Lorenzo: I’m not afraid of you.

Sonny: You should be.

Lorenzo: I know who you are, Sonny, I know what you’re capable of, and I would never step out of line, you can ask anyone in the neighborhood who knows me. But this time, you’re wrong.

A Bronx Tale 1993

The War Doctor:
Time Lords of Gallifrey, Daleks of Skaro, I serve notice on you all. Too long I have stayed my hand. No more. Today you leave me no choice. Today, this war will end. No more. No more!

Doctor Who, Day of the Doctor 2013

One of the events that really changes the state of the conversation in Northern Ireland was the murder of Robert McCartney.

Well that’s not entirely correct the murder of the Mr. McCartney in Belfast was not unlike many of the other murders that had plagued Ireland during the troubles. Nobody in the pub claimed to have seen anything 71 people possible witness claimed to be in a toilet that measures 4′ x 3′ which is why it was dubbed the TARDIS…

..as it is apparently bigger on the inside.

What changed things was Robert McCarthy’s family’s reaction, namely his sisters.  Mr. McCartney’s five sisters didn’t just accept this. They fought back loudly in the press appealing to a public sick of the type of semi-random terror they lived under .  They refused to be quiet or be intimidated.  Their actions were epoch changing.

The campaign against the IRA became a political liability to them and was a key factor in the cut off of their funding from US supporters:

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and as usual Gerry Adams, leader of the Irish Nationalist Party Sinn Fein, is in Washington. Last night, he hobnobbed with Irish-Americans who for decades have supported Northern Ireland’s nationalist cause. But for the first time in nearly ten years, Adams was not invited to the traditional St. Patrick’s celebration at the White House.

That honor went instead to the five sisters of a 33-year old Belfast man, Robert McCartney, murdered in a bar six weeks ago by men who still haven’t been arrested but are widely believed to be members of Sinn Fein’s military wing, the Irish Republican Army. Paula McCartney says she and her sisters are campaigning for just one thing: To bring the murderers to trial.

It was so bad even Ted Kennedy ran away

Sen. Edward Kennedy: The Democratic Party today, that are part of the democratic West, do not and cannot and should not have private armies and cannot be involved in criminality and violence. And this is, I think, as the sisters have pointed out, the golden opportunity for them to indicate once and for all and finally that they are going to separate themselves from that type of support in terms of the IRA and from violence and criminality.

as late as last year the IRA continued to impede the investigation:

She recalled that the IRA told the family that it knew the identities of four people who were directly involved in the murder, two of whom were IRA members.

The family said that the IRA, who had by then ended its campaign, asked if the sisters wanted it to shoot those responsible.

“We remember the meetings very well and what they can do is pass on the information to the police. The IRA also said the knife was ground down and disposed of.

“The murder weapon is key evidence in any investigation and they won’t say who destroyed it.

“The IRA told us they knew who the killers were and that it was a criminal act. Yet they are protecting them by sitting on all this information and not handing it over. That is shameful,” she said.

The McCartney sisters paid a high price, their family was subject to intimidation and to many whose loyalty was first and foremost to the IRA they had crossed a line.

but even with these roadblocks and the high personal price the sisters paid they more than anyone else are responsible for the decline of the IRA. It is no coincidence that the IRA formally ordered the end of its armed campaign six months after the murder and began the disarmament process.

I submit and suggest that without the sisters none of this happens.

Which brings us on this Martin Luther King Day to the black community in the inner cities.

Murder continues to be the #1 cause of death for black males

Homicide is far and away the leading cause of death for young black men, more than car accidents, suicide and diseases combined, according to an article co-authored by a Florida Atlantic University physician.

In Palm Beach County, homicides kill more than five times as many 18- to 24-year-old black men as car accidents, according to statistics compiled by Dr. Charles H. Hennekens, of FAU’s School of Medicine, and other researchers.

While the political leaders of the left go after the gun manufacturers the reality is this all comes down to gangs and the drug trade.

But since in cities like Chicago the gangs have political pull due to numbers and money and this has been going on for a while:

While not all marchers were gang members, many were. And both their presence and organizational disciple suggested that the city’s black gangs or “street organizations” as they prefer to be known are moving into politics just as white ethnic gangs did generations before them.

In the last few months gangs have been registering new voters, marched in protests about health care and the school system, conducted voter education classes and backed candidates in school counsel elections and courted politicians in a failed campaign to win parole for a gang leader who has been in prison for 20 years for murder.

That’s from a Milwaukee Journal article from 1993 Twenty years later this appeared in Chicago magazine.

