I was about to head early to mass to pray and like every guy did some channel surfing as I did so and noticed on Fox news Chris Wallace interviewing Cardinal Wuerl on Laudato Si’, who noted that people have always chosen to cherry pick the teachings of the church but it’s the church’s job to teach the lot.

Then I turned to CNN and Jake Tapper was hosting a live broadcast of the Charleston Church were the horrible murders took place this week. I was just in time to hear the preacher not that it was their faith in Jesus Christ that allows them the strength to overcome these obstacles.

And it hit me that again God is Francis’ line from Laudato Si’ correct:

80. Yet God, who wishes to work with us and who counts on our cooperation, can also bring good out of the evil we have done.

For decades our friends on the left have demonized the church and christ, and yet this week tens of thousands of people who would never consider reading a church documents will, because of a group of people hoping for short term political advantage, do so. And they will read arguments about the sanctity of life, the connection of how we treat our neighbor to how we treat our environment, and they will see examples of the words of the saints, the Popes and of scripture that they have never considered before.

How many of these people given a first look at these things will find themselves evangelized by that greatest of evangelists, the holy spirit and wanting more?

How will they divorce one argument from another, how will they claim that the Popes words provide the absolutely moral necessity for a government to act, and yet refuse to act themselves to protect the unborn, human embryos and the freedom of religious expression, all thing that they as individuals can do?

Now consider Charleston, in a midst of mass slaughter the trauma of the loss of husbands, wives, mothers, sons and daughters what did the those who have suffered beyond what one can bear do?

They forgave, and moreover they forgave not after long reflection, not after years or decades of reflection but in hours.

And today just a few days later the counties attention is on a church as the celebrant preaches the healing and forgiving power of Jesus Christ telling people who they do can find that same grace and strength in their own times of trial.

How will our friends on the left succeed in divorcing this reality from the memes they have made? How will they manage to paint christians as bigots who have forgiven such evil. How do they claim injury over a cake and the moral authority to put christians out of business when those same Christians who faced the murder of their loved ones forgive those who destroyed their lives.

Does that not reveal their anti-christ cries of “injustice” as they petty narcissism that it is?

The events of this week have been a body blow to those who would destroy Christianity in general and the Church in particular furthermore despite anger by some and tragedy for others in the end the events of this week will be a watershed for those who will discover the Lord through them.

Who knew a bible study interrupted by death and a document that some hoped would pervert the life of the church could do those things?



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…because not only does this:

A massive anti-abortion protest shut down downtown San Francisco. Tens of thousands of people were making their voices heard Saturday. NBC Bay Area’s Christie Smith reports from San Francisco

delight me due to the massive crowds but I’m absolutely drooling over these two things that must turn the stomach of every leftist journalist who reported on it first this: (emphasis mine)

The Vatican ambassador to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, told the multigenerational, multi-ethnic and heavily Catholic crowd that he was encouraged by the House vote on Thursday’s anniversary of Roe v. Wade to permanently forbid federal funds for most abortions. :

Yes, the pro-life crowd was full of people of all ages and races and full of strong catholics totally unlike the congresswoman who represents the district they marched through.

And if that doesn’t upset the left and make me mile this bit of comparative info really rings my chimes:  (emphasis mine again)

The celebration also drew about 100 abortion legal rights activists. Organized by Halt Patriarchy, they gathered at Powell and Marketplace streets at one p.m., waving indicators and shouting as the anti-abortion contingent designed their way from Civic Center Plaza to the Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero.

Yes you read that right 50,000 pro-life protesters against 100 pro abortion protesters in freaking SAN FRANCISCO!

and even these protesters were confronted by an equal number of pro-life activists completely apart from the main group displaying graphic examples of just what Abortion is:

About one hundred pro-life activists skipped the 12:thirty p.m. Civic Heart rally and instead squared off from the pro-option protesters at the Powell and Industry place, the sides divided 10 ft apart at the rear of steel barriers and law enforcement officers.

On the pro-daily life side, a several individuals had disregarded the advice about graphic images, which include 1 of a fetus foot with the caption, “Murdered! I was not just a blob of tissue.”

So for all the big talk from the Stop Patriarchy crowd couldn’t even outdo a tiny break away contingent of pro-life Catholics in the nation’s capital of liberalism.

I confess I should be a lot more pleased at the strength of the pro-life marchers than the weakness and the frustration of the pro-abortion forces.

