My review through the Amazon Vine program of Evan Thomas’ book The War Lovers Roosevelt, Lodge, Hearst and the Rush to Empire 1898 to be released April 27th is available at here.

I think the book would have been a whole lot better if he didn’t attempt to use it to cheap shot the Bush Administration on Iraq and if he had made it a point at the start to acknowledge the cooperation of members of the Castro government in the volume at the start rather than at the end. Even with that it isn’t bad at all.

I’d really like to hear Val’s opinion of it as a free Cuban.

…on the NYT best seller list?

Whenever the NY Times places a “dagger” symbol next to a book, it signifies that “some bookstores report[ed] receiving bulk orders” for the book.

The NY Times placed not just one, but two, daggers next to Romney’s book. You can draw your own conclusion as to who it was that purchased Governor Romney’s book in bulk.

By contrast, the NY Times failed to place the “dagger” symbol next to Governor Palin’s book in any of the weeks she held the top position on the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books. Despite the left’s unsubstantiated theories, bookstores did not report to the NY Times that they received bulk orders for Going Rogue. See week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6. As you can see, in none of these weeks is there a dagger symbol next to her book

I have NEVER heard anyone speak of Mitt Romney with anything resembling excitement and I live in Massachusetts.

BTW it is worth noting that Sarah Palin’s book is STILL on the list (at 34) after 17 weeks.

I take exception to Marc Armbinder’s comparison of Romney to Roger Maris. It is unfair to Maris who actually was able to hit his 61 under normal game conditions and won 3 World Series. Maybe it would be fairer to compare it to McGwire or Barry Bonds instead.

This is amateur night stuff, and this guy wants to be president? The blowback on this is going to be much worse that the positive press he got when the debut first was reported. Bad form Governor, bad form.

Anyone care to make book on how long it takes Romney to fall off?

Update: It is worth noting that Sarah Palin’s book is still ranked in the top 150, 143 at Amazon as of this morning, while Mitt’s newly released book is at 43, only 100 spots ahead.

Of course he is a member of the Axis of Fedora (in fact a charter member and he wore the Same Fedora at the Scott Brown victory party that got Smitty into GQ. So he knows the power of the Fedora:

You know that lazy SOB in your newsroom? No, not him . . . the other one. Okay, the other other one. Why not replace him and save your paper some dough in the process.

I knew there was a reason why I bought his book on Friday.

You haven’t bought his book yet? You should, he is nice guy. A scholar who can both quote Dante in Italian and write as blunt as a sailor in a tavern after his ship pays off. The man who can produce this reaction from my wife, and this reaction from his Co-blogger that I met at CPAC:

thinking of Dan, and really hope he’s going to be okay. Cannot really have fun until he is better.

When a young woman enjoying her first CPAC final thought is for the health of her friend and co-blogger that co-blogger must be special.

If a guy like that isn’t worth the price of a book I’d like to know what is?

Glenn Reynolds tell the tale.

I just noticed one formerly friendly journalist dissing me in the comments on a lefty blog, and when I checked my email I noticed that the friendly messages stopped right after I plugged his book.

You know if you treat people with respect you will earn respect, if you act like a weasel don’t expect people to remember you as anything but weaselly.

Glenn shows the class that the person he refers to doesn’t by not naming him. I suspect any subsequent book however won’t get a plug. Nothing like burning bridges is there?

Update: A lesson for the journalist in question: Instead of abandoning someone who does me a favor I sent a thank you note for the promotion of my attempt to make a living at this and got a very friendly reply…and ANOTHER Instalanche.

People are not a commodity to be used and discarded. They are our friends and brothers to be treasured and respected.

My review through the Amazon Vine program of Edward Achorn’s soon to be published book: Fifty-Nine in ’84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had is available at here.

If you saw me at CPAC you might have noticed me toting that book around I had just finished it when this picture was taken by the Lonely Conservative.

It is due for release March 16th. If you want to learn both about the 19th century and the baseball they played it is certainly the book for you.

I reviewed her book a bit ago, you can buy it at here.

The terror argument she is given has some credibility due to the experience of her parents but it is still a question of defining what “torture” actually is. Before you go on about crossing the line it might be a good idea to know where the line actually is.

My review of the book: I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced is available at here.

The importance of this book can’t be overestimated, this child’s willingness to stand up and change her situation made all the difference in the world.

This book should also be made to be read by every kid who whines about not having the newest WII game when it comes out.