Saturday in the wake of their massive error I teased CNN about the definition of “Newsworthy”. Yesterday I told the story of a special election that took place last week in Massachusetts, a State where Hillary won by 27 points and where they hold super-majorities in both houses, where a GOP State Senate Candidate flipped a seat that Democrats have held for over 25 years and suggested this story is a good example of what is Newsworthy.

However while I’ve done lots of shoe leather reporting over the last 8 years I’ve never actually worked for a newspaper or in a newsroom, nor have I exercised editorial control over anything larger than this blog.

So what would experienced reporters who have done journalism for a living all their lives and have to sell their product elsewhere, what would such folks lives think?

So I contacted several professional reporters current and former and asked them, without giving any details if he would consider a pro-life 2nd amendment republicans flipping a seat held by democrats for over 25 years in a special election in Massachusetts newsworthy.

As you might guess my first stop was Robert Stacy McCain. He has decades of experience as a reporter in papers large and small from his early twenties. He concluded it was for the following reasons:

“It points to the direction of politics as we head to the midterm elections and it is a possible indicator that the Trump momentum will continue despite the usual trend of off-year elections favoring the party out of power.”

He game an example from recent history as well.

“When democrats had a very good result in Virginia elections in November and this was made national news…the election of a transgender Democrat to a formerly republican held seat (also in Virginia) it made national news.”

And he cited the upcoming special election in Alabama as something that elevates the newsworthyness of the story further:

“If Trump really has momentum nationwide this result in a special election in Massachusetts might point to what we are looking at in Alabama.

That agenda has encouraged the Republican base. It’s about who can get out and mobilize their base. Republicans flip a Democrat seat in Massachusetts that tells you that despite what the pols might indicate and despite what the media might tell you to believe Trump remains popular with his base. So when you come to Tuesday, Democrats have tired to nationalize the Alabama senate race but it will be a base election.”

I also spoke to Don Surber author of Trump the Press and Trump the Establishment the same question. While currently retired he like Stacy McCain has decades of experience in the newsroom. To him the answer to the question would really depend on location.

“If I’m in Massachusetts it’s newsworthy because it has proximity, it has prominence, it’s timely, it’s odd because Gop doesn’t win there it has consequence because it will affect legislation.”

With the GOP only up to 7 senators that last one point is unlikely although you can’t get to 21 without getting to 7 first. So if he was in charge at the Boston Globe

“It has front page newsworthiness below the fold right hand corner.”

The Globe apparently disagreed with Mr. Surber. Tran’s victory didn’t make the front page but a search of their web site for Dean Tran did have a result in the Metro region.

linking to this seven sentence story by Jake Johnson from Wednesday including this quote from the Mass GOP Chair Kristen Hughes:

“The MassGOP is proud to congratulate [Tran] on his victory, which is a testament to the fact that voters stand with Governor Baker’s vision of fiscal discipline and common sense reform,” Kirsten Hughes, chairwoman of the MassGOP said in a statement announcing Tran’s victory.

Based on Don Surber’s stated opinion the Massachusetts paper of record definitely undersold a newsworthy story in the state, but when asked if it rises to the level of a national story , his opinion was very different.

“It’s not really national news I’d probably report it on some level If I ran it on AP I’d run it as a small 3 paragraph story.”

And he explained why: “I’d blog about it, for partisans it has impact. it’s not a national story because you have fifty state senates, most of them are republican. Space is a limited thing…you have to pick and choose your spots, AP would have it, same with Bloomberg news, three paragraphs”

A search of AP showed that while they didn’t have any original reporting they had picked up the Sentinel articles quoted in this piece

While a search of Bloomberg produced plenty for “Dean” results on colleges and “tran” on transgerder issues they had nothing on the special election in Massachusetts.

But that’s newspapers, Should we have seen something on Fox for example?

“Would I expect it to be on Brett Baier’s special report, no.”

And apparently Fox news agrees

How about CNN?

“If you are doing a political hour you might mention it but to the audience CNN is serving it’s not a national story.”

and apparently CNN agrees there as well

Of course part of what makes a story news is the attempt of people to push it. For example If I was the GOP chair national chair, particularly if I was the daughter of the former governor of Massachusetts, I’d have made it a point to mention this election to force coverage of a GOP win in a democrat stronghold and if I was the National GOP I’d at least have a mention of this result on my page

Here again Surber disagrees. “Democrats went with their minor victories because they had nothing else to brag about.” Surber cited the Tax bill, news reports on manufacturing jobs and President Trump move on Jersualem as stories of a much higher priority for the national party to push. But even if the national party decided to push the story, if it was up to him Surber wouldn’t bite saying bluntly: “It’s just not a national story.”

So maybe I shouldn’t be as hard on CNN as I was yesterday.

Closing note.  I had planned to have a third reporter for this post, unfortunately for me and him Dave Weigel became rather tied up this weekend.  Ironically he became more newsworthy than my story or this post.

If you want to understand how the media places with story titles to create or avoid a meme you can’t do better than these two headlines both covering the same story:

dueling headlines

Here is the AP story:

Italy’s migration crisis took on a deadly new twist Thursday as police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and an aid group said another 41 were feared drowned in a separate incident.

Now in fairness to the BBC the story does go there

The 15 Muslim migrants involved in the row with Christians were arrested in the Sicilian city of Palermo and charged with “multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate”.
The suspects, who are from the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Guinea, were among 105 migrants travelling in an inflatable boat that left Libya on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses told police how the altercation resulted in Christians being thrown overboard, and that some of the survivors had formed human chains to avoid a similar fate.

