By John Ruberry

A couple of headlines caught my attention this afternoon. Here’s one: “WikiLeaks Releases More Purported Emails, Bringing Total To More Than 11,000,” comes from NPR. Wow. This federally funded news outlet I guess “forgot” that the victim of the hack, Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, admitted that his private emails were illegally breached. But he added, without evidence, that some of that correspondence may have been altered. Bloomberg writes, “WikiLeaks Releases More Alleged E-Mails From Top Clinton Aide.” Bloomberg: Are you paying attention?

So yes, Podesta’s emails were hacked. By whom? The Clinton campaign is blaming the Russian government, offering little in proof, although this morning on Fox News Sunday, Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence says “the evidence continues to point in that direction.” The Clinton campaign, outside of Podesta, refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of these emails, claiming that the Russians are trying to sway the results of this autumn’s election, while deflecting findings from those emails, which include Bill Clinton receiving a $1 million birthday check for the Clinton Foundation–the charity is really a slush fund, by the way–from the government of Qatar, which we learn from another email, is funding ISIS, or at least Hillary Clinton believes so.

Did Russia write that $1 million check?

John ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry of the Magnificent Seven

Also learned from those purported emails was that there was an anti-Catholic email exchange between Podesta, Jennifer Palmieri, communications director of the campaign, and John Halpin of the leftist Center for American Progress. If the trio had discussing Islam in the same manner, they’d almost certainly be looking for new jobs now.

And those revelations are just the ones on the top of the Podesta email pile.

But a couple of media outlets, probably more, apparently believe that by questioning the legitimacy of these alleged emails, people may doubt their veracity.

I don’t think it’s going to work. Not this time. We’re not as dumb as the media elites believe.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Senator Joseph Paine: I know how you feel, Jeff. Thirty years ago – I had those ideals, too. I was *you*. I had to make the decision you were asked to make today. And I compromised – yes! So that all these years I could stay in that Senate – and serve the people in a thousand honest ways! You’ve got to face facts, Jeff. I’ve served our state well, haven’t I? We have the lowest unemployment and the highest federal grants. But, well, I’ve had to compromise, had to play ball. You can’t count on people voting, half the time they don’t vote, anyway. That’s how states and empires have been built since time began. Don’t you understand? Well, Jeff, you can take my word for it, that’s how things are. Now I’ve told you all this because – well, I’ve grown very fond of you – about like a son – in fact, and I don’t want to see you get hurt. Now, when that deficiency bill comes up in the Senate tomorrow, you stay away from it. Don’t say a word. Great powers are behind it, and they’ll destroy you before you can even get started. For your own sake, Jeff, and for the sake of my friendship with your father, please, don’t say a word.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939


If you want to really understand the mindset of the “Personally Opposed” argument on abortion let me illustrate this with a reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew augmented by the Holy Gospel according to Sen Tim Kaine. (The Gospel of Kaine being unitalicized and indented).

Now on the occasion of the feast the governor was accustomed to release to the crowd one prisoner whom they wished. And at that time they had a notorious prisoner called (Jesus) Barabbas. So when they had assembled, Pilate said to them, “Which one do you want me to release to you, (Jesus) Barabbas, or Jesus called Messiah?” For he knew that it was out of envy that they had handed him over. While he was still seated on the bench, his wife sent him a message, “Have nothing to do with that righteous man. I suffered much in a dream today because of him.” The chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas but to destroy Jesus.

Matt 27:15-20

And Lo in the crowd stood Tim, who had heard the words of Christ over the last three years.  And he turned and spoke to the guy standing next to him in the crowd and said:

“You know I’ve heard and seen Jesus.  He’s done wonderful things and teaches as no other does. He’s certainly not guilty like that horrible Barabbas”

The governor said to them in reply, “Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” They answered, “Barabbas!”

Matt 27:21

And Lo Tim who had seen Christ called for Barabbas even louder than the rest.  And the guy standing next to him seemed confused and was about to ask him about it when Tim continued: “In fact I think Jesus is the messiah for he has  done miracles from God that no one else could have.”

Pilate said to them, “Then what shall I do with Jesus called Messiah?” They all said, “Let him be crucified!”

