Illinois LotteryBy John Ruberry

For over four months Illinois has operated without a budget. But the Prairie State continues function, not particularly well, as was the case when Illinois had a budget. Despite those budgets, the state’s pension fund is the worst-funded one in the nation. Illinois has the lowest credit rating of the 50 states–so it shouldn’t be shocking that Illinois, with a few exceptions here and there, continues to stumble along.

One of those exceptions is the Illinois Lottery. Payouts are limited to $600 until the budget impasse is resolved–if you win more you are the proud owner of an IOU, which is suitable for framing assuming that your artistic tastes are modest.

Ticket sales are way down, which is not surprising since Illinois’ two largest population centers, Chicago and Metro East, are near state borders. Who gets excited about an IOU? Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri pay out immediately.

Illinois Lottery officials are responding in they only way they know–they’re spending money that they shouldn’t. On Friday the Lottery took out a full-page Chicago Tribune ad apologizing for the IOUs and thanking those who still play its games in Illinois.

You can’t make this stuff up. Well, Jonathan Swift could, but I’m not him.

Fed up with years of fiscal insanity, Illinois voters elected Republican businessman and political newcomer Bruce Rauner as governor, sending hapless Chicago Democrat Pat Quinn into retirement. Rauner was the first gubernatorial candidate to win a majority of the Prairie State vote in twelve years, but because of the tyranny of legislative gerrymandering, no seats changed hand in the General Assembly, which have Democratic supermajorities.

Illinois has a backlog of $8.5 billion in unpaid bills. The state is sending IOUs to many of its lottery winners. Perhaps instead of the Land of Lincoln we should be calling Illinois the Land of the IOU.

John Ruberry regularly blogs from Illinois at Marathon Pundit.

Back in 2013 the last time the Government was shut down I had a suggestion for the Republicans on how to win it

the essence of the solution and compromise is not to emphasize disagreement but to advance where we agree and that is what we in the house intend to do

Today as part of the closing of government national parks are being closed, both democrats and republicans are in favor of wanting American’s to enjoy them. We are sending Harry Reid a bill to fully fund the national park system and I invite the Democrats to pass it.

At this point the house passes the funding for National Parks and the Senate can either pass it or not pass it.

If the Senate tables it, or votes it down: During every single media appearance GOP members should ask why the Democrats are unwilling to fund national parks, something all Americans agree on, and let democrats explain why they can’t vote for that spending. This should not change until the Senate either votes for it, or agrees to a conference committee

This plan was foiled because when Harry Reid ignored every single funding the media failed to cover it and only Ted Cruz bothered to push back against the Media’s silence on TV:

Sen Ted Cruz: But Candy, let me press back. It’s twice you’ve said Harry Reid would say it’s blackmail. And I want to press back, because I actually — I think that’s a false claim with no basis. The bill that the House passed on the VA simply funds the VA. It doesn’t mention anything about Obamacare. It doesn’t mention anything about anything else. Now, for hundreds of years, the way Congress is appropriated has been one topic at a time. How is it blackmail to say we think we should fund the veterans? Do you agree? That’s a yes or no vote. Now Harry Reid refuses to let the Democrats vote on that. But how is it blackmail to say, we may not agree on everything but is there anything we can agree on? We ought to agree on

However that was not enough so no bills ever got to the President’s desk and the GOP eventually caved and the media predicted they would pay a huge price for the shutdown when instead we saw the 2nd Big Red Wave giving the party the Senate with several seats to spare.

So now it’s 2015, an election is coming up and things are different because NOW Harry Reid can NOT block spending bills subject to reconciliation.

All the GOP has to do is wait till the MSM starts screaming about food stamps, or government workers or any other thing the left cares about
As soon as they do the House can pass funding for that piece, the senate using reconciliation can force a vote causing Democrats in the senate to choose between voting for spending for their constituents or not.

And Unlike 2013 these spending bills can’t be stopped from getting to the President’s desk.

Let the president veto funding for food stamps and unemployment, let him veto veterans spending and if he does wait a couple of week and pass the spending again and let him veto it again, and again and again until Obama voters scream.

And every single time the media asks about it remind them that the congress has passed the funding for X Y and Z and all the president has to do is sign it (or let it become law without his signature).

The Pieces are all in place for a GOP victory, if they only have the guts to seize it

Update: My plan is a perfect counter to this:

JUST LIKE LAST TIME, OBAMA WILL ABUSE HIS POWER TO MAXIMIZE THE PAIN ON ORDINARY AMERICANS: If the government shuts, don’t plan on visiting Yellowstone, financing your home or getting your tax refund.

The GOP needs to make sure there is a bill on his desk to fund each of these things so that he can make the proactive decision to veto them.



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By A.P. Dillon

Question: On what planet do people complain about a $400 million surplus and paying off $2.8 billion in unemployment insurance debt that was racked up by a former governor?

Answer: On Planet NC Democrat.

One state legislator compared North Carolina’s budget to ‘state sponsored eugenics‘. The same legislator just couldn’t be happy until they played the class warfare card, while another used Senior citizens as a battering ram.

It leaves one scratching their head and asking, what kind of math do these Democrats use?

On Wednesday, the news broke that some of the budget and tax policies put into place by the Republican held legislature and Governor Pat McCrory have yielded a $400 million dollar surplus.

A lot of heads, like that of the ‘Moral Monday’ crowd, must be exploding.

‘Moral Monday’s’ main shtick has been to whose mission has been to call the Republican held Legislature “regressive”. That same crowd, along with Democrat legislators warned of gloom and doom befalling North Carolina. Gloom and doom like a predicted shortfall of $270 million did not come to pass.

Republicans say the swing to a surplus shows that GOP tax changes are working. The $400 million figure equates to about 2 percent of the state budget, putting it within a long-term 2.5 percent margin of error for each year’s revenue forecast.

A memo from legislative and administration officials said there was a “significant upswing” in April tax collections. The new, projected surplus is “predominately due to higher income tax payments and lower refunds from the 2014 tax year,” according to the report. – Charlotte Observer

The lion’s share of that surplus seems to be coming from “strong growth in business income“. Yes, there seem to be many complaints from the NC Democrats, but I think this is the unsaid complaint that rings true:


AP DillonA.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review, and Watchdog Wire NC.
Catch her on Twitter: @LadyLiberty1885

As everyone knows I’ve not been very shy about calling out the Establishment GOP, John Boehner or Mitch McConnell over their actions to confound conservatives.

So when they do something right it’s only fair that I give them kudos:

The Senate passed a Republican-authored budget plan early on Friday that seeks $5.1 trillion in domestic spending cuts over 10 years while boosting military funding.

This is a double whammy not only do we get cuts rather than an increase but we get a huge contrast with the Harry Reid Era:

The House passed its budget resolution on Wednesday after a similar process of debate and amendment. Some journalists might be unfamiliar with this process after six years of Democratic Party grandstanding under the cataclysmic leadership of Harry Reid, but this is called “regular order” budgeting. Reid’s decision to abandon that process was what led to several years of budgeting by brinksmanship, “fiscal cliffs,” debt-ceiling standoffs, and the like.

Reid just announced his retirement, I wonder if he didn’t want to deal with the ads that would practically write themselves?

To be sure we likely need a lot more budget responsibility that this package produced and that’s why some people like Rand Paul voted “No” but if you are my age and lived through decades of unfettered Democrat power in congress that people under 40 might not remember the concept congress of cutting the budget,  even slightly is a huge deal.

Now granted we need a lot more cuts and we will need strong conservative to keep them honest but in the end this budget resolution means the GOP is capable of , at least slowly moving our financial house in the direction it should be in.