I’ll have to mention it next time I go to confession and include them in the Perpetual Twitter Novena.

Michelle Malkin has sold Twitchy and some on the left is not all that happy

Shrieking Meth-Rage Banshee Michelle Malkin Selling Twitter Rag ‘Twitchy’ To Some Dumb Idiots

That’s wonkette, the comments section at Buzzfeed and Joe my God are starting to get interesting and at the wire the tweets collected are already getting angry.

Now it’s not all that odd that Michelle Malkin would make the left angry she is a conservative woman of color and a journalist who is an unabashed conservative. That’s three strikes to  the left right there.

But that’s not what makes the left really mad.

What makes them out of their mind, tear out their hair break out the torches and burn down the house mad is this:

 She is a success!

She created Hotair…and sold it for a profit

She created Twitchy…and sold it for a profit

How many millions has Salon lost? How many Millions has Tina Brown lost for her investors over the years.

Michelle Malkin is a walking talking American success story with more successful business experience than most of the people who write for the left combined.

And they’ll never forgive her for it!

Perhaps someday, if Tina Brown asks really nice, Michelle will give her business lessons.

so reports Radar online:

The former co-host of The View was on a panel with Palin, called Ask The Experts, during the second hour of Today. “Star could barely look at Sarah and insisted that she be seated on the opposite end from her,” the source says. “Star is a lawyer, a former prosecutor and has worked very hard in her life to get where she is. Star didn’t understand why Sarah was on the panel because she doesn’t have anything worth contributing. Star also didn’t believe Sarah when she said that she hadn’t seen Julianne Moore playing her in the movie Game Change.”

This makes the second woman in under 24 hours involved with MSNBC who is having a series diva fit. These words from the Anchoress still ring true a year later:

Where Sarah Palin is concerned, the mainstream press and the political pundit class are like 14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.

They are the spiteful, malevolent and immature teenagers in “Carrie,” armed with pig-blood and just looking for any opportunity to pour it.

They are repulsive in their clique; one wants to take them by their shoulders and shake them and say “grow up! GROW UP!”

Is she worried about being called in the office by Pop Fisher or is it that she has discovered that these words are true:

watching Palin in context tends to make people like her.

Every woman who say her on today saw her as she is and there’s not a thing Star Jones or anyone else can do about it.

That was Star Jones not Star Parker of course fixed.

Update 2: Why do I have a feeling that Star Jones appearing on Tuesday’s Today show had nothing to do with this?

According to Nielsen Fast National Data, “Today” drew 5.497 million viewers while “Good Morning America” had 5.141 million on Tuesday. With Palin co-hosting on Tuesday, “Today” bested “GMA” by 356,000 viewers.

BTW if CBS wants to become a player in the morning, they now know how, it would certainly be a relief to the NBC ladies who would be able to bash Palin without worrying about what the network thinks.

One of the best ways to judge what is dear to someone is to see what drives them. If you look at Memeorandum today you will see link after link concerning Susan G. Komen’s decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. As of this writing no less that 11 headlines deal with this decision with 9 of them hitting the story from the left and the description within the pieces are full of outrage.

And God forbid you put a piece supporting Komen’s decision on a “Woman’s” site. My friend Jenny Erickson is being pummeled in comments for this piece on the Komen decision.

If you think about this for a moment this should have been a one day story. Susan G. Komen is a breast cancer charity, it’s not a government agency, it’s not a state agency, it’s a private charity whose mission to to fight breast cancer. Nothing in this decision is going to change the good that Komen does.

Nor would the idea that as such a charity would direct it’s funds and it’s time in the most efficient way be odd. Every dollar Komen gets comes from someone else. That they would direct such money directly to places that provide mammograms in quantity (unlike almost all Planned parenthood sites)

So it raises the question, why is the left in such an uproar? Why is a group like the American Association of University women no longer counting Komen as “community service” Why is Howard Dean calling on corporations to boycott Komen? Is Komen no longer going to be working for a cure for Breast Cancer? Will the young women in the group be less supportable to Breast Cancer than they were last week?

The fact is like Wisconsin this is a defining moment:

When Governor Scott Walker passed his reforms which included the removal of automatic dues deductions for unions it threatened the money flow to the left. They were willing to make any deal to keep it. Without compulsion thousands of Union members voted with their pocketbooks in though times. And when the districts where no longer locked into contracts that forced them into non-competitive contracts with Union heath insurance plans it cost them even more.