Cripes even CNN got the lead right:

Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard

Frankly the real story to me is that AP & CNN didn’t do what the BBC did.

I guarantee you that if the religions were reversed not only would the BBC headline would be more explicit, furthermore every single network would be leading with it today.

 the hour is coming when everyone who kills you will think he is offering worship to God.

John 16:2b

In fact I predict you’ll see that sentiment even from people who claim not to believe in any god.

What a week this has been in the MSM! Between Benghazi hearings, the enormous Department of Justice power grab, and the IRS targeting conservative groups, one thing has become clearly apparent: Obama is not a leader. The government is falling apart under his command. While many may argue this could be a good thing, I think what we are seeing is a lack of accountability and multiple ethical violations piling up. One after another, we are obtaining evidence that when Obama said transparency, he really meant cloaked scandal. When he talked of helping the American public, he was speaking of his donors. And when we were promised that Obamacare was the answer, it gives us a pretty good idea of what the question was (hint: what’s the next poorly run federal governmental entity?)

As many of you, I was heartbroken when Mitt Romney lost his bid for presidency. What a different world this would be! One of the statements my father made was that Obama would have to live with the consequences of his poor leadership. He has blamed Bush for 5 years. At some point, that song and dance has an end. Now, the scandals are piling up. With the recent AP debacle, hopefully, even the media can be mad enough to get on board and report what is happening in the White House instead of burying stories.

What’s unfortunate, is that in all the scandal, real lives have been impacted. Real lives in Benghazi. Real people targeted and impacted by the IRS. Real sources compromised. Lives are affected by each of Obama’s blunders.

Rebecca @

…concerning Zombie’s post about the Turn Right/ Ehlinger ad.

In their get out the vote flyer story on the CA 36 race they religiously avoid topics that might depress the Hahn campaign turnout while Highlighting items that might energize democratic voters. This in itself is no surprise, this is the MSM and that they are in the tank for Democrats should be no surprise to anyone who has paid any attention over the years.

Yet among their Omissions is any reference to the Turn Right USA rap video. Just to remind you Zombie’s post yesterday referred to the ad as “backfiring” and “dunderheaded video” yet the AP doesn’t mention it at all.

One would think that given the “Hey Democrats you need to get out and vote” theme of the story they might include the video that might energize democrats, while dodging the Fox news story on the gang connections, but they do not.

Why? Because they can’t take the chance of democratic voters finding one more reason to avoid voting for Janice Hahn.

Oh and one more thing, I hit Zombie on his conclusion concerning the Turn Right USA ads, but take a good look at Zombie’s full post vs the AP story running today. Compare the two and ask yourself this question: If you were totally uninformed about the CA-36 race, which one brings you up to speed?

The answer tells you in a nutshell why the MSM is declining while alternative media is rising.

Today the AP released yet another poll declaring that the Republicans are in trouble and the public doesn’t believe that Medicare and Social Security the cuts are not necessary

They’re not buying it. Most Americans say they don’t believe Medicare has to be cut to balance the federal budget, and ditto for Social Security, a new poll shows.

The Associated Press-GfK poll suggests that arguments for overhauling the massive benefit programs to pare government debt have failed to sway the public. The debate is unlikely to be resolved before next year’s elections for president and Congress.

And in this same poll the president has a 63% of those responding with a favorable opinion of him. Sounds pretty ominous for the GOP doesn’t it?

Unfortunately for those who actually like to be informed when reading what is supposed to be a news story you have to go deep into the AP numbers (not included in the story) to discover that the AP polled almost 2 democrats for every 1 republican (35% vs 18%). That’s not a poll that’s Psy-ops!

So lets ask the question: In a poll where the ratio of republicans to democrats are 2-1 how would you expect President Obama to do?

While you’re considering lets ponder something else: Including leaners Republicans made up 29% of this poll. That being the case if I’m the White House I’d think I’d be worried with 52% of respondents thinking the country is going in the wrong direction, wouldn’t you? With 29% of a sample being Republicans and 39% percent of the people asked disproving of the president that’s an awful lot of non-republicans disapproving isn’t it?

And with a sample at best a 3-2 democratic ratio and at worst a 2-1 we should expect democrats in this poll over republicans by at least a 60-67% shouldn’t we? Yet in this poll less than half the respondents trust democrats to manage the Deficit, Taxes, the Economy or protecting the country.

And with those same advantages what are the Trust numbers over 50% for dems in the poll? Social Security and creating Jobs 52%,Healthcare 53%, Medicare 54%.

If this is the best Democrats can do with a 2-1 or a 3-2 margin in polling what will they do in an actual election when the proportions will not be so favorable? Cripes George Bush has a 50% favorable rating in this poll!

If the MSM has to skew poll samples this badly to get the results they need, how confident must they be?

So when the MSM throws this poll in your face as part of their Psy-ops campaign there is only one answer:

Ride Right Through them They’re Demoralized as hell!

Is that not too long ago, this would have happened behind the scenes and we would never know about it.

How many times has AP & Reuters decided to “manage” the news in such a way to steer a story without our knowledge?

If you never understood why the internet is so important, and so HATED by those in power or who want power, this is exactly why.

BTW AP if your guidelines are the lead story on memeorandum, you are doing something wrong

Update: Doug Powers wants suggestions.

Update 2: Orwellian yes, also likely business as usual.