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Remember this?

Omar Mir Seddique, also known as Omar Mateen, was an American mass murderer who killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016. He had been interviewed by the FBI three times and was on their radar because he had made comments sympathetic to terrorists and attended the same Florida mosque as a suicide bomber named Moner Abusalha, who had gone to Syria to blow up Syrian government soldiers in 2014.

When asked why Mateen was dropped from the FBI list, [Former FBI Director James] Comey indicated that the FBI’s concerns about Mateen were eased after a witness told the bureau that Mateen got married, had a child and found steady work.(…)

Likewise, the Boston Marathon terrorists, the Tsarnaev brothers had been investigated and the FBI had even received warnings from Russia of a possible terror attack. NBC reported: In March 2011, the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency that arose from the remnants of the KGB, sent a cable to the FBI with its concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Tsarnaev family. (…)

The letter was a page and a quarter long and very detailed. It included contact information, with addresses and phone numbers, for many of the members of the Tsarnaev family, including Tamerlan and his mother . . . .in June 2011. The FBI investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was closed. According to the report, “the assessment found no links to terrorism.”

Remember the Fort Hood terrorist, Col. Nidal Hasan? An FBI-run terrorism task force knew last December that Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, sent 16 e-mails to Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric in Yemen who supports violence against the West.

When the Fort Hood Shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing—and 9/11–occurred, Robert Mueller was the FBI director. Could be a coincidence, but consider this 2008 report by Rowan Scarborough:

[The Council on American-Islamic Relations] trains FBI agents across the country on Islam and how to treat Muslims. CAIR’s archived press releases show numerous instances of CAIR representatives training the FBI, as well as the Marine Corps, local law enforcement and government employees.

The FBI severed formal ties with CAIR back in 2009, but the camel’s nose—in the form of a corporate mindset—seems to have remained inside the tent for a few years afterward. Is it still there?

There’s a new acting director, of course (Andrew McCabe), and a new nominee for the position, Christopher Wray. But changing leadership is easier than changing the course of a bureaucratic culture. (It seems to me that the FBI’s present state is the result of a process implemented long before Donald Trump or even Barack Obama.) Also to be kept in mind, the FBI is a cog in the National Intelligence wheel.

There are many who claim that our government has been intentionally infiltrated by those who long to implement fundamental change, whether that change is moral, social and/or spiritual. Our most recent former president was more open about his desire to shake the foundations of this country and, to a certain extent, he was successful. But he didn’t start that fire; he only kept it kindled.

Can Trump Administration can throw water on it?  Time will tell. And, I suspect that much of the Organized Left’s present tactics are intended to distraction the Administration from getting down to this serious business.

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The latest in our series of posts that should surprise nobody who is paying attention

Today’s blog is Elder of Ziyon writing about CAIR.

He compares and contrasts a pair CAIR statements on terror attacks:  (all bolding in original)

And here is CAIR’s condemnation of the beheading of Peter Kassig by ISIS:

Just as we have denounced previous killings of innocent civilians by the ISIS terrorist group, we condemn the barbaric murder of Peter Kassig and once again repudiate the anti-Islamic ideology that produces such brutality. We also offer our sincere condolences to Mr. Kassig’s family and loved ones.

Not bad uses all the right adjectives.  A proper sentiment concerning the murder of a fellow American.

However when the targets are Jews and the attack is in Israel and the attackers are palestinians,  well…

Now, compare those condemnations with what CAIR wrote about the slaughter of Jewish worshippers on Tuesday:

We condemn this and any other attack on a house of worship and urge all parties in that holy city to refrain from actions that further inflame religious tensions.

The attack isn’t “barbaric” or “un-Islamic” or “despicable,” the victims aren’t “innocent civilians” and the murderers aren’t “terrorists.” In fact, there aren’t even any victims – they are only condeming an attack at a house of worship, not of the worshippers!  The word “Jews” is too odious to be written in context of their condemnation. 

Yeah it’s not like this was violent or bloody was it?

blood synagogue

Apparently as long as the target is an American Jew such an attack isn’t Un-Islamic at all.

this week the Vatican put out what I consider one of the most important statements yet about the slaughter of Christians in Iraq:

The Vatican has called on Muslim leaders to denounce unambiguously the persecution of Christians andYazidis in Iraq – and hinted that it is considering breaking off dialogue with Islamic representatives if they fail to do so.In a statement on Tuesday, the department in charge of inter-religious dialogue said: “The dramatic situation of the Christians, the Yazidis, and other minority religious and ethnic communities in Iraq demands that religious leaders, and above all Muslim religious leaders, people engaged in inter-religious dialogue and all people of good will take a clear and courageous stance. All must be unanimous in their unambiguous condemnation of these crimes and denounce the invoking of religion to justify them.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were quite a few Islamic voices that were ahead of this call including CAIR

“American Muslims view the actions of ISIS as un-Islamic and morally repugnant. No religion condones the murder of civilians, the beheading of religious scholars or the desecration of houses of worship. We condemn the actions of ISIS and reject its assertion that all Muslims are required to pay allegiance to its leader.“CAIR strongly urges American imams and other community leaders to continue to speak out against American Muslims traveling abroad to join extremist groups and sectarian militias. While ISIS uses romanticized imagery in its propaganda materials, its human rights abuses on the ground are well-documented.”

