Kirk:  Gentlemen, I have no great love for you, your planet, your culture. Despite that, Mr. Spock and I are going to go out there and quite probably die in an attempt to show you that there are some things worth dying for.

Star Trek Errand of Mercy 1967

I want to say one more thing about the Blogbash threats concerning Ali Akbar and the individual bloggers who will be at Blogbash.  First Ali:

There are a lot of ways to make a buck or two as a consultant in DC and outside in politics.  Very few involve bloggers.

You’re not going to get rich or even comfortable catering to bloggers.  They work part-time, or like me scratch out what living we can. While engaged we don’t’ have a long line of people with six and seven-figure bank accounts banging at our door.  If we did we would all be Tucker Carlson with our own startups.

It’s even less likely you’ll make your fortune with Conservative bloggers.  After all they are rarely picked up by mainstream magazines and almost never on the tube and when their stories make the tube, it’s to be attacked and belittled.

Then on top of that you have the Kimberlin Crowd.  Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Lee Stranahan and Patterico have all paid a price for opposing them, and if you think it’s just an “internet squabble” ask Aaron Walker’s wife

I’m in an odd place. I’m close to some people who don’t think much of Ali, to them I say this: Put aside any disagreements you have for a sec, isn’t it true it would have been easier for Ali to just ignore all of this Kimberlin stuff and worry about building connections to think tanks and congress-members?

The Kimberlin Crowd did not go after him, he wasn’t a primary target. Instead of worrying about a few bloggers getting grief from the Kimberlin he could have been working to build his brand.  Ignoring that stuff wouldn’t have hurt his bottom line one bit, in fact it might have helped it, every hour not spend dealing with this stuff could be an hour on the phone with a potential campaign or consulting client.

He jumped in anyway.

This week Ali could be all about connections and throwing  a kick-ass-party that’s hard enough.  Instead he has to worry about security and threats against him, the people who work for or with him and every person who attends his event AND try to be about his connections and throwing a kick-ass-party

That’s being Breitbart.

As the bloggers attending. There are people who think Aaron Walker not withstanding, the Kimberlin stuff is a little thing and the threat is small.  Some might pooh pooh it all saying Blogbash is a hell of a party and people want to be there so the minimal risk involved is no big deal for a kick-ass-party, an open bar and free food.

I suspect those people have never been to CPAC before.

Let me tell you something about CPAC, it’s all about networking. The reason a group or individual gets upset about being excluded is the access to thousands of potential supporters.  The young people coming are potential foot soldiers and the older people have the cash.

Every single one of these groups, think tanks and campaigns are looking for attention.  That’s why there are so many parties.

There are events, social and parties everywhere you look, all with people you want to connect with or meet.  It takes a real effort to avoid the social and the parties with movers and shakers particularly if you can be the source of anything resembling coverage to their causes.  If you are a writer of any sort these guys want you there to write about them and remember this year the MSM & bloggers have the same credentials so bloggers will have even more access than before.

You’ll find more parties, more free booze and more free food than you can shake a fork at and while blogbash has specific things going for it.  Every single other event, big and small has one huge advantage over it:

None of the others are drawing attention of a convicted Bomber who has actively blown up people nor are facing a Muslim protest including “a powerful Iman to stir up the crowd”.

For those who have forgotten such potential caused Comedy Central to censor one of their most popular shows and is the reason why for the last three years Cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding in her own country under an assumed name.

Don’t think for one second that every single person with an invite to Blogbash isn’t aware of this.

People might say the risk is small, to them I say two things:

1. There are plenty of fun alternatives available in DC where the risk of zero.

2. The risk always seems a lot smaller when you’re not the one taking it.

If you are a blogger going to Blogbash, you’re not just going to a CPAC party, you’re making a statement, and that statement is “I will not submit!”

That’s all.


Today at the Supreme Court and at the Americans for Prosperity event, Andrew Breitbart was in clear evidence:

I interviewed one of them

Why do I think Andrew would be pleased?

Update: Instalanche Thanks Glenn, I have a post up with shots and video from the protests in front of the Supreme Court here, I also have several posts in the works with photos and videos from the day including the AFP event, my group’s meeting with Senator Scott Brown, my meeting with some of the J-Street people, a quick tour of the inside of the Supreme Court and exactly how good IS the food there. Those links will be added as they become available.