I speak to John Sacco of Magnificat Magazine at the Catholic Men’s conference last week.

There is also a kids magazine called Magnifikid I did a later audio interview about it for WQPH that you can listen to here.

At the Catholic Men’s conference with our WQPH group there was a woman I didn’t recognize passing out cards with a prayer for mercy to anyone willing to take them. It turns out she is one of the many women who spent decades paying the price for the aftereffects of legal abortion.

This is her testimony and my interview that followed

There are many more victims of abortion than just the murdered child.

The Silent no more campaign is here

Project Rachel is here.

If you know a woman who is suffering over an abortion she had, these are excellent resources for her.

Update: You can the video of her her testimony at on the Supreme court steps here

If you missed DaTechGuy on DaRadio this week including my interview with Jake Tapper CNN Reporter exterminate and author of Outpost An Untold Story of American Valor you can listen to it here (and buy his book below).

We are devastated that Jim LaBriola has been sick and look forward to his full recovery, but if you really want to make him feel better, buy his CD Heart Improvement. It will not only bring a smile to his face but will bring many to yours.

And Join us next week as we have Pam Geller and Robert Spencer join us concerning his removal as a speaker at the Catholic Men’s Conference and her inability to get a room for her Annual event at CPAC.

It all takes place at Noon Saturday on AM 1390 Plymouth, WBNW 1120 Concord or 970 WESO in Southbridge, the Money Matter Radio Network. You can listen via TuneIn as well as FTR radio online.

Do you really want to annoy the people cheering the exclusions of Robert & Pam, Buy their books!

Yesterday Robert Spencer 60 people came to see Robert Spencer speak at the VFW in Natick Massachusetts


People came to see him

Even from as far away as NJ to Support Robert after he was dropped from the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference

This Event was sponsored by the local act Chapter:


And Mr. Spencer’s remarks ran about 45 minutes

where he talked about Islam and free speech

He spent a fair amount of time signing books and also stood for an interview with me on the evening and the situation with the Diocese of Worcester:

But the majority of his time was spent in the Q & A for the 70 or so attendees for the speech

on Sunni vs Shia Islam:

Whitewashing Islam in education

and much more (below the fold)

Robert will be my Guest on DaTechGuy on DaRadio March 9th to speak further about this situation.

I’m in the middle so to speak. I know the Bishop and his spokesperson and am also a friend of Robert’s. If the goal is to avoid controversy, that has failed spectacularly. The question now become, what is the thing that is just and right? Or put another way, this is much like the New Evangelism. We are going to get considerable pushback when we go to boldly proclaim the truth of the message of the Church of Christ. Will we have the courage to speak when objections are made by those who wish to silence us?

I urge you to pray for all concerned that God may grant the gift of discernment.

Meanwhile the rest of the Q & A follows:

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While the Diocese of Worcester has chosen to resend the invitation of my friend Robert Spencer to speak at the Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester. You can still see him speak if you are a Catholic from Worcester County.

Tonight Mr. Spencer will be appearing at the Natick VFW Post 1274 this evening at 7 PM to speak about the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” a UN organization whose agenda is to criminalize any critique of Islam.

I would urge people were planning to attend the Catholic Men Conference in Worcester Next month to consider offering the Suggested donation of $20 and see what the local Islamic groups and the Boston Globe didn’t want you to hear.

Then again considering what our Islamic friends are doing to Catholics in Nigeria

Those are (were) people of the Catholic faith and citizens of Nigeria. They were reportedly burned alive in Nigeria by Muslims.

Perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised to see intimidation of Catholics by Muslims be successful.

Via the Brenner Brief that asks a simple question:

Why in the world isn’t the mainstream media covering this? Because it doesn’t fit their perfect little meme that the Christians are mean and evil to the innocent Muslims. A few blogs have covered this, but that’s all.

I’m sure Lisa Wangsness will get around to it eventually

Update: As of today here we are on this week’s goal:

[thermometer raised=190 target=300 width=150 height =200 ]

This decision, is exactly the wrong one.

And so it was that I was scheduled to appear at a Catholic Men’s Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 16, until today, when the Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Robert McManus, directed that my appearance be canceled. McManus was under pressure from Islamic supremacist groups who were calling and emailing the diocese demanding that he cancel my appearance. I’ve been informed that they were asked to call the diocese and demand the cancellation by a Boston Globe reporter named Lisa J. Wangsness, who contacted me this morning and appears to have instigated the entire controversy.