Via Deacon Greg over at Pathos who lists other Muslims who have stepped up  to the plate and notes:

MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute), which could never be accused of being apologetic to Islam or Muslims, has just published a “Special Dispatch,” in which it gives a platform to several significant editorials written by Muslims in important Middle Eastern newspapers — condemning the atrocities taking place in Syria and Iraq in no uncertain terms.

Some highlights:

Given what we’ve seen from radical Islam it’s nice to see people step up to the plate here.  It’s particularly worth noting that the CAIR statement came out in early July well before the video that finally caught the media attention’s on this story.

Now regular readers know I’ve never had much use for CAIR and frankly trust them even less that I do  this administration, nevertheless as I’ve not been shy about hitting them in the past it would be bad form on my part if I did not acknowledge this statement as a positive step and complement them for making it a full month before the Vatican issued its call.

You’ve got to start somewhere.

I did get to Buchenwald the next day and I stared. I stared in embarrassed silence, thinking about the doubts I’d had in college and even more recently…I’d like to have taken Professor Boulding by the hand and shown him around Buchenwald. I was angry that I’d been fooled. For the first time, I knew for certain that any peace is not better than any war.

Andy Rooney, My War 2002

There are certain things that just stick in your head, one of the things that stick into mine was one Andy Rooney 60 minutes commentary on the Death Camps.

I remember how he talked about seeing the camp himself, and how serious he was when he said: “yes it happened, I saw it”.

I couldn’t find the video online but I couldn’t help think of it when I saw this story

The Rialto school district planned to revise an eighth-grade assignment that raised red flags by asking students to consider arguments about whether the Holocaust — the systematic killing by the Nazis of some 6 million Jews and millions of others — was not an “actual event” but instead a “propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain.”

While Camp of the Saints notes an interesting twist and Ed Driscol at Instapundit notes Ike’s attempts to make them undeniable it is a lesson that no amount of fact will cause people to wish to deny or minimize a reality unfavorable to their cause from doing so.


And that brings me to Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Boko Haram.

Pam & Robert have been sounding the call on Radical Islam for a long time   Part of those warning has been about Boko Harem in fact if you do a search for Boko Harem on Geller’s site



Take a good look at that figure


That’s more than CNN, more than CBS,  ABC. or  MSNBC (NBC’s newly redesigned site doesn’t display numbers)

But even Pam’s figures that beat all the major news organizations pale next to the 12,000 plus results at Jihad Watch:boko jihad

For their efforts Pam & Robert are attacked as Islamophobes particularly by the Counsel on American Islamic Relations if you search their site there is no shortage of attacks on Pam or Robert as “islamophobes” who should be shunned.

boko cair spencer

If you are searching for info on Boko Haram the choices at CAIR are a tad more limited:

boko cair

Yup one result.

Perhaps if the “moderate” muslims of CAIR been speaking out about Boko Haram and not trying to silence those who did try to warn the world about them, more than a hundred young girls might not be waiting to be sold into slavery today.

Andy Rooney had Ike and the whole US army to back up his testimony concerning Nazi atrocities that are still denied in parts of the Middle East.  Pam & Robert fight a much lonelier battle trying to shine a light on that which many wish hidden.  They are perhaps less like Andy Rooney than like those who were sounding warning about the Nazi’s during the 30’s and were ignored or questioned until the day the US Army drove into the camps.

And years from now,  likely long after they are dead and gone, young children will walk through a museum and see the story of  how a soft spoken author from New England and an outspoken woman from New York tried to sound the warning about dangers like Boko Haram against incredible odds.

Whether or not it will be a story of success or yet another tale of the world not acting until millions have paid the price, remains to be seen.

May we make the right decision.


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The Pentagon under Obama has made an interesting decision.

Pushed by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) the Pentagon removed a target in their shooting range depicting an Islamic Woman with a gun

In their objection CAIR said:

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Washington-based council, said in the letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that the target “is offensive and sends a negative and counterproductive message to trainees and to the Muslim-majority nations to which they may be deployed.”

With a Obama administration ever mindful of Islamic Sensibilities the Pentagon pulled the target figuring that of course we aren’t going to be seeing Islamic Women doing these kind of attacks…

…apparently they have never met Samantha Lewthwaite.

Samantha Lewthwaite, 28, who is wanted for possessing explosives and conspiring to make bombs, has been on the run with her three children since she escaped a swoop on terrorist suspects in Mombasa in December.

She has now been linked to last Sunday’s attack on the Jericho Beer Garden in the Kenyan city.

But but CAIR told us Islamic women just don’t DO these kind of things

“Yes, I am woman but I am woman who believes in Jihad and supremacy of Islam.

“With all this pressure I broke down in tears… Jihad is an obligation that we must accept – so today I’m over my fear and my tears are dry.”