Matt 27:22

And Lo again Tim did scream “Let him be Crucified” even louder than the rest.  And again the man next to him seemed confused and prepared to ask Tim about them but before he could say a word Tim spoke:  “Yes sir Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God all right!”

But he said, “Why? What evil has he done?” They only shouted the louder, “Let him be crucified!”

Matt 27:23

And again Tim shouted it louder than the rest and he turned to speak to the fellow next to him but he, not able to stand it any longer, turned to Tim and spake:  “Tim I don’t understand it? You say that Jesus is the messiah, the son of God, you say nobody could do the things he has done yet you are publicly crying for him to be crucified?  Why?”

When Pilate saw that he was not succeeding at all, but that a riot was breaking out instead, he took water and washed his hands in the sight of the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this man’s blood. Look to it yourselves.”

Matt 27:24

And then Tim turned to his friend and said:  “Well you must understand while I’m publicly committed to supporting the chief priests in the condemnation and  crucifixion of Jesus Christ I think it’s a bad idea and am personally opposed to it.”

And the whole people said in reply, “His blood be upon us and upon our children.”

Matt 27:25

and then after Tim joined in this cry his friend looked at him incredulously and spake: “Well that makes all the difference doesn’t it?”

Then he released Barabbas to them, but after he had Jesus scourged,  he handed him over to be crucified.

Matt 27:26

here endith the lesson.

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I spoke to Author Ellen Gable head of the Catholic Media Guild at the Catholic Marketing Trade Show

Her website is here, the Catholic writers guild is here.

You can buy her books below.

Yesterday I was commenting on Saturday’s Daily Mass being the final mass of the liturgical year with the vigil mass (at 4 PM here in my neck of the woods) being the official start of Advent and the Catholic New Year when a Presbyterian lady pointed out that Advent is the start of the new year for most of the rest of Christendom (except the eastern Orthodox whose year begins Sept 1st) and then commented on some of the feasts denominations celebrate.

As a lifelong catholic I’d never even heard of Reformation Sunday celebrated around its anniversary of Halloween.  That coincidence has sarcastic Catholic humor written all over it.

Other than the dropping of an “l” in the word “all” that statement is of course a fact that should surprise nobody, particularly not my readership.

However it might be a shock to some of my readers that in some of the lands where the Reformation of Luther and Henry VIII were the strongest “Reformation day” and the denominations that celebrate it aren’t doing well

Despite the aforementioned social and cultural visibility of Protestantism in Northern Europe, however, the Lutheran and Anglican Churches there are dying. British sociologists predict that practicing Anglicans will soon meet the fate of the Dodo and woolly mammoth, falling from 800,000 to just 50,000 by mid-century (Episcopalians face similar disastrous prospects in North America). In Sweden, 4 percent of Lutherans attend services regularly, while the corresponding figures in Norway and Finland are below 2 percent.

via the Anchoress who notes that in the Northern European lands of the Reformation there is a bright growing side for Christianity however they’re not all that inclined to celebrate reformation day either:

Northern Europe is proving to be fertile ground for converts. In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI created the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, allowing Anglican priests to cross the Tiber. Since then, many Anglican clerics, frustrated with Canterbury’s eschewing of tradition, have done so. Scandinavian converts are hoping that the Vatican will create a similar ordinariate for Lutherans. Meanwhile, one of Scandinavia’s best-known Christian leaders – charismatic pastor Ulf Ekman – recently converted to Catholicism along with his wife. He said that the Catechism of the Catholic Church is the best book he has ever read.

Northern Europe is clearly one of the world’s most Godless regions. Yet, at the same time, the Catholic Church, while a minority denomination, is experiencing a revival that only Counterreformation popes could have dreamed of.

and it’s not just adult converts, on vocations they’re doing well too:

Currently, Scandinavia is one of the most vocations-rich regions in the Northern Hemisphere. The Church has 103,000 members in Sweden and 17 seminarians. By contrast, the Archdiocese of Vienna has thirteen times as many faithful but fewer than twice as many men studying to be priests.

