description of Breitbart’s life: “We are to regard existence as a raid or great adventure; it is to be judged, therefore, not by what calamities it encounters, but by what flag it follows and what high town it assaults.”

Update 7: A lot of people either don’t know or forget how involved Andrew was in the early days of Drudge:

In the first decade of the DRUDGEREPORT Andrew Breitbart was a constant source of energy, passion and commitment. We shared a love of headlines, a love of the news, an excitement about what’s happening. I don’t think there was a single day during that time when we did not flash each other or laugh with each other, or challenge each other. I still see him in my mind’s eye in Venice Beach, the sunny day I met him. He was in his mid 20’s. It was all there. He had a wonderful, loving family and we all feel great sadness for them today… MDRUDGE

Update 8: Tributes from Michelle Malkin:

He was kinetic, brash, relentless, full of fight, the bane of the Left, and a mentor to the next generation of right-wing activists and citizen journalists.

The Foundry:

But Andrew was eminently a doer, not an armchair intellectual. He will be perhaps best remembered for taking on liberals in the mainstream media, not just by exposing their corrupt biases while claiming impartiality, but by giving them competition through his Big Journalism, Big Government and Big Hollywood websites.

Life news posted his speech to pro-life students

Robert Stacy McCain

He may have been the greatest genius I’ve ever met, with a keen, intuitive mind. Although he had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder — he had a freewheeling quality about him, and his schedule was quite improvisational – Breitbart was also capable of a laser-like focus on whatever subject captured his interest. There were times you’d be talking to him and, if that spark of passionate interest hit, his luminous blue eyes would glow with an intensity that was almost frightening.

Update 9:
More on Breitbart,Sarah Palin:

Many of us will have life-long memories of our work or encounters with Andrew. May we draw on those to help forward the cause of fighting for what is right. For me, just one of those memories was in Pella, Iowa, last year after the premier of “The Undefeated.” Andrew held court in the restaurant at the local hotel talking about his favorite topic: how “culture is upstream of politics” and how conservatives must be unafraid to fight the leftwing media, cultural, and political establishments. The loss of his voice in this fight will be deeply felt, but thankfully his work lives on at his “Bigs,” and thank God for his inspiration and leadership.

Gateway Pundit, and the Snark Tank and Melissa Clouthier:

He created the most surreal media moment ever: He ended up speaking at Anthony Weiner’s late and ill-fated press conference. He was at once the press and the news. It was a seminal moment. It was the moment I felt that Andrew had achieved his ends.

Update 10:
A lot more on the compassion of the left for the dead here, here and here But it is Donna Brazile’s tweet that explains why the left hated him so better than any other:

That is why the left hated Breitbart in life and why they celebrate his death, they understood both his genius and fearlessness and believe they will no longer have to face it.

They’re wrong.

Update 11: Lets finish up with The Anchoress, Ace, the daily gut, Stixblog, Jimmie Bise, the right sphere and Atlas.

Update 12: An update from Stacy:

Breitbart’s politics were a bit more libertarian than Santorum’s, but Andrew was strongly pro-life. It was kind of personal with him, because he was adopted — his birth parents were a couple of ’60s hippie types — and Andrew thus understood deeply the enormous potential of “unwanted” babies.

I didn’t know he was adopted, that explains much. And the lonely conservative:

There’s an outpouring of hate from the left in the comments over at the Washington Post. Why am I not surprised?

Over at the Conservatory we have video of, as Glenn Reynolds likes to say, rubes self identifying:

MacIver videographer captured Tubbs telling the protesters, who did not have a permit, that they’d promised him they’d leave before the weddings that were scheduled to take place there for Valentine’s Day:

The video from the event is telling the chief can’t understand why these people aren’t willing to keep the “deal” after he has allowed them to violate the law, and his annoyance with the cameraman who notices this says even more.

Dishonorable people acting dishonorably, who wouda thunk it?

Now this is why Scott Walker is going to win this recall and win it big. The three couples who were planning to get married at the Capital. This was going to be a totally apolitical day. The brides, the grooms, their friends and families, the guests could be from any political background. Their primary focus is on the big day.

They planned and spent money to make it perfect, their expectations were high as they always are at the start of a marriage and relationship and what do they get?

They get the Fathers of the occupy movement in their way.

All the permits, planning and fees didn’t matter, a political point had to be made and the Capital Police knowing this conflict was coming were more interested in allowing the political point to be made than holding these protesters to the same rules as the three couples being married.

Let me tell you something, each member of that wedding party, each bride and groom, each person who had been invited and each facebook friend will remember who spoiled their wedding day and who allowed said day to be spoiled.

And that in a nutshell is the occupy movement and the democrats problem.

Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan et/al might point to the occupy rapes and idealistically expect it to mean something to the party that stood behind Bill Clinton, however the real danger the occupy movement and its fathers in Wisconsin pose to the left is that sooner or later it gets in the way of regular people trying to do regular things.

A horrible crime happening to someone else far away in a shame, but it is a lot less likely to move a voter than to have their wedding day, their picnic or their day with the kids and family spoiled because some occupod somewhere is in the way. That changes votes.

It’s simple human nature and the left can’t see it any more than Jimmy Carter could see this:

In November these guys are going to get an education.

I noted yesterday that Eric Boehelrt e-mailed asking if there was more video from Andrew Breitbart’s appearance in Lexington.

Little did I know that question was in preparation for this appearance on MSNBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It’s rather astounding how much spin can be created through an edit or two in such a short segment so for those who might still not have seen the video in context here is the actual video again:

and lets include the full transcript of what was said, both the question and the answer as I recorded it:

Question: …rage tomorrow any thoughts about the SEIU…

Breitbart: (interupting) “Bring em on! Sorry. (Laughter)

I must say that in my non-strategic, because I’m under attack all the time, if you see it on twitter the “tolerant” call me gay. I’m mean it’s just, it’s just like they’re vicious, the death threats and everything and so there are times where I’m not thinking as clearly as I should and in those unclear moments I always think to my self: Fire the first shot, bring it on. Because I know who’s on our side and they know that. They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win, we outnumber them in this country and we have the guns so…


I’m not kidding, they talk a mean game but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with. And I have people who come up to me in the military, major named people in the military who grab me and go: ‘Thank you for what you’re doing, we’ve got your back.’ and so; (laughter and applause)

so they understand that, these are the unspoken things we know, they know. They know who’s on their side, they’ve got Janeane Garofalo (Laughter),we are freaked out by that. We, yeah (Laughter)

When push comes to shove they know who’s on our side. They are the bullies on the playground and they’re starting to realize: ‘What if we were to fight back, what if we were to slap black?’ You know these union thugs, these public sector union thugs, I’m just waiting.

Bring it on. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of this Trumpka guy. I’m sick of that John Sweeney guy. I’m sick of the SEIU. I’m sick of them going to people homes, executives homes, showing up and the media not thinking. You don’t think there’s a problem with that?

Katie Couric, what if we went to Katie Couric’s house?

What if the Tea Party showed up at Katie Couric’s house and scared the crap out of her teenage kids? And that’s what they do because they know that the mainstream media won’t cover it. And so ,there’s just a part of me who wants them to walk over that line.”

The gist of the question was clearly that he was saying that there are time he wants the left to cross that line, to fire that first shot beyond the normal thuggery that is used by the left recorded by citizen journalists again and again. To paint as MSNBC does as a call for violence when it is in fact a cry of: Go ahead through that first punch because we’ll throw the last..

Boehlert’s pose of incredulity at the idea of Union members acting as thugs is comical as well, granted he’s paid not to notice that but Ed Schultz at least pretends he is reporting fact. Those videos will not find their way to MSNBC anytime soon as they are too hard to spin. That’s why the Katie Couric stuff was not there, because it was impossible to spin it without repeating the story that Andrew was referring to.

I haven’t talked to Andrew since this stuff ended up all over the place, but he’s a big boy and he deals with this kind of spin all the time so I suspect it’s not much of a worry for him.

And seriously If MSNBC can’t add more than maybe 10k to 15k views to a video with broadcasts and repeats, who is actually going to see this spin?

So I’m not all that worried about MSNBC, it got the video some views, it gave me some subscribers, a lot of comments that illustrated the left for what they are and a few more hits for the monthly total.

But it did teach me one valuable lesson: Don’t try to use the experimental YouTube voice software for a transcript, it translated “Fire the first shot” as “Barbershop Grandma”.

…but Eric Boehlert has written asking for the complete unedited video of Andrew Breitbart’s Lexington appearance.

I thought I repeat my answer to him here:

Hello Eric:
Per your questions:

I have posted all the video I shot with the exception of a 13 second clip of an incomplete sentence of a great story on Greg Gutfeld. (I really should have recorded that, it was rather funny). In the interest of full disclosure I’ll upload it so you can see it. None of the video has been edited in any way.

These are the posts I’ve written on the event

Meanwhile for those on the left convinced somehow that there is a smoking gun to prove that Breitbart is part of a secret tea party plot to exterminate all who disagree with him (Judging from the comments I’ve seen on the other videos, that seems to be what the “I don’t have a life brigade” think) missing from my videos, here is the missing 13 seconds:

Riveting isn’t it?

I’ve been pretty busy this weekend but as I checked my e-mail I noted that my videos of Breitbart in Lexington were drawing not only a respectable number of hits but an inordinate amount of comments, primarily from the left.

