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The World’s End 2013

Have you ever heard of the term:  A Lawsuit waiting to happen:

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office has instructed prosecutors to think twice before charging illegal immigrants with minor, non-violent crimes in response to stepped up immigration enforcement by the Trump administration.

Am I reading this right?  Is the State Attorney’s office actually instructing prosecutors to use a double standard when it comes to prosecuting crimes?  Jazz Shaw comments:

For these purposes they want to focus on “minor, non-violent criminal cases.” One could imagine that might include petty theft or any burglary which doesn’t rise in value to the grand theft arena. Perhaps passing bad checks? These are the sorts of things most any of us would wind up in front of a judge for. We might not go to jail, but would probably at least be paying a fine and possibly some sort of probation. But if you happen to be an illegal alien residing in Baltimore, congratulations! You’ve pretty much got a free pass after this. Snatch all the purses you like because even if you get caught there won’t be any consequences.

We’re talking about officers of the court who are charged with upholding the law. And they are seriously cautioning the staff to consider not prosecuting people who are suspected of these crimes on the basis of the fact that they are already committing a crime by being here illegally. If you are a citizen or lawful immigrant living in Baltimore you should be outraged by this.

Well “yes” and “no”.  If you are a law abiding citizen who cares about the rule of law, you should be outraged by this, but if you are a native born person who is a criminal a passer of bad checks, a purse snatcher, a drunk driver, a drug dealer, a vandal or any one of the many people who either have a history of or plan on a career which include the risk of being subject to “minor, non violent criminal cases” your ship has just come in.

This is prima facie evidence of discrimination and even more important it’s discrimination that’s directed against a population that is 63% African American.  Or to put it another way.  If your city has a population of 600k with more that 350K black residences and you have a 1 in 20 chance of being a victim of a property crime,  (let alone the serious stuff like murder)  that suggests an awful lot of black people arrested for such crimes.  In 2005 for example:

that year, the city’s police made 100,000 arrests, among a population only six times that.

You don’t have to be Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson to see the potential here.  If it’s the policy of the State attorney’s office to let illegals skate but to prosecute native born blacks, then if you are an enterprising criminal or a lawyer looking for a huge class action score against the city, your ship has just come in.

Alas this might be hard to prove, after all it’s not as if this policy was in writing or something oh wait:

Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow, in a memo sent to all staff Thursday and obtained by The Baltimore Sun, wrote that the Justice Department’s deportation efforts “have increased the potential collateral consequences to certain immigrants of minor, non-violent criminal conduct.”

“In considering the appropriate disposition of a minor, non-violent criminal case, please be certain to consider those potential consequences to the victim, witnesses, and the defendant,” Schatzow wrote.

Yes you’re reading that.  He, Michael Schatzow, the guy whose picture from the Baltimore state attorney office site is to the left.  This lily white deputy state attorney for Baltimore, for the sake of tweaking Donald Trump, put in writing a policy that says one should consider the consequences to an illegal alien when “considering the appropriate disposition of a minor, non-violent criminal case” but doesn’t suggest any such consideration for a black, native born legal Baltimore resident.

If I’m Al Sharpton I’d think I had died and gone to heaven.

Prosecutors declined to discuss the memo.

I’ll bet they did.  It’s an easy enough lawsuit as it is, no prosecutor in his right mind is going to comment on this even if they are a liberal democrat looking for elected office in the state.

Now it’s possible the Sharptons. Jacksons or even Black Lives Matter crowd might balk at going after a Black run city or a deputy State Attorney who works under Marilyn Mosby no matter how big the potential payoff, Jazz Shaw again:

who thought this up? The article cites the Deputy State’s Attorney as having written the memo but you know this didn’t happen without the seal of approval of Marilyn Mosby. (The actual State’s Prosecutor of Freddie Gray fame.)