The fear and the danger for the left is that it would spread to other states and cut off circular use of taxpayer funding that is the life’s blood of democratic campaigns. An example had to be made and the left, even as they appear to fail in Wisconsin, the left intends to make it a bloody cost.

And that brings us to Susan G. Komen.

The same circular funding scheme that exists for the Unions exists with Planned Parnethood, funds go to Planned Parenthood to support abortion, become political donations to Democratic candidates that push public funds back to Planned Parenthood. That is why they fought so hard to save funding at the Federal Level and are fighting so hard to perverse it on the state level.

But for companies such support of the nation’s #1 abortion provider has not been without cost: As Komen discovered a lot of people who would otherwise have been supporting them had cut ties:

The biggest reason SGK stopped funding Planned Parenthood? “Nancy Brinker [SGK chairwoman, pictured right] said she was spending nearly half her time dealing with the Planned Parenthood issue,” said my source. “She decided she just couldn’t do it any longer.”

Quite simply, Planned Parenthood is poison.

Many other business and organizations know this same thing but have been too timid to act. The left knows and understands this. (That’s why Planned Parenthood NOT KOMEN broke the story) If Komen is allowed to survive and thrive without the imprimatur of the left, then how many will follow suit? That’s why, no matter how many women’s lives are saved by their actions, they must be destroyed.

The Hill is reporting that Rep. Jackie Spier is leading the charge for liberals to abandon the Susan G Komen For The Cure charity because it has stopped funding Planned Parenthood.

Rod Dreher puts it well:

the more I think about it, the more I realize this is a clarifying moment. Think of it! Three decades of service to women fighting breast cancer, and having raised and distributed hundreds of millions of dollars nearly $2 billion towards that goal, means absolutely nothing to these people now trying to destroy Komen. They could have denounced Komen’s decision, but in light of all Komen has done, and still does for women, turned their ire on the Republicans, the Religious Right, and so forth. But no, Komen broke ranks, and it must be dealt with harshly. And the sympathetic mainstream media is helping them do the job.

It is for that reason why the left will make this a one year story rather than a one day story. They will not relent they will try to make it Komen’s Waterloo. But as the Komen fundraising numbers already show it is Waterloo and Komen like Scott Walker before them, is playing the role of Wellington.

Exit question: Komen KNEW this was coming and still did it. What does that say about the power of the left?

Update: A lot of people a panicking about the Komen “cave” but not only is there a lot less than meets the eye the American Papist (no squish on life) gets it.

I mean, just pause for a moment: if Planned Parenthood is so serious about protecting women’s health how does it justify leading a crusade to destroy the world’s leading breast cancer research foundation over these past days?? It’s simply incredible, and we need to make sure it’s never forgotten.

One last thing: we need to remember the big picture. Over the past 48 hours, not only did Planned Parenthood reveal itself as willing to seriously damage and attempt to destroy the pro-woman Komen foundation, but also, thousands and millions of people potentially learned for the first time that Komen doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood is an ideal provider of health care for women. So even if Planned Parenthood wins this battle (an outcome very much in doubt), I would argue they have seriously weakened themselves for the battles ahead. This will be a long fight, take the long view.

Update 2: To those who still think Komen has caved I suggest you read this.

Update 3: I’m a little late acknowledging this Instalanche due to show stuff but thanks much Glenn.

Our friends on the left often complain about pro-life protesters and never fail to point out any untoward word. Here is a bit of news they might not have caught. Today at 8 a.m. when the people who volunteer at Problem Pregnancy came in they found this threat on their fence.

The peaceful left

And this window broken

Yup breaking windows is pro-woman

With this Rock

The Rock in question

The symbols painted on the fence were the anarchist and the feminist symbols. I talked to Corrine of problem pregnancy about it:

Continue reading ““Fire next Time””

When I left the house to run an errand and have a bite with the wife the word had just come out that Prosser was up by 40 votes:

Incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser took a 40-vote lead over challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, according to new totals released Thursday afternoon.

Kloppenburg had been leading by 204 votes, but newj unofficial totals reported in Winnebago County show that Prosser received 20,701 votes to Kloppenburg’s 18,887.

My first thought was that a certain law blogger was suddenly going to have a change of heart when it came to vote fraud. Ann Althouse agreed:

I wonder if the concept of fraud is suddenly much more appealing to certain people.