It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I had time to google it to find out why and what to my wondering eyes would appear but Charles Johnson’s site Little Green Footballs using my video and pushing the (false) idea that Breitbart is calling for civil war.

It brought me back to the days when I pointed out that the right was armed and the left not back in an e-mail on Instapundit, it was the first time I was called a Nazi by a vast swath of people I’d never met.

But I found something much more interesting and that was the hit counts for the videos themselves.

There was a time when attention from Charles Johnson’s site drew new coverage and debate. Where his linkage might take a video viral.

It hit me I would be able to see what kind of influence Charles had by the number of views on the video. Both Charles and Crooks and liars liked to it and as they are important sites of the left I expected to see viral numbers all over it. So I went to Youtube and took a screen shot. The total number of hits Charles and Crooks have generated for the video they have embedded is wait for it….

4318 views as of 9:53 p.m. EST Sunday night. That’s it? Is all the attention that LGF, Crooks and Liars and the other minor leftist sites combined can generate for a video they claim shows Breitbart pining for a new civil war?

In comparison Ladd Ehlinger’s surfing Rabbi video which was released only a day or two before ny-9 managed to draw over 10,000 views with only limited linkage from the right.

Alas how the mighty have fallen. Gone apparently are the days when people like Dan Rather and Mary Mapes feared what Charles Johnson and his ilk had to say. Now look he can’t even outdraw a short term ad even with Crooks and Liars to help him.

Given the choice of having him back as an ally of the right or not, I think I’ll stick with Film Ladd, Stacy McCain Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Breitbart. They have more relevance and spread that relevance among those who work with them. That’s why it was Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch sitting with CNN before the last debate, and not Kilgore Trout.

Update: here is the screen shot:

Sorry chucky you banned Peg who was doing me a favor, no link for you

I would have put a link but he banned Peg (among others) for doing me a favor, no link for you.

Update: Instalanche, thanks Glenn and Stacy McCain has a killer line as usual:

Some people can’t deal with this blunt statement of reality. And there is a place for people who can’t deal with reality: Little Green Footballs.

Update:2 Mediate has linked it too, they seem to do better for hits but the commentators still seem to be twisting it. I note that the views have doubled since Glenn Reynolds, Stacy and Mediate have linked, too bad Charles can’t drive traffic like that.

More Breitbart in Lexington:

Breitbart on His Tactics of Choice:

Breitbart on School Reform

Breitbart on Elizabeth Warren

Breitbart of Greg Gutfeld

Breitbart on the Media Multiplier

Breitbart; Bring it on:

This last video has very poor audio for the question but the answer is pure gold

I had the pleasure of covering Andrew Breitbart as he made an appearance in Lexington Mass. on the subject of his war with the media.

I arrived about 10 minutes before the event started and was let in as “media”, Quite a few of the 60+ guests were dressed up a bit, Ironic because Andrew was the West Coast casual all the way:

Before things got started I managed to grab a very quick interview with Richard one of the Attendees:

When Andrew began it seemed at first that this would be a repeat of his last CPAC speech, but it became clear that he was more interested in talking about the cultural aspects of his fight against the left.

It really amazed me to see that his thesis was a belief I’ve long-held, namely that the far left decided the best way to divide and bring down the US was by hitting what united us, namely our Judeo-Christian Culture and as he put it “Translated haves and have nots to oppressors and oppressed”.

Of course the church culture had to be the first to go because it is a uniting agent that crosses class and wealth lines so effectively.

Andrew stressed that he is in fact a secular Jew but he recognized the war on culture for what it is and recognized that as it took decades to reach this point it would take further decades to reverse it.

And he didn’t hesitate to note that it was the tea party, not the Republican that had driven change.

He took a series of questions after his talk and posted with admirers signing autographs and talking more

I’ll have more video up later in the evening that I’ll post over the next day or so, Andrew will be in NE for another day or two, I hope if time permits to have him call into the show but that’s a bit iffy.

Meanwhile here is the full gallery, if you are in any of these pictures feel free to download them for yourself

The number of leftist heads blowing up right now must be stunning!

Daily Kos, Charles Johnson, Joan Walsh. This is the day that the MSM has to apologize to Andrew Breitbart. That alone makes it special.

Lesson to Joe Scarborough et/al. If Robert Stacy McCain says something is a story, BELIEVE HIM!

As far as Weiner goes, it’s the smartest move he could have made to have a shot to save his seat. I think he manages to do it.

Update: It’s pretty bad when Rep Weiner admits he is wrong before Charles Johnson:

And I’ve been getting a flood of hate mail, much of it demanding that I “apologize” for something. So here’s my official response to this demand:

Not a freaking chance. If Weiner admits to sending the pictures in question, I’ll be surprised and disappointed, but I’m never going to apologize for calling it as I see it.

And I’m certainly never going to apologize for pointing out that Andrew Breitbart is a sleazy fraudster, with a well-documented and very tawdry history of deception.