And I admit with DaTipJar lagging a bit there is a little bit of Sicilian in me that says if I’m willing to go though the hassle of going to Baltimore, committing a crime, getting caught and then filing suit the score would be six figure or more.  Sure it might take years but the lawsuit and settlement might be worth it, but then I’m thinking even if I was willing to cross that line for the money, long before I got there an enterprising lawyer would have no problem finding a potential client or even a group for a class action ready and willing to collect on the jackpot that Baltimore is offering to them, in writing.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

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Trump lawn signBy John Ruberry

The mainstream media, which of course is no fan of the Republican Party and its nominee Donald Trump, in what must have been an act of collusion, almost immediately dismissed what I thought was an A- acceptance address as a “dark speech.”

Oh, why just an A- from me? I thought Trump’s speech as a bit long, and that he should have used the safety part of the speech at 11:00PM Eastern/10:00PM Central when non-politicized viewers, many of whom only vote in presidential year elections, would be tuning in searching for the local evening news.

Trump did something in last week’s speech that the MSM, and many Republicans, including this one, have been calling on the GOP to do for decades: make an appeal to urban voters.

Democrats run nearly all of America’s largest cities. Some, such as Detroit and Chicago, haven’t had Republican mayors in the lifetimes of most of the people reading this post. However, the turnaround of one city, New York, was achieved only because of the doggedness of one determined man, Republican Rudy Giuliani, who was the mayor of America’s largest city from 1994-2001. NYC was viewed as ungovernable prior to the arrival of the “Mayor of America” at Gracie Mansion.

Burned out Detroit
Southwest Detroit

Maybe only New Yorkers understand. Manhattanite Trump does.

From his acceptance speech:

This administration has failed America’s inner cities. It’s failed them on education. It’s failed them on jobs. It’s failed them on crime. It’s failed them at every level.

When I am president, I will work to ensure that all of our kids are treated equally, and protected equally.

Every action I take, I will ask myself: does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson who have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child America?

Brilliant stuff.

Rand Paul, who like his father is generally the Republican that leftist media know-it-alls hate the least, received wide-spread praise for making a campaign stop on Chicago’s South Side last year. But such plaudits were easy because Paul was not the Republican nominee and Trump is. It’s circle-the-wagons time for the dishonest media, because the general election is now only a few months away.

Burned-out three story frame
Chicago’s South Side

Despite Trump’s reach-out to urban voters, he will not win a majority of the black vote. He won’t receive even fifteen percent of it. Trump will not win Illinois or Maryland’s electoral votes. But Trump spoke like a leader, not a candidate, as he accepted the Republican nomination for president.

The GOP political newcomer may be able to peel off enough black votes to become the first Republican presidential candidate to win Michigan since 1988.

I believe, maybe it’s just a hope of mine, that a majority of Americans are looking for a leader, not a partisan hack to steer us through troubled times.

As for the cities, we’ve tried it the Democratic Party way for over fifty years. Detroit is an urban ruin. Chicago and Baltimore are headed that way.

Trump wants to heal the rot.

And Trump, yes, really wants to Make America Great Again. All of it.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit. He regularly ventures into inner-city Chicago for blogging material and has traveled to Detroit.

By John Ruberry

Last year there were 211 homicides in Baltimore. As of the 361st day of 2015 there have been 338 murders in Maryland’s largest city. Meanwhile in New York City, which has twelve times the population of Baltimore, there have been 339 killings as this year winds down.

Murders in B’more began their surge after the riots this spring in response to the death in police custody of Freddie Gray in which the city’s hapless mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake all but offered “space to destroy” to the thugs.

Six police officers were indicted for the Gray death, their trial ended with a hung jury. [See correction below.] By all accounts Baltimore’s cops are pushing a little less forcefully as they go about their dangerous job. That and the looting of drugs from Baltimore pharmacies during the riots have unleashed an unprecedented killing spree. Yes, Baltimore had 353 murders in 1993 but 100,000 more people lived there then.

Most of the murder victims have been black, but the Black Lives Matters movement is more interested in protesting the police than bringing attention to the slaughter of African Americans by, yes, other African Americans.Black Lives Matter

There is no reason to believe that 2016 will be dramatically less violent than this year. Interestingly, there is a mayoral race next autumn in Baltimore. Rawlings-Blake will not be running for reelection, the early favorite to replace her is her predecessor, Sheila Dixon. As part of her plea deal involving her theft of gift cards meant for poor people, Dixon resigned her office. Sure, early polls nearly always favor those with high name recognition, but her popularity is still troubling. Can a convicted criminal be the savior of Baltimore?