Now I come home after picking up the kid from his college course and WOW:

A conservative-leaning Wisconsin county on Thursday corrected its count and gave an unofficial 7,500-vote lead to the incumbent in the hotly contested state Supreme Court race seen as a referendum on Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s divisive union rights law.

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said the votes weren’t reported to The Associated Press on Tuesday due to “human error.”

“This is not a case of extra votes or extra ballots being found,” she said. “This is human error, which I apologize for.”

Ann Althouse quotes herself:

UPDATE, 11:43: Dane (Madison’s county) is nearly all in. I don’t see how Kloppenburg can net more than about 3,000 with what’s left of Dane. Waukesha is now shown as completely in, but the numbers didn’t change, so I think something may have been misreported. I took the trouble to do a calculation and was going to predict that Prosser would net 40,000 more votes in Waukesha. What happened?

Jim Hoff is crowing. I suspect the left must be both devastated and suspicious. If I was on the left I would have raised eyebrows too. As a rule when you are stealing an election you don’t do it by “thousands” after the fact (too dramatic) , but I can’t see how the left can’t be thinking something funny is going on..

This is what is so ironic, in my opinion thanks to that error, the people who wished to say tweak the election reported the numbers that they did when they did in order to bring their candidate just over the line.

If the correct numbers had been reported the first time then I suspect we’d still have counties out to allow for further necessary “corrections”.

Michael Moore says we shouldn’t because Klop had already declared victory, I kid you not:

Want a laugh? Check out Michael Moore’s Twitter feed. He’s upset that the counties are conducting a canvass — you know, to make sure that the votes actually get counted correctly — because, er, “Kloppenburg has already declared victory! Repubs in WI r behaving like sore losers.” No, this is not a parody account, either, although it’s hard to tell.

And apparently the best part is that the presser announcing this took place just as Chris Matthews was droning on about Klop’s victory. Mary Katherine Ham owns the best line:

Small, state-wide election with vital national implications soon to have no national implications whatsoever.

Looking at left leaning sites and the sudden respect for “now-discredited allegations” in comments has been fun, but the most fun I’ve had is looking at Rick Hansen’s site who just this morning said this:

While the fraud allegations remain stuck in the public’s mind, no proof of any systemic fraud has been unearthed. Instead, close examination of elections show, time and again, that our election systems are not perfect – but this is due to human error and not fraud.

His site links to this Media Matters piece with a fun title:

Predictable: Right-Wing Media Respond To WI Supreme Court Election With Baseless Voter Fraud Allegations

There has been no update, I wonder if they still consider fraud charges “baseless”?
As for Hansen he says this:

Here’s what I expect: With Prosser in the lead, the claims of fraud on the Republican side will stop. The Democrats will not raise claims of fraud even if they contest the election.

UPDATE: I already may need to take back the last part of this post: looks like Dems may soon start playing fraud card in WI Sup Ct race, focusing on the clerk who found the lost votes.

I give him credit for not changing his own opinion but I disagree. I still think those fraud charges need to be checked out properly and completely. I think a complete recount needs to be done even with a 7000 vote margin, after all that is still only 1/2 of 1% of the total vote certainly close enough to be worthy of scrutiny. Fraud isn’t wrong only if an election is stolen, fraud is wrong because it is FRAUD. We need to smoke it out now so that when things are close enough to make a difference those who would commit it will think twice. And who taught me that? Why Tip O’Neill:

People used to talk about Mike Ward and his Chinese hat trick. The story was that Mike would hire ten Chinese men, pay them each five dollars for the day (this was in the 30’s & 40;s when that was good money btw DTG) , and have them vote repeatedly under different names. Each time they came to the polls, however they would be wearing a different hat, the idea being that to Caucasians, all Chinese people looked alike.

With the help of Mike Ward, Walter Madigan pulled a few fast ones, such as using the names of people who hadn’t voted, and voting the dead…

O’Neill still won that race by about 400 votes but he was mad and decided to do something about it.

As soon as I returned to the state house I filled a bill that anyone caught repeating in an election would be given an automatic 1 year jail sentence. Getting that bill out of committee was a cinch, because who could dare oppose it? Privately, however, some of the members let me know how disappointed they were, a that they hadn’t expected I was the kind of guy who would rock the boat. But I didn’t like people stealing elections –and I especially didn’t like people stealing them from me! The bill passed easily, and that particular brand of corruption virtually disappeared from Massachusetts.