So to those demanding that I apologize: try holding your breath until you turn blue. Maybe that will do i

I don’t demand anything, I prefer you show yourself as you are, but right now who has more credibility, Charles Johnson or Andrew Breitbart?

Update again: the left’s new meme Should we care?

Daily Kos:

Update: To be clear, his apology to Andrew Breitbart was part of a general apology to everyone in the media who he misled. Now the media wants to know whether he had what he would call “phone sex.” At this point, given that what Weiner did was a personal failure, these questions seem way over the line.

Update : Without condoning Weiner’s personal behavior, the amount of media attention this story has received is even more outsized than the photo that started this circus. I’d love to one day hear a politician get questioned this aggressively about a matter of actual substantive importance.

Update 3: Cannonfire was hitting Breitbart even as the photos were coming out, no updates since the confession.

Oh here is the Breitbart Press conference

Update 4: Pelosi calling for an ethics investigation.

Update 5: At Kos there is a parody suggesting that Weiner’s presser was faked, that a healthy sign over there, but at Cannonfire the guy is INSISTING that Weiner is LYING ABOUT SENDING THE TWEET!

Suppose that Weiner had said: “I am guilty of improper relationships with half a dozen women, and I am guilty of sending these women erotic photos, but I did not send that picture to Gennette Cordova on the 27th.” What would be the result?

Obviously, the journalistic feeding frenzy would continue for months.

More importantly, Breitbart would, under those circumstances, release the ultra-explicit photo, which probably depicts an erection. That shot would be published ad infinitum for the rest of Weiner’s life.

Faced with that rotten choice, I would have gone with the “Get it over with as soon as possible” option.

I’m sorry at this point your beliefs have crossed the line from opinion to religion. I would apply for the Tax exemption now.

This post just went up at Big Government:

A new woman has come forward with what she claims are photographs, chats, and emails with Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). These appear to undermine severely Rep. Weiner’s explanations that he was the victim of a “prank” or a “hack.”

The detailed new information suggests that the Brooklyn- and Queens-based representative and the young woman in question were involved in an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs.

If Andrew is smart (and oh boy is he smart) he will be posting this a little at a time during the day giving the Morning Shows a chance to run with it, or pass on it and making the Weiner camp sweat. If they pass on it they look like fools again, but they don’t dare run with it, after all it’s Breitbart!

Right now Charles Johnson and Kos and the rest of the Breitbart conspiracy crowd are sleeping soundly, boy do they have a nasty wake-up call coming, or at least their followers do, cult leaders are generally able to keep enough of their flock to carry on.

If this is true, the best Weiner can hope for is to finish out his term.

Already Riehl and Ace are waiting with baited breath.

Update: I didn’t even mention Patterico’s post that has some new info and Stacy McCain is on top of this as he has been from the start.

Update 2: Apparently Andrew plans on doing this drip by drip. Of course there is nothing racy about this first picture, but since they are paid to do so I’m sure Media Matters et/al will find a response.

Update 3: I actually approve of him skipping the Israel day parade, it would have taken the focus off of Israel and placed it on him, but more of this type of thing is coming.

Update: 4 Drip

Drip drip drip

Update 5: Ed Morrissey is one of the most fair minded guys I know. If he is saying this:

I think we have achieved certitude

Then the game is over


Occam’s razor strikes again!

Our lesson for today on “How to be a Journalist” comes from Robert Stacy McCain.

Today word came out that there was an interesting tweet from the account of Representative Anthony Weiner that included a picture that was shall we say odd for a married congressman directed to a particular account on twitter.

Shortly after this came out Lee Stranaham at Patterico’s site noticed some interesting deletions:

So, around the same time he was tweeting about hockey, he sends the underwear photos to that woman at @GennetteNicole. Don’t bother looking there, though. Rep. Weiner’s photos are all erased. And Gennette seems to have deleted her entire Twitter account. And, it seems, her Facebook account.

Rep Weiner claims his account was hacked but the sudden deletion of the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the at the time unknown lady in question are interesting too.

The Daily Kos, being the Daily Kos has instantly decided that Andrew Breitbart is to blame (much in the same way that Sarah Palin is apparently to blame for the failure of Meagan McCain’s love life) and has started to spin that is is yet “another Breitbart lie” Which translated into human speak means: “A story we want the MSM to ignore.

Enter Robert Stacy McCain, who has a history of not jumping to conclusions. Within a few hours he had identified the young lady in question and has asked actual relevant questions:

Was Rep. Weiner exchanging online messages with Ms. Cordova? If so, why? If this is all just a misunderstanding — if Rep. Weiner was the victim of hackers — why was Ms. Cordova the recipient of that message? Why would a hacker randomly select a student journalist in Washington State to send that to?