Baskin has deep contacts inside the South Side’s complex network of politicians, community organizations, and street gangs. as he recalls, the inquiring candidates wanted to know: “Who do I need to be talking to so I can get the gangs on board?”

Baskin—who was himself a candidate in the 16th Ward aldermanic race, which he would lose—was happy to oblige. In all, he says, he helped broker meetings between roughly 30 politicians (ten sitting aldermen and 20 candidates for City Council) and at least six gang representatives. That claim is backed up by two other community activists, Harold Davis Jr. and Kublai K. M. Toure, who worked with Baskin to arrange the meetings, and a third participant, also a community activist, who requested anonymity. The gang representatives were former chiefs who had walked away from day-to-day thug life, but they were still respected on the streets and wielded enough influence to mobilize active gang members.

The money and political muscle the gangs provide are critical, the result?

Most alarming, both law enforcement and gang sources say, is that some politicians ignore the gangs’ criminal activities. Some go so far as to protect gangs from the police, tipping them off to impending raids or to surveillance activities—in effect, creating safe havens in their political districts. And often they chafe at backing tough measures to stem gang activities, advocating instead for superficial solutions that may garner good press but have little impact.

The paradox is that Chicago’s struggle to combat street gangs is being undermined by its own elected officials. And the alliances between lawmakers and lawbreakers raise a troubling question: Who actually rules the neighborhoods—our public servants or the gangs?

I’m sure this sequence would seem familiar to anyone who followed IRA history.

The irony of course is the families of the slain know the gangs are the driving force behind the killings of their children, the problem is with the gangs the source of political power on both the local & state level (how many gang generated votes have helped keep Illinois blue?) there is no incentive for those enjoying the financial or political rewards to do a thing about it and as the gangs are largely of color, there is no reward for the professional demagogues nationally to do so either.

The only way this is going to change is if the black community produces their own McCartney sisters.  This can end if  mothers grandmothers and the sisters of the slain decide to band together to confront the gangs and declare No More!  They have to demand that they will publicly shame any pol who takes support of the gangs, who helps protect the gangs or gives cover to the members that put their children in the grave.

It will not be easy, it will be dangerous but until the political and financial cost gang support his higher than the benefit, unscrupulous pols will continue to happily accept their money and votes to keep the power they possess.

It’s up to them.


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Eddie: Now I probably wouldn’t say this in front of white folks but in front of y’all I’ll speak my mind

Barbershop 2002

Taylor:  He knew all the time. Long before your discovery, he knew. Defender of the Faith. Guardian of the terrible secret. Isn’t that right, doctor?

Planet of the Apes 1968

I see an awful lot of people on the net Ann Althouse Smitty, Neo Neocon to Richard Epstein to pointing out the obvious weakness in the arguments of the Al Sharpton, the Jessie Jacksons and the various democrat race pimps who spent this weekend in rallies (rallies, I suspect much smaller than anyone in the media want to admit) and still trying to sell the story of the George He doesn’t count as black or hispanic, really he doesn’t Zimmerman killing a young black man over race.

But while it is vital to keep pointing out these truths and making sure that people who aren’t paying attention know these facts there is one very important thing that has to be understood. Their target audience is not the black community.

Now that might seem counter intuitive in doing when doing this. If you are looking to change the media meme, to counteract the power of the meme police it would seem necessary to make the sale to the black community to, as Bill Whittle does present the evidence that can’t be disputed:

Even so if you are choosing to make this case to the black community you are wasting your time.

The vast majority of the black community already know it.

Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Joan Walsh may like to pretend that the Black community in 2013 is being held back by the Bull Connors of the 50’s.  They will pretend there are rednecks stopping their community at the voting booths, and may can paint a picture of intact black families cowering in their homes and apartments as the Klan, Confederate flags flying proudly drive through their neighborhood looking for black teens to kill, and some liberals and low information voters might actually believe it.

The Black community doesn’t.  They live in those cities, they vote in those neighborhoods and know who is pulling the trigger when their children are killed.  They live these realities every single day.

Then why do they put up with it?  Fairly simple

They find the message of the Jacksons, Sharptons and Walshs a most comfortable lie and that official lie endorsed by the media elite remains more palatable than admitting the truth, at least in the hearing of the wrong people.

And as long as that is true, they will continue to be silent in the face of it, and nothing will change.

There were a fair amount of tweets last night that simply should not have sent I’d like to talk about this one:


I was VERY surprised to see this tweet in my timeline, and it provoked some strong reaction from people who saw it as well it should.

At any time that phrasing would be racist on its face, it sounds like something out of Jim Crow, but to tweet out such a phrase right after one of the most watched racial case in the country while people are still worried about rioting is not only outrageous, it’s irresponsible and provocative.

