You might remember last year I reported from Boston Common where a man wearing an Israeli flag was menaced by an angry threatening mob.

Well in old Vienna they’ve figured out a way to solve that problem of people waving Israeli flags at protests, fine them!

The Vienna police are pursuing criminal charges against three pro-Israel activists for waving an Israeli flag in protest of antisemitic slogans at a demonstration against Jerusalem having been recognized by the US as the capital of the Jewish state.

According to the police they were waving said flag in a way to be “provocative”

The criminal notice, dated January 3, states that the activists “showed an Israeli flag at a rally in an extremely provocative way and manner that was visible for participants at the rally and thereby produced considerable offense and provocation among the Palestinian protesters.”

Oddly enough those same police didn’t consider fine the Palestinian protesters shouting “Death to Israel” as that’s apparently not provocative at all.

Matthias said the prosecution is “unbelievable. We simply held a flag.” He said the men plan to seek legal aid and appeal the penalty. “It can’t be that antisemitic slogans can be hollered and go unpunished while showing an Israeli flag is reason to be fined.”

Yes it can, particularly since one group will retalize violently if they are opposed and one will not.

Welcome to the new anti-semitic Europe. Where being a Jew is fine, as long as you are quiet about it. Via Elder of Ziyon