The only thing that annoys the media more than Catholics being Catholic, is when the leaders of the Catholic church demand that political figures who call themselves Catholic live up to the name:

Arbp. Burke said that the culture today pushes a “cafeteria Catholicism,” whereby some Catholics pick and choose “what part of the deposit of faith to believe and practice.” As a result, “there has developed in places a false notion that the Christian or any person of faith, in order to be a true citizen of his nation, must bracket his faith life from his public life.”

“We find self-professed Catholics, for example, who sustain and support the right of a woman to procure the death of the infant in her womb, or the right of two persons of the same sex to the recognition which the State gives to a man and a woman who have entered into marriage,” said the archbishop. “It is not possible to be a practicing Catholic and to conduct oneself publicly in this manner.”

Expect the media to be outraged and democrats to try to use this against republicans, under the theory of course that a believing Catholic by definition is not qualified for public office.

Any reporter who asks a pol to comment on this should be instantly asked this question: “Do you believe that a believing Catholic who follows the tenets of the Church should be disqualified from public office in the United States?”

As for the bishop, as far as I’m concerned this is what you call Pope material!

When you hear about the 1st century martyrs of the Church you sometimes wonder if you would have the same courage as them. Nobody has to wonder about these folks:

Saudi police raided a secret Catholic mass in Riyadh last week and arrested a dozen Filipinos and a Catholic priest

Considering that Saudi Arabia is well-known for its highly enlightened legal system it takes a lot of guts to attend such a mass and even more to be the priest serving it.

And if you think the time of Christian Martyrdom is long over think again.

via melissaTweets and It’s only words tweet you can see Sr. Keenan is still hard at work for Abortion and Obama

Longtime readers know about the Vatican investigation of North American Nuns and we’ve written about other “interesting” Nuns here and here. My opinion on the matter is still reflected by this paragraph:

Sr. Keehan (and other dissenting nuns) will do what she wants and the left, the White House and the media will fawn on them and they will be celebrated for the rest of their lives…

…after that they’re on their own.

That’s pretty much it.

This story at hot air:

Nearly half (47%) also say they are part of the religious right or conservative Christian movement. Among the more than 8-in-10 (81%) who identify as Christian within the Tea Party movement, 57% also consider themselves part of the Christian conservative movement.

Now it not a big secret that a lot of conservative religious people are part of the tea party but are focusing on the fiscal issues. However expect to see more things like this:

So we’re asking you to join the “Boston Catholic Tea Party” and help rid these upcoming conferences from “negative attitudes of the world” such as those the Holy Father alluded to. Today’s the day to start firing away!

Why might they want a tea party maybe this:

-The Boston Archdiocesan Social Justice Conference on October 9 is featuring Fr. James Massaro and Fr. Bryan Hehir, Secretary for Healthcare and Social Services . Fr. Massaro was one of 26 signatories to a highly-publicized 2009 letter supporting the nomination of pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. Sebelius vetoed pro-life legislation on four separate occasions as Kansas governor, prompting Kansas City Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann to ask she no longer receive Communion. Fr. Hehir’s nearly 40-year history undermining Church teachings includes his leadership of Catholic Charities when they brokered adoptions to gay couples and also when they honored the pro-abortion Mayor of Boston at a 2005 fundraiser in violation of U.S.C.C.B directives. Recently he:

Keynoted a conference along with a well-known “gay priests” advocate.
– Told an audience at a Boston College forum he was concerned Catholic conscience rights could harm the freedom of women to get abortions
– Praised the “intelligent and courageous leadership” of the Catholic Health Association immediately after they helped pass the Obama-backed healthcare legislation that was actively opposed by the U.S.C.C.B. because it allowed funding for abortions.

Inside Catholic has more:

This is a pet peeve of mine If you are going to be Catholic, be Catholic, if not then there are plenty of protestant denominations out there. Will we see a Catholic Tea Party rally in Boston on Oct 9th? It should be interesting to see.

for one thing Angels exist.

One of my very favorite feastdays, and a good tonic before we meet the curmudgeonly St. Jerome (whose sometimes frosty admonishments make him a perfect lead-in to the crisp air and chill mornings of October) tomorrow.

Pope Benedict XVI: “Angels manifest God’s care for every individual”:

“. . .push us to think of the provident attention with which God occupies himself of every human person. Feel beside you, dear young people, the presence of the Angels and let yourself be guided by them, so that all your lives might be illuminated by the Word of God.”

