Red Oak MosqueBy John Ruberry

Belgium–part French and part Dutch–has been a schizophrenic nation since its founding in 1830. But after last month’s deadly terror attacks in Brussels–which is one-quarter Muslim–the country may be coming together under “European values.”

The Belgian secretary of state for asylum and migration, Theo Francken, is proposing the what is being called “a newcomer’s statement,”  which covers non-European Union migrants who stay more than three months.

The plan is expected to become law later this year.  Migrants covered by the law will be forced to sign a pledge to not only to uphold European values, but to oppose terrorism and to report any possible terror attacks.

Those not integrating properly will be kicked out of Belgium.

Despite groups such as CAIR claiming that Islam and the West have shared values, the reality is much different.

Here is just a partial list of the cultural contrasts: Europeans usually marry whoever they want–and that includes members of the same gender–whereas Muslims often rely upon arranged marriages. Religion–if they have one–is a private affair for most Europeans, Muslims follow an absolutist faith that governs all segments of their lives; in fact many Muslims favor eschewing what they dismiss as “man-made law” for sharia, that is, Islamic law, which includes the amputation of hands for thieves and the stoning of people who have extra-marital affairs. Feminists may disagree but men and women enjoy equal rights in Europe. Muslim women are subservient to men as a rule.

Europeans for the most part like the continent the way it is–many Muslims want to culturally annihilate it and make it as Islamic as the Middle East.

If the Euro-Muslims win out it is their values that will be European ones.

Europe is in for a rough ride no matter what the outcome of this clash of civilizations.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Occupy Milwaukee Rally
Occupy Milwaukee Rally

By John Ruberry

In World Cup soccer on Tuesday, Team USA will face-off against Belgium, which offers a timely opportunity to look at Belgium’s present–and America’s possible future.

As with the United States, Belgium’s birth was the result of a revolution–the Belgians rebelled against rule by the Netherlands, the nation, born in 1830, was largely a creation of the European powers with the goal of serving as a buffer state between larger states. Roughly sixty percent of the population of Belgium is Flemish–speakers of Dutch–while most of the rest are French-speaking Walloons. I say roughly because there are no Belgian censuses–counting the population and getting a real number is too politically charged for this country. The government of Belgium is complex–the main goal of forming a government is ensuring equal representation of Walloons and Dutch speakers.

Of course there are secessionist movements in Belgium–the Flemish ones are more strident, which is understandable since the Dutch speaking region is more prosperous and it props up the the rest of the nation.

Which brings us to Belgium’s Tuesday FIFA World Cup opponent for the United States, Belgium. Slowly America is being transformed into a bilingual nation. Radical groups such as La Raza want to keep Spanish-speaking immigrants–both legal and illegal–using Spanish as their first language. America survived nearly 200 years without bilingual education  in public schools–and bilingual education decelerates the learning of English and perpetuates the underclass status of Hispanics. Among the liberal education apparatus, the idea of dropping bilingual education is viewed as heresy.

Peer into our future: If the open borders crowd prevails–and if the higher birthrates among Spanish speakers continues–will America look like Belgium in fifty or one hundred years?

Is this what we want?

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

…I wonder if countries should just surrender to radical Islam & be done with it, after all one death cult is as good as the next:

Belgium passes right-to-die law — for children, with no age limit

If you are an adult that actually think that a child of any age is competent to decide to kill him or herself, then I question your sanity, your morality and your maturity.

Actually I don’t question it at all. I state for a fact that support for such a measure shows you insane, evil, stupid or any combination thereof.

Boy did Python peg that nation.

Of course they could be following Al Gore’s advice and taking up the green man’s burden. as the Poem says…

Take up the Green Man’s burden–
The savage ways of green–
Cull surplus population
For Earth’s abiding need;

Update:  Interesting tweet from a liberal I know:

Nice to see a leftist get it, Maybe we just have to frame the argument better for people on the left to understand


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