In February of this year I began the greatest experiment in the history of this blog by seeing if I could actually turn writing & reporting into a paying business.

Stage one of this quest was the attempt to raise enough funds in the course of a month to pay the mortgage.

The post that announced this quest was titled:

I give you Charles Johnson the founder of the feast!

In which the story of my getting in the middle of a dispute between Stacy McCain and Charles Johnson was told which led to a phone call by Stacy introducing himself, my eventual banning at Little Green Footballs, Driving with Stacy covering Scott Brown, CPAC 2010, Meeting Andrew Breitbart, the Radio show, the blog paying the mortgage and now My Magnificent Seven Writers blogging here daily.

At the same time that my prospects have grown Charles’ have dropped.  This week he reached what has to be his nadir as Stacy McCain caught Johnson in statement so nonsensical, so mind blowingly ignorant and so easily disproved that I would have doubted he would have tweeted it without being paid to do so.

One only has to read the first sentence of a post titled Nelson Mandela Was Released From Prison After 27 Years. These 10 Political Prisoners Are Still Waiting from that bastion of right-wing thought the Huffington post, to realize how ignorant Mr. Johnson’s assertion truly is:

In 1964, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison over his calls for a colorblind South Africa. He ended up serving 27 years behind bars.

I was one year old in 1964, Lyndon Baines Johnson was president and Ronald Reagan was still years away from the start of his political career, as Robert Stacy McCain put it:

I suppose it is possible that he was actually ignorant of this fact.  After all since Johnson has taken to banning people who contradict him it’s certainly possible that he never saw those responses and is blissfully unaware of the actual history of Mandela.  Alternatively if he is paid to advance these positions veracity would be no more important to him than it is to the staff at Media Matters.

Either way the lesson of Charles Johnson’s transformation isn’t really the story of a blogger paid or not paid to change, or even the story of a single statement no matter how ignorant. It’s simple physics,  a story of Cause and Effect.

First Cause Dec 1st 2009

LGF was last linked by Glenn Reynolds Aug 27, 2009 (on rathergate) and Charles last mentioned by name on April 16th 2009 (Beck v Johnson can’t we all just get along?). Robert Stacy’s Instalances? I count 11 Instalanches for him since Charles last one. And here lies the REAL reason for today’s post by Charles… Look at this page, you will see that Charles last instalanche was his 234th. Roll that number in your heads bloggers that is 233 more than me (are my posts that boring?) His first instalanche was April 22 2002. So in a 90 month period that is an avg of 2.6 instalanches a month or just under one instalanche every twelve days.

and Thursday January 7th 2010:

Charles slanders Glenn and Patterico calls him out on it. I’m not surprised by this and Glenn isn’t holding his breath waiting for an apology but the best revenge is this, Charles has not managed an instalanche since Aug 27 2009 and Patterico just received his 2nd of the new year. If that isn’t enough my instalanche monday is one more than Charles has managed since then too . He’s still 232 instalanches up on me but I’m working on it.

Bottom line it has been 56 months since Charles Johnson 234th and last Instalanche to date.


Robert Stacy McCain notes that as of Dec 7th 2013, LGF’s Alexa rank is 96,673 worldwide & 30,733 in the US.

With the number of web sites in the world and in America that is still an impressive number however it ranks more than 28,000 spaces behind Stacy McCain’s worldwide number (68,116) and nearly 17,000 spaces behind his US rank (13,813).

Given McCain’s shoe leather reporting and journalistic experience that might not be as odd as it sounds but it gets even more interesting when you compare Charles to a comparative newcomer like me.

You might recall that at the time of Charles’ last Instalanche he was 233 instalanches ahead of me. Although it is nearly 1 in the morning curiosity got the better of me so I took the liberty of counting all my Instalanches since that day.

The Good news for Johnson?  He is still ahead of me on total instalanches.

The bad news?  His lead is now 8.

Moreover those 223 Instalanches in the 1564 days since Charles’ last one works out to one every 7.01 days or one a week. What has that done for my Alexa Rank? let’s answer that question in real time: dtgvslgf Yes that right as of this moment worldwide Charles Johnson is only 718 spots ahead of me worldwide 96,673 vs 97,341.   In the US it’s a different Story, at 19,446 I’m a full 11,287 spots ahead of Charles’ 30,733.

Now Alexa results fluctuate, nobody is guaranteed an Instalanche (my last one was back on Nov 21st)* and there are plenty of things I say that produce disagreement & anger from the left as usual and even, on occasion the same from my friends on the right. But both sides know that agree or disagree they are appreciated when they visit and they’ll get debate rather than a curt dismissal

Perhaps Charles isn’t interested in rank, perhaps he doesn’t care if he influences opinion or if LGF is a part of the national debate. Maybe these days Mr Johnson is content in maintaining a niche market populated by the loyal worshipers of the Lizard king.

If so, all I can say is, may you be happy in the choice you have made.

Update:  I wrote this post between 1 & 2 AM on Monday.  At 5 PM Glenn linked to my post on the Do nothing senate.  Charles’ lead is down to 7.

Update 2:  Replaced the word “Given” with “With” in the sentence on page rank because it sounds better.

Update 3: Missed a stray sentence fragment that I thought I had removed already, taken care of


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`I’ll give you Mr Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast.’

`The Founder of the Feast indeed.’ cried Mrs Cratchit, reddening. `I wish I had him here. I’d give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he’d have a good appetite for it.’

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol 1843

When you think of conservative media there are three names that instantly come to mind. Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Fox News

Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Fox News are all at the top of their fields. The left constantly hits all three but Rush has been the #1 talk radio show for decades, Matt Drudge’s web site is in the top 100 nationwide and top 500 worldwide (think of how many porn sites outdrawn) and Fox News has been on top so long a post-election dip in ratings was news all over the web and on their rival station that conveniently neglect to mention their own pathetic ratings in their stories.

Granted all three deserve credit for their own success but it’s not possible without decades of help from the MSM.

Years of bland biased radio gave Rush Limbaugh his opening, Fox took up a mantle that nobody else on TV was willing to carry and rode it to #1 spot in cable news, and Newsweek might still be a national magazine if they didn’t forfeit their scoop on Monica Lewinsky & Bill Clinton to Matt Drudge who beats the now online only Newsweek by a factor of 10.