The time to smoke this stuff out is NOW while we have the win, investigate the lot, we will look magnanimous doing it with a lead because I suspect that the left can’t stand the heat and if we catch them on this now we won’t have to worry about it later.

And frankly if there is anything funny on our side, it SHOULD be exposed. I want to win, but I want an honest election first and foremost.

Update: Funny because it is true:

Reader Stu Wagner writes: “My suspicious, cynical side says that the Republicans delayed the full count to flush out any Democrat tricks. God bless ‘em, I hope they’re just that smart.” I’d be very surprised if they were that smart. . . .

So would I Glenn, so would I.

Update 2: Stacy and Ace are feeling good and Tom is just loving that Media Matters has confirmed there is no vote fraud:

And, of course, we are all relieved to know that Media Matters has already cleared up any idea that there was any voter fraud in this election. So there can be no doubt Conservative Judge Prosser won. And that he will also be the one to decide if the Republicans acted properly in passing the law limiting the Public Union’s collective bargaining privileges.

What a nice birthday present for Nice Deb.

The NYT talked a bit about Koch today and told about his philanthropic work:

Mr. Koch, a billionaire who is perhaps best known for his family’s contributions to conservative causes, got a standing ovation from scientists, Nobel laureates and politicians of various political stripes as he opened the new David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which he gave $100 million to help build.

Yup $100 million for cancer research I was curious how the left would react. So I went to Wonkette to check it out

David Koch is super sad about how the mean poor/working people are upset because he’s funding and directing the destruction of government unions nationwide. This makes him feel bad! And even though the deeply secretive David Koch never does an interview, the New York TImes somehow managed to get him to speak, on the occasion of David Koch being honored for giving millions of dollars to a cancer research center, because he has cancer and wants to cure his own cancer, even though he owns an evil forestry empire that insists formaldehyde (a carcinogen) is not a carcinogen. See, when poor people get cancer, it’s because they suck. And when rich people who exploit nature and humanity get cancer, it’s time to send $100 million to some little people who can maybe take care of the problem.

Ok I wasn’t really curious, I excepted exactly this, and the comments were even more fun, take a peek:

Here’s one

The only upbeat part of that article is that David Koch has cancer. Everything else is just Koch-sucking.

and Barbara:

I’m really sorry about his prostate cancer. I hope that it doesn’t spread to his anus. If he has to have an asshole transplant, he will be the first person to have the transplant reject the donee.

doc zoom:

It would be inhumane to publicly rejoice at the news that a fellow human being has cancer.

I will therefore rejoice only in private.

And these are not exceptions, they are typical of the comments left. Remember if you disagree with the left politically and do something about it, you are evil and deserve a painful death..

Meanwhile after reading a bit of this nonsense I left the following comment myself:

Yeah tear off those name because if there is one thing that the world needs, is fewer people giving hundreds of millions for cancer research.

I’m sorry but you folks have become parodies of yourself

That comment was rated -31 (so far) and generated five replies one example:

Dear Teabag Troll. We’re happy meester Koch is giving some of his billions to cancer research instead of his usual global warming lovin’, union bustin’, big insurance savin’, Freedom Works sponsorin’ right wing “hobbies”. Just pointing out how he’s all about taking care of #1. Well those things and dinosaurs.. but then they gave him his oil.

Now you might wonder why I bothered? Well it’s because when I saw the reaction I thought of this article I blogged about before:

Monitor Group, a Cambridge-based consultant firm founded by Harvard professors. The management consulting firm received $250,000 a month from the Libyan government from 2006 to 2008 for a wide range of services, including writing the book proposal, bringing prominent academics to Libya to meet Khadafy “to enhance international appreciation of Libya’’ and trying to generate positive news coverage of the country.

And as Moneyrunner put it:

Professors sent to visit Khadafy included luminaries such as Joseph Nye, former dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard; Lord Anthony Giddens, former head of the London School of Economics; Francis Fukuyama political philosopher from Stanford University; and Benjamin Barber, who has written extensively about democracy.

The Monitor Group is not a small organization, boasting 1,500 employees and 29 office worldwide. It is particularly proud of its Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Network, Racial Diversity Network and Women’s Leadership Initiative. For some reason it did not choose to devote part of its website to its “Whitewashing Brutal Dictators Project.”