It will win us no friends and simply embolden those who hate the church and wish to bring us down.

I know Robert Spencer, he’s a good and honorable man, Bishop Robert McManus is a good man and has been an excellent bishop but the key word here is “man” and every man makes a bad move on occasion.

The dis-invitation of Robert Spencer to this year’s Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference is not a sin, but it is a shame.

I have sent an e-mail urging the Bishop to reconsider this decision and I would further urge you to pray the Bishop be given discernment, (Perhaps the guardian Angel prayer).

Angel of God his guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits him here, ever this day be at his side, to light, to guard to rule to guide.

This btw is a prayer that should be used liberally for people and for yourself in times of temptation.

Our last set of videos begins with Joe Lombardi grandson of the great Vince Lombardi and quarterback coach of the New Orleans Saints:

Like his grandfather he has also earned a Super Bowl ring.

The final speaker was Mark Nehrbas who talked about the Holy Spirit

and talked about the flow of the spirit

You can get order his speech in full here.

Father Larry Richards gave a talk on Confession that was both informative and funny:

He spoke on scripture and the need to read it

And on daily prayer:

And he spoke on Masturbation a subject that you don’t get a lot of talk at Church

He’s not taking excuses:

You can buy the entire speech from this link.

This week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio with live reports from both the Catholic Men’s conference and the opening of the Scott Brown victory office. If you didn’t hear it you can catch it here.

We will have various videos and photos from the Men’s conference available all week.

I’ll be posting my interview with Fr. Longenecker later in the week but here are excepts of his speech on St. Benedict from the Catholic’s Men’s Conference at the DCU center 3/24/12.

He joked about being a Married Catholic Priest

He talked of God being where it is:

Spiritual Roots

Thought and Obediance:

and prayer short and from the heart:

You can order the entire speech here.

Today’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio comes to you from three different locations.

I will be at the Annual Catholic Men’s Conference enjoying speakers such as Catholic Priest author and blogger Fr. Dwight Longnecker and calling in with updates.

John Weston and Bray Wyatt will be at the Scott Brown interviewing polls and people involved in the campaign.

and Back at the WCRN studios will be Joe Mangiacotti behind the mike and Bob Hokanson in the Booth.

The fun begins at 10 a.m. You can join in the conversation at 508-438-0965 or 888-9-Fedora

Directly after yesterday’s show I headed to the 11th annual Catholic Men’s conference in Worcester. As usual it was packed. Also as usual there was a lot to see. UPDATE Photos we’ve got Photos

You can find plenty of examples of Catholic dislpay

No Catholic event would be Catholic without a statue of our lady:

You can't go wrong with our lady

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Today Anita Moncrief is our scheduled guest, we’ll be talking about the True the vote conference and her experience as a Whistle blower on Acron.

In the second hour we will talk Trump, Libya and the middle east. Join us at 10 a.m. on WCRN 830 AM and don’t forget the Wesley and Weston review at 6. Conservatively speaking from 7-9 and Carol Ann Brown at 9.
As always you can listen live here

I will be going to the Catholic Men’s conference after the show and will have video up at the end of the day.

My son and I got to the men’s conference a bit before 7:30 a.m. There was already a small group of men who where there waiting at the doors which where shortly opened and a flow of men of all ages were quickly up the escalators and into the main exhibitor area. Where a plethora of Catholic books of all types and subjects awaited us. From the Saints, the popes, apologists of every type and historical books were available almost everywhere.

For people from my parish St. Anthony Di Padua you couldn’t help but notice the number of people you knew. St. Anthony parishioners were everywhere.

You bumped into them everywhere you went.

For myself I also recognized many fellow members of the Knights of Columbus. Three different tables where setup. One concerning Membership, one on our insurance program and a third on a new programs on Christian Fatherhood called Fathers for good.

We got ourselves into the main hall pretty quick but for some reason Danny grabbed seats toward the center of the room in the third batch of seats. I had figured on being a lot closer but as long as we could see and hear the speakers we were good. Last years crop was pretty good, we hoped to do as good this year, we weren’t disappointed.