Put simply the media created the conditions for all of these conservative platforms to thrive.

Here on the web the left is no less prolific. With Soros money and bloggers on salary the left is able to create instant public opinion or at least its illusion. In response the independent bloggers working on a shoestring have become a force in response.

As longtime readers of this blog and listeners to the radio show know I lost my Computer Job 5 years ago. During my failed pursuit of a job in my field, I started my old blog. My breakout moment came when I hosted Robert Stacy McCain to cover the improbable Scott Brown, however even that came about because of another event even more improbable

Stacy McCain while still at his old blog was attacked by Charles Johnson of LGF during his final er “change”  I had been a fan of both blogs at the time and covered the clash noting people who knew Stacy personally defended him and had a problem with Johnson’s tactics:

I saw Charles accusations concerning Robert, they were serious not only in terms of his career as a reporter and someone supporting a family of 6 but in terms of honor. The next day after reacting with righteous anger over the statements Robert answered and provided explanations as well. They more than satisfied me and I take him at his word…However there is another factor here, Robert Stacy McCain is the father of six. Those six carry his name and to some degree his reputation. He is fighting for their honor, his father honor and his great grandfather’s honor. He also as a father has to set the example for his children to stand up for themselves. If he lets this go without satisfaction he the example he will be setting will be terrible. As a father I see it and nod.

Eventually I found my self Banned from LGF along with a friend then called by Stacy McCain for the first time.  a conversation that ended in friendship.

That friendship that led to the Scott Brown team-up, my first CPAC visit, a place on the Tea Party Express bus, eventually to the Mitt Romney “victory” party and to this day where the blog has been ranked 101 on the list of top 150 conservative web sites and to you dear readers over the last two weeks providing me with the first two semi regular paychecks I’ve received since George Bush was president.

But none of this happens without Johnson attacking Stacy McCain.

Now based on a 40 hour work  (in reality is a 7 day a week job regularly working 80 hours) reading, writing, researching, or calling people concerning stories or covering them myself for the show or the blog the following formula…

Sixty Readers Giving $20 Dollars for Twelve Months = My Weekly $300 Paycheck

…works out to $7.50 an hour before taxes but I suspect the idea of an independent conservative blog able to support itself by reader contributions would still annoy Charles Johnson to no end.

The eventual goal is to make the radio pay enough to double that figure and get me back at least to the level I was drawing when I collected unemployment and if I work even harder someday to the weekly $800 paycheck that allowed me to build the savings our family exhausted over the Obama years.  That would annoy Charles Johnson even more

But if 60 people  x $20 x 12 to fund a single conservative blogger annually how much angrier can we make the entire left with just a little tweak, but that is a post for tomorrow morning.


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Yesterday was a National Holiday although not for the blog but it was a holiday for DaTipJar

Sunday’s tip jar hit still puts us $25 ahead of last week at this time but far behind the goal of the weekly paycheck.

It takes only 14 people kicking in $20 to pay the bills in a week. Consider being one of them, it will annoy the left to no end.

I’ve been pretty busy this weekend but as I checked my e-mail I noted that my videos of Breitbart in Lexington were drawing not only a respectable number of hits but an inordinate amount of comments, primarily from the left.

It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I had time to google it to find out why and what to my wondering eyes would appear but Charles Johnson’s site Little Green Footballs using my video and pushing the (false) idea that Breitbart is calling for civil war.

It brought me back to the days when I pointed out that the right was armed and the left not back in an e-mail on Instapundit, it was the first time I was called a Nazi by a vast swath of people I’d never met.

But I found something much more interesting and that was the hit counts for the videos themselves.

There was a time when attention from Charles Johnson’s site drew new coverage and debate. Where his linkage might take a video viral.

It hit me I would be able to see what kind of influence Charles had by the number of views on the video. Both Charles and Crooks and liars liked to it and as they are important sites of the left I expected to see viral numbers all over it. So I went to Youtube and took a screen shot. The total number of hits Charles and Crooks have generated for the video they have embedded is wait for it….

4318 views as of 9:53 p.m. EST Sunday night. That’s it? Is all the attention that LGF, Crooks and Liars and the other minor leftist sites combined can generate for a video they claim shows Breitbart pining for a new civil war?

In comparison Ladd Ehlinger’s surfing Rabbi video which was released only a day or two before ny-9 managed to draw over 10,000 views with only limited linkage from the right.

Alas how the mighty have fallen. Gone apparently are the days when people like Dan Rather and Mary Mapes feared what Charles Johnson and his ilk had to say. Now look he can’t even outdraw a short term ad even with Crooks and Liars to help him.

Given the choice of having him back as an ally of the right or not, I think I’ll stick with Film Ladd, Stacy McCain Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Breitbart. They have more relevance and spread that relevance among those who work with them. That’s why it was Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch sitting with CNN before the last debate, and not Kilgore Trout.

Update: here is the screen shot:

Sorry chucky you banned Peg who was doing me a favor, no link for you

I would have put a link but he banned Peg (among others) for doing me a favor, no link for you.

Update: Instalanche, thanks Glenn and Stacy McCain has a killer line as usual:

Some people can’t deal with this blunt statement of reality. And there is a place for people who can’t deal with reality: Little Green Footballs.

Update:2 Mediate has linked it too, they seem to do better for hits but the commentators still seem to be twisting it. I note that the views have doubled since Glenn Reynolds, Stacy and Mediate have linked, too bad Charles can’t drive traffic like that.

Around July 4th there was a dispute between Pam Geller and the blog Gates of Vienna concerning some elements of the EDL, at the time I said this:

I can’t pretend I know about the EDL or the European situation as well as Pam or the folks at Gates, (If I knew it, then it wouldn’t be necessary to read them for the info) but I know Pam, she has been a friend to me, we spoke and she filled me in the best she could on the meat and potatoes of the dispute and gave me her word on the accuracy of it.

Bottom line: Pam word is good enough for me!

In his post today Stacy McCain remembers a dispute from just a few weeks ago:

let me just remind you that, three weeks before the Oslo massacre, Pamela Geller was being criticized for going public with her concerns about neo-Nazi elements in the English Defence League. My defense of her at that time was simple: If Pamela Geller says you’ve got an anti-Semitism problem, you probably have an anti-Semitism problem.

Fast-forward to the aftermath of Oslo, and Breivik’s claims of “connections” with members of the EDL.