It is said in a democracy that voters get the government they deserve.

Correction: The mistrial was for only one of those accused Baltimore cops. Thanks to commenter Holding My Nose for pointing this out.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

This weekend in Cleveland a 15-year-old boy carjacked a vehicle with some friends, when pursued by the police rammed a police car and apparently drew a gun on police.

Police shot him.

The boy’s name was Andre Carson and in no time flat his death was being called “murder” despite some inconvenient facts:

There are many words to describe Andre Carson’s actions, unorthodox is not one of them, but believe it or not that is not the most amazing argument in his defense I’ve seen. This is:

The “society is to blame” argument is something I’ve seen a lot lately to defend or explain all kinds of crime and violence in the black community online , in print and on camera and a lot of people are buying it.

There is just one problem with the “systems of oppression” argument.  It’s a matter of history

After 1866 Black Americans in the south had to worry about the Klan, while in the North they were competing for jobs made scare by the end of the civil war.

After re-construction Black Americans had to deal with Jim Crow laws.

During the Wilson years Black Americans had to deal with the return of the Klan sparked by the first real blockbuster movie in America, Birth of a Nation.

During the 30’s Black Americans had to deal with Jim Crow AND the Great Depression

During the 40’s Black Americans had to deal with discrimination in the armed forces

During the 50’s they had to deal with renewed violence and massive resistance

and even up all the way to 1964 you can see Black Americans oppressed under the law.

During most of those years, there was no kind of government social safety net, no liability laws against employers and almost no chance of legal relief for actual oppression short of murder.

Yet in all that time you don’t see anything like the level of violence crime in the black community that you see today, you don’t see the black on black violence, nor the mob violence that we all saw in Ferguson and Baltimore live or that has not been reported because the MSM has not considered it newsworthy.

So to all of those who are making the “oppression” argument in Cleveland, in Baltimore, in Ferguson and elsewhere, I have a question for you:

If the criminal actions of Black Youth today are simply a reaction to oppression then why was this crime not the norm during the 100 year period from 1866 to 1965 during a time when guns laws were practically non existent, there was no social safety net and the oppression of Black Americans was backed by law rather than in violation of it?



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Yesterday the big news was the indictment of police officer Ray Tensing for the killing of Samuel DuBose

It’s certainly a legit story and Samuel DuBose’s names deserves attention but let me ask you something.

Do you recognize any of these names?

Franklin Grayson, Michael Polston, Jaswinder Singh, Charles Diggs, Damon L. Ramey, Daquan Mason, Clerow Myers III, Jefferson Bolden, Raja’ee Naneem Sincere, Sina Masoodii, Albert Mullen, Shyteak Lawrence, Delvin Trusty, Damon Tidale, Terron Singleton, Ronald Davon Penn, Steven Justin Lewis, Frederick S. Taylor, Marvin Coston Jr, Dante Barnes, Darrius Johnson, Tyrell Hardy, James Ricardo Smith, Gregory Higgins, Gary Jackson, Eric Forrester, Antonio anderson, Jacqueline Parker , Gerald Thompson, Lamont Randall Jr., John F. Davis, Derwin Jones, Edward Burroughs, Keith Glascoe, Josh Remus Burnett, and Nathaniel Wheeler Jr.

All of these people have two things in common.

1.  All of them were murdered in Baltimore this month

2.  None of their murders were considered worthy of the coverage by the MSM

If you are surprised by this then you likely aren’t paying attention.

I suspect that the likelihood of the MSM finding these deaths worth their attention the same as a candidate running for president on a major party ticket plagiarizing this speech


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Today I had CNN on in the background as I was writing. As you might guess they were talking about the Charleston Shooting. In watching Wolf Blitzer’s coverage I learned two lessons:

Lesson 1:  The murders of Black Christians at Prayer show that the gun laws of South Carolina are not sufficient.

Lesson 2:  Every Single Republican must be questioned concerning the Gun Laws national or state.

