you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Jesus Christ:   John 8:32

The first in an occasional series highlighting uncomfortable truths from blogs and or twitter:

“Throughout the current crisis, Rawlings-Blake has represented her constituency, rioters, with great zeal.”

Democrat-Run Baltimore is a Gangsters’ Paradise  Matthew Vadum: American Thinker

Frankly that title would qualify as an uncomfortable Truth as well.

“Spoiled, intolerant, ignorant brats.”

Elizabeth Price Foley writing about Brandies Students “Microagression” issues at Instapundit

If PT Barnum was alive today he would be running a university, because that’s where the suckers willing to pay $60K for this is.

“Why is this being taught in a Catholic university? Do the parents who are paying $33,060 a year to send their children to Regis University have any clue what is being taught there? Does anyone even care?”

Robert Stacy McCain in a piece titled Teaching Literary Feminism.

And in my experience the answer to his question is “No” the parents don’t know but most importantly the old faithful catholics who give money to the university don’t know.  It would be interesting to see what happens to that money if they were informed.

The HipHop generation parents quickly are appreciating that time outs, going to ones room and much of this new age feel good malarkey doesn’t work for childhood recalcitrant behavior.

 Dr Ada Fisher quoted by Barbara Espinosa at American Freedom by Barbara

We didn’t spoil the child by sparing the rod, we spoiled an entire generation.

 when you speak the hard truth about race issues in America – and not just the liberal progressive talking points – and you’re white, you’ll be branded a racist. And if you’re black, well, y’all just watch the comments below and see the denigrating drivel.

Col Allen West (ret) quoted at Common Cents blog

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, except when it’s dissent from the liberal line of course.

There are a lot of people in this country who feel disrespected, and who are increasingly seeing the law as “hollow” and the current social order as “failed,” and most of them don’t live in poor black neighborhoods. What “forest fire” might result from that, and has Coates — or The Atlantic — given this any thought at all?

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asking a question I’ve raised before

And we’ll close with our true tweet of the day:

The end result of this will be a company completely immune from pressure coming from the left.

We had a blast on DaTechGuy on DaRadio Saturday, we had a lot of fun with global warming in the first hour

and also invited Gary Goldman along to talk about his new regular commentary that will appear on the show and the blog.

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In the 2nd hour we talked had the Magnificent Panel this week featuring Barbara Espinosa, Chip Jones and Mike Hummell in the Bob Beckel Chair you can listen to that hour here.

(and yes that’s what I was actually wearing Saturday)

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From there I stay right where I am and join Gary Goldman on his show Business Politics & Lifestyles from 9-10 talking the Fabulous 50 blog award for Most innovative Blogger

Winner - 2013 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

…and of course the news of the weekend.

And because as anyone knows I like to talk from there I get in DaCar and head over to the WBNW studios in Needham for DaTechGuy on DaRadio from Noon till 2.

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Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio during the first hour Barbara Espinosa of the Hair on Fire Radio show and American Freedom by Barbara makes her first visit to the new Syndicated DaTechGuy on DaRadio

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Back in April at Blogcon I filmed this interview with Kaite Pavlich author of Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up

Katie had been writing about this for a while.

Obama took credit for confiscating 64 percent more weapons than ever before. Well, that’s what happens when the federal government sends thousands of guns into Mexico in the first place through Operation Fast and Furious under the Obama Justice Department and ATF, of course it becomes easier to confiscate more guns when you put more into an area to begin with.

that entry was from May 11th 2011.

Meanwhile today the viewers of Morning Joe found themselves learning about the president’s use of Executive privilege to shield Eric Holder which necessitated talking about Fast and Furious.

This entire conversation and the death of an ATF agent must have come as a shock to their viewers who were wondering why the administration is invoking executive privilege.

Ironically, like MSNBC I was late to this story as well, my first post on it was June 28th of 2011 in a post titled “Is it Watergate yet? which starts with the line:

I’m likely the only blogger on the right who hasn’t written on project gunrunner…

The post linked to a story at Fox News (you know that company the media urges all right thinking people to ignore)

‘Project Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Says ATF Sent Him Termination Notice

By Maxim Lott

Published June 27, 2011

Here is the video I didn’t embed at the time.


That weekend I had Barbara Espinosa on my WCRN’s DaTechGuy on DaRAdio to talk about this issue. (BTW she will be on my show this week in the 2nd hour WCRN during my 11 AM hour listen live at

A little over a month later the ATF chief resigned My post on the subject was titled:

ATF chief resigns and nobody knows why

…at least nobody who follows the MSM

If you search for the words “fast and furious” on my blog you will only find 14 posts after this one and remember I was not only late to this, but I didn’t give this story much attention.