The congressman’s office can either answer those questions — and answer them PDQ — or else wait until every political reporter on the West Coast is camped out in front of Ms. Cordova’s house.

Mediate weighed in attacking Breitbart site meanwhile Stacy contacted Andrew directly and in the course of their conversation the following additional question arose?

But here is a question Breitbart posed during our phone conversation: If someone hacked Rep. Weiner’s online accounts, isn’t that a crime? Isn’t it, indeed, a national security threat?

OK, so has Rep. Weiner reported this crime to the police? Is the FBI investigating? When will we have a press conference at which Rep. Weiner vows to get to bottom of this crime against him, and bring the perpetrators to justice?

There is a dog there, you see. And as Sherlock Holmes might point out, that dog is not barking.

As for what I think? I’m not sure, it would be idiocy for a rep to do this but NY-26 was not too long ago and I’ve given up thinking that when it comes to sex congressional brains engage, but from the reaction of the left I think they believe it.

Consider: If this was all hokum the smart thing to do would be to wait, let the right stick out its collective neck and then when it turns out to be smoke and mirrors, or a hacking or even something else (Stacy has theorized an aide in his office who might have been pretending to be the congressman in order to score, that would make some sense) then they could demand massive retractions and apologies all around.

Yet instead the left has decided to play the “Andrew Breitbart can’t be trusted so you must ignore this story” card. This smacks of desperation. Presumably the left would have contacts with Rep Weiner’s office and would be able to confirm his story fairly easily. Yet instead of doing this, they are hitting Breitbart.

This reaction, more than anything else, speaks volumes.

So since Stacy is giving reporting lessons I took the liberty of calling congressman Weiner’s office, the recorded messaged referred me to a press number to call after hours. I called the number and the gentleman named Joe who answered claimed I had the wrong number so I called back the congressman’s office to confirm the number in question (it was correct) and called the press number again. It now goes directly to voice mail. I left my name and home and cell numbers at both locations, and I’ll let you know if anything pans out, but I found that reaction…interesting.

Update: No call back but Stacy’s Spectator article is a great example of straight news as well.

On WCRN this morning the talk was the why’s of the conspiracy theories and their success. A look at memeorandum shows that they are alive and well.

You have the Alex Jones types on one side and the Cindy Sheehans on the other playing either the “Bin Laden was already dead” or the “You’re a fool is you think Bin laden is dead” cards.

As I’ve written before you have the 1% of the population as Crazy Uncles and that 1% is empowered by the net. They gather acolytes and followers and like a pyramid scheme the people at the top tend to make their living off of their followers at the bottom.

In a free society you are going to get some of this of course. This contrasts with an unfree society where a government will put out a falsehood and force feed it to a public that can’t get alternate information or a cult where other information is simply ignored…

…which brings us to the misnamed Think Progress who are not crazy uncles but who in my opinion operate like a well-financed cult.

Think Progress is pulling a bait and switch trying to claim that Andrew Breitbart is “pushing the theory that Bin Laden is not dead”. This is demonstrably false.

Looking at the Breitbart sites there is article after article about killing of Bin Laden and what it means. Breitbart’s own tweets complement the president over this success. The single article by J. Michael Walker on Big Peace talks primarily about the proper propaganda use of this victory and concludes thus:

I’m going to raise a mug of beer and munch a Hebrew National pork sausage to celebrate the brave CIA men who took bin Laden down.

Then it’s back to work to destroy what the al Qaeda leader left behind. That means piling dirt on bin Laden’s legacy, destroying his appeal, and providing the world with all the necessary facts to heap humiliation on anyone who insists on continuing to follow his cause.

Yup, sounds like denial to me.

Thus the double bait and switch, not only do they misrepresent the base article but they attribute that misrepresentation to Breitbart himself with the goal of making him “untouchable” by “respectable” opinion people. This is vital because unlike Think Progress’ own pieces in context they don’t chase away the general public.

Andrew being Andrew instantly took the bull by the horns:

That is pure projection by the institutional left, which can neither celebrate American victories in the war on terror, nor mourn American tragedies like Tuscon, without politicizing them.

So I am challenging the left to prove what it is alleging.

If anyone can prove that I believe American special forces did not kill Osama bin Laden, I will donate one million dollars to ThinkProgress.emphasis mine

Put up or shut up, John Podesta. And let Americans celebrate as one.

Talk a bout a million reason why Think Progress if full of it. Expect the MSM to ignore Andrew’s Challenge as they did the last one, it’s too easy for the general public to understand.

You know there were a lot of people behind the iron curtain who were paid to write propaganda, Think Progress carries on that fine tradition today.

Update: Speaking of crazy uncles

Update 2: Another crazy uncle self identifies.

Yesterday I spent the day after the show at the Border Restaurant in Leominster and followed that up with a trip to McCoy stadium to see the PawSox play this evening so I missed most of the Tea Party events.