CNN (with the notable exception of Jake Tapper who pivoted when a guest tried to blame Fox News for the murders) has apparently decided that they are not going to let this crisis go to waste politically.

Oddly enough if anyone at CNN goes to this page they would note that there have been 11 shooting homicides in Baltimore since June 1st.

These shooting have cost Tyrone Hamber, Calvin Bryant, Kevin Jones, Ronnie Walden, Elery Hudson, Jamon Corprew, Curtis D Mitchell, Jerome J Grant, Michael S. Montgomery and two as of yet unidentified victims their lives.

CNN apparently sees no connection to any of these murders to the Gun laws in either Baltimore or Maryland and has yet to ask any Democrats asked to comment on the lack of effectiveness of gun control in either the City of Baltimore or the state of Maryland.

If only Tyrone Hamber, Calvin Bryant, Kevin Jones, Ronnie Walden, Elery Hudson, Jamon Corprew, Curtis D Mitchell, Jerome J Grant, Michael S. Montgomery and those other two victims had been murdered by someone of the right color, then CNN would find them useful make their names household words.



My goal for 2015 is Twenty Two grand which will give me a nominal living doing this.

Olimometer 2.52

That gets all the bills paid. (including my writers like Fausta)  If I can get to Forty Thousand I can afford to travel outside of New England and/or hire me a blogger to help me get it done.

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Chicago police in riot gear in 2012
Chicago police in riot gear in 2012

By John Ruberry

Urban riots are sometimes isolated incidents, such as the 1992 Los Angeles outburst of lawlessness after the Rodney King-beatings verdict was announced, or they come in waves, as they did during the Red Summer of 1919 and the Riots of 1967.

This morning a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that an astounding 96 percent of Americans expect more city riots this summer. Warm weather often brings out the worst in people–for instance, murder rates increase during the summer.

I’m not going to delve into the root causes of the 1919 and 1967 disturbances–click on the above links if you want to learn more–I’m just here to discuss 2015.

Last year’s Ferguson, Missouri riots and April’s Baltimore uproar have similar ingredients–the death of a young black male after coming into contact with the police in a poverty-stricken area–and the participation of “professional protesters,” anarchists really, in the melee.

Anarchists marching in Chicago in 2012
Anarchists marching in Chicago in 2012

This is a sad truth, but it’s very likely that a black youth resisting arrest will die this summer. When that happens, leftists in the media such as MSNBC’s reckless loudmouth Al Sharpton will label the police department responsible involved as racist–even though these self-appointed experts will only have a cursory grasp of the facts. Through social media and cell phones, the rapid deployment force of the extreme left, those professional protesters, will descend into that jurisdiction. And then the locals will be incited to riot.

Perhaps I am wrong. Hopefully duty-bound police chiefs and mayors across America who believe–correctly–that the most important duty of any government is to protect its citizens, will study the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and devise an effective defense strategy.

Stay tuned but stay safe.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

10th Doctor: Interesting. A sort Absorbatrix? Absorbaclon? Absorbaloff?

Doctor Who Love & Monsters 2006

Yesterday there was joy in Baltimore and the cause of justice as six police officers were charged with crimes ranging from 2nd degree murder to manslaughter in the death of a person in custody.

But there was an even greater triumph for the cause of equality as it was revealed that 50% of the officers arrested were black and 16% were women demonstrating that at least in the case of police negligence (I say negligence because the charges involve inaction of not securing or aiding their prisoner rather than action such as beating him)  blacks and women have apparently reached parity with white officers in the left’s meme of oppression of people of color.

However this development has not been met with joy but with concerning from Joan Walsh of Salon:

I must confess being a mere conservative the idea that Blacks and women by the regular association with white men might “absorb” their evil racial attitudes of them never occurred to me.

But this should not be a surprise as this has been seen before in the third world as places like Africa & India took on some of the traits of those who colonized them (such as christianity) that still result in oppression today.

This is a serious problem and even more terrifying if you consider that police officers go through rigorous training, both physical and mental in order to do their job properly.

If such highly trained people are subject to such absorption how much more vulnerable would school children of any age, workers or even the average homeowner in a neighborhood be to this syndrome? After all the phrase “acting white” didn’t come out of thin air!