But there are two outrages in this tweet and while one is easy to spot most will ignore 2nd.

The fact is for all his poor choice of words and the lack of sensitivity in both content and timing Mr. Haley is telling the truth.

Don’t believe me, here is something from Afrodaddy.com

In relation to homicide the number one killer of black men is other black men. It is a national tragedy that black-on-black crime ranks as the 4th leading cause of death for black men. In the age group of 15 – 34 black-on-black crime is the #1 killer of black men

This has been true for a long time, and none of the people in the MSM seem to be all that upset about it.  I think what I wrote the day the Zimmerman case first became a national story still holds up:

I have sons near the age of Mrs. Martin. I can’t imagine what she’s going through and I don’t begrudge her one bit of her anger or desire for justice for her son. It seems to me however, that the activists and media personalities so outraged today, had none for the young black men who’ve been slaughtered in cities for years:

That is the true disgrace, daily bloodshed in the Black community that is left unchecked. The statistics are telling:

The hundred or so homicides in Oakland each year are part of nearly 6,000 murders nationally committed by blacks, mostly of other blacks, compared to just over 5,300 homicides committed by whites and Hispanics combined. (Blacks are 12.8 percent of the U.S. population, whites and Hispanics, 81 percent.).

Where is the outrage in the black community. Why does not the black leadership or the elite liberal opinion address this outrage, because it doesn’t fit their template of racism as the primary cause of the suffering of the Blacks in America.

You can’t find that outrage because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders that you will see on every channel for the balance of the Trayvon Martin case.

The Trayvon Martin case is a tragic, but the regular murders of young black men in the cities by other young black men and the unwillingness of people to talk about it nor the media’s willingness to write about is the real national outrage.

“…because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders”

I don’t begrudge anyone being outraged about the words used in that tweet, but if you are more outraged by Mr. Haley’s use of language then the fact that young black men are being slaughtered in cities by other men of color, then I submit and suggest that like the black “leaders” who can’t find the time or the inclination to make this a national issue,  your moral priorities are off, way off.


Final thought,  A person can send out a single tweet that they might regret I looked at Mr. Haley’s timeline after that tweet and didn’t see a repeat of such language,    Marlon Waynes has no such excuse.

Mr. Howell: Young man are you accusing a Howell of cheating? I’ll have you know I’m far too wealthy.

Spy Gilligan: To cheat?

Mr. Howell: No, to be accused!

Gilligan’s Island Gilligan vs Gilligan 1966

Talking Points memo is breathlessly reporting the following statement from Ann Coulter

The quote that caused them to embed this video and was this:

“On the gun crimes, we keep hearing how low they are in Europe, and oh, they’re so low, and they have no guns,” Coulter told Fox’s Sean Hannity. “If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium.”

Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly titles his post “Solution is obvious” snarking:

If I didn’t really like the Belgians, I’d suggest that she get herself over there permanently right away. It might be a socialist hell in her eyes, but it would be one where she’d not only be secure, but would not be allowed within 100 yards of a camera.

In the comments at the two sites I see many adjectives describing what Ann said: “Hateful“, “Racist”, “Horrible”, but there are only two adjectives that actually matter concerning her statements:

True or False

Oddly neither TPM nor Washington Monthly bothered to dispute her statement. Perhaps it is presumptions of me to believe so, but if professional journalists from nationally known sites are going to snark over someones remarks one might think they would weigh in concerning: their veracity. Given their scorn for Coulter their failure to do so speaks volumes.

Nevertheless I’m still outraged over Ann’s Comments, not because of what she said but because of the reality they represent.  Just this week a 13-year-old black teen on his way to choir practice in Boston was shot. Nobody demand a march, nobody called for the confiscation of guns over it and no national news network outside of Fox decided the story was newsworthy beyond the city.  I didn’t see any story in Memeorandum for TPM or Washington Monthly to comment on concerning it.

Rather than be upset about Coulter I can’t forget this from afrodaddy:

In relation to homicide the number one killer of black men is other black men. It is a national tragedy that black-on-black crime ranks as the 4th leading cause of death for black men. In the age group of 15 – 34 black-on-black crime is the #1 killer of black men.

because this truth outrages me and it should outrage you too!

I submit and suggest until our friends at TPM & Washington Monthly find a way to blame the GOP for the  stats in this chart from the CDC.
they will continue to be less outraged by Black and Hispanic mothers in tears over their dead children then Ann Coulter suggesting it is a problem.

After all why worry about a bunch of dead people’s whose parents will vote for you if you try to save them or no?