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I was planning to write a piece this morning on the Arab threats that if we recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel they would not make peace with them (as opposed to the every other reason that they have not made peace with Israel over the last 70 years) when I got a phone call from work letting me know that I was laid off once again

In a business dependent on e-commerce such layoffs after the Christmas season are not uncommon but layoffs during said season are unusual but when you are dealing with high end products there is less of a Christmas bump as such folks don’t wait for a sale at Christmas to buy, so if volume doesn’t match projections the budget has to drop and as a 54 year old temp in a place full of people young enough to be my children or grandchildren I’m very expendable.

It’s a tough lesson in economics but the real lesson is the one that I’ve mentioned many times before. In the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been at the warehouse off and on, the minimum wage in Massachusetts has gone up twice first to $10 and hour and then to $11. This means that a potential client locates his product is a state at the federal minimum wage they can have three workers for the price of two in Massachusetts.

So as always the real minimum wage remains steady at Zero which is where I am right now.

And so I am once again asking for your help in this matter. The bite will start hitting next week when my last paycheck comes in so I ironically have 12 days before the money stops coming in the Christmas season.

Every $440 I can raise is a week the wolf remains away from the door, if I can raise $3600 by the 21st that will mean I’ll be OK through the end of January which will hopefully be time enough to convince someone in Massachusetts that a guy soon to be eligible for senior discounts who supports Trump and doesn’t check off a single affirmative action box is worth their investment. So I would ask you to consider Hitting DaTipJar Here.

You can also help out by buying my book Hail Mary the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer and recommending it to your friends. Using scripture as it’s basis it explains why the Hail Mary is a prayer our protestant brothers should embrace rather than reject.

If I can sell 10,000 paperback copies at $6.99, not only will my cut carry me all the way through February or March but as part of every sale supports WQPH 89.3 FM EWTN Catholic Radio you can support the station that carries my weekly show, Your Prayer Intentions Saturdays at Noon EST each week. And of course it would make an excellent Christmas Gift for the person of faith on your Christmas list.

Finally the math of my job is pretty simple. $440 a week comes to $1892 a month over the course of a year. (440 x 4.3) If you divide that by 20 that comes out to 94.6 meaning if I can get 95 new subscribers by the end of this month. I can permanently replace my warehouse job and do this full time while still paying my writers and other costs with the existing subscribers I currently have. This will give me time to work on several other book projects as well.

Choose a Subscription level

All subscribers get a copy of my book autographed and sent to them. While my current stash lasts I can send said book as a Christmas present to whomever you wish. (If I run out of copies on hand I’ll arrange for another shipment from the publisher Imholt Press as fast as I can.)

So if you think what I and my writers do here is worthwhile and you think the original reporting without the MSM spin from questioning Donald Trump at Press conferences

to exclusive interviews with people like Corey Lewandowski

but have held off subscribing till the right time, may I humbly submit and suggest that the right time is Right Now!

Either way let me once again thank you for your continued support for this site and myself. It continues to be an honor to serve you.

UPDATE: Mega Instalanche: Thanks Ed and Glenn and thanks all of you. I’ll be going through DaTipJar hits and emailing you all and updating the totals as soon as time permits and the server decides it can let me in to do so.

Update 2:

Good think I’m planning on hitting confession tomorrow as these two images might constitute violation of the sin of pride

Give me the Insty book club anyday

Might I suggest this might be a great book for a confirmation class

Update 3: (12/12 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) OK my plan which I blast emailed out to everyone who kicked in was to work on my book this month and start job hunting in January unless something dropped into my lap.

About 20 minutes ago something dropped into my lap. I got a call from the temp agency that I had this job through that said employer asked for me back.

Given my age and speed or lack thereof I’m presuming that there has been a sudden bump in business that requires bodies in a hurry, even old slow ones old enough to be the father or grandfather of many of the folks there. Of course there is also something to be said for us older folks brought up in the tradition of showing up for work and doing your job.

Now in this business it’s not odd for a layoff after the Christmas season and I wouldn’t be surprised if by the week of January 6th I find myself laid off again. But for now I’m going to take things as they are and see if this is two weeks work, two months work or full time work. But I think I should definitely do CPAC which means I won’t have to ask for money to go there.

I’ll keep you all informed.

As you know for the Last two years since the start of my radio show and the end of my unemployment (and failure to get employed in my tech field) I have devoted my energies to turning this blog and my show DaTechGuy on DaRadio into a viable business.

I have been working very hard behind the scenes and devoted a great amount of time to these things culminating in the Syndication that has now begun

As for the blog last year I have covered the president election in person, primaries and general, I have interviewed and questioned candidates from Herman Cain to Rick Santorum, to Brown and Tsongas, Huntsman and Rand Paul, I’ve spoken to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, interviewed Joe & Mika from Morning Joe covered and questioned Kelly Ayotte, Allen West, Chris Christie.