Well we as a just and liberal society must do all we can to stop this in its tracks.  .

1. Classification:

The first step of course is to classify this social disease.  How can we stop it if we don’t know what it is.  As we can trace and document this absorption of “white attitudes” to the days of colonization the logical name is

Contagious Oppression Of The Indigenous Entities Syndrome

or “Cooties” for short.

This must be immediately recognized by any and all medical and psychological organizations nationwide.  Any such organization or that would deny the existence of “COOTIES” should be defunded and any such individual denied a degree or certification in any medical or psychological field.

2.  Education:

Having named this social disease and recognized it.  The next step is the necessary federal grants to institutions of higher learning to study and combat this syndrome.

I would suspect the lions share of such grants would need to go to racial and gender studies programs as they are the most sensitive to even the slightest signs of oppression by white males.

And of course community groups should not be ignored, ACORN and other organizations should be fully funded by the government to make sure activists on the street are trained to recognize  “COOTIES” wherever they may be.

This will of course require higher taxes, particularly on corporations but isn’t it worth it to stop the dreaded scourge of “COOTIES”?

3.  Prevention:

While the full funding of ongoing research is a positive step it is not enough.  We need to stop COOTIES in its tracks.  So until there is a cure for COOTIES there is only one thing to do.

It is necessary to separate those vulnerable to COOTIES from those who carry the disease. Therefore in order to protect people of color it will be necessary to educate such people in an environment completely free of White Males, from preschool days to the end of higher education.

And given this solution it we might take the opportunity to nip the entire “rape culture” business in the bud by educating young women in a safe space completely free from males of all colors. This will minimize the potential for any trace of COOTIES to reach them.

All of this will of course require even more government spending but it’s a small price to pay to make sure the most vulnerable of us are not exposed to COOTIES.

As for the protection of general public. Until generations can be carefully taught to avoid White Males and the COOTIES they carry it’s clear that laws will simply have to be passed to protect the vulnerable public from this scourge.

Eventually, with government funding,  alternatives in business, transportation and housing will exist.  This is the ideal as it will mean people shopping, traveling, buying a house or going out to eat will never in their lifetime be exposed to those carrying COOTIES.

Until that can be achieved laws will have to be passed to protect the public NOW!  We must as a compassionate and diverse society ensure that a person going to a store, traveling on a bus, buying a house or even sitting at a lunch counter will have minimal exposure, if any, to white male carries of COOTIES and severe penalties must be imposed on any who might break these barriers and risk the spread of this dread syndrome to our loved ones.

I would like to thank Joan Walsh and the entire Salon staff for highlighting the problem of Contagious Oppression Of The Indigenous Entities Syndrome and remind you that if you oppose any of these sensible solutions to stop it, not only are you a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, transaphobe hater but are clearly a carrier of COOTIES who must be removed from the general population at once!

It’s for the children.

Update:  moved a classification


Naturally I would expect millions of dollars in government grants so I can further study COOTIES and their effects on the public, but until these come through I would ask you to hit DaTipJar and help me pay for this vital social research:


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I realize that Baltimore, which has been a one-party town for nearly half a century, is about to make us, the American taxpayer, fund a rebuilding of all that the rioters are tearing down.

Every variety of federal, state, and local government program has been pouring into Baltimore at disproportionate rates for decades. For instance,

Baltimore ranks fourth among major cities in per-pupil expenditures for districts with more than 40,000 students and spends $16,578 a year per pupil — roughly 52 percent above the national average

The result?

more than a quarter of Baltimore students fail to graduate from high school. Fewer than half of Baltimore high-school students passed the last Maryland High School Assessment test. SAT scores for Baltimore students are more than 100 points below the national average.

Pres. Obama – whose Saturday night’s jokes were favored by CNN over the cable news broadcast, even while the riots were forty or so miles away – proposes yet more government spending, which he says he would get, if it weren’t for those darn Republicans. Of course.

The fact is that Riot-Plagued Baltimore Is a Catastrophe Entirely of the Democratic Party’s Own Making, Obama’s finger-pointing notwithstanding.