That’s a good sign and the leadership deserves credit for getting it done.

Every now and then I see foolishness like this from our friends on the left.

It takes a special type of dishonesty or stupidity to make this argument so for the sake of those who have heard it let me demonstrate how in three steps you can become the greatest deficit hawk in history.

STEP 1: Borrow and spend more than any president in the history of history creating the biggest deficit of all time.

Step 2. In the following year borrow less than that incredible amount.

Step 3: Begin your baseline measurement from that first year when you borrowed all that money

Viola: You can now honestly claim you have cut the deficit and pretend to be fiscally responsible.

Our friends on the left use this type of nonsense because it works with the low info voter who is their base, but I suggest you don’t try this at home, because if you do it will lead to a life dodging collection agencies and eventual bankruptcy.

Mr.Spock: I see no logic in preferring Stonn over me.
T’Pring: You have become much known among our people, Spock. Almost a legend. And as the years went by, I came to know that I did not want to be the consort of a legend. But by the laws of our people, I could only divorce you by the kal-if-fee. There was also Stonn, who wanted very much to be my consort, and I wanted him. If your Captain were victor, he would not want me, and so I would have Stonn. If you were victor you would free me because I had dared to challenge, and again I would have Stonn. But if you did not free me, it would be the same. For you would be gone, and I would have your name and your property, and Stonn would still be there.
Mr. Spock: Logical. Flawlessly logical.

Star Trek Amok Time 1967

Earlier this week I strongly objected to the CRomnibus bill rushed to passage in the House on the grounds that members of congress should have the time to read a bill before it’s voted on.

But with the short term extension (Tom White’s objections not withstanding) Senators will have time to read the bill & judge it on its merits so that problem is solved.

As for the merits of the bill, there is a lot of emotion  from both the right and the left.  There is no doubt that there is a lot of junk in it that likely shouldn’t be, but I’m not worried because no matter what happens, if it’s passed, if a short term 2 month bill is passed instead or if it’s blocked, there is one thing I know for sure:

The GOP never had it so good.

Every single possibility is a positive for the GOP politically, let me explain in detail.

Possibility #1:  No bill passed government shutdown:

You might recall last year when there was a short term government shutdown all in the media declared how much it would hurt the GOP electorally, now that we have proof that this is not the case a shut down this time has several advantages:

1. It stops funding of many things that should not be by rote.

The less it pays for the smaller government becomes automatically

2. It disproportionately affects the discretionary spending that fuels the left.

Many more of the left’s priorities are non-emergency funding.  A shutdown stops them.

3. Because it affects the supporters of the left it puts pressure on Democrats to make a deal (which is likely going to be even more favorable to the right).

And the longer it goes on the more desperate they will be for a deal

4. It’s a resounding defeat for both the President & for the Establishment

And this president & this establishment NEED to be defeated.

5. It exacerbates the Democrat Civil War & forces the MSM to cover it

This is the best thing of all, by empowering the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democrats it will create the same situation that defeated Mitt Romney in 2012 but on the left.  Warren might be able to win in a place as crazy as Massachusetts but nationally she has no appeal outside of Hollywood & the fever swamps if she doesn’t win outright she will force a Hillary or a Cuomo or a Brown even farther left and that will help a lot in 2016.

Furthermore with Warren & the Black Caucus & Warren on board the old “Evil Republicans starving kids” business for the media doesn’t wash.

6.  In three weeks the worm turns

If there is a shutdown & it goes to early January eventually the new congress will be seated meaning a new vote with a new congress that has a GOP majority in the senate.

Short Term Bill Passes 2-3 Months

This one is pretty good too because it means the following

1.  The worm has turned:

See #6 above, with GOP majorities in both houses republicans will have more leverage than before to advance their ideas and cut back Democrat priorities

2.  No Harry Reid roadblocks

Last time around Harry Reid didn’t even allow many of the GOP bills come up for a vote, this time he doesn’t have that power.

3.  Possible Democrat Filibusters:

It will be fun to see the press suddenly decide that Democrats shutting down the government is a good thing, but it will be even more fun to watch them keep it shut down because #2 & #3 from a shutdown will still apply.

4.  President shutdown government:

Ah the joy of watching an unpopular president shut down the government because he doesn’t like the spending bill would be fun, particularly if the Senate Democrats choose to back him, not only does #2 & #3 continue to apply but now such a shutdown becomes the face of the Democrat party nationally.

5.  Piecemeal bills:

Harry Reid stopped the post shutdown piecemeal approach, (funding key parts of government one bill at a time) allowing the press to ignore it, however with a GOP majority Boehner & McConnell will be in a position put bills on the President’s desk to fund the specific parts of the government that should actually be funded & have the most public support and force him to decide to sign or veto.  Because it’s the president & not Reid they can’t pretend he’s above the fray, and the more piecemeal funding of Government that is needed the more we can let the unnecessary BS fall by the wayside.

CRomnibus passes

For all the annoyance of some of the President’s stuff being funded for a year even if CRomnibus passes the GOP is in good shape.

1.  Time for a real budget:

With both houses of congress we can finally get on track for an actual budget passed by both houses and sent to the president instead of playing the shutdown game.  With a year to do it there is no reason why it shouldn’t get done.

2.  Son of CRomnibus

If for some reason we don’t get an actual budget and are stuck with son of CRomnibus all the advantages of the short term bill (1-5 above) exist .

3.  It’s primary time for the GOP & Dems:

If there is a son of CRomibus bill in October of 2015 as the primary season is beginning tit will put the maximum amount of pressure for the GOP house & Senate to appease its conservative base (that’s you dear reader) to avoid generating primary candidates.  At the time it will force Dems to do the same forcing a party that’s already devoid of moderate democrats farther to the left before an election.

4.  Obama Democrats

If you think Democrats are desperate to get away  from Barack Obama now wait till you see them as election 2016 comes closer, If the president resists a GOP bill (and he will) every incumbent Democrat & every Democrat candidate will get the chance to be directly linked to Barack Obama at the very time the party wants to forget him.

5.  Obama Presidential Candidates

If a Son of Cromnibus bill comes up as Democrats are preparing for Iowa & NH we will have some lovely shots of a likely Democrat either rejecting Barack Obama on camera (generating similar ads to the ones Ali ran in Louisiana vs Landrieu in the Black community) or embracing Barack Obama (generating ads to run just about everywhere else).  I’m sure every single Democrat is who wants to be president is just dying to have to do one or the other just before the first caucus & primaries take place.

So hate Cromnibus or love Cromnibus, either way,when it comes to politics, it’s going to be a winner for conservatives & the GOP who will have a very merry Christmas.

Yesterday while the Scots were deciding to stand pat the Senate followed the House in approving funding to train the Syrian Rebels in the  campaign vs ISIS as part of the continuing resolutions to fund government.

That’s not what this bill was supposed to be.

The unwillingness of a deal to be made on spending and Harry Reid unwillingness to pass any of the normal appropriations bills were meant to protect the left.  The timing of this latest continuing resolution was designed to put the GOP in a box just before the election when it came to shutting down the government or not.  All of the left was prepared,  from the media to the smallest staffer to talk about republican irresponsibility in holding up and/or delaying checks just before it was time to vote in November.

And then ISIS got in the way.

With the Beheading of American and British citizens in a very public fashion the game had changed, suddenly instead of a debate on spending and government shutdowns to hit the GOP at election time we had a debate about war with ISIS, and not just war with ISIS but arming the Syrian rebels, a highly dubious and quite debatable proposition in itself, all for the sake of preserving protecting and defending the poll numbers of the President of the United States and his perception as a leader.

And without a stand alone declaration of war or force authorization resolution this would be the vote on war:  Do we fight or do we not?

