The Roma Band of Boston played at the Madonna Della Cava festival last Sunday. We talked to the band before the festivities began:

If you are looking for an Italian band for an event (And you should be) The Roma Band should be high on the list.

This is the last field guide entry from CNMC and the penultimate interview from the cnmc that I will be posting. He is also the only person from CNMC that was already on my blogroll.

If Thomas Peters never wrote a word on a blog he would still be an impressive young man. I’d like to give his father a pat on the back. I pray my sons turn out half as good.

The only nun in my interviews had an interesting take on the conference:

She would have liked to have seen more facebook and twitter. Her twitter account is saintsfortoday

It’s spooky to meet nuns clearly younger than me. I’m really not used to that.

His main focus is the podcast but he does blog as well:

This is our first interview with an extra guest star! Actually two since we had Susanne. Considering what a sweetheart Susanne is I can’t see why I had so much trouble with the camera whenever I tried to interview her, either events were starting or the camera acted up.

However have no fear, I have a bunch of scheduled posts coming up covering things from the Ground Zero Mosque, Tire Maintenance, and more chapters to the Field guide.

If you are in driving range of Fitchburg here are the details.

There will be a procession from St. Anthony School (Salem Street) containing the Banner of the Madonna, The local branch of the society, a honor guard from the Knights of Columbus and the parishioners and a band.

After a short prayer the procession will enter the church where the banner will be placed and Mass will be celebrated.

Rep Steven DiNatale of Fitchburg will briefly speak before the 1st reading on the devotion.

At the conclusion of Mass the Rosary will be said in English.

A second procession will then escort the Banner of the Madonna to the Church hall.

The Band will perform and Italian Food and pastry will be served.

The ceremony will conclude with the Rosary in Italian.

Things begin at 10 a.m. It would be a good idea to get there a little early for parking.

And no I didn’t pull a Rahm Emmanuel as suggested last year so I won’t make a buck off of it.

Warner of Fallible blogma has plenty of other online projects as he explains

Considering how much he has going on he must be used to interrupted lunches