The Opening Speaker was Michael Matthew Kelly who was absolutely fantastic. Kelly’s thesis was twofold, first that Catholics have forgotten our history reminding us that things such as education for the non noble and medical care such as hospitals came from the Church. He then gave a list of what he called the seven Pillars of the Church and he put them in order:

1. Confession. He argued that like any athlete we will do better with a coach who knows us (a confessor) and he reminded of the necessity of confession because of our capacity to create God in our image.

2. Daily Prayer He stressed the need for good habits to set the direction of our day saying that our actions will follow our thoughts and reminded us that the Saints are the most diverse group in history.

3. The Mass He suggested the goal to look for one thing from each mass by which we could become better (suggesting a journal) And reminded us that the first person in history to leave right after communion was Judas.

4. The Bible He reminded us to start with the Gospels to find out who Jesus was, stressing that Jesus proclaimed himself God not giving other choices. He stated we avoid scripture because we don’t want to change.

5. Fasting He suggested that it was spiritual discipline. And fasting can be as easy as wanting Steak and taking chicken, wanting coke and having juice.

6. Spiritual Reading He reminded us that he we become what we read. People who question us deserve answers and how can we provide them if we don’t study or faith?

7. The Rosary He made one of the best Marian arguments I’ve heard reminding us that we would not hesitate to pray for someone else if asked so why not ask Mary and the Saints to pray for us. Nobody see the life of the child like the mother.

He seemed a tough act to follow but Jessie Romero followed him and told of his time on the LA police force and his time as a “culturally Catholic Latino.

He told of what happened when he read the Gospels and realized who and what Jesus was. By his 35 miracles he demonstrated who and what he was. He broke Christians down into three groups.

Wishbones: One day I’ll be better
Jawbones: Those who talk the Talk and don’t walk the walk
Backbones: “I’ve got Jesus bring it on!”

He told spectacular tales of evangelicalism on the streets in LA to gang members and criminals of all types, packing his weapon, and his holy water.

He impressed me and I spoke to him afterward outside where I was given a box lunch along with the exibitors so I missed a good chunk of Msgr. Swetland’s talk on Confession. When I came back in he stressed the need for the sacrament and it’s biblical origins. At the conclusion of his talk came the time for confession and lunch. 50 priests were there including Bishop McManus. As an older priest who seemed very familiar sat next to me I decided I didn’t need to go to the Bishop who was free and stood where I am. At the end of confession the priest commented on my fedora approvingly. Thanking him I introduced myself asking who he was. He lifted the red cap on the chair next to him and that how I met Auxiliary Bishop George Rueger.

In addition to the people there quite a few exhibitors attended the men’s conference.

Adopt a Student helps people pay for Catholic education.

I should make it plain you don’t have to be Catholic to get that aid

Lighthouse Catholic Media Offers CD’s from great Catholic speakers to help evangelize the faith.

I have a few of these CD’s myself, they are first rate and will tell you a lot more about the actual Catholic Faith as opposed to what people say it is.

If your interest is more political then you might want to check out Catholic Citizenship

Would that Bart Stupak did.

Thomas Moore liberal Arts College in Southern NH had a booth:

Magdalen College also attended but didn’t go on Camera with us. Strangely enough The College of the Holy Cross, Assumption College and Anna Maria college, all in Worcester had no presence at all. You would think colleges in Worcester that proclaim themselves Catholic would bother to show up. Feel free to contact them and ask why.

A Vatican representative from Rome attended promoting pilgrimages to holy places. Journey of the Spirit is the web site.

This is exactly the type of woman (a faithful Italian) that my mother urged each one of her sons to marry. Alas for mom none of us did.

As a member of the Knights of Columbus I would be derelict in my duty to not give my group a plug:

There were actually three Knights booth there. I actually joined the Knights at the Men’s conference last year.

Finally you likely have heard of ETWN but you might not have heard of Catholic TV. If you haven’t Bonnie Rogers solves that problem.

And beyond that there was a dizzying array of devotional books available from many different vendors.

If you are sick of watching the Pseudo Catholics on capital decide to re-define “intrinsic evil” here are a few of the real things as they waited to enter the 10th annual Worcester Diocesan Catholic Men’s conference yesterday (March 20th 2010).

I should point out that although it is not apparent from the interview, I’ve known Hugh for a year and we are part of the same Knights of Columbus counsel.

Finally we have Mike Sullivan for Catholic’s United for the faith. This is NOT the Soros group that co-oped part of the name to disguise themselves.

There’s nothing like the real thing!