Perhaps Chicago Public Schools should start over again

By John Ruberry Is a new beginning the only way out for Chicago Public Schools? That's what crossed my mind this morning while I was watching Mike Flannery on Fox Chicago's Flannery Fired Up. The show opened. with an interview of David Jackson, one of the investigative reporters who penned a disturbing yet indispensable series … Continue reading Perhaps Chicago Public Schools should start over again

Chicago: America’s Junk City

By John Ruberry On Monday Rahm Emanuel will be sworn in for his second term as mayor of Chicago. He faces enormous challenges including a high murder rate--with it comes the new nickname for the city, "Chiraq," a crumbling infrastructure that includes pothole-strewn streets, and multiple financial crises. Just last week Moody's Investors Services double-downgraded … Continue reading Chicago: America’s Junk City

Education Experts Gone Wild

For this post, I collected a whole lotta links on Education Expert Stupidity.  At the start, I was all geared up for apoplexy.  I’m talking outrage of the eye-twitching, blood vessel-bursting kind. Writing is a journey, however, and the destination is often a surprise.  Certainly, idiocy is in no short supply.  But at the end … Continue reading Education Experts Gone Wild

The New Tone Of Common Core

Those of us engaged in political debate know the term 'new tone'. We're used to seeing the hyperbolic, vitriol packed statements from legislators, talking heads and the like. Seeing people called racists, bigots, terrorists and worse have increasingly filled the airwaves and have been pounded out into articles and blogs all over the internet. Sadly, … Continue reading The New Tone Of Common Core

…and Sherman did wonders for development in Atlanta

It's a good thing that instead of inarticulate people like George W. Bush in Washington these days we have folks like Arnie Duncan who know how to turn a phrase: ABC News' Mary Bruce Reports: Education Secretary Arne Duncan said today that Hurricane Katrina was “the best thing that happened to the education system in … Continue reading …and Sherman did wonders for development in Atlanta