Because of my late night last night I didn’t get to the polls until 11:30

The lines were VERY long and had been all day.

According to the numbers my particular ward is seeing nearly triple the normal votes, I suspect this is due to the Brown Warren Race

Half this number due to two page ballot

Here is my live report

As always Annie DiMartino was outside the polls for the Democrats and as always she had something to say

I wish she was one of ours and she told me off camera (but on the record) if Rick Santorum had been the GOP nominee she would have crossed over and voted for him.

Three GOP wins in the congress? Which seats? She wouldn’t say

I also ran into Patti Buckley running for Register of deeds in her first ever race

And interviewed her

But the HUGE news of the day was this table

and this sign

This tells me the inactive voter rules, what I call the Massachusetts Voter ID law is being enforced, at least in Fitchburg. The dual table system is an excellent idea because it doesn’t hold up lines and allows people who have to produce ID’s etc to do so without any kind of embarrassment but if this law is being enforced all over the state this could be an epic change in Massachusetts from here on in. I’ll be checking on this as the day goes on.

Update: Talked to Rosemary Reynolds whose daughter is opposing Patti Buckley

At her voting area there were further tables for “inactive voters” I found such a thing at every location I went to, I checked at City Hall and they had been taking a continual round of calls trying to sort out people who had not sent in their city census, I’ll be checking other cities to see how this is being done.

Meanwhile in Ward 3 I saw something I have never seen before a CNN /ABC etc etc exit poll person:

I have never seen an exit pollster locally.

Oddest election day sight is this one:

What’s life without whimsy?
My plan next is to start hitting outlying towns on the way to Boston and the Romney event.

Update: Leominster reports long lines all day

The GOP office in Leominster

running at full steam calling up a storm for Justin Brooks & Scott Brown

Shirley: The lines for voting stretch out into the street

Ayer: Down the Aisle, the stairs and the corridor just to get in

I don’t know if anyone is staying home at all.

Visited every Ward in Fitchburg today and here is what they said

Ward 1: Knights of Columbus Turnout steady and strong with plenty of people standing out:

At the Knights of Columbus

I did a quick interview with candidate David Streb

and I talked to a Fitchburg Reporter with a killer fedora:

Michael Hartwell has a cooler fedora than me!

Ward 2: St. Joseph’s Church

A much more quiet result, fairly steady according to workers, people holding signs agreed the result will be close

Ward 3: Memorial School Very busy though the day, people were waiting to vote when the doors opened and I had a chance to visit my mother working the polls. I was interviewed by a reporter from the Worcester Telegram there.

Strangely enough in both wards 2 & 3 there were people holding signs who didn’t like their picture taken, a tad odd since they were out in public. (My highlighted photos aren’t them.

Ward 4: The Armory (senior center)

Another steady day, sign holders seemed encouraged

Ward 5: MART Train Station Talked to my friend Dave Roth there, he said the turn out nearly matched a presidental election. Also ran into my friend Chris from the secular humanist site Center of Mass. I’ve got to get him on the show again:

I ran into candidate Joe Solomito there and he agreed to a brief interview with rep Dennis Rosa at his side

As I asked for the interview Chris challenged Joe being too close to the entrance to the polling place. If so that’s my fault since he stopped to talked to me but to play it safe we did the interview across the street just to play it safe.

Ward 6 St. Bernard’s Activity Center (my ward)

I voted this morning around 9 a.m. and they said there was a line at the beginning of the day. When I got back they said the day and been pretty strong and steady during the day.

I ran into candidate Lewis Chamberlin who talked to me briefly:

I also saw Counselor Dean Tran, while he didn’t talk on camera he did express confidence both about his reelection yet still stressed the voters seemed to want change.

An election is not an Election in Fitchburg if you don’t talk to Annie DiMartino, she believes the race for mayor will come down to under 500 votes but declined to make a prediction.

My thoughts: The citizens of Fitchburg are very interested in this election. Mayor Wong started slow but has really worked hard the last few weeks. It remains to be seen if she has surged enough.

If I had to bet money, I think she falls short but all of this was done by 4:45 and as I type this there are still 90 minutes for the voters of Fitchburg to prove me wrong.

Update: It looks like Lisa has pulled it off. The combination of the strong final debate, an intense mail campaign both positive and negative and I suspect the much faster cleanup after this storm seems to have done the trick.

Update 2: During the last two weeks of the campaign I heard an awful lot of voters worried about Joe Solomitos connection to the teachers and police unions, I suspect that has an awful lot to do with the results.

My full set of pictures follows

You might remember Annie DiMartino from the Scott Brown Election, I have a new interview with her at that I encourage you to take a peek at and not just because of the 3/4 of a cent I’ll make a hit: A quick peek:

In the mid 60’s a young girl came to the United States with $17 dollars and a borrowed suitcase to work as a nanny. Today (June 5th) Annie DiMartino will attend the Democratic State Convention in Worcester as she has for decades.

Although we disagree on a few issues (at times I was the only republican in her diner) if more democrats were like Annie DiMartino both the democratic party and America would be better off.