Reg:  All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Monty Python  Life of Brian 1979

Matthew Kelly:  We’ve [Catholics] forgotten our story.

A few weeks ago I attended the Catholic Radio Symposium held at Belmont Abbey College in Belmont NC.

There were panels, speeches, masses and many interesting interviews well worth your time already posted under the Catholic Radio Symposium tag  but the most important and revealing interview of the trip happened totally by accident.

I had excused myself after the first night’s dinner going to a side area to try to get my interviews uploaded while a pair of speakers addressed the crowd.

One of those speakers was the President of the College Dr. Bill Thierfelder, and author of the book Less than a Minute to Go the secret for success in sport business and everyday life. who after the event was over was engaged in conversation in the same area where I was uploading my video when I heard something that made me leap out of my chair.

Let that sink in for a second: If you are a young woman in college, finding herself pregnant, faces the pressure to abort your child for the sake of continuing her education, MiraVia (formerly Room at the Inn) and Belmont Abbey College will provide room and board for you including certified volunteers providing childcare while the College provides 10 free classes so your education will not be at the cost of your child’s life.

This is an amazing ministry that deserves a lot more attention.  It’s the picture of living in the way of Christ, not just protesting the evil of abortion and fighting against it under the law (which is a virtue) but giving those tempted to this evil the means to resist it.  It’s something that Catholic Colleges in conjunction with pro-life organization should be copying nationwide.    (You can donate to their ministry here)

But what’s even more amazing is how unextraordinary this is within the church.   At the symposium I met many people from the Kolping Society housing men in New York to the Open Arms Community feeding the hungry in El Paso who are doing great work within their community.  And there are hundreds and thousands who will never attend a Catholic Radio Symposium who are doing amazing thing within their own parishes and community serving the poor, helping the depressed and caring for those in crisis all over the nation in the name of Christ and the Catholic Church.

Yet over and over our secular culture, our entertainment , our news and through our social media hear only a cacophony of voices decrying the church as a rich distant not interested in the needs of ordinary people.  (Although they,  for political reasons,  avoid hitting Pope Francis.  One can’t risk upsetting the latino demographic that absolutely adores him you know).

Now given said culture’s increasing hostility to religion in general and the Church in particular it’s not a surprise that those who are the gatekeepers of information to the public ignore these stories that undermine their meme concerning the church.

Therefore it is up to us in new media (and Catholic Radio) to not make sure their light is not hidden under a bushel.  but more importantly so that we can help the can continue their fine work obeying Christ’s to love our neighbor as ourselves.



Normally I’d put my Tip Jar pitch here but if I might suggest if you have a $10 or twenty to spare I can’t think of a ministry more deserving that the one Dr. Thierfelder is talking about.  You can kick in here.

I was not the only person doing interviews & shooting video at the Catholic Radio Symposium.  Joe Quattrocchi of NY Catholic Radio was doing the same.


He interviewed Deacon Tom from Arizona:

And Fr. Bonaface

Like me he interviewed the people behind Light of Truth ministry

and he also recorded the Homily of Bishop Sheridan at our opening mass at the Symposium.

You can find more about NY Catholic Radio & Joe’s work here.

I spoke to Cecilia Portilla of the Kolping Society of NY at the Catholic Radio Symposium. It was the last interview I did before my camera broke.

Their web site is here. You can find out more about Blessed Fr. Kolping here

I have one more interview to post but that’s part of a longer piece coming up later.

Ron of Catholic Sacred Space tells me the story of his involvement in the Famous event with Rush Limbaugh Dan’s Bake Sale at the Catholic Radio Symposium.

If you don’t know about Dan’s Bake Sale you can find details here at Rush Limbaugh Site.

I spoke to Ron of Sacred Heart Radio at the Catholic Radio Symposium

We had a second conversation concerning a particular story from his station which I call the Prisoners Mite

You can find Sacred Heart Radio (in the Northwest as opposed to the Cincinnati one) here.

If you don’t know the story of the Widow’s mite, that’s here.