Having knowledge and access to blog that does not hinder my ability to find out what happened in places like Madison Wisconsin yesterday.

First there is the video of Breitbart’s into:and then Palin’s SpeechBoth via the right scoop:

And if you prefer a transcript Governor Palin provides that too.

Then you have write ups such as John Nolte’s at Big Government:

If Sarah Palin’s not running for president, what a terrible waste that would be of the single best stump speech I’ve heard since, well, Palin’s ’08 convention speech, which just happened to be the single most electrifying political moment of my adult life. A thrill didn’t just run up my leg that night, it ran up everything in me that’s American, and today in Madison, WI, it happened again.

You have Jim Hoff updating, Sissy Willis reminding of her tactics. William Jacobson reminds us her targets are not confined to democrats, Nice Deb opines and Dan Riehl notes the following about leadership:

As I said to a friend and colleague tonight, wherever the current battle is, that’s very often where you can find Palin. One of the first requirements for leadership is to show up out front. No one will ever accuse Palin of not doing that. Doing so also has an interesting side benefit for any would be leader. When you lead, people tend to follow and support you, even if not at first.

There has been some media coverage at Reuters and Politico however there is one aspect of the story that they seemed to miss. The Left’s Reaction. For that we have Jim Hoff and Big Government.

And for other non-Wisconsin issues of the left we have the Blaze for Oregon and IC Arizona for Arizona.

Why has there been so little on the air about this? For the same reason why you will not see the full clip of Palin’s speech embedded in MSM sites or why there was no commentary this weekend. Watching the actions of the left tend to cause people to dislike them while watching Palin in context tends to make people like her.

This is why “Ann Althouse” has become a dirty word for the left because she objectively looked at the happenings in Madison and said this

There is incessant ringing of cowbells. Then, we can hear that a young woman is speaking from the stage to the Tea Party crowd as the protesters do what they can to drown her out. She finishes — “God bless America” — and the tea partiers cheer but the protesters overwhelm them with boos. The emcee comes to the mike and we hear that the speaker was only 14 years old.

ADDED: One of the chants during her speech is “Go home! Go home! Go home!”

and this :

But today was distinctive because it was a Tea Party rally, and many people wanted to hear the speakers, especially Sarah Palin. The counter-protesters were there to drown out those speakers. Their earlier anti-Walker protests were about how they wanted to be heard. Over the last 2 months, the anti-Walker protesters have said many times — often directly to me or Meade — that they felt the GOP governor and legislators had the obligation to listen to them, that it was terribly wrong for their voices to be excluded, and that dialogue is the essence of democracy. They made a godawful noise saying that (and more), but what they did today was hypocritical, because today they showed up for the express purpose of denying other people the right to listen. So today was loud and angry, but it was nowhere near as loud and angry as it has been on other days. Nevertheless, today was bad in a different way, a way that betrayed values the anti-Walker protesters had voiced many, many times.

And remember this was written while saying things weren’t as bad as Breitbart thought.

You will see no quoting of Althouse tomorrow on the air, nor will you hear Elizabeth Scalia either:

can you imagine the hissy-fit the press would have if a tea party crowd had tried to drown out a speech by anyone? They’d say it was “downright unAmerican,” and they’d be right.

Put Sarah Palin’s speech next to Barack’s Obama’s, and forget about their policies for a second; just watch and listen. Which one do you believe? Who is transparent and clear and who is obfuscating and duplicitous? Who is natural, and who is affected? Who spends more time saying “I” and “Me” and who says “Us” and “We”?

That comparison is necessary for the American People to make an informed comparison between the two directions this country can be taken, and for that reason alone, the media, the left and the establishment GOP will do their best to prevent it.

Update: Two great examples: Who are you going to believe, CBS or your own eyes in Wisconsin and in Boston Union folk disrupt a prayer,

These are not the actions of people winning the debate, and remember this is Massachusetts where their allies overwhelmingly control the government. If they are that insecure here what does that tell you?

All last week you haven’t been able to miss planned parenthood ads talking about detecting cancer in a woman and her life being saved. Unfortunately those cries of “millions of women in this country are gonna lose their healthcare access–not to abortion services–to basic family planning, you know, mammograms” have collided with reality:

Liveaction shot this video and Andrew Breitbart is promoting it. If you want to know why the left hates Andrew Breitbart so much this is it.

The Huffington Post’s decision to ban Andrew Breitbart from its front page for…

Andrew Brietbart’s ad hominem attack on Van Jones in The Daily Caller — right down to calling him a “commie punk” and “a cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak” — violates the tenets of debate and civil discourse we have strived for since the day we launched.

I trust you were not drinking when you read that, otherwise your computer would have shorted out from the water.