So why is the Catholic Church growing while others are shrinking, here’s a clue

As Christ said, His followers are to be the salt of the earth. The Lutheran and Anglican Churches have long lost their taste. Other than some fading rituals, they have become largely indistinguishable from the broader secular culture. The fact that the Lutheran bishop of Stockholm is a practicing lesbian perhaps best epitomizes what has happen to Northern European Protestantism.

Someone might want to give those figures to Rome before the end of the Synod on the family.

We Talked about the Black Mass coming to Oklahoma City back in July. The local Archbishop has to counter this event on two fronts, first spiritually:

I am especially concerned about the dark powers that this Satanic worship invites into our community and the spiritual danger that this poses to all who are involved in it, directly or indirectly. Since it seems this event will not be cancelled, I am calling on all Catholics of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City to counteract this challenge to faith and decency through prayer and penance.

Specifically, I am asking that the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel be included at the conclusion of every Mass, beginning on the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord (August 6) and continuing through the Feast of the Archangels (September 29). I invite all Catholics to pray daily for divine protection through the intercession of this heavenly patron who once defeated Lucifer in his rebellion against the Almighty and who stands ready to assist us in this hour of need.

Secondly, I am asking that each parish conduct a Eucharistic Holy Hour with Benediction to honor Christ’s Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, between the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15) and September 21, to avert this proposed sacrilege.

Finally, I invite all Catholics, Christians and people of good will to join me in prayer for a Holy Hour, outdoor Eucharistic Procession and Benediction at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Oklahoma City at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 21, the day of the proposed sacrilege. We will pray to avert this sacrilege and publicly manifest our faith in the Lord and our loving gratitude for the gift of the Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of our lives.

All of these are excellent suggestions for any parish anywhere to follow. He however has also decided to use a secular tactic as well:

Archbishop Paul Coakley filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Oklahoma County District Court. Coakley alleges that the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu and leader Adam Daniels unlawfully obtained the consecrated host to be used in the mass. A consecrated host is a wafer of bread that Catholics believe is the body and blood of Jesus.

According to the lawsuit, only ordained Catholic ministers or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion can handle the consecrated host.

The press release of the Diocese is here

When I heard “lawsuit” I assumed it would be on the basis of “offense” but on 1st amendment grounds that would not likely hold water as people do not have a constitutional right to avoid offense, but Public Catholic has a list of the applicable laws concerning stolen goods.

There are also Blasphemy laws in the state but I doubt they would (or should) stand up under a federal challenge.

It’s a creative approach whose prospect of success depends frankly on how the host was obtained.

It’s very possible that an unfaithful Priest or Eucharistic Minister provided the host (anyone who thinks the evil one doesn’t have agents in the church is a fool) and that might be an excellent counter but such a person would not be anxious to be exposed.  There is also of course the possibility that a person receiving via the hand rather than the tongue palmed one (Fyi:  this is one of the reasons why I think receiving by the hand is a bad idea) and provided it, that would likely make such a suit moot.

But it’s also very possible that the city fearful of a lawsuit might be looking for an excuse to cancel and this suit might be just the ticket for them.

While those who disbelieve may not acknowledge it, this is not only pure evil but extremely dangerous and prayer and action are just the thing to counter it.

I’d encourage all Catholics and any of our Protestant friends willing to either follow the Archbishop’s advice or follow whatever prayer tradition they have and make the fight boldly.

Update: Fr Z on the argument:

The legal approach, the argument that the Church is the owner of the Eucharist, which is property, is interesting. You might recall that a while back I commented favorably about something written by Fishwrap’s Phyllis Zagano (HERE), who had said that what these loons were planning was “vandalism of religious property“. At the time I expressed reservation about that approach. This lawsuit in OK turns on it.

He links to the National Catholic Register story which goes into some of the details of the argument.

Michael Caspino, one of two attorneys who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the archdiocese in Oklahoma District Court said the legal argument for the case is simple: “A consecrated Eucharist belongs to the Church.”
Caspino, the CEO and partner at the Busch & Caspino law firm in Irvine, Calif., told the Register that the Church has exercised “dominion and control” over the Eucharist for more than 2,000 years. The lawsuit provides information on Church processes set up to safeguard the consecrated host.
“The Satanists procured the consecrated host by illicit means, theft or fraud,” Caspino said. “We are simply asking the court to return the stolen property to its rightful owner, the Roman Catholic Church.”