If however you do a search for “fast and furious” or “ATF GUNRUNNING SCANDAL” at Instapundit ( a former MSNBC contributor no less) you will find dozens of entries dating back to Feb 13th 2011: NRA weighs in on ATF gunrunning scandal.

Over and over I’ve seen the Morning Joe crowd scoff at “just bloggers” and tweeters who comment, yet even a “blogger and tweeter” like myself who has given this story short shift has been on this story for a year while the Morning Joe viewers are only now getting anything resembling coverage of this story and they dare to paint it as an “election year stunt”.

They could have covered this story, with their vast resources they could have done the work that a 23-year-old blogger Katie Pavlich did, or they could have interviewed her and talked about her book. They deliberately choose not to do so.

After today I don’t want to hear a single person on MSNBC or anywhere else talk about “bloggers in their pajamas” vs “real reporters”, because speaking as a blogger typing cross-legged in his bed, I find the comparison insulting to me.

Exit question: I’m listening right to my show from a year ago as I type this and one section is jumping out at me:

DaTechGuy “…This is serious stuff because Watergate nobody ever, For all that Nixon did with Watergate no one died from Watergate and we already have, we have two deaths directly connected with this…”

Barbara Espinosa: “…but you don’t just have two deaths”

DaTechGuy: “…and that’s not counting the deaths in Mexico.”

Barbara Espinosa: “Well there’s been hundreds of Mexican citizens who have been killed with these guns…”

When I reflect on how the MSM has covered for this administration for a full year I challenge my readers to consider this question:

Are we seeing today, what Watergate would have been if the president had been a Democrat beloved by the MSM?

I say yes!

Update: Let the record show that Barbara Espinosa has been writing about this forever and has written about this today as well

Update 2: Powerline talks to a Justice Department vet who says:

Even with his fawning press, [Presdient Obama] will pay a price for this one. He knows this, meaning that the documents now to be withheld must be dynamite. They have to show either that Holder knew what was going on with Fast and Furious and approved it, or that he directly committed perjury in his Congressional testimony, or both. I just can’t see any other explanation for such a risky move.

Wasn’t the Washington Post just covering big time the 40th anniversary of Watergate? I wonder how much coverage this one will get.

Like I said, we are seeing what Watergate would look like if the MSM were all behind Nixon

Update 3: Missed a link, fixed.

Right now a lot of people are piling on my friend Barbara Espinosa over some ill chosen words concerning the president.

Hey that’s part of free speech, Barbara said what she said and if people want to hit her over it, she’s a big girl, and can take care of herself. (She is also an armed girl anyone making violent threats against her who are thinking for one second of carrying them out is announcing their candidacy for a Darwin award.)

Let me tell you about my friend Barbara Espinosa:

Barbara was one of the people who helped get me to CPAC for the first time.

When I ended up on the Tea Party Express she put me up for the night when I came knocking near 3 a.m.

She was one of the earliest supporters of my radio show.

I have stayed at her house, been on her radio show and she has been on mine (and will be again if she is willing).

I also remember her on blogger row sitting with Vernon Parker sitting next to her next to Black GOP candidate Vernon Parker Jerome Hudson listening to the CPAC keynote and working hard for his election and as Stacy McCain tweets she has strongly supported black GOP candidates.

Anyone who knows Barbara knows she is no racist.

Barbara was, is and will always be my friend, PERIOD! If anyone ANYONE thinks for one moment that is going to change or I am going to denounce her or jump on any kind of anti-Barbara bandwagon they are out of their minds.

Update: Talked to Barbara I was wrong it was Jerome Hudson not Vernon Parker who was there.

Oh and I’m sure to fit Barbara into the racist stereotype they have created in their mind the left will conclude that she like Naomi Schaefer before her, secretly dreamed all her life of having a person of color as a manservant so she came up with the cunning plan to marry the very Spanish Mr Espinosa and remained with him for thirty years till his death.

Simply diabolical.

Update 3: Barbara has sent me this e-mail

“When it comes to talk radio both the left and right can, unfortunately, employ a little too much free speech. It is a medium for inspiration and robust debate, not gratuitous insult. I apologize to anyone that was offended by my comments. It was a poor joke off the cuff that deserves apology not example. I am a proud supporter of numerous African-American republicans that have run for office and will continue to do so.”

I’m sure this apology will be accepted with all the speed that they accepted Rush’s. I expect they will go full tilt on this as it beats talking about Obama’s record or fast and furious.

If you asked me even a couple of weeks ago whether the Republican Party could heal from the wounds of this election cycle in time to unite against Obama, I would have said ”Yes.”