So instead of a united Democrat party watching a divided GOP try to make a deal with their Tea Party wing putting them in a bad spot with their base you saw a vote and debate on a subject that highlighted the Democrat divisions with a base that bitterly  opposed war in Iraq when George Bush was fighting it.

It just goes to show you that plans,  however solid they seem to be when you make them,  are subject to the realities on the ground and must be modified accordingly

Let’s hope as this war begins the administration takes that reality to heart

One of the most solid pieces of conventional wisdom in the MSM is that a government shutdown hurts the GOP.

Back in October the MSM went on and on about how horrible the shutdown was. Every single day the GOP in general & Ted Cruz in particular were attacked. The House was decried as obstructionists, bi-partisan spending bills which were regularly passed with 30 votes were ignored by the media and Harry Reid unwillingness to bring any of them up to a vote was completely ignored by the mass media.

When a deal was finally made that gave the left pretty much what they wanted the media talked about how Ted Cruz & the Tea Party had not only given President Obama, who had just been humiliated in Syria, a badly needed victory but had pretty much destroyed their power and influence for good.

Then Obamacare imploded.

While the Obamacare site crashed and burned and American’s health plans disappeared taking Democrats 2014 fortunes with it, the media took time from playing defense for the law & the White House to attack Ted Cruz & the Tea Party as fools whose shut down fight  kept the focus off of Obamacare’s failures for weeks.

Four months later things are no better for the left.

You have Democrats openly stating that the house is lost,

You have Democrat PACS deciding to skip the 2014 elections

You have David Axelrod begging Donors to give to the party this cycle rather than Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

You have guys like  Ron Fournier writing stories like: “Why I’m getting sick of Defending Obamacare“& MSNBC actually covering it.

You have the spectacle of the White House not only delaying parts of Obamacare once again but trying to intimidate business’ into accepting the costs of this law against their own interests. 

Things look bleak for Democrats.  They need a game changer, need one fast and with the debt ceiling they had a perfect chance to let the GOP stew in its own juices:

So what happens?

House passes clean debt-ceiling hike, 221-201

Ah so the GOP decided they didn’t want to have this fight and passed a debt ceiling bill to get it off the table solving Speaker Boehner’s problems right?

Well not exactly:

The bill was approved in a 221-201 vote, largely on the backs of Democrats. Only 28 Republicans voted for it, while 199 voted against.

Only two Democrats voted against the clean debt-ceiling hike, which was backed by the White House and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, while 193 voted “yes.” The two defections were Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah), who is not running for reelection, and Rep. John Barrow (Ga.), who faces a tough race.

Excuse me?  The Democrats bailed the GOP out?

The GOP speaker is of course delighted but confused that is caucus is not:

Boehner just stood there for a moment after he finished, eyed the room, and walked toward his seat. On his way there, Boehner shook his head, then turned to the nearly mute crowd and wondered aloud why he wasn’t getting applause. “I’m getting this monkey off your back and you’re not going to even clap?”

While he is confused by his caucus’  reaction he can take solace in the fact that the Morning Joe table on MSNBC is praising of him with only the slightest critique by Joe Scarborough.

As so many seem confused by the disappointment of conservatives lack of celebration let me explain it in easy to understand terms:

Democrats given the choice of…

Plan A:

Sitting back and watching the GOP fail to pass a debt ceiling bill causing another shutdown that would assure them of hundreds of hours of video and thousands of pages of print coverage excoriating the GOP for doing so.


Plan B:

Voting en masse to pass a debt ceiling bill taking the issue off the table for the GOP  and making it a one day story.

Choose plan B!

Think about that a second:

Those Democrats who still use last years shutdown as a talking point;

Those Democrats who spent the last week arguing disincentives to work are a good thing

Those Democrats who a few minutes after the latest Obamacare delay sent out a blast e-mail INSISTING it is working

At the moment Democrats are in most need of a boost to their electoral fortunes those Democrats Choose Plan B!

Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t anyone in the House leadership or the MSM find it even a tad odd that the House Democrats were willing to provide so many votes for something completely opposite to what conventional wisdom says is their political advantage in a tough election year?

Could it be because it isn’t?

Update: don’t Gloat? Tells Nancy Pelosi to Dems…

Before the House voted to raise the debt ceiling without any spending reductions or restorations of the military pension cuts Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reportedly warned her members not to act like Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman and taunt the “mediocre” GOP leadership for caving.

…If the Democrat leader has to warn her caucus not to gloat in public over this bill perhaps the GOP leader should not be wondering why his caucus isn’t cheering.


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The Ryan Murray deal has now been out there for about two days and there are many different opinions on it.

Some think it’s a win for the GOP:

Though I, too, would like government to shrink, I think this is the right policy trade-off; shutdowns are making it harder and harder to talk about rational budget policy in this town. And tactically, I think this is a clear win for the Republican Party. The last thing they need right now is to take the focus off the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and revive Obama’s flagging poll numbers with an ill-timed budget battle. Their best shot at a budget they really like is, after all, to retake the Senate in 2014.

Some think it’s a disaster

I am old enough to remember when the GOP said not to worry about it caving on Obamacare funding because, by God, it would hold the line on sequestration.

Hell, that was a month ago.

Amazing how much can change in a month. Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray have decided to give up the last thing the GOP was fighting for — spending restraint. “Don’t worry,” Paul Ryan says with his boyish charm designed to induce sweats and heart palpitations among conservatives, “it’s only a little less restrained.”

The budget deal puts discretionary spending over $1 trillion, which is higher than the sequestration deal of 2011, which was at $967. This is, in fact, a spending increase.

It funds Obamacare.

It does not impact the national debt. It does not reform entitlements.

And it raises taxes, but with the more acceptable euphemism of “user fees”

And some who look at it pragmatically:

When I heard there was a budget deal, and that the deal didn’t amount to much, I had two thoughts. The first was, “Most conservatives probably aren’t going to like this; they’ll consider it just another case of weak Congressional Republican gruel and lack of Republican spine.” The second was, “Good. The Republicans weren’t going to win this battle anyway, and this deal will take away the Democrats’ most potent argument against them—the one that hurt them so much earlier this fall, the obstructionist argument—and allow Republicans to focus on the awfulness of Obamacare.”

The way I look at it is this: the best way to combat the Democrats is to win majorities in Congress next year, and to vote for people who are conservative enough to actually stick to their principles in the exceedingly tempting and corrupt atmosphere of Washington DC (no mean feat that, and it’s somewhat unpredictable who will stand firm and who will not). Republicans and/or conservatives can bluster all they want from a minority position, but it’s a weak position

All are valid opinions but as I see it there are three things for a conservative to judge this budget deal by:

1.  Are the military cuts due in sequestration so damaging that it’s worth making this deal to prevent them?

If you think the military can’t sustain these cuts or that they will go to the meat rather than the fat then this deal is a necessary move to stop it. 

If you think that this is simply not the case or that the military as well as the rest of the government need to live within its means then it’s a bad move.

2.  Is a short term deal, even one with tax (fee) increase worthwhile to achieve the political goals of depriving the media / democrats of an issue to use in 2014?

If you think the media would use a shutdown or even a continuing resolution continuing current funding would be used like a club to distract low information voters from Obamacare and the economy before the 2014 elections, it’s a smart move to made a deal that deprives them of it. 

If on the other hand you figure if the MSM doesn’t have an actual issue they will make one up anyway and this will cost us more votes in the base than it will win us or them in low information voters then it’s a waste of time to equivocate.

