On Sunday after Mass our group had some free time so we headed over to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The moment we got there the heavens opened up (which proves the value of hats for Men. So I went inside where I saw a gallery of paintings

Just beyond it was a Bonsai exhibit sponsored by the Alabama Bonsai Society

I know very little about Bonsai but there were people who were ready to enlighten me

This particular Cajun is an outnumbered man of the left but plants & art know no political bounds

I had absolutely no idea who much went into this kind of thing. We talked plenty off camera, some of these trees take decades to grow.

I also walked the grounds

Saw the Green Houses

and the Roses

Unfortunately while there my still camera’s button broke off so I could no longer focus on still shots so I had to adjust my distance to take pictures.

But enjoy the following photos I took the following photos:

Oh one final thing, there was one more Bonsai interview with a man from the Alabama Bonsai Society who has been there from the start.

His voice however is so low it might be hard to hear so it’s at the end here.

Yeah this is not politics yeah there are a lot of primary results to discuss but sometimes you just have to look at the flowers and enjoy them.