I’m not so sure anymore.

Bill Jacobson: Romney is winning his battles, but losing our war Legal Insurrection

Its been 9 days since Barbara Espinosa and Dan Riehl went at it on DaTechGuy on DaRadio over what’s wrong with Newt vs what’s wrong with Mitt.

Both sites have been unrelenting in their attacks on their respective targets but in between throwing rights at Newt Barbara put up one of the most important posts on what this next election means.

GOVERNMENT FUNDING OF THE LEFT, Extensive List of +1,000 Groups and How You Pay for Them…

This is a remarkable site with an extensive database of groups, people, categories, and their sources of income which we pay for. It is a searchable site also. Highly recommend you save this most informative source on your hard drive or bookmark for ready reference.

Take a look at a single example from the list:

National Council of La Raza

• In 2009, their total assets were $54,380,430

• From October 2006 to September 2009, La Raza received $11,948,205 in federal grants.

The spreadsheet is more detailed, with nearly 1000 entries such as these winners:

Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action ……………..$13,796
ACORN …………………………………………………………$571,409
Gay Men of African Descent ………………………………$1,004,568
Arab Com Center for Economic & Social Services …..$14,142,776
Planned Parenthood (including all affiliates)…………. $363,200,000

And each of those numbers and the 900+ other entries are all SINGLE YEAR NUMBERS.

The list in word format is here and the full spreadsheet is here

This is primary time and I expect supporters for each candidate to fight hard for their choice, but when the convention is over and a nominee is chosen if you feel tempted to sit this election out because your choice was not selected or disrespected, take a good look at this list and remind yourselves what 4 more years of Obama will mean.

Remember we always get the government we deserve and if you choose to give Obama four more years out of petulance, it’s on you.

Although you might have found yesterday’s presidential debate a tad dry, the debates on DaTechGuy on DaRadio featuring Dan Riehl vs Barbara Espinosa on Newt vs Mitt, Dan Riehl and Pundette against me vs Obama’s electability and Dan Riehl vs Bob Hokinson on Bain was anything but dry.

You can listen to the show here.

In between the debate you can also hear Ed Morrissey of Hotair on South Carolina and Mary Ann Harold on the upcoming visit this Saturday of Fr Apostoli of ETWN in Medford and Fitchburg MA

If you are interested in seeing Fr. Apostoli will be at the following locations on Saturday:

Mass – 9:00 am
St. Joseph’s Church • 118 High Street • Medford
Brunch to follow at:
Anthony’s of Malden • 105 Canal Street • Malden (Tickets $25)

Mass – 4:00 pm
Spaghetti Supper to follow at:
St. Joseph Parish • 49 Woodland Street • Fitchburg (Tickets $20)

All proceeds to help WQPH Catholic Radio.

I have tickets for the Fitchburg event, if you wish to purchase them e-mail me, or you can call 781 391 1396 or 781 218 2834

My flight for Arizona left just before 10 a.m .EST, it was notable for two things: the first was the young mother sitting next to me. She handled her 5 month old and a 2 1/2 year old with incredible skill. A spectacular job.

The second was some of the views from the air, breathtaking!

Arizona from the air
What a sight!

I landed in Arizona at 2 p.m. Arizona time. On the ground the views are just as incredible:

the sights of Phoenix

And the praying Monk:

the Praying Monk, Phoenix Arizona

My Host Barbara who blogs at American Freedom by Barbara was excited about having me on her show on KFNX 1100

Thanks to a local sports event we were on tape instead of live, but the sparks flew!

When the show was over Barbara took us to a spot called Wally’s

As we pulled into the lot the we met a lady named Laura Fial a local singer, by an odd coincidence her daughter is going to school in Denver, the next stop on my trip.

Click the photo to check out Laura's site

The real surprise came with I took a look at the wall and saw the Boston Globe sitting there, and not just ANY Boston Globe issue, my favorite one:

2004 never gets old for Red Sox fans

I met Wally inside who in a 3rd coincidence had friends visiting from Providence RI in the place, he was kind enough to introduce me to these potential listeners to my show.

Wally, the owner of Wally's pub

Let me tell you, if the hospitality doesn’t bowl you over the food will, I had Fish and Chips (Wednesday don’t you know) and it was as good as any I would expect out of Boston. Make sure you try it.

With all that happened I only heard of tonight’s debate in passing, lucky for you all Stacy McCain, the Lonely Conservative, Bill Jacobson and elsewhere, for now it’s a night sleep and then off to Denver and Blogcon in the morning. See you all there!

Oh and my November Fundraiser is still going on. Please consider kicking in to help support coverage beyond my driving radius.