Interesting argument.


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One of the most common pieces of idiocy I hear over and over on the net is the idea that there was some kind of grand conspiracy of the Catholic Church to keep the Bible out of the hands of the masses that was only foiled with the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg. This idiotic tweet is standard:

The amount of historical ignorance it takes to make such a claim is so astounding that one is shocked that a person would be willing to make it in public, but since people know so little of history let me suggest a simple experiment to illustrate the absurdity of it all.

The next time someone tells you this tripe, ask them to do the following.

1. Sit yourself down in front of their  laptop and open up your bible.

2. Starting from Genesis start typing the entire thing out including verse numbers

The new Testament contains 138,020 words in 7956 verses. As you are including the verse numbers that’s an extra word for every say 3 verses so add 2652 words for a total of 140,682.

Now because a person making such a claim is likely a protestant we’ll make the old testament easy by doing what Martin Luther did and lop off the books he didn’t like leaving you 602,585. To make things easier we’ll even excuse you from the verse numbers.

That’s a total of 743,267 words.

A professional typist using a standard keyboard averages between 50-80 words a minute. Taking the low end of 50 words a minute  that means it would take you 14,867.34 minutes to type out the whole thing.

As there are 1440 minutes in the day that means it would take you 10.324 days of 24/7 typing to copy an entire bible assuming you were able to maintain that 50 words per minute the entire time without food, drink or rest

Let’s be kind and assume you need to sleep and be generous and give you say 6 hours a night to sleep. Let’s furthermore allow you a full two hours to eat two to three meals, take a bathroom break and dress So instead of working 24/7 you are working a 16 hour day getting up at 5 to type and hitting the sack at 11 PM with two hours during the day for other things. That would make give you about 960 minutes a day to devote to typing the bible finishing in 15.48 days at that steady 50 Word per minute rate throughout without  error (96% correct simply won’t do)

Ok now lets take away your laptop and replace it with a manual typewriter without an auto correct. How much time would the loading of paper add? The correction of errors. The centering etc? Let’s be EXTREMELY generous and say it would only add 10% to your total time so now we’re up to 17 days to copy a Protestant bible working 16 hours a day seven days a week.

Now lose the typewriter and write it by hand. According to Keller in 1988 An average person can copy text by hand at a rate of 22 words per minutes and now you are dealing with getting pens, starting pages over if you make a mistake etc.  Just how long would it take to hand write a bible?  Well a retired fellow by the name of Phillip Patterson managed to do it in 4 years.

Four years after he began his project to write out every word of the Bible, Phillip Patterson penned the very last lines Saturday at an upstate New York church.“Every single curly-q, every single loop, it was all worth it,” said Patterson, 63, moments after inking the final two verses of the King James Bible. “I’m really going to miss this writing.”

It took Patterson just a few minutes to copy the final lines of the Book of Revelation before a crowd of about 125 people at St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church in Spencertown. He ended the ceremony by saying “Amen.”

But lets assume you are not a retired AIDS patient and much healthier than Mr. Patterson, Moreover we are working uninterrupted for our 16 hours a day every day unlike Keller who devoted a mere 14 hours a day on occasion to work on it.

I’ll wager we can cut that four years down to a single year easy.

Now let’s replace our Pen with a fountain pen.  You have to constantly refill your pen and get your bottled ink, but at least it gives your fingers a rest. Plus you’re going to have to worry about ink stains & accidents. How many days would that add to the project?  Less than 10% say a month or more?

Now replace that fountain pen with a quill, now you have to sharpen that quill and be much more careful since it’s easier to make a mistake as there is no normal ink flow. Plus there is a danger of puncturing the paper with the point. Where do you think we are now? 14 months? 15?

Now cut off your electricity. You can now only write during time of full sunlight or by candlelight.

Suddenly you’re limited to an average of 12 hours a day to work, but that’s OK because now you have 4 hours to use to actually live and rest, but that takes a full 25% off your writing time. We are now up to 18 months to copy that bible. And you’re pretty much doing it the way a medieval monk used to do so, except your glasses are likely much better so you aren’t straining as much as you write.