If this is true, don’t you kind of wonder if the EDL members who were buddies with the Norwegian terrorist were some of the same neo-Nazi types Geller was warning about?

Now we don’t know if what this guy Breivik’s is telling the truth on having help or if he was just blowing smoke, (I’m sure the authorities are investigating) but it’s a question worth asking.

As for the rest of that post, Johnson is no more responsible for Breivik’s actions than Geller is, but he’d have a lot more grounds to object if he wasn’t so willing to play the same guilt by association game himself.

The number of leftist heads blowing up right now must be stunning!

Daily Kos, Charles Johnson, Joan Walsh. This is the day that the MSM has to apologize to Andrew Breitbart. That alone makes it special.

Lesson to Joe Scarborough et/al. If Robert Stacy McCain says something is a story, BELIEVE HIM!

As far as Weiner goes, it’s the smartest move he could have made to have a shot to save his seat. I think he manages to do it.

Update: It’s pretty bad when Rep Weiner admits he is wrong before Charles Johnson:

And I’ve been getting a flood of hate mail, much of it demanding that I “apologize” for something. So here’s my official response to this demand:

Not a freaking chance. If Weiner admits to sending the pictures in question, I’ll be surprised and disappointed, but I’m never going to apologize for calling it as I see it.

And I’m certainly never going to apologize for pointing out that Andrew Breitbart is a sleazy fraudster, with a well-documented and very tawdry history of deception.

So to those demanding that I apologize: try holding your breath until you turn blue. Maybe that will do i

I don’t demand anything, I prefer you show yourself as you are, but right now who has more credibility, Charles Johnson or Andrew Breitbart?

Update again: the left’s new meme Should we care?

Daily Kos:

Update: To be clear, his apology to Andrew Breitbart was part of a general apology to everyone in the media who he misled. Now the media wants to know whether he had what he would call “phone sex.” At this point, given that what Weiner did was a personal failure, these questions seem way over the line.

Update : Without condoning Weiner’s personal behavior, the amount of media attention this story has received is even more outsized than the photo that started this circus. I’d love to one day hear a politician get questioned this aggressively about a matter of actual substantive importance.

Update 3: Cannonfire was hitting Breitbart even as the photos were coming out, no updates since the confession.

Oh here is the Breitbart Press conference

Update 4: Pelosi calling for an ethics investigation.

Update 5: At Kos there is a parody suggesting that Weiner’s presser was faked, that a healthy sign over there, but at Cannonfire the guy is INSISTING that Weiner is LYING ABOUT SENDING THE TWEET!

Suppose that Weiner had said: “I am guilty of improper relationships with half a dozen women, and I am guilty of sending these women erotic photos, but I did not send that picture to Gennette Cordova on the 27th.” What would be the result?

Obviously, the journalistic feeding frenzy would continue for months.

More importantly, Breitbart would, under those circumstances, release the ultra-explicit photo, which probably depicts an erection. That shot would be published ad infinitum for the rest of Weiner’s life.

Faced with that rotten choice, I would have gone with the “Get it over with as soon as possible” option.

I’m sorry at this point your beliefs have crossed the line from opinion to religion. I would apply for the Tax exemption now.

…you have to reach sometimes.

You know considering how easy this was to debunk by Stacy you would think they would be embarrassed:

Well, to start with, how did this audio become “newly uncovered”? Waaaayy down in his story at Media Matters, Hananoki explains:

Media Matters obtained audio of Sammon’s remarks by purchasing it through Hillsdale College.

Yeah: They sold audio of the speeches made by Sammon and others during this cruise. And so it wasn’t exactly hush-hush. And of course, in context, you see that what Sammon is saying about this “Barack the Socialist” meme is that it was what everybody on Fox was discussing at the time, and he took part in those discussions despite whatever private doubts he might have had about the term.

I can almost hear Joe Pesci saying: “I’m finished with this guy” after reading McCain, but hey Media Matters is paid to to find there there so there going to find there there even if there isn’t much of any. Of course if you aren’t paid to find it, then you’re Charles Johnson.

Update: Actually Bill they don’t want people to listen to the tape, they only want them to repeat the headline.

I must confess when I saw this story at gateway pundit

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that they were surprised by the applause at the memorial pep rally on Wednesday for the victims of the Tucson shootings.

I will say that I read the speech several times and thought that there wouldn’t be a lot of applause if any. I think many of us thought that. But I think there was a celebration, again, of the lives of those who had been impacted. Not just at that grocery store but throughout the country. And I think that, if that is part of the healing process, then that’s a good thing.

Oh really?
Then why was it printed on the Jumbotron?

my first thought was: “It has to be a photoshop, not even this administration can be that crass and/or foolish.”

Some of Jim commentators suggest it was closed captioning. Assuming that is correct it seems to me odd that the “applause” tag would have been fed into the feed if the jumbotron was simply for the audience (who being there could see it without being told). Also since the remarks were prepared remarks it suggests that those applause markers would have been pre-programmed too. A bit tacky to say the least, but I don’t know for sure and a little digging from people there can establish the truth. I’m willing to give the admin the benefit of the doubt till then.

What IS much more interesting is Charles Johnson’s reaction. Not that he is hitting Jim Hoft, at this point anyone right of media matters is the enemy to Charles. What is absolutely classic is this bit:

Since Hoft likes to float these smears and then delete them when it finally sinks through his dense cranial matter that they make him look like an idiot, here’s a screenshot:

I am not aware of Jim Hoft deleting posts however Charles Johnson’s efforts in trying to change is history has been documented which prompted this classic line from Tim Blair:

Little Green Footballs is becoming littler by the day.

Interesting note, do a bing search for “jim hoff” deleting posts and you get 39 results. Do the same with “Charles Johnson” instead of “Jim Hoff” and you get 89,100 results as of 5:07 p.m. today. That isn’t just projection, that’s a 12 screen multiplex with features offered in 3D. UPDATE: It would help if I spelled Jim’s name right. The corrected search is below.

I’m certainly not inclined to take Mr. Johnson’s word concerning Mr. Hoft (who I met at Blogcon and had the pleasure of interviewing) when it comes to bad form by a blogger, but he is welcome to provide actual evidence to back the slander libel up. Till then it is just another case of Mr. Johnson signaling that he continues to need our prayers. Remember while there is life there is hope and no soul is worth abandoning.