The police involved in Gray’s arrest and subsequent death must be brought to account, but engaging into large-scale criminality does nothing to bring that about.

The current crime spree (which I refuse to call a protest – this is a protest)  repeats itself nearly everywhere; this time Baltimore made the news because of its scale. It is not going to stop until the perpetrators have nothing left to loot. Until and unless individuals like the mom who smacked her son jump in, time after time, every time, and took charge of their children – especially the dads –  there will be more crime sprees.

Until and unless the voters kick out office politicians who talk about giving space to those who wish to destroy, there will be more crime sprees.

Until and unless the citizens rise up to defend their city, there will be more crime sprees.

Until and unless the government dole stops being the only game in town, there will be more riots.

Until then, don’t rebuild.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s blog.

This piece of at the American Thinker says it all:

“Returning to the days of mass arrests for any and every minor offense might be a good talking point but it has been proven to be a far less effective strategy for actually reducing crime.”

This came just a few months after Maryland legislator Pat McDonough called on the governor to declare downtown Baltimore a “No-Travel Zone” because of all the “black” people who were “terrorizing” the area.

The mayor did not like that advice either.

She had her own plan and it was working just fine: Just stop arresting people. When O’Malley was mayor, the city collared 100,000 miscreants a year. Last year, they nabbed 50,000.

That dropped the crime numbers but…

They may have stopped arresting people, but crime just keeps on chugging along. Locals know the truth: Baltimore is a dangerous place for racial violence and the people who run the town — and their mouthpieces at the local paper — could not care less.

Just an FYI the piece Mr. Lifson quoted were written months before this week’s riots. I’ll give Ben Shapiro the last word:

Modern race riots do not occur because of the supposed white superstructure or a legacy of governmental underservice. They occur because valueless rioters act in valueless ways. Baltimore is evidence that glossing over lack of values with leftist pabulum about social justice doesn’t stop cities from burning.

This is the law enforcement Baltimore, which last elected a republican mayor in the 60’s wanted & freely voted for may they be happy in their choice.

Update: What he said:

Democrats and their union pals have had carte blanche to inflict their ideas and policies on Baltimore since 1967, the last time there was a Republican Mayor.

In 2012, after four years of his own failed policies, President Obama won a whopping 87.4% of the Baltimore City vote. Democrats run the city of Baltimore, the unions, the schools, and, yes, the police force. Since 1969, there have only been only been two Republican governors of the State of Maryland.

Elijah Cummings has represented Baltimore in the U.S. Congress for more than thirty years. As I write this, despite his objectively disastrous reign, the Democrat-infested mainstream media is treating the Democrat like a local folk hero, not the obvious and glaring failure he really is.

Every single member of the Baltimore city council is a Democrat.


I’m shocked SHOCKED that liberalism hasn’t led to success.

(also pulled an unneeded “t” from Mr. Lifson’s name)

Update 2: Bazinga:

“It’s idiotic to think that by destroying your city, you’re going to make life better for anybody,” Rawlings-Blake said.

(“Idiotic”? Ma’am, these are Democrat voters you’re talking about.)

and bazinga again

Liberals must blame “society,” despite the fact that the “publicly appointed guardians of order” answer to a “society” (i.e., the citizens of Baltimore) who in 2012 gave 87% of their votes to Barack Obama. Yet it is predictable that, to people whose politics is a simple devotion to (a) electing Democrats and (b) supporting liberal policies, the evidence of failure leaves them angry, confused and hunting for scapegoats. Democrats cannot be blamed, nor can the party’s most loyal constituents be held responsible, and the possibility that liberalism is itself the problem — well, no, thoughts like that never cross the mind of someone like Ta-Nehisi Coates. His worldview is completely fact-proof and immune to the influence of logical deduction.

This is the political gospel of modern liberalism: People who vote 87% Democrat are never to be blamed for anything they do wrong. And really, the liberal asks, isn’t “wrong” kind of a judgmental word when applied to the peace-loving citizens of Baltimore?

If Stacy McCain was any more on a roll he’s be mistaken for a Schonland HotDog.