Social Security death benefit is cheap but actually wasteful

It's forgivable that Ben Franklin didn't include governmental bureaucracies with death and taxes as being the only certainties of life. After all, he died 143 years before that other Franklin – Roosevelt – laid the groundwork for the America's administrative state. This revelation came to me in early October, five days after my wife passed … Continue reading Social Security death benefit is cheap but actually wasteful

Make the bureaucracy great again

All was well the day of my daughter's surgery.  Despite waiting an additional two hours because of a higher priority case, the surgeon came out around 4 pm to tell me everything was finished and looked great.  He said someone would arrive in about 15 minutes to take me to my daughter's recovery room. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Make the bureaucracy great again

Education Experts Gone Wild

For this post, I collected a whole lotta links on Education Expert Stupidity.  At the start, I was all geared up for apoplexy.  I’m talking outrage of the eye-twitching, blood vessel-bursting kind. Writing is a journey, however, and the destination is often a surprise.  Certainly, idiocy is in no short supply.  But at the end … Continue reading Education Experts Gone Wild

The San Francisco Weekly

...had an article (via Glenn) that is a scathing critique of the City and how it is run, two things jumped out at me, neither of which were a surprise: #1 The Rush was Right moment. If you actually Listen to Limbaugh show, you will note that for years he's said that liberals are all … Continue reading The San Francisco Weekly