Well of course I’m sure that since Wonkette readers are so outraged over the Koch article I’m sure that even through the monitor group supports leftist causes they must me outraged over their accepting money from a person who sends jets to slaughter his own people. There has to be article after article and comment after outraged comment on the subject, Right?

Hey there is evil and there is EVIL

Wrong. The monitor group doesn’t rate an article, doesn’t rate a comment, doesn’t rate outrage, but be fair after all Koch is supporting Scott Walker who wants to make labor rules that are still more generous than federal rules or those in other states so he deserves to be opposed cancer research money or no, but as long as you are funding Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Network, Racial Diversity Network then taking money from actual dictators and mass murders. Hey its all cool.

This is the backwards world of the left, take a bow Wonkette and readers thereof. You make it so easy to show the left for what it is.

Update: Irony meter overload #1 Another replay to what I wrote from Gef05:

What’s interesting is you see our snark as self-parody.

Yet you are unable to see the irony in a man spending millions to say “this carcinogen is no carcinogen” while donating money to cancer research.

Just please go away and play with your own kind. (emphasis mine) Somewhere where the rest of us don’t have to tolerate your lack of thought or your hatred for your fellow man.

The “hatred for the fellow man stuff” is funny and it prompted one more reply from me:

Where is the hatred thing coming from? I don’t know you or any of the people here? Why should I hate any of you?

I just think you’re very very wrong on this topic and other and a lot of the people here are kinda angry. I see it a lot on the left when I cover events and it’s really amazing to see how people kind of lose it .

But hey its a free country, you’ve got to get it out of your system somehow and it makes for good fodder for the blog and the radio show so I should be grateful.

And BTW as an American, in America, you are all “my kind” even Yankee Fans.

Irony meter overload #2 There is another place where Walker is being compared to a dictator:

So in this clip covering the protests in Wisconsin we have the requisite comparisons to Egypt, but PRESS TV also finds someone willing to call Gov. Walker a dictator. Have a look at the photo they’ve used in the background of their set and tell me which dictator they have in mind

Side by side with Iranian TV, solidarity all!

Irony meter overload #3
When Bobby hates you; you stay hated:

He went on to say that he had just visited a high school with [former Florida Governor Jeb] Bush. The crowd booed and hissed.

Booed and hissed? In Obama’s face? Just as he’s talking about the things that drive us together as opposed to the things that drive us apart?!

Did Obama’s own supporters ever take his Tucson speech seriously? And yet his opponents were supposed to moderate their politics at his behest.

Obama may be their guy but there are limits to the famous tolerance of the left.

(BTW the Bobby quote is from old Joe Kennedy he complained how JFK was kind of soft, but Bobby was his boy. I found the quote in Tip O’Neil’s autobiography Man of the House. Should be required reading right and left.)

Update 2:: One of the Wonkette people teased over the lack of comments last night. Alas they didn’t wait for today’s Instalanche.

Update 3: somebody decided to put my comment up on Fark and it generated hundreds of comments. It was suggested that I go over there because apparently I’m being hit pretty hard there. To that I say: So?

I posted on the wonkette thing because I found it interesting and illustrative of the left, and I found the reactions to my comments even more illustrative of the same. The reactions on Fark simply reinforce the point I was making.

I find it all quite amusing.

So fark guys, welcome, feel free to take a look around and come back if you want.

Unless they lose an election that is:

Now remember the federal government doesn’t give collective bargaining rights so does that mean that Mr. Alexander is also supporting violent retaliation against the feds? Against Obama? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now the most interesting thing about this stuff is this is going up on the net, right on twitter. No attempt to hide it, spoken openly.

Why because the left counts on the media to ignore it. If you want to see the face of the left take a look at the comments left for Andrew Breitbart’s on twitter.

The reason why the internet explosion has been so bad for the left is it allows them to be seen for what they are.

Oh as for Scott Walker, well that election doesn’t count because….

Never mind that he won and that the only reason “debate” is not taking place is because the senate democrats ran away.

This is the unapologetic left. They are afraid right now because they are losing and the more afraid they get the less guarded with their speech they get.

Go and take a look at our exchange on Twitter and see what happens when his arguments fail. It is instructive.

Update: Instalanche: I would have thanked Glenn sooner but I hit the sack early.

consider me provoked:

Mike Capuano could not be reached for comment.

There was a time when even union thugs would have left a young lady alone. I’m not as young as I once was, but Tabitha if you are out filming in any area where I am nearby I humbly offer my services as an escort to help prevent this kind of thing from happening again.