DaTechGuy’s Field guide to Bloggers Tracy Bengston

This field guide actually starts with the return of one of my traveling fedoras from Cheryl Prater: And as the nature of life is, the return of one Fedora means the loaning of another: You can find the complete field guide here.

DaTechGuy’s Field guide to bloggers Deneen Borelli author of Blacklash

The latest entry of the Field guide to bloggers is Deneen Borelli author of Blacklash: You can buy her book here, the full field guide is here.

Random Blogcon Charlotte Thoughts

Charlotte Reminded me of home while taking the bus from the airport it was very green, lot of trees. $1.75 from the airport to the center of town two blocks from the Hotel is a really good deal. One of the disadvantages of being without a car is you can't scout around for a local … Continue reading Random Blogcon Charlotte Thoughts

Steve Bannon talks about “Occupy Unmasked”

One of the big moments of Blogcon Charlotte was the screening of the first few acts of "Occupy Exposed" the film Andrew Breitbart and Citizens United made about the Occupy Movement and it's creation as a media phenom by the MSM. It was presented as a tribute to Andrew who had been scheduled to be … Continue reading Steve Bannon talks about “Occupy Unmasked”

Why being there matters

One of the most memorable but intelligent debates/disagreements I've ever heard was between Dan Riehl and Stacy McCain on the value of being at an event vs using local bloggers and aggravating them. Dan made a very good argument for letting local bloggers cover and event and aggregating was better pointing out it saved the … Continue reading Why being there matters

DaTechGuy’s Field guide to bloggers Earl Phillip

The best part of blogcon is meeting local bloggers that you have never met before: In addition to his blog Earl is also in the Frederick Douglas Foundation. He is scheduled to speak at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Republican Women’s Club on April 25. (That's tomorrow) And of course the full field guide is here

Elizabeth Flock go have a sit down with Robert Stacy McCain

One of the few dark spots of Blogcon Charlotte, other than my simply horrible ten-pin bowling (note to self don't bowl in suit pants if you are afraid of ripping them) was the absence of Robert Stacy McCain who taught me more about reporting in a few road trips than many a person who have … Continue reading Elizabeth Flock go have a sit down with Robert Stacy McCain

Blogcon Pizza Bowl photo gallery

Blogcon ended with a combination of Pizza and Bowling or what people outside of Massachusetts call bowling anyway. I regret to say that I did not acquit myself well with the big balls but it was a fun time nonetheless. It's the company that makes the night and I have very good company. Update: Video, … Continue reading Blogcon Pizza Bowl photo gallery

Hello from Charlotte NC and Blogcon

I'm here at the Wild Wing Cafe Charlotte NC, as a group of bloggers coming from the Hotel intercepted me as I walked from my bus stop, so with Canolli and bags in hand I joined them on a dinner run. Before hitting the plane I had a chance to hit Mighty Subs: You HAVE … Continue reading Hello from Charlotte NC and Blogcon