This field guide actually starts with the return of one of my traveling fedoras from Cheryl Prater:

And as the nature of life is, the return of one Fedora means the loaning of another:

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The latest entry of the Field guide to bloggers is Deneen Borelli author of Blacklash:

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Charlotte Reminded me of home while taking the bus from the airport it was very green, lot of trees.

$1.75 from the airport to the center of town two blocks from the Hotel is a really good deal.

One of the disadvantages of being without a car is you can’t scout around for a local diner to give a shot.

Charlotte was clean EXTREMELY clean, how much that has to do with the Democrat convention coming I can’t say.

When you are not quite sure where your hotel is seeing a group of bloggers walking toward you that you know is always a relief

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With the death of Andrew Breitbart there is no blogger more feared on the right by Media Matters and those who do their bidding than Dana Loesch:

She laughed at my description of her but there is a reason the MSM wants her gone and these people will not stop their attacks until she is.

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BTW I didn’t shoot her biblical quote tatto in my interview but Stacy McCain did in his.

One of the big moments of Blogcon Charlotte was the screening of the first few acts of “Occupy Exposed” the film Andrew Breitbart and Citizens United made about the Occupy Movement and it’s creation as a media phenom by the MSM.

It was presented as a tribute to Andrew who had been scheduled to be the keynote speaker. I talked to Steve Bannon after the presentation about the film and its reception by the crowd

The film has not had its final edit but you can see the trailer here:

One of the most memorable but intelligent debates/disagreements I’ve ever heard was between Dan Riehl and Stacy McCain on the value of being at an event vs using local bloggers and aggravating them.

Dan made a very good argument for letting local bloggers cover and event and aggregating was better pointing out it saved the vast expense in time cash to physically travel to an event that could be used elsewhere, he also argued local bloggers would be more familiar with a situation and would ask the right questions.

There is also the magnifier effect of promoting a single story rather than different narratives and those local bloggers are the farm team that makes the next batch of big national ones. (I don’t remember if those last two were his arguments or mine.)

I am more of the Stacy McCain school of being there, a person outside of a particular bubble might have a different take and you’d be surprised at how one good idea by one person can make a huge difference.

I ran into two examples of this at Blogcon Charlotte

Item: Kony Kony who’s got the Kony

While walking back to the Hotel after BBQ at a local eatery attended by a flock of bloggers I thought it would be interesting to video the walk back to the hotel to give people who haven’t been there a feel of Charlotte at the end of the video however I found a bit of a story:

The Kony 2012 people had been concentrated in an area, as I continued to walk by there was a group of them in discussion with the police with “mall” security looking on.

I spoke to a police sgt. on the scene. It appears the issue was simply the placement on the posters and the difference between the public streets and the private areas.

I found out later from Roxeanne that this had been active in other areas, she tells me they were less cooperative with police than they were in Charlotte

ITEM: Let out of the cab

Sunday morning was travel home day, I shared a cab with Bob Weeks

Steve Eggleston
, Maggie Thornton

And Tony Katz

Batman villains in their car hideout

The drive in itself was not newsworthy but my talk with the cab driver Mohammad was.

Mohammad is originally from Kashmir the disputed province between Pakistan & India. We talked about the dispute a bit (he favors independence) about him coming to America two decades ago, how he moved to Charlotte from NY and likes it much better, then our conversation turned toward the Democratic Convention.

I suggested that it would be a good time for business with the multitude of people coming, however it turns out that with the closing off of the downtown will actually hurt guys like him from earning a buck during what should be a time of plenty. In the rush to condemn ordinances restricting protest this aspect of the rules seems to be overlooked.

Again some might consider this a small story but considering our democratic friends are supposedly all about helping the little guy.

These are the type of things that can happen when you are actually on site. Dan’s point is well made and with a limited amount of resources you have to pick your spots but I spoke with Stacy McCain concerning this kind of thing and I think his quote says it all:

“There is no substitute for direct observation PERIOD!”

I think that’s spot on.

The best part of blogcon is meeting local bloggers that you have never met before:

In addition to his blog Earl is also in the Frederick Douglas Foundation. He is scheduled to speak at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Republican Women’s Club on April 25. (That’s tomorrow)

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Our Blogcon Radio extravaganza is now available online click here and go through our incredible lineup Including Karen Martin, Andrew Staroska Amelia Hamilton

photo via Ameila Hamilton

, Kemberlee Kayne

Photo via Amelia Hamilton

Doug Ross, Marquis “Motionn” Campbell Bruce McQuain Jim Geraghty and Katie Pavlich

It looks like when Jim moved the mike to Katie’s side of the table that’s when the connection went loopy but I did manage to interview Katie the day before here

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Update: Miss Hamilton uploaded a couple of photos from the show which I have added.