Plus I like happy endings.

Update: It’s been pointed out that slander is spoken and libel is print, corrected to reflect that.

Update: BIG correction I misspelled Jim name, the search should have been “Jim Hoft” redid the post with the right spelling and redid the search. Number of results is 3120 vs Johnson’s 89,100. My very big bad.

Update 2: Revenge is a dish best served ironic:

Yesterday Charles Johnson was praising this far left crackpot for blaming conservatives for the Tuscon shootings.

Today that same freak was arrested and charged with with threats and intimidation and disorderly conduct.

Jim finishes with this gem:

UPDATE: Fuller will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Charles is still on the loose.

Mr. Fuller at least has an explanation for his actions having recently suffered the trauma of a gunshot wound. No word on what Mr. Johnson’s excuse is.

…is Charles Johnson attacking those who don’t fall for this bunk.

Well tomorrow is another year and to my knowledge he still hasn’t changed sides on Israel so there is still a slight hope for him, but I wouldn’t want to make book on when that will change.

Stacy McCain notices what a difference 4 years has made in the mind of Charles Johnson.

Apparently when he wiped his archives he missed a post because the this link that I’ve kept in my blogroll still works to wit:

Yes Charles made Rush a Honary Lizardoid!

The above post is on my blogroll under “Honorary Lizardoid Rush Limbaugh” and still links to LGF. Charles has not yet purged this post from his archives, until he does it will remain my link to LGF to remind us of the days before the great 180

…you know I’ve always assumed that some traumatic personal effect had a lot to do with Charles Johnson’s volte fache over the last couple of years. That along with an ability to hold a grudge is bad news indeed.

However now apparently Charles is crossing a line in blogger etiquette that I wouldn’t have thought was beneath him:

it turns out, every link in that post to one of charles’ posts regarding the flight 93 memorial is dead now. so here’s a screenshot to show that google’s spiders, with their indifferent eyes, have recorded charles’ deceit.

and Wrist action using a bit of irony in his follow up post. I won’t rob him of the link go and check it out.

Now when I’ve spotted grammar errors on old posts I’ve fixed them but this type of stuff is just plain dishonorable. Considering the season and the excitement going on it’s a great time to do it in hopes that it is ignored. As one of the oldest blogs and one I at one time defended I’m very disappointed. Tim Blair has the perfect line:

Little Green Footballs is becoming littler by the day.

Ironically his dishonorable attacks on Robert Stacy McCain and my banning led to our friendship, the Scott Brown stuff, CPAC the Tea Party express coverage and my recent trip to Blogcon. This only goes to show that God takes even bad things and can use it for good.

I’ll keep praying for Charles, and you should too, not in the hopes that he changes political sides again but I’d like him to get over whatever is troubling him.

Life is too short to spend it angry.

…and still be an #$*

Back on May 31st when I was looking at various links around the blogosphere about the Turkish flotilla. I found myself curious what the newly left leaning Charles Johnson might be saying, so I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I checked his blog to see what it said. Here is what I saw:

And in a sign that there is still hope for him: Charles Johnson:

The Israeli Navy boarded a flotilla headed toward Gaza yesterday, leading to a wild melee that ended in several deaths. The IDF is reporting that the “peace activists” planned the violence in advance, and released the following video — clearly showing the “peace activists” attacking the IDF boarding party with a variety of weapons, including firebombs and stun grenades.

His new friends on the left won’t like those quotation marks but I am very pleased to see them.

It was the first time I linked to him in a very long time. I didn’t read anything else on the blog and basically forgot about it until a little more than a week later I noticed a story on memeorandum from the Fox site that credited LGF for noticing Reuters cropping a photo to disarm one of the “activists” in the flotilla that headed to Israel to try to break the Gaza blockade. I also noticed that none of the found it kind of funny that all of the links on Memorandum didn’t mention Johnson:

This isn’t a surprise, I don’t care for Johnson, I don’t like the way he treated my friend Stacy, or Pam or Peg and he has run in my opinion run his site like a cheap dictator, but in the end his position on Israel and his willingness to expose Reuters shows he still has a trace of the old Johnson in him.

Christians in general and Catholics in particular are very much into redemption. I’ve still got a little Pollyanna in me so I’ll include him in my prayers this week. Who knows.

If I had been reading his site I would have noticed that although he is on the side of the angels on the Gaza flotilla it hasn’t increased the thickness of his skin as Stacy and Ace both note first Ace:

My experience with throwing tips to Charles Johnson was this: Don’t bother. Because if you sent him the tip that a Reuters story included interesting paragraph 1, interesting paragraph 2, and interesting paragraph 3, your “reward” from the Great Charles Johnson was seeing this up at his wonderful blog:

Reuters [direct link to Reuters story]:

Interesting Paragraph 1. [which you sent him]

Interesting Paragraph 2. [which you sent him]

Interesting Paragraph 3. [which you sent him]

Via Ace of Spades. [Gee, thanks! You mentioned me! You see that, Ma? I’ma somebody now!]

It quickly dawned on me that if I wanted any traffic from LGF readers, the right strategy was to not tip Charles Johnson, thus forcing, sort of, his readers to come over to my blog and see for themselves if I’d found anything of interest.

Because, if I sent Johnson a tip, that whole tip was going up on his site, pretty much, just as I myself had put it on mine, with no apparent reason for any reader to click through to me. In other words, having an Ace of Spades tip up at LGF pretty much meant his readers wouldn’t come over to the site, as they’d know that CJ had faithfully reproduced the only interesting thing on my site that day.

Better, then, to leave it up in the air as to whether anything interesting was going on on this site then, so at least I’d get curiosity-clicks.

It’s kind of screwed up when you realize you probably get more traffic by not being linked from a site than being linked by it.

And this is only a sample of what he has to say (go and read the whole thing).

Stacy picks up the narrative with some screen shots from LGF where Charles thin skin is demonstrated in visuals:

UPDATE: To put the Ace/LGF situation in context, some explanation is in order. There was a minor media-bias kerfuffle this past week in regard to the Gaza “Freedom Flotilla,” and I didn’t blog about it because the source was Little Green Footballs. But it got picked up in the media and everybody else blogged about it, including Yid With Lid:

Reuters is now doctoring its pictures from the violence aboard the Guerrilla Flotilla.