3.  Do you trust the GOP if successful in taking the senate in 2014 to actually advance meaningful budget restraint?

If you think the tactical move to make a deal will lead to a GOP congress that will make fiscal responsibility a priority and act accordingly then this is the right move, at times you have to regroup before you advance.

If however you have concluded that the GOP is more interested in getting chairmanships and the power of the purse than actually being responsible with it then it simply will not do to make this deal.

I think making a judgement on the budget deal based on these factors is smart.

Tomorrow I’ll give some advice on something concerning this bill that isn’t so smart.


If you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

Kenny Rogers The Gambler Don Schlitz / Kenny Rogers. 1978

I was, and I still am, of the opinion that the shutdown at the beginning of October (Va gov race not withstanding) was not only a worthwhile thing to do, but has paid longterm dividends by both re-establishing public GOP opposition to obamacare and painting every single democrat as a defender of Obamacare.

The strategy was solid, the piecemeal bills to reopen the national parks, the VA & the other things got the same bi-partisan votes that the Upton bill did.  The difference is they didn’t get the same attention Upton did from the MSM  and it was that lack of press attention and resulting lack of pressure on Harry Reid (who I would not want to play poker or chicken with) that allowed him to provide the stones for President Obama that made the difference and gave him a short lived political victory.

Now the budget issue is coming up again and this time the GOP doesn’t have the stomach for it:

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Tuesday that the country doesn’t need to worry about another government shutdown in January when the current stopgap spending bill runs out.

The government shutdown lasted for 16 days in October, after Republicans demanded that President Obama defund his signature healthcare law.

To avoid another shutdown, Ryan said either he and Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) would strike a budget deal or Congress would pass a stopgap keeping existing spending levels.

“Either of those two scenarios will prevail, and we will not have a government shutdown,” he said at the Wall Street Journal annual CEO Council. “We will keep the government funding at the current level if need be.”

This has already angered some commentators but I do understand. With the democrats completely on defensive, Time magazine even talking broken promises and the left desperate to change the subject to something ANYTHING (Iran) the last thing we on the right need to do is to give them that out.

While It would be fun to see another government funding plan that includes a 1 year Obamacare delay and watch Democrat senators squirm Ryan is correct, strategically, avoiding a 2nd shutdown is the right move to keep the media on Obamacare’s crash & burn as long as possible.

There is one thing the GOP COULD do to try & achieve both ends.

Rather than wait till next month some spending bills should be sent NOW.  Send one that fully funds the VA, send one that fully funds the national parks, send one that fully funds the centers for disease control etc etc etc.  Or even better send the other 8 appropriation bills that haven’t yet passed through the house.

Since Harry Reid has now decided that the filibuster is an antiquated device make sure these funding bills are bills that senate democrats who are running for re-election want and need and let Harry Reid make the case that 51 votes aren’t good enough for them.

But do it now, while there is plenty of time before the deadline and there is no question about a gun in front of anyone’s head.

But let’s leave Obamacare out of it.  Don’t give the democrats an out.  They had their chance to get off the Titanic, let it sail right on through till November.

Update:  Cleaned up a sentence in para 2

Update 2: One other thing to consider:

the Democratic lead has disappeared. A new CNN/ORC poll indicates the GOP now holds a 49%-47% edge.

The new survey was conducted last week and released Tuesday.

The 10-point swing follows a political uproar over Obamacare, which included the botched rollout of and controversy over insurance policy cancelations due primarily to the new health law.

The turnaround in the CNN/ORC poll follows similar shifts in recent national surveys from Quinnipiac University and Fox News.

The longer Obamacare is on the table the more we will see these numbers move.


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It has been widely reported that Joe Biden spent $585,000.50 on a one night stay in Paris on Monday Feb 4th.

With Control Towers closing, I would think that it would be a good idea to do what we can to save a few bucks to being a patriotic citizen and coming off my experience at CPAC I thought I’d give the government a hand in saving a buck or two the next time Joe goes to Paris.

And that brings us to Priceline.

As you might know CPAC this year was held at the Gaylord in National Harbor Maryland, the “discount” price for the hotel was $250 a night which was beyond my budget, so I looked for a closer alternative that would be within walking distance (since cab fare would easily eat up a price difference) but within my means.

Using Priceline’s name your own price feature I was able to find a 4 star hotel within walking distance of the Gaylord for under $125 a night!

Having just saved my own trip I thought lets see if we could re-create Joe Biden’s trip at a lower price and save the taxpayer some cash.

First I went to the site of the hotel he stayed at the Le Grand.

I put in Monday Feb 3rd 2014 as the date to get the closest appropriation of a similar stay for 1 night. The room rates varied from $370 for the classic room all the way to $4533.05 for the presidential suite for this five Star Hotel.

The question becomes how many people came with the vice president and how many rooms were necessary, I presume there are not 100 presidential suites in the hotel so lets guess 100 rooms or so. The junior suites go for $842 each so assuming 100 junior suites to house the entire Biden crowd you are talking $90k for the lot including Biden’s presidential suite.

But the job is to find a better price so I went to Priceline. Using their features I was able to restrict my choices to 5 star hotels in the area of Opera & Tuileries quarters and did a search for a single room on that same Fed 3rd date and put the Negotiator to work

shatner at work

After just a few seconds of furious negotiating here is what priceline had to offer:

biden hotel 2

As you can see the VP could have gotten a first-rate hotel room in a five-star hotel for as little as $510 a night, the most expensive price offered was only #1095.

And that’s without bidding. Can you imagine the deal he could have gotten if he named his own price and put the negotiation or his daughter to work for him? He could have saved hundreds of taxpayer dollars. Multiply that by an entourage of 100 or 200 and imagine the cascade of taxpayer dollars that could have been saved ON TOP of the already low prices at Priceline while still getting a 5 star hotel in Paris!

Think of the airplane towers and school tours that could have been saved he VP Biden just gave Bill Shatner a call before he traveled.

Now I’m sure the VP is a busy man so he might not have thought about this. I’m very proud to be able to give him and my country the benefit of my personal experience


Olimometer 2.52

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And if nothing else it’s a better deal than $500k+ for a hotel room for one night

Potter: But if you haven’t spent all of this year’s budget why send the surplus back to Washington?

D’Angelo: Number #1 Washington loves to get money, they’re always giving it away, you send a bureaucrat back there a check he’ll spin in his chair for an hour.

After Mash 1983

Right now Washington is going nuts over the idea of sequestration. How on earth are people going to function with a reduction in the increase in spending that they had counted on? Particularly when you’ve got people like Rand Paul insisting that sequestration is a drop in the bucket.

On the subject of sequestration, the Kentucky Republican makes the case that these defense cuts amount to a drop in the bucket. “Sequestration was $1.2 trillion over 10 years. And we will be adding $9 trillion over 10 years [in more spending]. Instead of spending 45 trillion over ten years we’ll spend 44 trillion,” Paul said.

Oh Yeah, YEAH? That’s big talk when that 2-3% is coming from someone else’s increase. I’d like to see if Rand Paul can do with less money than he expects.

At a press conference on Wednesday in Louisville, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he will be returning $600,000 to the United States Treasury, money unspent from his official operating budget.

The total amount being returned is more than 20 percent of Sen. Paul’s original office budget.

20% Cut! An actual cut, er…ah…well… it’s a stunt! Anybody can do it for ONE Year. It’s not like He’s been doing it every year so something:

Freshman Sen. Rand Paul is making good on his promise to cut federal spending. The Kentucky Republican and tea-party favorite said Thursday he’s returning $500,000 to the U.S. Treasury — money from his operating budget that his office never spent.

That story is dated January 12th 2012.

That’s 1.1 million returned over two years.

There is nothing more dangerous to a false meme than an example contrary to it.

