by baldilocks In the Internet age, it's hard to fake a military background, but this guy got away with it for quite some time. Brooklyn Army vet Papotia Reginald Wright’s resume was impressive by any standard. He boasted of a Purple Heart, Bronze Star — and a slew of other medals as an elite Green … Continue reading Playacting

BOHICA For Him, But Not For Them

by baldilocks The little guys have to follow the rules; the Big Guys and Girls, not so much. The Army is booting out a 13-year public affairs sergeant for including in an unclassified government email the same information about a special operations unit and Osama bin Laden found on web pages. The irony in … Continue reading BOHICA For Him, But Not For Them

Assault On Freedoms: A Week In Review

This week has been a difficult one for religious freedom and liberty. Freedoms have taken a beating from all sides of the country. The week against liberty started off with MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Parry saying that our kids "belonged" to the community. (A funny reply on Facebook had a picture of Sarah Palin with the … Continue reading Assault On Freedoms: A Week In Review