At the Catholic Radio symposium in Charlotte NC the day one speaker was professor Douglas Bushman. His remarks began thus:

For those who didn’t look this quote from St. Pope John Paul II is the key line

The vital core of the New Evangelization must be a clear and unequivocal proclamation of the person of Jesus Christ, That is, the preaching of his name, his teaching, his life, his promises and kingdom which he has gained for us by his Pascal Mystery

The most interesting thing about his first of three speeches was how little he talked about ….Radio. It was all about the the actual mission of the Church and how the New Evangelization isn’t all that new. In fact he noted how St. John Paul relied heavily on the Pope Paul VI’s first encyclical ECCLESIAM SUAM.  In fact thinking back on  his words of the day Pope Paul’s Ecclesiam Suam sums it up well.  On Church Doctrine:

(9) We are convinced that the Church must look with penetrating eyes within itself, ponder the mystery of its own being, and draw enlightenment and inspiration from a deeper scrutiny of the doctrine of its own origin, nature, mission, and destiny. The doctrine is already known; it has been developed and popularized in the course of this century. But it can never claim to be sufficiently investigated and understood, for it contains “the publication of a mystery, kept hidden from the beginning of time in the all-creating mind of God . . . in order that it may be known . . . through the Church.”

On a mature faith that doesn’t stop being formed once the last confirmation class is over so that our Catholic faith has an adult understanding

(41)…It is a problem which arises from the very nature of the truths revealed by God and their special relevance to our lives as human beings. For without reference to Christ’s teaching handed on by the Church, it is not possible for man to pass judgment on himself and his own nature, his former state of perfection and the ruinous consequences of original sin, his capacity for good and his need for help in desiring and achieving what is good, the importance and purpose of this present life, the good that he seeks or already possesses, how best to acquire perfection and holiness, and how to attain to the highest degree of perfection and completeness.

Hence the Church must be gripped with an intense and unfailing desire to learn the ways of the Lord. It is Our dearest wish that all those valuable discussions concerning Christian perfection which have gone on for so many centuries in the Church, shall once again receive the importance they deserve and arouse the faithful, not indeed to formulate new rules of spirituality, but to generate new energies in striving after the holiness which Christ has taught us. His own words and example, his guidance and assistance, have made it possible for us to know about this holiness and to desire it and achieve it. This method of spirituality which is confirmed by the custom and tradition of the Church, established by the united action of its members, and exemplified in the outstanding lives of the Saints.

And that adult understanding of the Doctrine of the faith of the church allows one to go to evangelize both inside the church and out and once again it matches well with Paul VI & Ecclesiam Suam:

(76) The dialogue of salvation was made accessible to all. It applied to everyone without distinction.  Hence our dialogue too should be as universal as we can make it. That is to say, it must be catholic, made relevant to everyone, excluding only those who utterly reject it or only pretend to be willing to accept it.

But this must be done without compromising

(88) But the danger remains. Indeed, the worker in the apostolate is under constant fire. The desire to come together as brothers must not lead to a watering down or whittling away of truth. Our dialogue must not weaken our attachment to our faith. Our apostolate must not make vague compromises concerning the principles which regulate and govern the profession of the Christian faith both in theory and in practice.

An immoderate desire to make peace and sink differences at all costs (irenism and syncretism) is ultimately nothing more than skepticism about the power and content of the Word of God which we desire to preach. The effective apostle is the man who is completely faithful to Christ’s teaching. He alone can remain unaffected by the errors of the world around him, the man who lives his Christian life to the full.

He finished talking about how we can only The professor had a Q & A after his remarks:

On how to present the new evangelization

On New Voices in the New Evangelization

On Directing programing

On “Superchurches”

and on call-ins

Later that day I talked to Professor in a short interview which I’ve already posted but Professor Bushman words deserved more attention so I had a longer interview with him here that talked about some of these questions in depth.

Given the number of technical issues that came up when we were filming I get the idea that old scratch didn’t like what we were talking about. I suggest that’s reason enough alone to watch it.