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was by a friend of mine named James Marley. He suggested not only asking for the intercession of one’s own guardian angel but to intercede to other people guardian angels:

“Angel of God their guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits them here, ever this day be at their side, to light and guard and rule and guide”

It’s good advice particularly when someone is getting ready to do something foolish.

She has had a real rough time but a little bit of good news has turned up:

Join me in giving thanks and praise to God Most High! today I was accepted into Graduate School at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA! I will be working on my Master’s in Pastoral Ministry for Laity….

More than ever I need your support — with prayers and with anything you can donate toward my tuition…the college told me to leave it all in God’s hands…

I can tell you there is absolutely no comparison between my situation and hers and anything you can do to give her a hand either via cash or via prayer would be a blessing.

It looks like the prez is going to have to wait for some of his appointments a bit longer:

By scheduling pro-forma sessions on Mondays and Fridays, lawmakers can take away Obama’s ability to make recess appointments.

Obama had 115 executive- and judicial-branch nominees pending on the Senate’s executive calendar as of Wednesday afternoon.

Bad sign for the president considering the incredible majorities he has in both houses. But as Father Z reports the Washington is not the only place where there are a lot of open seats waiting to be filled:

There are at present quite a few important curial positions and sees around the world which usually have cardinals… but don’t.

At the time of this writing, I believe there are 103 voting cardinals (men who have not turned 80 years old). By the end of November two more cardinals will hit 80 (Tumi, Pujats), bringing the number of voting cardinals down to 101. By the end of next February, four more (Panafieu, Vidal, García-Gasco, Ruini – sadly) – 97. By the end of April two more (Keeler, Sebastiani) – 95. So, an American and two Italians will have dropped from the list, leaving 10 Americans and 15 Italians as electors.

I won’t even pretend to know the inside baseball of the Vatican but with an elderly pope, the men who are elevated to cardinal now will have a lot to do with the direction of the church for decades.

While everything is election election election in the US things continue to get interesting in England:

Anglo-Catholicism within the Church of England is evaporating like a cloud of incense rolling down the nave. Those Anglicans who have decided to take advantage of Pope Benedict XVI’s historic offer of special privileges within the Roman Catholic Church are already constructing a network of Ordinariate communities that will bear fruit in new Catholic parishes. Crucially, they are led by two “flying” Anglican bishops, the Rt Rev Andrew Burnham of Ebbsfleet and the Rt Rev Keith Newton of Richborough.

When you have media that thinks in terms of winning a media day vs the Church that looks at things in terms of centuries there really is no contest at all is there?

Update: The Anchoress points out this isn’t just going on in England:

On the heels of Pope Benedict’s well-received visit to the United Kingdom came the announcement last week of the CDF’s appointment of Archbishop Donald Wuerl, of Washington, as its delegate, “to guide the incorporation of Anglican groups into the Catholic Church in the United States.”

Yeah. It’s a big deal. And today, NETNY, Brooklyn Diocese-run channel that broadcasts, among other things, the nation’s only daily Catholic news program, scored an interview with Wuerl that helps clarify what the Ordinariate means for both Anglicans and Catholics, and how many Anglican congregations and parishes will be proceeding toward full Communion with Rome, and what the process will look like.

This is not about individual “conversions” but about how whole parishes may be incorporated into Communion with Rome, while maintaining their heritage, their liturgy and music (and anyone watching the gorgeous Evening Prayer at which Pope Benedict participated while in England will understand their desire to maintain it). Wuerl does a good job of laying out the basics.

This development will make many liberal in the US go Kryten

The Flemish menace strikes again!

Police have arrested five suspected Islamist terrorists, working as street cleaners in London, over an alleged plan assassinate the Pope.

I have seen plenty of action on twitter going after the pope, yet I don’t see those same people talking about stuff like this.

It’s really easy to critique people who you know won’t harm you.

memeorandum thread here

Update: Weasel Zippers via Michelle: “Quick somebody organize an interfaith conference!

On Morning Joe the very handsome Mika Brzezinski was shown going up and down the Exorcist stairs 10 times. That is a spectacular display of physical health.

As people know the only shape I can credibly be described as is Round. I’m sure she would like me to exercise a bit more.

But physical health is not the only health that you need.

So Mika I’ll make you a deal, Get me down to DC and I’ll join you up and down those stairs 10 times. (I will have to walk I’m afraid) on the condition that on each trip (up and down) we pray one decade of the Rosary. By the time we are finished it both of us will be better off.

How about it?