I’m sure the MSM would LOVE to cover this deeper, but Marco Rubio was seen near a bubbler and MSNBC & CNN only has so many resources to spare.

Update: Smitty has a bit of spare time to cover it.

I woke up with every muscle of my body aching after a ton of shoveling and overslept a bit so I rolled over and turned on Fox News Sunday to listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about how evil the Sequestration (that she voted for) and how draconian the cuts have ALREADY been in the government.

Let’s take a look at how severe these cuts have been via US Government

federal spending

Just to put this in perspective World War 2 in 2013 dollars cost 3.7 Trillion (in 2013 dollars).

Unfortunately to the low information voter of today who re-elected this administration, those figures cause the eyes to glaze over so lets put it in two ways any American can understand: Football & Fries.

According to Forbes the entire combined value of every single NFL franchise is $26.014 Billion.

Using 2008 as a benchline from 2009 to 2011 Barack Obama has increased spending by enough to purchase every franchise in the NFL 61 times.

That’s enough to put 6 new NFL Franchises in EVERY CITY in the US with over 100,000 people.

And that’s not even counting 2012 If you add 2012 spending that’s enough to open 4 McDonalds Franchises in every single city town and Hamlet in the United states so people can eat after all those football games.

So the next time you hear Nancy Pelosi or another Democrat talk about how much the President has cut spending ask them what they want to name those 6 new NFL teams in San Francisco…

…and ask if she wants fries with that.

Update: The number of NFL franchises per US city of 100,000 Obama’s increased spending would pay for is is 6 not 9 (corrected above). So that of course makes it OK.

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Howard: Hey, you know what’d be a great idea? We get some girls over here and play Laser Obstacle Strip Chess.

Leonard: Believe me, Howard, any girl who would be willing to play that, you don’t want to see naked.

Howard: You underestimate me.

The Big Bang Theory The Work Song Nanocluster 2009

L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!

Patton 1970

Yesterday the Washington Examiner commented on the idea of the White House minting “Trillion dollar coins” to balance the budget:

Now that the Treasury is near the debt limit yet again, liberals have cooked up an even crazier scheme to avoid much-needed structural entitlement reform. This time, they claim that a 1997 statute passed to authorize the minting and selling of commemorative coins also authorizes the Treasury secretary to mint unlimited amounts of money. The Treasury could then deposit these coins at the Federal Reserve and use those funds to pay off our debts. The Obama administration has yet to comment on the collectible coin solution.

The debates over our nation’s debts and deficits can be tense. At moments of levity, the 14th Amendment and collectible coin schemes are both good for a chuckle. But our country also faces real and tough problems that demand real solutions. The Left does itself and the nation no favors by taking these schemes seriously.

And Byron York, who I like a lot poked fun at this idea a bit:


and finally:


In fact some might even laugh at counter measures being proposed:

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., has also announced plans to introduce a bill that would make it illegal to mint high-value coins to pay government debt.

I don’t laugh at them at all, I think countermeasures are vitally necessary.

If there is one thing these last four years have erased from my calculation it’s the idea that our friends on the left are limited in any way in their actions.

From Obamacare to Benghazi we’ve seen a White House willing to do ANYTHING to achieve their goals and a press willing to cover for them at every turn.

Why WOULD the White House hesitate to take any action that they think might be in their political interest, law be damned?

Consider this line from Byron York concerning the GOP’s attempt to get Democrats to pass a budget emphasis mine:

As Sessions sees it, Reid’s budget gambit is the result of a long-term plan. “It’s not a failure of leadership,” Sessions said. “This is part of the president’s political tactics. There’s no doubt in my mind that the White House and the Senate leadership calculated that the lumps they would take for not producing a budget were preferable to actually exposing their financial plan for the future.

Remember the Senate is required BY LAW to pass a budget, yet politically Harry Reid & the White House has been willing to ignore the law when it’s to their advantage and for three years the press and the public have ignored it.

Some may think Representative Greg Walden is pulling a stunt trying to advance this bill,  I disagree.  You’ve got to kill this option right now before it becomes a serious play.

If anyone thinks for one moment that the prospect of this administration turning us into Weimar on the Potomac worries this administration more than having to propose any budget cut that would upset the people who write the checks or the activists that turn out the vote, then you haven’t been paying attention for the last four years.

Update: fixed last sentence in 2nd to last paragraph.

Update 2: Clarity? How much more clarity do we need, but then again it took 10 plagues to get Pharaoh to let the Israelites go

The costs of Obama and his programs are becoming more apparent. via five feet of fury) those who oppose him:

Even if you add in all possible “indirect” jobs that could be attributed to this subsidy flurry, it still works out to $1.63 million in subsidies per job created, according to the report.

Just to be clear, this isn’t some taxpayers federation or Republican Party group writing this scathing review. This is the US government itself.

Consider that $1.63 million dollar figure. Imagine a WPA style program such as busy work/cleanup that a city might normally not do because of regular budget. Say 3 ten man crews at $30,000 each plus another $10K in side expenses and taxes. Add a chief to run each crew, say $50K each with taxes and one guy to supervise the supervisors, let’s make him expensive: $100,000 counting benefits and taxes on say an $80K pay.

$1.2 million (work Crew 39 men)
$ .15 million (Three crew chiefs)
$ .1 million The supervisor

That adds up to $1.45 Million dollars, employing 34 people vs $1.63 million for one.

But we can’t have that can we? After all none of those 34 people are in a position to kick back money to the campaign.

Those figures are no surprise to us who oppose him but to those who support him (via Glenn) there is a surprise awaiting them as well

William Jacobson (Cornell) blogs the tax consequences of the Obama campaign’s Dinner With Barack fundraising raffle. Three winners and their guests will receive:

Roundtrip airfare (valued at $1,200)
One night in a hotel ($200)
Dinner with President Obama ($200)

The rules state that “all federal, state and local taxes associated with the receipt or use of any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.” The $1,600 is includible in each winner’s income under § 74 — at the 35% rate, that results in $560 of federal income tax.

Imagine you are a retired black person who was so proud to see the first black president elected and decides to give that $3 from her fixed income to get him re-elected, Just imagine her face after winning that dinner with Obama her getting that $560 tax bill.

That image is the Obama administration in a nutshell.

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For those of you who think it wasn’t worth fighting in 2010 in Massachusetts, think again:

A spokesperson in Frank’s office told WBZ-TV he will announce his retirement in a news conference at Newton City Hall at 1 p.m.

Frank was first elected to Congress in 1980 and has served 16 terms.

I guess he didn’t want to go through another tough fight.


Update: The open internet at the area stunk and I figured I was close enough to home that I was better off going there to upload than to hit McDonalds on 128 so I’m home uploading video and photos as we speak.

Barney and friend before the press conference

Frank Greeted the press before the conference and seemed on friendly relations with most of the media there.

Barney Frank at the start of the Press Conference

Frank gave as his primary reason for not seeking another term the new district. He stated that as he didn’t plan on serving beyond 2014 in any case it would have been an odd thing to acquaint himself with a substantially different district (noting the Blackstone valley) claiming he could advance their issues when two years later he would be out, while furthermore no longer representing fishing interests that he has worked on for decades.

Update 2: Here is the video of my question to him during the conference:

Update (not going to bother to number them)

Barney Frank answers my last question as he leaves the building:

His last advice as he left the vets hall: “Cut Defense spending!”

Tom Mountain of the Newton GOP was there, we talked before Barney’s Press Conference:

He had a, shall we say less than friendly confrontation with Representative Frank as he neared the first door.

and after Congressman Frank left Mr. Mountain talked to me again.