But if we want to do what the monk did there are two things we can’t ignore..

#1. Being a monk you are observing the sabbath. So you are now losing one day in seven that gets you up to 21 months to finish that book.

#2 What about calligraphy? Most bibles were not written in just plain you are now adding flourishes and fancy lettering.  This is the word of God not some dimestore novel we’re talking about.

Bottom line you are talking nearly 2 years of manual labor working 12 hour days six days a week to produce a single bible.

So are you really going to stand there and tell me that there was a vast Catholic conspiracy to keep Bibles away from the general public when it took two full man years of manual labor to produce a single copy?

Given the amount of man hours it’s a wonder that any Bibles were produced at all and it speaks to the dedication and the faith of both the Catholic Church and the monks at the time that there were bibles even for the clergy let alone for anyone else.

And we haven’t even taken into account the lack of literacy among people living at subsistence level or the cost of such a book. (At $2 an hour 12 hours a day 6 days a week no overtime that $7488 in today’s money not counting materials. Tell me how many $7500 items do you have in YOUR house)?

So the next time some fool tries to tell you of the grand Catholic conspiracy of millennia to keep scripture out of the hands of the people give them this post or tell them to put their fingers where their mouths are.

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Demonstrating once again the back-handed compliment that the devil always pays to Jesus Christ, the blasphemy is directed, not toward Zeus, Quetzelcoatl or Mars, but toward the one true God. In turn, blasphemy always destroys, not God, who cannot be harmed, but the blasphemy, who makes himself utterly small when God desires to exalt him and give him joy.

Mark Shea

Monday before last I was in Cambridge covering the Eucharistic Procession & Holy Hour to resist the planned Satanic Black Mass on the Grounds of Harvard University.

One of the things that really hit me about that day was how little resistance there was to us both in the procession and at St. Paul’s from the other side. I really expected to see the Satanists put up more of a fight.

Instead there was only a single person who showed up after the Holy Hour was done shouting things. (One report identified the man as fellow named Bob Odenkirk but I don’t have personal confirmation of that.

He was shouting things about oppression of women, the church being all pedophiles, and mistreatment of gays (completely oblivious to the irony considering the sexual orientation of those priests guilty of molesting boys of course) in a vain attempt to overshadow the hundreds who had gathered in prayer and rejoicing.

It didn’t bother me as I’d heard it all before but there was one thing he said that stood out to me.

In addition to his other rants he kept yelling: “You’re cannibals! You’re eating flesh, you’re drinking blood. You’re cannibals. Stop being cannibals!”

A few minutes later as I was getting a lift to my car I noted to my companions the irony that, like the Satanists who had claimed to score a consecrated host for their Black Mass he was, without meaning to, acknowledging the real presence of Christ.

which brings me to a fellow on twitter called Infidel Cracker.


As you might guess from the description of himself we likely have an awful lot in common politically. I’m very conservative, I’ve not been shy about critiquing Islam and big into God and family.

However his opinion of the Roman Catholic Church is….interesting.

As that tweet might indicate his grasp of the history of Christianity is also a tad creative and his worries concerning the church have to be seen to believed.

While that’s a tad comical the thing that really struck me weren’t those tweets that I’d heard from fanatical protestants before, but these tweets that seemed to echo the shouts of that Monday night


and :

The irony is overwhelming. One man an atheist / satanist the other a proclaimed Christian “Washed by the blood of Christ” making the same arguments directed against the same church.

But there is a difference. A Satanist hates the Catholic Church for what it is. The fanatical Protestant hates the church for what he thinks it is.

It’s not odd of course that such misconceptions exist. There is a long history of anti-Catholicism in America, the MSM keeps making that fight as well and let’s face it the Catholics most promoted by the msm such as Nancy Pelosi, Joe Bidens & Sr. Jeannine Gramick are not likely to get any Protestant cheering for the church.

But either way when dealing with the angry Satanist & the fanatical protestant the solution is the same. Prayer.

I’ll let the Holy Spirit & their guardian angels do the heavy lifting here. I’ve added Infidel Cracker & Bob Odenkirk to my prayer list, I’d ask you to do the same

Finally lets close with this bit of wisdom from Michael Kelly