YWL got linked at Hot Air, and this prompted Charles Johnson to go thermonuclear on Allahpundit:

Ironically he gives shots and the backstory of something similar involving Charles with another blogger with the roles reversed.

When I had put up my initial “credit where credit is due” post and promoted it on Twitter Stacy tweeted back with the following warning:

@SissyWillis @DaTechGuyblog Be Ye Not Deceived!

followed by four further tweets about Mr. Johnson’s history.

Now I only knew about his role because the Fox story mentioned it, if I had seen it at Yid with Lid or hotair first I would have credited them first. The blogosphere is a pretty big place and unless you are Glenn Reynolds (who I suspect is a future regeneration of a certain 2000 year old timelord with a TARDIS of his own) you just can’t see everything, link everything and credit everything on the web.

I tend to read memeorandum first, then Robert Stacy, then a few of my linked blogs and then Glenn. By the time I see Glenn I’ve already linked and scheduled several posts that he might have already put up. I don’t look at LGF but I don’t look at Ace of Spades much either (Sorry Ace but I just don’t). With 24 hours in a day and something resembling a life I just can’t do it without a longer life span and a time/space vehicle.

If Charles hasn’t figured that out yet concerning people like Allahpundit then right or wrong on this issue his troubles remain.

It doesn’t look good, with God all things are possible but apparently with Charles he is taking his time.

A few days ago I noted that Andrew Sullivan was making Charles Johnson look like his old self, but now Johnson has managed to grab a little bit of his old mojo back:

The British-based Reuters news agency has been stung for the second time by charges that it edited politically sensitive photos in a way that casts Israel in a bad light. But this time Reuters claims it wasn’t at fault.

The news agency reacted to questions raised by an American blogger who showed that Reuters’ photo service edited out knives and blood traces from pictures taken aboard the activist ship Mavi Marmara during a clash with Israeli commandos last week. Nine people were killed and scores were injured in the clash.

I’m looking at the Memeorandum thread and noticed one common thing few if any mention Johnson.

This isn’t a surprise, I don’t care for Johnson, I don’t like the way he treated my friend Stacy, or Pam or Peg and he has run in my opinion run his site like a cheap dictator, but in the end his position on Israel and his willingness to expose Reuters shows he still has a trace of the old Johnson in him.

Christians in general and Catholics in particular are very much into redemption. I’ve still got a little Pollyanna in me so I’ll include him in my prayers this week. Who knows.

Question: Why does Charles Johnson owe Andrew Sullivan a debt of Gratitude today?

I already commented on Johnson’s post which hearkens back to brighter days. Sullivan however is in full moonbat mode:

A simple point. The violence by the activists is pretty abhorrent. These are not followers of Gandhi or MLK Jr. But the violence is not fatal to anyone and it is in response to a dawn commando raid by armed soldiers. Emphasis mine

Andrew Andrew Andrew the only reason why the violence was not fatal is because the Israelis finally opened fire.

It really takes some effort to make Charles Johnson look good these days, but Andrew has it in him!

I haven’t had much time for fun lately, I’ve missed game night more than I’ve made it. I haven’t played Civ IV in I don’t remember how long, I’ve got 5 different books I have to finish and review.

So tweaking Charles Johnson is about as far down my list of things to do as you can get, but Tim Blair either has his time organized better or has less to do because he took a trip down memory lane yesterday to remind Mr. Johnson of his own past:

Born-again leftoid Charles Johnson denounces the “tidal wave of right wing nuttiness directed at Barack Obama”. Fair enough, in several cases; that birther obsession, for one, is downright crazy. But it’s a little rich for flippy Charlie to rail against “Obama Derangement Syndrome” when for several recent years Johnson himself was a serious sufferer. Following are a few items by Charles on Obama, all posted before Obama had even won the Democrat nomination to run for President

Even better than the list is the point he makes in updates:

From the right? Son, check your own sources in all the links below. You cited the New York Times, the Associated Press, Andrew Sullivan, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, among others, and used these as evidence of Obama’s unfitness for office. You weren’t running right-wing talking points. You were attempting to generate them.

That sure sounds familiar:

It’s very interesting but it would appear that from the time that Media matters backed Charles in his dispute with Beck Charles hasn’t had a tagged post going after media matters for anything. Nor the Daily Kos for that matter, and only one tagged moonbats. (it was a good one)

And no tagged post hitting Media Matters Godfather George Soros for over a year.

He once talked about the six degrees of George Soros, and now it’s only one.

It’s rather amazing that for all that time these guys haven’t done’t sic anything weird enough for Charles to post and illustrate, and even the one moonbat post concerns stuff done in years past.

Have they suddenly become all sane? Have they all suddenly decided to support the troops? Have they all suddenly decided to support Israel?

Change we can believe it! Well Charles believes it anyways.

BTW is it too late to say that Robert Stacy won their fight hands down?

Credit where credit it due though, he was on the right side of the South Park issue so perhaps there is still hope.

Jan 17, 2010, Boston:

NOT the confederate flag!
“That’s a Confederate Flag” said one African American woman observing the coiled snake on the yellow field. It took the word of several people around her to convince her that the flag was in fact the Gadsden Flag from the American Revolution (an odd thing to miss in Boston).

March 28, 2010: The little nook of the cyberspace world known as Little Green Footballs.

NOT a Neo-Nazi flag
Does anyone recognize the red flag being carried at the Washington Anti-healthcare demonstration in this video of the Rep Emanuel spitting incident? I’m fairly sure this is a neo nazi flag, but I haven’t found the exact logo yet.

At least the woman at the rally didn’t have access to the greatest single source of information in history at her fingertips when she started ranting in anger. Because of this Mr. Johnson gets the Nelson and she does not.

There was a time when you could count on Charles Johnson to search the internet for information on a subject, that time is now apparently past. It’s very sad.

This is why Yesterday Stacy got the instalanche and Charles didn’t.

Question: What is the ultimate expression of wishful thinking?

Ah the people at Breitbart’s Big Journalism prove that mindless optimism is not confined to myself and Lt. George:

While it is true Mr. Johnson did not use the precise phrase “white nationalist convention” as was noted in Weigel’s article, he said something very similar in the comments of his blog. In this case, Mr. Johnson does not attribute his claim that O’Keefe attended a “meeting of white nationalists” to anyone.