I am women watch me kill…

No word from CAIR yet if they think her actions are “offensive and sends a negative and counterproductive message”. Or perhaps Feminists noting her husband was one of the 7/7 suicide bombers consider this a triumph for Women’s equality in Islam. After all not only has she carried out her attack but unlike her husband as he had the good sense not to blow herself up has the ability to kill again

Anyone you can kill I can kill better…

Perhaps if they haven’t destroyed the target they can send it to England.

Update: DaWife points out that she is not only killing people just as good as a man but is doing so while on the run with three children in tow.

I wonder what Anne Marie Slaughter will say about that?

Update 2: Let me point out that Pam Geller who deserves special mention for finding this story. The days of the jihadists will be numbered when people start listening to Pam.

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It’s amazing what 1700 people backed by big money can achieve:

Hamas-tied CAIR has been calling for some time for BNI to be shut down because of comments. WordPress (the blog platform) responded by shutting down BNI in late November and then reinstating it; now it has been shut down again, and the Hamas-linked nazi goup CAIR is doing a victory dance. They’re claiming credit, although details are sketchy: the BNI publisher says WordPress hasn’t given her any explanation for suspending the site, and that she has been monitoring comments closely since November 26, when the site was first shut down. This is how BNI’s publisher explained what happened in an email to me:

I allowed them to delete ALL comments prior to 11/26 and they did. After that I was very careful to delete anything that could be deemed a threat. In CAIR’s press release today they mentioned the comments from the other post all of which were deleted immediately. There were no new comments that they listed today. But….they did mention my close involvement with the All American Muslim/Lowe’s Buycott campaign. I had about a 12 or 14 different posts on that so I think the ratings dive for AAM was what made them threaten WP with a lawsuit. I am just assuming as WP didn’t say this.

Insty notes the terror ties to the group wordpress caved to.

It’s making my decision to move to my own domain look a lot better. Pam again:

If I had a blog on wordpress, I would pull it. I would. Because it’s only a matter of time until something you say doesn’t meet with the Muslim Brotherhood guidelines.

The fundamental principle of free speech is the protection of all speech, not just speech we like. Because who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden? The Hamas-tied thugs and enemies of free speech at CAIR?

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it — Voltaire

If it can happen to BNI, it can happen to any of us.

My understanding is it was not for what the blogger said but was due to something in comments, that’s why even though it is time consuming to approve them manually I think it’s a better idea.

I only liked to Bare Naked Islam for the first time this week, and I didn’t follow her on twitter…until today.

Update: Via Glenn WordPress turns Bare Naked Islam back on for a week and suggests they move on, they also deny caving to anyone, to wit:

Finally although there was a press release from CAIR claiming to have been behind this I haven’t heard of them until today and as far as we can tell none of the ToS reports that caused the blog to be reviewed were from anyone involved with that organization. does not suspend blogs at the request of individuals or organizations, only for violations of our Terms of Service.

I’d like to take these guys at their word but it would be interested to find out exactly who complained. My friend Jimmie Bise checked out the site and bluntly said some of the comments were beyond the pale. Glenn had this to say:

Is publishing commenters’ information wrong? Yes, unless the commenters have been threatening or abusive, in which case I think it’s fine. Were they? I don’t know — because when I went to the site it had been taken down.

Either way if WordPress is telling the truth than CAIR is full of it, well more full of it than normal, anyways as for Bare Naked Islam, this post has generated 277 comments and i suspect wherever it goes it will have a lot more traffic than it ever did so CAIR will not be happy and I suspect WordPress will not get a lot of good press from this episode from bloggers, particularly with the timing of this coming up during the SOPA fight.

Apparently since they can’t get people to stop watching Fox they can retaliate against those who dare cross the Fox line:

Specifically, in a conversation about Islamic terrorism, Williams said on the O’Reilly Factor that he sometimes had fear on airplanes seeing muslim passengers in Islamic garb.

NPR said Juan Williams’ comments “undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR” and “his remarks on the O’Reilly Factor … were inconsistent with our editorial standards.”

For reference, NPR recently ran a segment on how to speak “tea bagger”.

Michelle Malkin reminds us of the new Soros money, Jimmie Bise talks about Fox phobia and big journalism gives us a useful NPR list.

Me? I’m reminded of this post just a few five days ago:

“NPR has the right approach because they are in the business of serving the public,” She said. “I think it is perfectly consistent to require a higher standard of impartiality.”

That these two stories took place in the same week is serious Irony overload.

The Jawa Report gives us an interesting postscript to the Rifqa Bary story:

In a stunning development in the ongoing legal saga of Muslim-turned-Christian convert Rifqa Bary, the parents’ attorney, Omar Tarazi, filed a motion with the Franklin County courts last week moving to ban on all Christmas cards being sent to Rifqa through her attorneys, and demanding the seizure from her of all Christmas cards that she might have already received. And yet her parents still make representations to the media that they intend to honor and respect her Christian faith, while their attorney files sealed motions stating that Christmas cards are “dangerous to her health and safety”.

Am I surprised, yes and no. Yes I’m surprised that Jawa scooped Atlas on this and no I’m not the least bit surprised by CAIR’s actions. They are Islamists in sheep’s clothing. And that clothing is only convincing to those who want to believe.