I’m leaving all photos at the bottom, here is Congressman Frank taking a question from Fox, I get the feeling they don’t get on:

Adding the Gallery will updates as uploads permit:

Is it too late to point out that my November fundraiser is nearing its end and I could really use your help to keep this kind of coverage coming?

Final Update: Here is the rest of the Video, I’ll be organizing a detailed post for tomorrow on the entire subject

The Venue before the storm

Reporters start to arrive

Barney Frank arrives and gets ready

The Meat of Congressman Frank’s announcement:

Barney Frank comments on Lobbying and tweaks Newt Gingrich

Barney Frank speaks with glee on the possibility of Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominee

Frank on the failures of Fannie and Freddie: GOP’s fault nothing to do with me:

Congressman Frank on two votes he would have changed:

Congressman Frank of the possible repeal of Dodd/Frank

Frank on cutting the spending

And a look at the press scrum right after he left the mike, I’m sure he won’t miss this part of the job.

Update again: I guess Ladd Ehlinger was a year early.

href=””>Questions on the 10’s Buddy Roemer answers a question on welfare and social spending.

If your candidate is appearing anywhere in driving distance of me in Fitchburg Mass. and you want me to cover a Q & A, send me the event info. If it is farther away and you want to fly me in, cover my expenses and I’ll do that too.

There has been a running gag on the right that every time bad economic news comes out the MSM prefaces the results with the word: “unexpectedly” For example:

And that’s just from the last 30 days.

Somehow the MSM finds all this bad news unexpected, yet via Glenn we see a story without that magic word. A story that I would have thought warranted its use:

At least a dozen states ended fiscal 2011 with surpluses. Indiana reported one of the largest, with an extra $1.2 billion in its accounts. Gov. Mitch Daniels, a Republican, on Friday authorized bonus payments of up to $1,000 for state employees. An employee who “meets expectations” will get $500, those who “exceed expectations” will receive $750 and “outstanding workers” will see an extra $1,000 in their August paychecks.

Look at the states with surpluses named in this story, Arkansas, Idaho Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Ohio and South Carolina and you will find a common thread in almost all of them. Can you guess what it is? Continue reading “State surpluses not “Unexpected”?”

The NY Times hits on the secret of the New Republican Congress:

…some freshmen in both chambers say they worry more about changing the ways of Washington than about getting re-elected.

“Re-election is the farthest thing from my mind,” said Representative Tom Reed, a freshman Republican from upstate New York. “Like many of my colleagues in the freshman class, I came down here to get our fiscal house in order and take care of the threat to national security that we see in the federal debt. We came here not to have long careers. We came here to do something. We don’t care about re-election.”

It is not clear how genuine or widespread that sentiment is in Congress, but regardless, it has upended what President Obama said on Friday had been a “difficult but routine process” in past years.

This has not only upended the President, it has upended establishment Republicans. In the past when professional pols were elected, pols whose primary ambition was the acquisition of power, folks could count on ambition to trump principle.

This session however an inordinate amount of the new members are not career pols, their ambition is not to gain power but to solve problems. Like Cincinnatus they have come for a purpose and when that purpose is done they will return to the lives they have, and they HAVE lives to return to.

This was the dream and the ideal of the founders and a nightmare to those who want to leach off the system.

It is this that has driven the Tea party and it is this that has made them despised by both Democrats and establishment Republicans and makes them the last best hope for our country.

There is a lot of spin going on so lets just cut to the chase here:

1. Any additional money that you give to congress will be spent by congress.

2. There is no money put aside for Social Security and there never was.

3. And if Social Security is not paid out, it will be because the President makes such a decision.

4. No matter what the final result of this debate, the MSM will give whatever credit there is to the Administration and any blame to the GOP.

5. The only priority of the non-teaparty republicans is to give your Tax dollars to their friends rather than the democrats friends.

6. The only reason the GOP is fighting at all over spending is because of the Tea Party.

7. The only purpose of having a “commission” is for elected officials to duck the decisions that they were elected to make.

8. Even though the GOP house has passed bill after bill, the Democratic Senate will not act until the MSM pushes them to do so.

9. The moment fiscal conservatives take the pressure off of the GOP they will cave

10. Democrats are so unpopular and Obama is so mistrusted by his base they he and they need to avoid offending them at all costs.

11. Democrats see this as their best chance to win in 2012 and will happily cause a train wreck to regain power.

The bottom line is the only way to win this fight is to charge right ahead. Do what Byron York says in his piece. Pass something and force Obama to veto it or the senate to fail to approve it. Make them act or fail to act.

Inertia helps the Democrats and establishment republicans who don’t want actual change. If you want something done the DO SOMETHING!

They are listening:

While Barack Obama went to the press for the third time in 17 days, John Boehner and Eric Cantor called his bluff in the House. The Republican leadership announced that the House would vote on a plan to raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion and matching cuts:

It should be interesting to see what the Democrats do about this.

The budget numbers and the employment numbers are causing panic at the White House. Democrats don’t know what to do or how to spin it, but they are simply ignoring the solution that is right in front of them courtesy of the NY Legislature.

NY was kind enough to demonstrate that we can simply wipe away what a word means by a vote. In fact their move has been so effective that otherwise rational people even make the case that the previous meaning actually never existed.

If this can be the case with the word “Marriage” why can’t we do the same with the words “unemployment” or “debt”?

Let’s have congress simply pass a law re-defining employment in such a way that any household task is “employment and viola! You have an employment rate of near 98% (even that won’t move some teenagers)

We can do it with the National debt as well. Just redefine what “balance” means away from the current oppressive Western Civilizationional construct of it (no doubt pushed upon us by backward religious fanatics of yesteryear) and our budget defect will be zero! No muss no fuss!

We should have thought of this before! All our financial issues can disappear with a simple edit of the dictionary. Utopia via superior wordsmiths!

Join the revolution, unless you don’t like what revolution means, but no worry we can redefine that too.

Today on Morning Joe I watched the crew except for Pat Buchanan argue in favor of new business taxes.

As a rule I’m not opposed to removing subsidies but now we are in a jobless recovery do we really want in a global economy to give high-end manufacturers an excuse to move overseas?

You might remember Ted Kennedy’s Yacht tax that raised almost no revenue but drove skilled jobs to Mexico and killed an industry.

The left make a big show at the time of going after fat cats, but it was the skilled worker who was making a middle class living that got killed by the move.

That however was immaterial to the point being made, because it proved that the people involved “cared” it showed they were against the rich and for the poor. Their policies certainly didn’t hurt the rich who manufactured and bought their product overseas instead, and the only sign of their love of the poor was it made more of them.

We need to totally overhaul the tax code and the elimination such subsidies need to be part of it so the influential don’t have lawmakers using the tax code to hide paybacks for contributions, but that has to be part of a full package. A specific attack on a single industry that moves it overseas during a jobs crisis is all about political optics with a presidential election coming up. It’s not so much the result it is to be seen as on the right side

Or as my friend Steve would put it, if you start with the assumption that they are Marxists then it all makes sense

Sarah Palin April 2011 Madison Wisconsin:

…Your governor Scott Walker understands this. He understands that states must be solvent to keep in order to keep their promises, and that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s not trying to is trying hurt union members, Hey folks he’s trying save your jobs and your pensions.

Post June 29th 2011 Kaukauna Wisconsin:

As changes to collective bargaining powers for public workers take effect today, the Kaukauna Area School District is poised to swing from a projected $400,000 budget shortfall next year to a $1.5 million surplus due to health care and retirement savings.

and the result of these savings?

Kaukauna School Board President Todd Arnoldussen:

“These impacts will allow the district to hire additional teachers (and) reduce projected class sizes,”

Sarah Palin right again!