We hope that Mr. Johnson, an influential presence in the blogosphere, will issue a retraction without playing the semantics game with the words “meeting” and “conference,” but just in case, from

In addition, his claim O’Keefe was “a friend” of Marcus Epstein is false. In an interview with, James O’Keefe denied Mr. Johnson’s claim, which, again, is unattributed. As was hashed out here, there is no factual basis for Johnson to imply a close link between O’Keefe and Epstein:

They did manage to notice that the action at Charles’ blog is often in the comments, not in the articles.

Meanwhile Pam Geller (who looks incredible in a Fedora) knows what the score is:

This is what Johnson does. He has gotten a great deal of publicity for his announcement about how he parted ways with the Right, but the real story of Charles Johnson is not even that he changed his mind or his politics. Little Green Footballs today is not a political site. It’s an attack site. He has set about to destroy the most effective voices on the Right. But in fact, he destroyed himself.

Then again that mindless optimism post from Jan 6th was about the fact that Scott Brown’s chances weren’t all that good so you never know.

…thus even Charles Johnson’s (peace be upon him) sudden reverse of direction was not enough for them to give him the type of undying love that those who leave the right normally get.

In fact when you have Robert Stacy McCain & Patterico on the same side concerning this you know it must be bad news for Johnson.

Well he still gets 250x the traffic I get and I’m actually pleased to read he has a fiancée since as I’ve said the right woman makes all the difference in one’s life.

So Johnson is making a living off his site; it is coded well and he’s welcome to it. I’ve covered the Johnson/McCain fight closely which resulted in my own banning, and Peg’s and ironically led to my friendship with Stacy resulting in the rather exciting events of the last week. For all that the bottom line is the same as before: Johnson’s attacks on individuals were dishonorable.

I do have to disagree with Patterico on his third Update. If Johnson hadn’t been hitting them the Times in the past they would have fawned all over him. To suggest that the NYT would normally accurately cover the story requires a willing suspension of disbelief. The irony is that the Times showed its bias this time by simply telling the truth.

Update: Pam Geller comments in the same restrained way she dances in a chair when celebrating.

…was of the counter of the Fifth Street Diner, (also known as the old time Luncheonette).

Well Stacy is gone but not forgotten, if you are in Fitchburg sometime in the future and you sit in the corner booth at the Diner/Luncheonette you will see a photo of a man sans fedora wearing a red sweat shirt with ALABAMA across the center of it with a big smile.

Come down and see it while you get the fish in particular, unless you are Charles Johnson, then sit at the other end next to the door, the fish is too good to be spat out in anger.

Charles slanders Glenn and Patterico calls him out on it.

I’m not surprised by this and Glenn isn’t holding his breath waiting for an apology but the best revenge is this, Charles has not managed an instalanche since Aug 27 2009 and Patterico just received his 2nd of the new year.

If that isn’t enough my instalanche monday is one more than Charles has managed since then too . He’s still 232 instalanches up on me but I’m working on it.

Meanwhile Charles’ arch enemy Robert Stacy has managed 3 additional instalanches onthese posts since my last report bringing his total to 14 since Charles last one however Glenn has yet to link to the new site.

He must not be a fan of ‘bama.

Update: Glenn remembers what our grandmothers used to say:

Charles, I wish you well, but . . . well, I don’t really have much else I want to say right now.

It doesn’t matter Glenn; Charles will fill in the blanks

Update 2: Smitty corrects me on the link, that’s why his blog has 13 instalanches to my one over the last 5 months.

I was rather tied up yesterday as you might have heard so I missed every bit of the Gateway to Johnson to Patterico and then the banning.

Robert Stacy saw it and is really having a lot of fun with it.

You know there are all kinds of possibilities in a new year. I hope Charles decides to take advantage of one of them. It’s a miserable way to spend a life and it’s not going to win him the friends hie thinks it’s going to.

I’m not going to bet a lot of money on that.

Yesterday I was talking with my son about the way he thinks about various things.

When I asked what his perception of me was, he said God had blessed me with mindless optimism and naivete.

A great example of this happened yesterday. I already commented on Stacy’s big announcement when it occurred to me that this is exactly the best time for people to mend fences. If I was in a dispute with someone on another matter and someone had a positive announcement in that vein I would send polite congratulations.

It’s that type of civility that is the first step to making things right. God constantly gives this kind of small blessing to man, a simple way to get back into his good graces by (particularly at Christmastime) to show some small kindness to his fellow man.

So I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I checked Charles blog to see if he had reacted to RSM’s announcement.

Instead, of course there was an attempt to portray him as a Nazi.

I was very disappointed but anyone with sense would have known better (that’s just about everyone else).

You may laugh but that same optimistic view of man is the one God maintains of us. The willingness to forgive and to give yet another chance to take the right path.

May we all have a little of that at Christmas time and enough to keep us the rest of the year as well.

A: Both got more attention this week then they have in a very long time.

Doc Weasel might think I’m a putz but he makes a very good point on the subject:

The madness of King Charles might be deeper than you think. He crowed about getting 6k pagehits yesterday like it was an Instalanche. Our site is FAR from a top-shelf righty blog, and we get 2k-2.5k pagehits a day. And we don’t allow comments: he has an active comment community who must reload dozens of times EACH many times a day.

I think the only time anyone goes there at all is to see what madness he’s descended to now.

I think that’s exactly right. My rare visits come when significant events happen with Israel to see if he has changed sides concerning them. As long as he hasn’t I think there is hope.

Tweak him, laugh at him, he has earned it lately; but never forget he is an actual person with the same value before God as all others.

We don’t know what personal problems he might be dealing with, (at least I don’t) but I would be very pleased if he decided to contact Robert Stacy, and Pam Gellar et/al privately and talk to them and get his personal house in order.

As for Meridth Baxter. Can you think of the last time you thought of her? Can you even name the month that was in?

Update: The Doc is kind enough to link back again. I’m redeemed from Putzhood but must plead guilty as charged on the other charge, I’m always in the hunt for a happy ending. BTW I should point out that his blog is definitely Not work safe, but apparently in line with every 20 year old man currently alive.

…and I’m not going to bother to look it up. But Charles’ whole “instabeg” business certainly didn’t hurt my traffic. It quadrupled yesterday.

