Blogger Meeting tonight 7 p.m. Linguini’s Italian Eatery Rte 20 Marlborough

I hoping to talk about a panel for the 2nd hour and some interesting possibilities for bloggers on WCRN. You will like the food at Linguini's. It's just off of 495 (route 20 west exit) and yes it will be separate checks. Hope to see you there.

Blogger lunch at the Border

In between selling ads today I'm having a small lunch with some bloggers here at the Border Grille and Bar today from 12-1 or so. If you are not familiar with their lunch buffet here is a peek from last month There was a reason why Stacy McCain held court here last January, and food … Continue reading Blogger lunch at the Border

DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to Bloggers: Right Wing Granny

the Blogger Right Wing Granny talked with me after the debate The newest member of the Axis of Fedora's take on the debate is here There were about two hundred people at the event. The Moderator for the event was Stefani Traina of the League of Women Voters of Andover - North Andover. First of … Continue reading DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to Bloggers: Right Wing Granny

Some general notes from the congressional liaison meeting

this took place on capital hill. The panel consisted of Dan Riehl Melissa Clouther and Stacy McCain Tabitha Hale. Each talked about interactions between congressional offices and bloggers: Melissa made some serious points saying: Bloggers will notice things first, they can give good hits to a local congressman on the issue. A local blogger can … Continue reading Some general notes from the congressional liaison meeting

If you missed the American Papist’s speech at the Catholic New Media Conference…

...have no fear, he has the text and video embedded here. My own interview of him will be going up as the field guide posts continue. This young man is very impressive and I'll tell you something. As the father of two Catholic sons I'd like to shake his father's hand and say "Well done"!

DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers: Anita MonCrief

We caught up to Anita MonCrief at the Post (Tea) Party Summit just outside of Boston (Danvers). I must admit I'm a sucker for people who went to Catholic School when they were young: You know Charles Blow says we are all racists at the tea parties so maybe she was an optical illusion.