Shhh….Don’t tell Mika Brizezinski!

…yet I hope they keep complaining about it.

If you look at this as an individual deal yeah it doesn’t cut enough, it leaves Planned Parenthood and NPR funded, both of those things stink and there will be quite a few members of the GOP who will vote against it due to this, but remember the trend.

In December even before our people were seated we had the White house making a deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts (or in reality keeping the current tax rates). We didn’t get cuts but we got the tax deal. Many complained but the truth was we had absolutely no leverage except their fear. We didn’t have the votes in either house yet that fear was enough to compel them to make a deal not knowing what was coming next.

In March with a government shutdown looming a short-term bill was passed with 12 Billion in cuts. That is a pittance and the democrats didn’t want it, yet they felt compelled to make that deal to keep the government from shutting down when their own party rejected their alternative.

Now its April again the Democrats are compelled to make another deal, 38 Billion more cut; again a deal they didn’t like (although Obama is trying to appear a “winner” over it, but even the media isn’t buying that one) the sites on the left are howling, yet what could they do? Particularly after the defeat in Wisconsin when labor went all out and came up with nothing.

Soon there will be a vote on raising the debt ceiling. Yesterday in Leominster Senator Scott Brown pointed out that to get that increase there will have to be new cuts and new concessions from democrats. Even if it is only another 12 billion that again flanks them, too many Democrats in the senate have tough re-election fights to risk opposing it.

Already there is talk that an Obama alternative will “slow the growth of Medicare and Medicaid”.

Think about those words. In December 2008 did you think there was any chance you would read those words?

Now I can guarantee you the final budget will be a whole lot closer to the Paul Ryan numbers than the president’s numbers and we will continue to see democrats wonder why the tea party is kicking their butts. As one democrat told Politico:

“The fundamental problem of the whole process is Democrats have zero ability to describe what our view of government really is. So basically all we do is defend the status quo against attacks from the right-wing fringe of the GOP.”

As Carl Cameron put it, this is only the beginning.

All of this is due to the democrats being flanked from one position and another. The reality is we have been winning for 6 months and will continue to do so, Stacy McCain and Dan Riehl Andy McCarthy Mark Levin et/al not withstanding.

So why do I want them to keep complaining no matter what Politico says Boehner wants?

Because this continued pressure does several important things:

1. It keeps Republicans honest:

As long as the base of the party is insisting on bigger cuts both congressmen and senators will be worried about defending their right flank. None of them want primaries and are much more inclined to lean right rather than face their own version of Christine O’Donnell. It can not be overstated how important a lesson that Delaware election was.

2. It makes our negotiation position stronger.

The credible need for Boehner to get a deal acceptable to Conservatives (or as the left would call anyone to the left of Joe Lieberman the “Far Right”) allows him to demand and get bigger and bigger cuts shrinking government, which is the whole point of the exercise.

3. It keeps the media bulls-eye off of Boehner:

The entire strategy of the left is to create a villain and a boogieman to demonize. Paul Ryan just doesn’t cut it for them, they really need to target Boehner but the cry out of Harry Reid has been “Tea Party, TEA PARTY! TEA PARTY!“. The media frankly hates the tea party and never fails to take a chance to hit them. The Tea Party is large, and much more diverse than the media is willing to admit. Other than the farthest of the far left they simply don’t have the ability to successfully take them down. Like London during the Battle of Britain it can take bomb after bomb white the vital targets (the RAF air fields) are left untouched. Boehner is in the same spot. As long as the media is hitting the Tea Party and conservative commentators Boehner remains unscathed and simply gets stronger with each success vs the Democrats.

4. It establishes a baseline one we DO control the Senate.

With the total number of seats being defended it is almost impossible for the Democrats to hold the senate (I say almost because one should never underestimate the ability of the GOP to do something stupid) Once we have both houses the dynamic changes. While the GOP was willing to make a deal when they have only one piece of the puzzle when we have two or all three pieces of the puzzle that argument fizzles. The GOP will be in a position where they will not be able to deny their base. Every day we keep fighting for more and every day they keep making the 1/3 argument it undercuts them when our piece of the pie increases.

5. It Totally undermines the Democrats once we have control.

This last fight forced the democrats to paint shutting down the government as an incredible disaster for the country. They were unable to win a vote or even create a counter-offer on their own. Once they are the minority they will not be in a position to stop a vote without a filibuster. With Trillions on the table it will be REALLY hard for democrats to justify a filibuster to save federal funding for Their political campaigns planned parenthood and NPR.

So when the budget bills which WILL contain the cuts to NPR and planned parenthood come up, it will mean we will see Democrats threatening to shut down the government with a filibuster. It is a completely untenable position for them and the MSM.

Melissa may not be sure where this is going but I am. This is all heading exactly where we want it to head and all of us have a part to play in it including those conservatives who are very angry right now. Stay angry and keep fighting, as long as you still are we will get what we are looking for.

Piece of advice to the democrats. They are forgetting that the times are different.

If you watched MSNBC this morning, you wouldn’t have understood that the GOP passed a bill last night that delayed a shutdown for a week and fully funded the military for the rest of the year. You wouldn’t have heard about the reversal in Wisconsin until 9:30 a.m.

If this was 1995 then the general public would have no idea at all…

…but it’s not 1995 There is Fox, there are the blogs, there is facebook, there is twitter and Rush Limbaugh is no longer the only game in town.

Put simply the democrats no matter how much they want to pretend otherwise do not have control of the message and if there is a shutdown are going to lose huge.

The problem is they have no idea what other cards to play. The Morning Joe crowd is speaking to a small audience that is already convinced, additionally they have been wrong about every GOP move since before the last election.

There is a living in dealing with a niche market so the Media will be OK, but democrats don’t need a niche market, they need a majority. As Ed Morrissey puts it:

Really? We’re not going to fund the government because the House refuses to fund Planned Parenthood? That’s a position, all right. Let’s see Democrats run on it.

And Open Secrets provides a list of Planned parenthood contributions. More than a quarter million to dems vs $2k for republicans. That is what this election is all about.

UPDATE: BTW that’s just federal contributions, that doesn’t count the state level democrats.

Update 2: Great minds think alike

Update 3: Stacy and Ann reminds us Abortion is a sacrament to the left.

…comes from this story on at the Hill “Democrats likely to offer budget alternative to Rep Ryan’s plan“:

“It is likely,” the staffer said Monday, “but he’s still talking to folks, and he’s still undecided.”

The aide said Democratic leaders are waiting to gauge the public reaction to Ryan’s plan, which would reduce projected federal spending by more than $4 trillion over the next decade, largely by cutting payments to Medicare and Medicaid.

Or to put it another way. Democrats who were so tied up in party politics that they didn’t bother to pass a budget last year, won’t even propose a budget (that has no chance of passing) this year until they are sure they will get political gain from it.

Meanwhile Paul Ryan continues to lead from the front and lay things out for the American public like so:

In the End Ryan is right, it is totally up to us what we do and we as a nation will deserve the end result no matter what decision we make.

Every day on the news the word concerning the budget has been, “The house is divided”, “Will the house compromise?” “Can speaker Boehner make a deal with democrats?”.

All of this is missing the point.

The house has ALREADY passed a budget deal, it was HR 1. It debated and voted and passed it overwhelmingly.

Normal process at his point would be the senate with its Democratic Majority and its Democratic leader Harry Reid to pass an alternative bill and then you go to a conference committee to work things out.

Yet the Senate has yet to manage even 50 votes (let alone 60) on any kind of bill and Harry Reid has shown no inclination to even try to move. This is no surprise, after all he was in charge of the senate with a huge democratic majority that didn’t pass a budget last year in the first place.