Jules Crittenden who is the source of a lot of those extra hits (thanks muchly) had this to say on the subject:

Some people ask why we do this … pay attention to loony tunes like Charles Johnson, Andrew Sullivan. I say because they are there, like mountains that loomed large in their world and are weirdly inverting themselves into crazy molehills. Also because, as GOV deftly illustrates, it is an entertaining exercise. Of course we open ourselves up to charges of Johnson obsession. No cruel “Johnson” jokes please.

The disease he is worried about is Bloggers Alzheimer’s aka Sullivan’s Syndrome. I was worried about catching it myself, then I looked at my hits…

Maybe Chucky should change sides more often.

You know as someone who got less hits all of last year as Robert Stacy managed in the month of November you might expect me to put up a “look at me” post to drive some traffic over here.

It’s a real measure of how far LGF as fallen to see him putting up a “Look at me” post. There was a time when he was one of the top 10 bloggers around. But when you have thrown almost everyone under the bus, censored comments and stifled dissent and attracted readers with all the friendliness of a Basil Faulty something has to be done.

A lot of this stems from his feud with Pam Geller but the breaking point was actually in April when Glen Beck hit him. The real bus throwing started around that time.

Ironically I wrote a post defending Johnson that week, and a quick follow up that didn’t take sides. I then discovered Robert Stacy’s Magnum Opus on the subject that prompted a long post of my own, my first comment , link and regular reading of his blog.

The turning point for me was was two fold, the Van Jones story and gave this warning:

one must always beware the specter of Sullivan’s syndrome that turned a once reasonable blogger into a Bush hating trig truther. Beck’s issues (and he HAS some) do not make the Obama administration in general or Van Jones in particular clean. A lot of Bush Derangement and Palin Derangement comes from the it

I accepted Charles Challenge to research Jones and found evidence that supported his position, it was also around that time that I got more into comments on LGF and discovered that like the Senate and amendments the real action at LGF is in comments. It was in comments that I had a personal dispute with Charles where I considered myself slandered and demanded satisfaction. After pressing the issue I got an acceptable response in comments and deleted the detailed post on the subject I had prepared. That really opened my eyes but since the response was acceptable I was ready to leave it there.

Then came the attack on the Tea Parties in general and Robert Stacy in particular.

to me the attack was cheap and came from nowhere. Robert Stacy being Robert Stacy did what was required, he fought back but more importantly people who knew him spoke up for him leading me to say this:

I don’t know Robert Stacy McCain personally, but after hearing his friends come to his defense, I sure would like to.

As I followed the fight in detail I investigated in the same way and concluded that Charles behavior dishonorable:

However there is another factor here, Robert Stacy McCain is the father of six. Those six carry his name and to some degree his reputation. He is fighting for their honor, his father honor and his great grandfather’s honor. He also as a father has to set the example for his children to stand up for themselves. If he lets this go without satisfaction he the example he will be setting will be terrible. As a father I see it and nod.

This is why as long as there is not an honorable resolution Robert Stacy will make sure in the words of Jeb Stuart whom he quoted “He will regret it but once, and that will be continuously.” It is not possible for him to do anything else, the consequences otherwise are too great and the longer it lingers the smaller the chances of an honorable solution will be..

All of this ended in my banning at LGF and others (Hi Peg), sudden LGF love from Andrew Sullivan and Firedoglake my single favorite post. Some brief defenses from Charles’ minions in my comments, and a long phone call from Robert Stacy which began a long distance friendship.

In the meantime LGF was last linked by Glenn Reynolds Aug 27, 2009 (on rathergate) and Charles last mentioned by name on April 16th 2009 (Beck v Johnson can’t we all just get along?). Robert Stacy’s Instalances? I count 11 Instalanches for him since Charles last one.

And here lies the REAL reason for today’s post by Charles…

Look at this page, you will see that Charles last instalanche was his 234th. Roll that number in your heads bloggers that is 233 more than me (are my posts that boring?) His first instalanche was April 22 2002. So in a 90 month period that is an avg of 2.6 instalanches a month or just under one instalanche every twelve days. Just to remind you here is what my one instalanche from last Feb did to my traffic:


Also consider that an instalanche means other blogs will pick up your posts in reference. Imaginable the cumulative effect of this happening every two weeks for 8 years. It is mind boggling!…

…and then it suddenly stops!

Now suddenly his blog has to stand on it’s own two feet, Charles is a good programmer and his blog design is in my opinion one of the best on the web but what good is that if you aren’t getting the traffic?

The left already hates you and doesn’t link, Glenn doesn’t link and neither does the right, even LGF watch hasn’t posted on him in over a month what do you do?. He choose Rule 4. Pick a fight but it can’t be just any fight, the right has left you and the left doesn’t trust you enough to link so to win the left over it is necessary to pick the Right Fight!

Plan A was to hit Sarah Palin via association, it took 5 days but Rachel Maddow picked up his attack obliquely. But it still didn’t do the trick, the hits didn’t keep coming so now comes plan B…

Pull an Ariana Huffington/David Brock: The left absolutely LOVES people who cross over. His post today is an attempt to get Dede Scozzafava attention. She has become the left’s favorite Republican. This is Charles play to get love from the lefty bloggers in general and maybe even MSNBC.

If he can manage to get himself on Maddow’s show he will have the attention he wants, it will not be the Instalanche but it will do.

This is all about ego and Charles need to feed it. Will it work, that depends on the if the left thinks he can be a useful idiot. At the moment he has the idiot part down pat but his support of Israel and the war on terror (proving his has not totally lost it yet) is going to be a sticking point, but maybe that will be their “big tent” move. Here’s how I think it will end…


I can hear the words from Charles now: “All right Mr. Reynolds I’m ready for my instalanche!”

Update: He got a link at Politico, that might be his “in” to morning joe. Will the plan work?

Meanwhile Ann Althouse (who still gets plenty of instalove) puts it in perspective:

Personally, I don’t need to go through the exercise of figuring out what happened to Johnson. I’ve avoided him all these years because he seemed too extreme and hateful. Now, he’s fired up about other people being extreme and hateful? And he’s fired up in a way that seems extreme and hateful? I do not need to go there. That was never my scene.

You don’t need to go there but he needs your link. This is trolling for an instalanche to start and MSNBC to finish.