I hit congressional and gubernatorial campaigns in CT & NH, and traveled NY State to examine the sophomore campaigns of GOP congressmen, some successful some not. I covered Mitt in Bow NH when he converted his rally into a prayer service for those killed in Aurora, covered Paul Ryan’s first visit to New Hampshire at St. Anselms and was in the Room when Mitt gave his concession speech. Just last week I was in the room when the Mass GOP made the type of history one wishes to forget.

And of course I’ve interviewed the ordinary voter wherever I’ve gone, because they are the people who really makes the difference in America.

In short you would have to go to Stacy McCain to find a blogger that has hit more places and done more things to give you the best possible coverage that I can afford to give.

It’s been done without benefit of a TV network or a magazine gig or a newspaper check. What I’ve been able to do has been what you have been willing and able to pay for.

Now the question is asked (and it’s was being asked by DaWife even before her hours were being cut) can this life be enough to pay the bills that her job can’t?

Well I’ve crunched the numbers and it’s really up to you.

The simple goal is to earn enough to pay the basic house bills so that the roof stays on, the oil gets delivered the lights are on and there is gas in the car to cover events in a 150 diameter. That number is $50 every weekday and $50 on a weekend basically $300 a week.

That doesn’t count special trips, such as CPAC (About $1000) or Blogcon or any other big events that’s I’d have to fly or rent a car for but if something big like that comes up, then I’ll ask about it.

I’m sure the last thing any of you want is me constantly asking for your dollars, but I’m not Andrew Sullivan. I draw a 5 or 6 figure living in 24 hours on going independent.

So here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to have a weekly and a monthly goal

I’m going to put up a monthly Tip Jar Goal of $1200 and in the first post of each day I’m going to include DaTipJar in the post with the follow-up from the previous day. I’ll include additional updates in the last week of the month to show where the needle in the hopes of getting me over the top each month.

I’m of course still going to be hustling, selling airtime on the show as best I can but until the show reaches the point were I don’t have to worry every month if the mortgage is going to be paid.

$14,400 a year (before taxes) isn’t much to live on, it’s half of what I got in unemployment and 1/3 of what I was earning before I lost my job. and I don’t expect (but will happily welcome) to manage it in one or two tip jar hits, but at $50 a day or $300 a week it can be done, at least if you, dear readers, think I’m earning it.

To those of you who have kicked in and subscribed thanks so much for getting me this far. To all who choose to do so in the future either via DaTipJar

Or via subscription

my thanks in advance.

Ok let’s start from the beginning.

After a tenacious effort on Stacy part Alyssa Milano gives Robert Stacy McCain a tweet.

Stacy being properly grateful remembers said re-tweet and in the middle of a rule five style post involving Ace chooses instead to defend her honor. At the end of an emotional day off the net I notice Stacy’s post, write a little something about honor and loyalty and bring up my own tweet from William Shatner.


Said tweet in the eyes of my sons and their college friends still producing a higher coolness factor in their eyes than 2 years on the radio and credentials for Presidential events and Scott Brown debates.

Stacy notices the post, and tweets out suggestions concerning bringing said fundraiser to a successful conclusion and said tweets end up generating his own tweet from William Shatner,


and a follow up post on the subject.

Now despite efforts from loyal readers early on (Thanks to all of you) and some pushing from Sissy Wills my fundraiser had been dead in the water for days. I’ve been wondering how I was going to pay a bill due Thursday.

When I woke up this morning on this twelfth day of Christmas with my wife at work I turned on the laptop and checked e-mail and found I had tip jar hits from Brendan, Tanjia, Two Roberts and Jeff which were enough to bring me over the top to solve my problem.

Before anything else let me thank them and all the others who kicked in to get to my $600 goal but lets look at the events one more time.

Alyssa Milano tweets Stacy, William Shatner Tweets me, Stacy put up a post defending Alyssa Milano, I post on Stacy Loyalty, Stacy notices my post, tweets out my fundraiser, Stacy is Tweeted by Shatner, Stacy posts on the Shatner Tweet, I wake up and my fundraiser is completed successfully.

Apparently without Alyssa Milano and William Shatner tweeting my friend Stacy, he doesn’t post on my fundraiser and it doesn’t end successfully, but there is one more event in this sequence I didn’t mention yet.

Although her funeral mass was yesterday, my mother died on Dec 13th. It had been a miserable Christmas for me and mine, we really didn’t celebrate and almost every family tradition from the open house on down was discarded this year and I did a horrible job of bringing the family out of a faithless funk of a Christmas Season.

I last went to confession the day before my mother died. Yesterday I finally went to confession again.

Within 24 hours of that confession Stacy Writes his post, I write mine, Shatner Tweets Stacy, Stacy Writes his follow up post and my fundraiser ends successfully.

My thanks to Stacy, Bill, Alyssa and all the tip jar hitters for their actions leading to these events, but I believe the first thanks goes to the one who provided the grace to allow these events to take place.