Have you seen a single news story this week asking when the senate was going to pass something? I haven’t (granted I spent yesterday in Bed sick) but I don’t see why it is up to the house which has already done its job to act again when the senate has been unable to do a thing and Republican senators do their country no favors by demanding compromise by the house before they have done their job.

Get something passed first, then we can negotiate based on the two versions available.

For the last several days you have been hearing the media talk about how there is trouble in Republican Land. Harry Reid is saying how the speaker has to abandon the Tea Party (My latest in the Examiner on the subject is To Tea or not to Tea btw) Schumer is going on about “extremism” and CNN is going on and on about how unpopular or ineffective the Tea Party is.

Yet for all of the noise you are hearing what do we see?

Les Gosule at the Twin City Tea Party 3-28

Locally a good turnout at the tea party meetings to see Sheriff Lew Evangelidis talk about his first 100 days, Les Gosule on Melissa’s bill and a plethora of Tea Party activities in the works.


For a dying movement clearly in Central Mass things are still happening.

Meanwhile on capital Hill here come the cuts 33 billion:

Biden confirmed the new target on spending cuts, putting the best face on the deal for Democrats and in his trademark style, trying to add a little punch to the administration’s stance— still hampered by Obama’s detachment from the budget fight.

But I thought all of these cuts were “draconian” and “extreme“? If this is the public number where will the final one be? Yet it is democrats trying to put the “best face on it”.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin the Unions are leaning on small business:

Members of Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24, have begun circulating letters to businesses in southeast Wisconsin, asking them to support workers’ rights by putting up a sign in their windows.

If businesses fail to comply, the letter says, “Failure to do so will leave us no choice but (to) do a public boycott of your business. And sorry, neutral means ‘no’ to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members.”

Hey, I thought the Unions were winning and the Governor was unpopular? If you are winning why play the “Nice business you’ve got there, shame if anything would happen to it.” card.

And the Democrats who are so sure publicly that the budget confrontation will roll back those 63 seats the republicans gained are suddenly not so sure:

NOW, THE DCCC HAS BEEN FORCED TO FOCUS ON ONLY 14 DISTRICTS: “The Democratic Party is taking aim at 14 freshmen Republicans in the House, of 87 elected, whom it deems the most vulnerable…We’re way too early in the cycle to start trying to predict what the results will be on Nov. 6, 2012. “But it’s pretty remarkable that we’re not hearing much talk about Democrats retaking the House in 2012,” Geraghty says.

14 seats they think the republicans and Tea Party folk are so unpopular they can pick up a whole 14 seats?

But why worry, after all President Obama is still polling well…isn’t he?

President Barack Obama’s approval rating and prospects for reelection have plunged to all-time lows in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

Yeah but he’s The one™. We in the MSM know republicans are in trouble and not democrats, because if Democrats were in trouble they’d have to receive open government awards in secret or something.

President Obama finally and quietly accepted his “transparency” award from the open government community this week — in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday.

How can this be? After all it’s not like he’s like Johnson or Nixon secretly putting the CNN into foreign countries to overthrow people or something?

And I’d be willing to bet that these CIA operatives aren’t the only American boots pennyloafers gators shoes of indeterminate structure on the ground in Libya. We’ve previously reported on the insertion of A-10′s and B-1′s into the conflict. Typically, such aircraft require some tactical assistance on the ground. That’s usually Air Force enlisted personnel; it’s a segment of the AF special operations called combat control.

I haven’t linked to Andrew Sullivan in ages, but his reaction is simply so funny that it deserves a link:

It’s so surreal, so discordant with what the president has told the American people, so fantastically contrary to everything he campaigned on, that I will simply wait for more confirmation than this before commenting further. I simply cannot believe it. I know the president is not against all wars – just dumb ones. But could any war be dumber than this – in a place with no potential for civil society, wrecked by totalitarianism, riven by tribalism, in defense of rebels we do not know and who are clearly insufficient to the task?

Andrew as a certain Time Lord once said: “you can’t be a successful crook with a dishonest face, can you?”

So to those in the GOP who are worried about fighting back because the media says we’re in trouble I say this:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!.

Update: Here is the solution for democrats. Tax increases! That’s going to fly really well.

That’s what I get out of this article at the Syracuse “she’s down 12 and sinking fastPost Standard:

When four days and nights of debate finally ended in the early morning hours Saturday and it was time to vote, U.S. Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle had no trouble making up her mind.

Buerkle had to choose between protecting Central New York from some of the deepest federal spending cuts in years, or supporting a Republican plan to slash $61 billion from the federal government’s budget through Sept. 30.

In an early test of her campaign promises to shrink government while also creating jobs in Central New York, Buerkle said the clear answer was to support the massive budget cuts – even if it means some short-term local suffering.

Yes how dare Ann Marie decide not to spend that 42 cents on the dollar for that 61 Billion and keep her campaign promises, if only she could be more like Bill Owens who managed to break 4 campaign promises in under an hour after being in congress. That’s the hero of the Post Standard’s piece. As Stacy McCain put it:

The editors of the Syracuse paper — evidently picking up the “slash-and-burn” theme used by the New York Times — obviously think their readers are idiots who can’t do math. If Obama has proposed a budget with $1.65 trillion in deficits, how big a slice is $61 billion?

The Lonely Conservative who lives in the district had this to say:

Oh, the suffering! What about the suffering our children and grandchildren will be subjected to thanks to Washington’s reckless spending for the past few years? There was no mention of how President Obama increased spending to unprecedented levels during his short tenure in the White House. Gee whiz, how on earth did we ever survive before he came along?

The article goes on to cite Democrats as if their word is gospel. Several paragraphs were devoted to the end of the “Just Say Yes” education program in Syracuse. Unless you continued reading, you wouldn’t know that the program has not been cut.

None of this surprises me. In my opinion the Syracuse Post Standard will never forgive Buerkle for winning that election as an unrepentant conservative republican, but that’s just me.

Our liberal friends have apparently decided that closing the schools are not enough and are planning to bus in activists to help protest budget cuts in Wisconsin:

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka — refresh your memories of his violent rise to power here — announced that he’ll be storming Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow to join all the Hitler/Mubarak-sign toters and teachers ditching their jobs.

The showdown is scheduled for high noon.

Meanwhile Breitbart and Hoff are trying to gather a few people to counter the union hoards:

We’ve had thousands of people show up for tea party events to rally to take our state back – but our work isn’t done. Let’s have our voices heard once again and show our state legislators that we support this bill. We need concerned Wisconsin citizens to show up at noon on Saturday, February 19th to voice our support for Gov. Walker and our conservative legislators! Tell your friends–let’s set a turn out record!

Why Saturday? Why not get out there now? Scipio explains:

Here’s another question the Democrats and their bussed-in bully boys and girls will never answer, although it’s right there for all to see. Do they know why ten times the number of people didn’t show up to counter the “protesters”? Here’s the answer: BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AT THEIR JOBS SO THEY CAN PAY THE TAXES THAT ARE USED TO PAY THE SALARIES AND WAGES OF THOSE MISCREANT PUBLIC EMPLOYEES AND ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO WALKED OFF THEIR JOBS!!! Those working don’t have the “luxury” these unionized bastards and their state Senate Democratic masters have to waste time

Yup these protesters are protesting on the public dime just as the Wisconsin Senate in the middle of their famous ride but don’t imply they aren’t earning their dough:

In an interview with WKOW by cell phone, Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach claimed that running away from the state capitol wasn’t shirking his job.

He said he was doing his duty, representing the citizens by leaving town during the midst of a multi-billion dollar budget crisis.

And no that link wasn’t to Iowahawk.