Lee Stranahan decided that this is the final straw and has quit the Huffington Post:

…as a writer, this latest move by The Huffington Post of banning Andrew Breitbart from their front page (because of comments he made to a different website) is both unprecedented, arbitrary and deeply offensive to the intellectual openness that Arianna Huffington has purported to believe in.

He also comments on the strategy

One very loathsome aspect of this story is something that Huffington Post editor Roy Sekoff told me in a long phone call about Andrew Breitbart several months ago. Roy knows and worked with Andrew and when the issue of Andrew Breitbart being a racist came up, Roy told me “No, of course Andrew isn’t a racist.”

Roy went on to say that while both he and Arianna Huffington knew that the charges of racism being hurled at Andrew weren’t true based on their years of personal dealings with him that they were in a ‘bad position’ to say anything about it.

…however it is a question of their base, evidence about Jones not withstanding they will not risk upsetting the liberals who follow them. As Stranahan has already found dissent from the liberal base carries costs.

Dave Weigel notes the absurdity of the statement:

He didn’t write or say any of that at HuffPo, a site he helped develop in 2005. Is the Huffington Post’s standard that contributors can be to some modified limited hang-out if they use ad hominems in other forums? Boy, good thing Breitbart doesn’t have an army of contributors who can comb HuffPo authors’ published and spoken work to see if they’ve done that.

He is exactly right. The number of examples of this kind of stuff that will be dug up this week will be interesting.

In fact Lee Stranahan has already started and the Daily Caller goes long on ad hominem actually at the huffpo:

It will not matter in the closed world of the left its conformity that matters.

Four days ago Politico highlighted the involvement of the DNC was and OFA in Wisconsin:

The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm — the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

OfA, as the campaign group is known, has been criticized at times for staying out of local issues like same-sex marriage, but it’s riding to the aide of the public sector unions who hoping to persuade some Republican legislators to oppose Walker’s plan. And while Obama may have his difference with teachers unions, OfA’s engagement with the fight — and Obama’s own clear stance against Walker — mean that he’s remaining loyal to key Democratic Party allies at what is, for them, a very dangerous moment.

OfA Wisconsin’s field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said.

The @OFA_WI twitter account has published 54 tweets promoting the rallies, which the group has also plugged on its blog.

During my interview with Andrew Breitbart on Sunday morning he commented on their presence saying the following:

I’ve sensed that any time when Obama’s Organizing for America gets involved they are up to no good. So when I see them go up against the people I try to be there.

Now in the surest sign that the White House has figured out where this is going to end up, there is some serious backtracking going on:

Administration officials said Sunday that the White House had done nothing to encourage the demonstrations in Wisconsin — nor was it doing so in Ohio, Florida and other states where new Republican governors are trying to make deep cuts to balance their budgets.

And, officials and union leaders said, reports of the involvement of the Democratic National Committee — specifically Organizing for America, the grass-roots network born of Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign — were overblown to start with and were being inflated by Republicans sensing political advantage.

Because we all know how Politico is really a house organ of the Republican Party, that’s why they are always being quoted on MSNBC

I think the White House has seen these polls and is getting cold feet BIGTIME:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters agree more with the Republican governor in his dispute with union workers. Thirty-eight percent (38%) agree more with the unionized public employees, while 14% are undecided.

And as Captain Ed Morrissey at Hotair reports the details are even more damning:

No one will be shocked to find Democrats opposed to Walker’s plan, 21/68, although the opposition seems a little weak, under the circumstances. Also, no one will be surprised to see almost the mirror image among Republicans, 68/15. Independents across the nation give a strong endorsement to Walker, 56/31. Among income demographics, only those earning under $20K per year support the unions (30/54), while Walker gains a plurality or majority in every other income demographic, including a 62/27 among the $60-75K demo. Interestingly, unions only barely edge Walker among government employees, 44/46. (bolding mine)

I put this down to Bill Daily. He is a man of the left and a big supporter of these same unions but he knows politics and sees where this is going. His job is to minimize the damage to the white house. He also understands that if Democrats shut down Wisconsin with the White House behind them it will be harder to blame republicans for a shutdown here.

This morning I talked to Andrew Breitbart about his trip to Madison and what he saw:

Why did you decide to go to Wisconsin?

Andrew Breitbart: The Democratic Party has used public sector unions as a weapon to intimidate. It’s a formula used state by state (Such as in searchlight) I’ve sensed that any time when Obama’s Organizing for America gets involved they are up to no good. So when I see them go up against the people I try to be there.

How “managed” were the union crowds?

Breitbart: OFA was on their best behavior this time, in the past we’ve seen things such as the egging in Searchlight, the assault on Ken Gladney and more, but this time they are now noticing us with the camera and like Wile E. Coyote they are heading back to the Acme factory to find a new way to do things.

