Old Ally

by baldilocks Fran Poretto is an old blog friend of mine and, while I read his many excellent essays, I’d like to present a sample.  In the Decalogue, we find the propositions that for many centuries constituted the definition of moral / ethical law for Western man: Thou shalt not murder. Thou shalt not commit … Continue reading Old Ally

Strangest Fruit

by baldilocks David French sums up the surrealism in the aftermath of Las Vegas. So, a person who’s “not a gun guy” has either expended untold thousands of dollars to legally purchase fully-automatic weapons, somehow found them on the black market, or purchased and substantially modified multiple semi-automatic weapons — and did so with enough competence … Continue reading Strangest Fruit

How People Respond to Others When Self is the Focus

by baldilocks Some amateur shrinking "How dare you...!" -- Often said when a person "dares" to say or do something that another doesn't like. "I don't appreciate...!" -- Said as if the receiver is supposed to have appreciation for whatever the speaker/actor is saying or doing. "You are arrogant!" -- Often true, but just as … Continue reading How People Respond to Others When Self is the Focus

Of Dead Geese and Distractions Removed

by baldilocks For the last few days, it’s been all about Donald Trump and his fiery words to NFL owners regarding players who choose to sit down or kneel during the playing of the National Anthem. Lots of mischaracterizations out there about the state of this feud, including that it’s a “First Amendment” issue or … Continue reading Of Dead Geese and Distractions Removed

Pouring the Concrete for Marxism’s Earthly Foundation

by baldilocks Back in May, I said this. When we think of lies, we tend to think of them as linear one-dimensional, straight-out falsehoods: 2+2=57, for example—a thing so outrageously false as to be laughable. And this.  The Devil is building his multi-dimensional kingdom of lies—in counterpoint to the Kingdom of God. And in imitation … Continue reading Pouring the Concrete for Marxism’s Earthly Foundation


by baldilocks Social Media is great for putting out both information and disinformation (aka Bravo Sierra) at the speed of light. I wonder what the mixture ratio is for this story. A Texas woman was drawn into an intense racial debate on Hobby Lobby's public Facebook page after she took offense to the company selling … Continue reading Cottoned

We Already Know What Happened

by baldilocks It’s another one of those times when I just start typing and see where it leads. Rest assured that you will not get the first draft. At any given waking moment, there are dozens of things I’m pondering simultaneously. Here’s one of the contemporaneous things: Hillary Clinton’s new book, entitled What Happened, which … Continue reading We Already Know What Happened

About the Weather, Man

by baldilocks Consider this excerpt a preamble to a question. There's no question that Irma was and continues to be destructive. But there's also no question that it was not nearly the storm it was predicted by all the experts to be. Last week, there was talk of massive destruction across [Florida], with damage estimates … Continue reading About the Weather, Man

Tribalism is Natural

by baldilocks A little secret: I had to do community service for a misdemeanor. My crime: carrying a loaded weapon in public. (Hey, it’s California.) I plead guilty and, because it was a first offense, I received community service. Some might remember that I fractured my left wrist from a fall back in 2012. I … Continue reading Tribalism is Natural

Tangled Web of Dictators With Nukes

by baldilocks Gaddafi and Hussein are dead. It’s said that North Korea's Kim Jong Un doesn’t want to give up his nukes because of what happened to Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. After the US invaded Iraq, which resulted in the deposition and execution of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi gave up his country’s nukes, only to be abandoned … Continue reading Tangled Web of Dictators With Nukes


by baldilocks As a few people may have noticed, I've been going back over posts from my old blog, which I started in 2003. One of the things which has hindered me in deciding what to write about is that, often, I feel like I'm repeating myself. But a long-time fan turned that notion around … Continue reading Yardsticks

Stinking Facts

by baldilocks Evergreen  and multipurpose commentary from Harold S. Geneen, former President, CEO and Chairman of ITT, in 1984. The year of the quote is serendipitous. Time after time in those early ITT management meetings, I would question a man about his facts, Where did he get them? (Usually from some other man.) How did … Continue reading Stinking Facts

On the “Special Needs” of Black People

by baldilocks What have Republicans/conservatives done for black Americans? I hear that question constantly when I disclose that I am a conservative. Implied in the question is that a political party must “do something” for blacks. Not merely the usual “something” that a government entity does for all of its constituents, e.g. provide utilities, regulate … Continue reading On the “Special Needs” of Black People

Math Geek Memories

by baldilocks Around the time of 9/11, during one of my many sojourns into higher education, I was in a CAD program--which I regret not finishing. One of the required courses was Algebra and I did well, out of 100 achieving a 96 average -- math being one of my favorite subjects.  And, most heartening, … Continue reading Math Geek Memories

Slave Cars

by baldilocks File this under "things I wish I had said." A Facebook friend who wishes to remain anonymous has a few suggestions for those who wish to uproot racism and anything that racists have produced. Just remember, folks, Daimler-Mercedes-Benz built German war machines and Mercedes-Benz designed and built Hitler's car. Certainly hope you're not … Continue reading Slave Cars