Don’t Forget: They Want You Dead

by baldilocks #MeToo What is the relationship between complete disarmament of the entire American populace, open borders, and opposition to the so-call Muslim ban? Mexico is a nightmare of a nation-state, totally controlled by the demonic drug and human-trafficking cartels. The operational activities of these cartels rivals those of ISIS. Mexico’s murder rate is number … Continue reading Don’t Forget: They Want You Dead

Imagine There’s No Money and No Guns

by baldilocks Title sung to the melody of John Lennon's Imagine, appropriately enough. They always tell you what they’re planning and the plan always involves control of two things: you and your money. From Aaron Sorkin at the New York Times: Here’s an idea. What if the finance industry — credit card companies like Visa, … Continue reading Imagine There’s No Money and No Guns

Ordering My Thinking

by baldilocks Earlier today, I opined that chaotic thinking is one of the wiles of the Enemy, meaning the Devil. Chaotic thinking is mostly jumbled thinking, and I suffer from it. There are so many thoughts whirling around in this head that it’s difficult to put them in some semblance of order, as I’ve whined … Continue reading Ordering My Thinking