I was at an event hosted by Granite Grok’s Mike Rogers at CPAC when Robert Stacy McCain (one of the 5 non-pols that Politico says you have to watch) came up to me and thanked me for “forgetting” my hat at CPAC 2010 (Stacy partied till 5 a.m. and I flew out a 7 but be that as it may…) That led to my hat going all over the country.

Stacy in my fedora was seen from New Orleans to Las Vegas, From Delaware to Sarah Palin’s house. As Politico said

How can you find McCain? If the chain smoking and fedora don’t tip you off, he’ll be the guy in the press section who brings his family and boisterously laughs at Ann Coulter’s jokes, to the chagrin of mainstream types. And how do you know he’s pumped for this year? He’s already dubbed it the “best CPAC ever” and has planned how to “be in seven places simultaneously.”

And thus the Axis of Fedora was born.

Today Stacy is in Michigan doing shoe leather work, he went into a Romney HQ when that same Mike Rogers gave him a call just as he came through the door, well I’ll let Stacy tell the tale:

“I need to take this call,” I told the Romney volunteer lady, and retreated to the foyer area to talk to Mike. He was calling from an airport, about to board a flight back to New Hampshire, and said he’d been reading my campaign-trail blogging. As I was talking to him, however, a couple of young guys came out of a back office in the Romney headquarters, and I overheard one of them mutter the phrase “Santorum blogger.”


By the time I got off the phone with Mike, one of the young Romney guys was standing there in a polite-but-serious posture. The dude looked like he might have played linebacker in high school. A brief conversation ensued, which I summarized on Twitter:

5:39 p.m.: Folks at Romney Michigan HQ recognize me, invite me to leave. Must be the hat.

The perils of notoriety. They didn’t even let me get a picture of the office.

The Fedora giveth and the Fedora taketh away.

The ultimate proof the Axis of Fedora is a cool place to be:

Meet the family of Mark Oxner who will be preventing the return of Alan Grayson to congress in what has now been renumbered the florida 9th district.

My interview with the Oxners is here

His Turn this ship around ad is here

and you can donate to his campaign here.

Stacy McCain’s plane was running a tad late but once he was in the car we scooted North. At first I believed we might try to hit the Santorum Event in Tilton NH for 1 p.m. but Stacy anxious to get an initial post up asked me to keep an eye out for the first McDonalds off of 93 north so we could post.

The National News desk of The Other McCain.com Manchester NH

The Manchester Airport exit provided such a stop but when we got out of the car the first thing we noticed was a satellite truck parked across the street:

A satalite dish, clearly there is news nearby

Next to the Airport Diner

What goes on in that tasty looking building?

As Stacy was anxious to file and less foolhardy than me when it comes to dashing across busy streets he went inside to start working.

Stacy McCain at the Ray Kroc Memorial News Center, Manchester edition

while I investigated what was going on across the street.

It turns out CNN was basing their morning coverage from their morning coverage from the place and planned to be there tomorrow (I wonder if my friend Dana Loesch might be there tomorrow?) A crew from a Maine Television station was shooting and talking to locals. They were kind enough to pose for me:

They had been getting mixed results as the natural campaign exhaustion is setting in on folks here in NH (going first comes at a price.

I was about to leave when they pointed out that candidate Christopher Hill who I remembered from the Sarah Palin Tea party express event was there. I introduced myself and Mr. Hill was kind enough to give me some of his time:

One might ask why bother with a candidate who is unlikely to go very far, but Hill’s story was actually the type of story I’ve heard over and over from Tea Party people. People who over the last two years particularly were sick and tired of what they were seeing in Washington and finally decided to DO something about it. Granted for most folks getting involved doesn’t involve running for president but it was and is the same drive that has made a difference in the last election and will likely make a difference in this one.

You can discount Mr. Hill’s quixotic presidential bid but those who discount the passion that drives it will shortly find themselves in the political wilderness, just ask Ben Nelson.

Update: Here is the initial report from the National desk of Stacy McCain meanwhile Angel Clark answers the question why some nice young man hasn’t snatched up Meagan McCain:

“If he had endorsed Santorum, I mean, I would be like slitting my wrists on the table right now,” Meghan McCain said about her father’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.”

There is no gentlemanly way to say what I’m thinking right now so I’ll leave it at that.

Around the time you read these words baring disaster I will just about be picking up Stacy McCain at Logan Airport and pointing my newly inspected 1999 Buick LeSabre with 138K plus miles on it that will not only never be mistaken for a Mustang but will not be going 80 in any 40 zones during the time that Stacy is in it.

My unwillingness to risk expensive tickets is one of the few sources of friction with Stacy when we hang together and assuming that his plane arrives on time it will likely take all of the two hours that the map calls for to make it to the 1 p.m. Santorum event in Tilton NH.

Of course the big objection for me is to head all the way up toward Funspot the largest Arcade in the world and one of the great collections of pinball machines without playing even one, but business before pleasure, of course with Stacy in the car and fireworks legal in NH he might be calling for some undeclared stops as well.

Either way the Axis of Fedora is on the roll again and we’ll do our best to get all the info worth blogging about.

It might not have the speed of an Iowa Mustang but it won’t be boring.

And the week that will follow will in decades to come be one more piece of evidence for the cause of my wife sainthood.

This week DaTechGuy on DaRadio welcomes Pam Geller back to the show.

We will be talking about her new book Stop the Islamization of America available here.

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So we’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning 10 a.m. for DaTechGuy on DaRadio

I can not see how in the name of sanity I am included in this poll.

If I win it can only be due to the power of the fedora (or vote fraud) because based on the photos my wife’s vote is for Stacy McCain.

Update: I don’t know what is scarier, the fact that I’m now just a few votes behind Stacy (who is 4th) but that I actually received e-mails from listeners asking for the web address so they could vote for me.

…was made by Tina Brown when she said this about Newsweek:

but when will the operation be profitable?

The Daily Beast, Brown reminded her questioner, was conceived in 2008 on a five-year business plan, “on which we are very, very handsomely along the way.” Newsweek, meanwhile, “is an iconic global brand,” one that landed 40 new ad campaigns in 40 days earlier this year, she said, “so we have absolute confidence, given this new world we’re in, given the energy of the Daily Beast digital brand, that we can reactivate Newsweek.”

And now for the short answer: “In the next two to three years,” she said. Kelly repeated her response for confirmation; Brown nodded.emphasis mine

Tina Brown is going to make Newsweek profitable? the lady who managed to lose a combined 122 million between the New Yorker and Talk in 5 years, (that’s an average of over 24 million a year of other people money)

Stacy McCain reminds of us the track record here:

The New Yorker reportedly lost $42 million in three years (1995-97) under Ms. Brown’s editorship. Talk lost an impressive $80 million during its two-year existence.

And makes this prediction:

Brown’s business model is obviously the same as Arianna Huffington’s: An updated online version of the old reliable pump-and-dump. Carve out a slice of online readership, then sell those “eyes” to some larger entity.

Arianna sold HuffPo to AOL. To whom will Tina sell Newsbeast?

In my Opinion both Stacy’s suggestion and my own suggestions are likely to bring you are better cash return than Tina Brown. That is a given but what Stacy isn’t taking into account is profit is not the goal of those who invest with Tina Brown….
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