As a very Catholic Blogger you would think I wouldn’t need to be reminded of these things, but then again people forget that even the Pope has a confessor.

You likely noticed my March Bleg is no longer at the top of the blog. Unfortunately it’s not because it has been a smashing success it’s because I had a lot of other things going on that I didn’t want bumped. So as a quick update as of right now the Goal of $2200 to pay for the Laptop, Oil Whistle, Washing Machine has managed to cover 42% of the goal which allow me to pay for the Washer that couldn’t wait and about half of the laptop. Of course March continues to be an unfortunate month. My car has given up it’s ghost and rather than spend $700 to keep it running till it fails inspection or $1500 to get it past one more inspection I’ve found a replacement for the same $1500 that’s a year older, with slightly better mileage and 12000 miles less on the odometer and with a furnace that needs replacing this March has turned into one of the most expensive ones I’ve every dealt with.

But with lot of video and photos to post I decided to give the bleg a few days off so you would have posts to see, but if you are in a position to give a hand it will be happily accepted.

Update: Thanks Steph for getting me a little closer 43% down $1240 to go

Update April fools day. Bob kicks in just enough to get us below 1200 $1199 to go 45% down

3/30 Update: Yeah the fund raiser is still on but I wanted to update you with thanks for Sue and Kathy 42% down $1265 to go.

3/26 Worse News Mechanic says $700 will get me 7 months tops, will look for cheap replacement when back from DC still $1305 to go with 40% of base goal down.
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…who has delayed the expenditure for either a new laptop or a laptop repair by at least 30 days by giving me this old windows xp laptop that was playing dust collector at the house.

It doesn’t have a working battery, (not a big deal since I rarely used my machine not plugged in) the hard drive is kinda small and the card slot isn’t compatible with my camera. On the plus side I was able to fix the driver issues fairly easily, it has more usb slots than my machine a larger and brighter screen a working touchpad and most importantly it works and give me portability again, and will provide me an excellent emergency posting machine once another one comes into the house.

So before all else Don I owe you a debt of gratitude for getting me up and running and coming through

As for the long-term prospects, between the new washing machine that comes Wednesday (the old one finally died) , a repair to my oil whistle and an oil delivery at nearly $4 a gallon (Thanks president Obama!) and this month’s mortgage that will take up the entire paycheck of the month for the wife without dealing with the trivialities of stuff like groceries gas and stuff like that. Any amount of time that I can delay either a repair or a replacement of the machine is valuable.

There is going to be a huge deficit this month, between the nearly $1200 of extra repairs and expenses this month (not counting the oil) a tax bill on the way for another $500 and the need to either repair or replace the other laptop (Repair maybe $200, Replace $350-$700) it’s going to take $2000-2400 to tread water assuming that none of the cars, (minimum age 13 years) doesn’t die.

Stacy McCain has always insisted that the full-time blog work is a product worth paying for, and to the paying subscribers I offer my thanks, gratitude and my effort.

To everyone else: I really could use a hand right now I’m going to set a fund drive target at $2200. That figure should ensure that the bills of the house keep getting paid.

If 10% of last month’s readers give $6 bucks each this will be no problem, If you are a regular reader and can spare the $8 a month for the beanie level subscription or higher that will greatly decrease the necessity of these kinds of appeals in the future.

So guys as always if you can give me a hand, I’d appreciate it greatly, either way I’ll continue to do my best to provide quality content on a daily basis to keep you informed.

Right now the laptop that you dear readers purchased for me has decided that its time may have come.

And Murphy being Murphy it has made this decision to do so at 6 p.m. on a Saturday Evening, I’m currently across the street typing at my neighbor Daves house while I re-backup my harddrive to an external drive through a portable enclosure to my 2nd backup drive so I can use my home pc to function for a day or two.

The question becomes this: Do I get the laptop repaired or do I purchase a new one?

As you might recall the last time I was in this position you kindly came through and I was able to purchase the Acer that I know have for $350. At the time it was a bottom of the line machine but much better than what I had. For that amount of money I could likely do the same, a bottom of the line machine would not likely cost any more than $350-400 and as long as it had a card reader compatible with my Camera’s card I would be golden.

Not knowing for sure what the issue is with the machine, it’s likely that a repair will cost maybe $200 but maybe more.

Of course I could go for a bigger machine, but Blogcon is next month and it is unclear where the money for that is coming from either.

So if you are in a position to give a hand it would be most welcome, if not, times are tough I understand.

Oh and to the folks at the cozy corner looking for my review, the review is all written but the photos are on the hard drive that I’m trying to access and windows is being rather particular about letting me access them so it might be a little time before I can get it done.

(as you might guess blogging will be a bit sporadic until I resolve this issue.)

Well our NH primary coverage has finally concluded with the exception of an Under the Fedora wrap-up and this week’s radio show.
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