The vulgarity was present for all to see but they tried to be their best for the cameras which were everywhere. At yesterday’s rally there was a sea of double soy-latte Caucasian rage against fox news, “tea baggers”, and “Koch suckers” (referring to the Koch brothers). So were the signs comparing Scott Walker to Hitler and Mubarak.

I see you mingled with the crowd on the left, I found it odd that you weren’t recognized

Breitbart: I wore a hat and glasses, walked about 300 yards with the crowd to where I was going as they chanted: Hey hey ho ho; Scott Walker has got to go!” This was actually after my speech; I was on the way to where I was going that when I ran into the doctors giving out the notes.

Were you surprised at how open the docs were about writing those sick notes?

    Breitbart: First I want to give a Hat tip to the MacIiver institute that did the initial videos, but my mind is no longer blowable. I don’t think they understand how disturbing their letters were. They really believe that If their hearts are in the proper place they can do what they want. Remember we are coming off Lyla Rose’s Planned Parenthood videos. When you start looking at ACRON and Planned Parenthood and the rest they are considered and painted as the crown jewels of the left, but every office except for 1 you had employees turning a blind eye to immorality.

What was your reaction to the left’s attempt to call your video “fake”?

Breitbart: The idea that our independent efforts to expose the left for what they are a sign that there is a market for people for it. I’m conspiring with any American truth teller or videographer who wants to expose the left, if they call it a conspiracy so be it.

The unions and the left are going “all in “in Wisconsin why do you think that is the case?

Breitbart: It was a good place for them to do this, because of the template that can be replicated elsewhere because of the existing progressive organizations in the state. That’s why it was so important for the tea party and new media to show up to help show things for what they are

I’ve suggested that the events in Wisconsin are a living breathing GOP/or tea party ad for 2012 do you agree.

Breitbart: I agree I think that the visuals, the Hitler stuff, going after the democratic process the way they do, when they call (Gov Scott) Walker a dictator when he was democratically elected, when they do this the protesters are trying to say their minority status trumps the majority. The visuals alone for the ad campaigns are a strong message against this.

That being so how long can the MSM cover it up?

Breitbart: The acorn videos never played on ABC, NBC etc yet the America people where able to find out about it and Acorn is done. The more they deny the stories like the doctors slowly but surely the average American recognizes that they are not getting the truth. The MSM’s entire edifice is imploding. We’ve shaken the cage and the American People will see there is another way. There is a check and balance against them and it’s the new media

Update: Thanks to the Lonely Conservative for the link. The fair Miss Attila link also links and comments on the phony doctor notes and more. American Glob includes us in headlines and asks some questions.

BTW not to sound greedy but if you like the work, As I mentioned this morning I’m a couple of hundred short this month if you have an interest in kicking in I’d much appreciate it.

My last field guide entry from CPAC is my interview with a pair of sister bloggers:

Their blog is America is conservative. The full field guide is here.

Oh and they actually filmed me interviewing Breitbart, here is a little behind the scenes peek:

Click here for the full set that they shot and here for their own talk with Andrew.

Our liberal friends have apparently decided that closing the schools are not enough and are planning to bus in activists to help protest budget cuts in Wisconsin:

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka — refresh your memories of his violent rise to power here — announced that he’ll be storming Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow to join all the Hitler/Mubarak-sign toters and teachers ditching their jobs.

The showdown is scheduled for high noon.

Meanwhile Breitbart and Hoff are trying to gather a few people to counter the union hoards:

We’ve had thousands of people show up for tea party events to rally to take our state back – but our work isn’t done. Let’s have our voices heard once again and show our state legislators that we support this bill. We need concerned Wisconsin citizens to show up at noon on Saturday, February 19th to voice our support for Gov. Walker and our conservative legislators! Tell your friends–let’s set a turn out record!

Why Saturday? Why not get out there now? Scipio explains:

Here’s another question the Democrats and their bussed-in bully boys and girls will never answer, although it’s right there for all to see. Do they know why ten times the number of people didn’t show up to counter the “protesters”? Here’s the answer: BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AT THEIR JOBS SO THEY CAN PAY THE TAXES THAT ARE USED TO PAY THE SALARIES AND WAGES OF THOSE MISCREANT PUBLIC EMPLOYEES AND ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO WALKED OFF THEIR JOBS!!! Those working don’t have the “luxury” these unionized bastards and their state Senate Democratic masters have to waste time

Yup these protesters are protesting on the public dime just as the Wisconsin Senate in the middle of their famous ride but don’t imply they aren’t earning their dough:

In an interview with WKOW by cell phone, Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach claimed that running away from the state capitol wasn’t shirking his job.

He said he was doing his duty, representing the citizens by leaving town during the midst of a multi-billion dollar budget crisis.

And no that link wasn’t to Iowahawk.