Jules who is quoted by Ann expands on it:

I would have preferred a detailed description of the moment when all that inclusive thoughtful concern hit him like a silver bullet, when the switch flipped on the bright shining light on the road to Damascus, when … enveloped by its warm, mentally balanced, nurturing embrace … he started frothing about the hateful craziness. Also, how the crazy hating on his new side of the aisle fits into his new anti-hate/crazy world view. Not on offer in this brief crazy hate-a-thon. But it’s pretty obvious he bought this line that it is all about crazy hateful bigoted insurrection, which comes across ironically as crazy and hateful sounding.

Jules you aren’t getting it, it’s about the hits today that will be up and the gig tomorrow that he dreams of.

Update 2: Can we now safely say that HotAir’s move of Charles to their left channels slot was right? I still have a front page link to him myself, it is the “Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid” link that goes to his Oct 20th 2006 post by that title. He has not pulled it yet or re-directed it. It will stay there to show we remember.

Update 3
: Jules Crittenden links, thanks! I’ve always wondered if he was the newspaper guy standing next to me at the Boston Tea party talking about how he got out in time to another reporter.

You might recall way back when a certain fellow swam against the tide on the Bill Sparkman (it wasn’t me), that fellow said this

The lazy assumption that we know all we need to know, that there cannot be any unknown facts that contradict the beliefs we form on the basis of partial information, is the basis of far too many mistaken beliefs. I’ve already reported how stereotypes of rural Kentuckians as backward, ignorant and impoverished have resulted in a misleading portrayal of the decent, hard-working, law-abiding citizens of Clay County. (Let’s don’t even get into the Kelsee Brown angle.) And now we see how a too-eager desire to cast Bill Sparkman’s death as a political symbol is leading to assumptions that may be equally misinformed.

It’s a free country, which means everyone is free to speculate how and why Bill Sparkman died. But ill-informed speculation and assumptions are no substitute for facts, and there are still too many unknown facts for anyone to pretend to know the motives of whoever put Sparkman’s body in that cemetery

Note the use of the word “death” and not “murder”.

It’s important to note that he said it in response to a Newsweek article and Memeorandum thread.

That fellow had the audacity to actually go to Kentucky and actually do shoe leather investigating on the case. He got grief and ridicule and today he has one more thing…vindication!

A U.S. Census worker found dead in a secluded Clay County cemetery killed himself but tried to make the death look like a homicide, authorities have concluded.

Bill Sparkman, 51, of London, might have tried to cover the manner of his death to preserve payments under life-insurance polices that he had taken out. The policies wouldn’t pay off if Sparkman committed suicide, state police Capt. Lisa Rudzinski said.

I wonder what he has to say today? Why wonder when you can read it?

Yes, we remember all those headlines at Memeorandum. Yes, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Ungar we remember all your irresponsible speculation. The people of Clay County, Ky., await your apologies.

Take a look at that Memeorandum thread and note all the lefty blogs linked there. It’s the Duke Haditha crowd. I wonder what they are saying today? 45 min later:

It’s now official: Bill Sparkman committed suicide. So much for “Southern populist terrorism” — and the credibility of Andrew Sullivan. So much for “Send the body to Glenn Beck” — and the credibility of Rick Ungar.

There is a new Memeorandum thread, wonder how many lefty blogs will be on it? I won’t be holding my breath.

Now I’ll say this, given the initial info murder was a rational conclusion. I DO blame them for trying to use this to attack the tea parties and paint those who attended as culpable to murder. Honorable people will come out and say they were wrong. Lets see how that thread turns out.

This has been a bad day for Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson and a good day for Robert Stacy McCain. Why is that? Only one of the three took the time and effort to obtain facts first hand.

Will we see the “fake but accurate” meme return?

Update: Bill Jacobson is naming names:

I’ll let others delve into all the sordid facts. What I want are some apologies from all the left-wing blog ghouls who danced on Bill Sparkman’s grave hoping to score points by blaming conservatives for the death, as detailed in my post Ghouls Preparing To Dance on Sparkman’s Grave.

The theory went that right-wing concerns over government power incited anti-government violence. Here are the bloggers specifically quoted in my prior post pushing this agenda:

* Think Progress,
* Steve Benen,
* Andrew Sullivan,
* MyDD,
* Crooks and Liars,
* Richard Benjamin,
* Mark Kleiman and
* No More Mister Nice Blog, among many.

I’ll be following these blogs to see who owns up to their smears. And I’ll let you know.

If the left has had a worse week I can’t remember it.

Update 2: Something horrible just hit me: Mr. Sparkman was counting on the media blaming the right for his death for his scam to work. He intentionally tried to frame us for his murder!

As a rule it isn’t proper to speak ill of the dead, but I’m just amazed that the dead was trying to speak ill of us. What a dishonorable act!

Motive a mystery after Fort Hood Rampage



I had some weird dreams last night but I didn’t dream anything that weird.

Wasn’t this the same MSNBC that made fun of Pelosi yesterday over calling Tuesday’s election a win? (And did so today on Morning Joe)

I can’t imagine why some of us might think Jihad would have been the motive.

Doris Kerns Goodwin on Morning Joe says she can’t figure out what could drive to this. This is a Historian?

Gee maybe if she talked to the military friend I talked to last night she might get a clue from the earlier case of Sgt Hasan Akbar.

Its avoidance of reality has real consequences, increasing the dangers Americans face. “This country’s officials are in a state of denial and confusion that is almost as frightening as the terrorism they are supposed to be fighting,” observes Dennis Prager, only slightly exaggerating.

Second, the Akbar incident points to the suspect allegiance of some Muslims in government. The case of Gamal Abdel-Hafiz recently surfaced: an FBI agent whose colleagues say he twice refused to record conversations with suspected financiers of militant Islamic terrorism (“A Muslim does not record another Muslim”). [The Seattle Times reports three witnesses recalling that John Allen Muhammad, the man accused of the Washington, D.C.-area sniper murders last fall, had thrown a grenade into a tent during the 1991 war against Iraq.] Other cases are under investigation.

All of which reinforces what I wrote in January: “There is no escaping the unfortunate fact that Muslim government employees in law enforcement, the military and the diplomatic corps need to be watched for connections to terrorism, as do Muslim chaplains in prisons and the armed forces. Muslim visitors and immigrants must undergo additional background checks. Mosques require a scrutiny beyond that applied to churches and temples.”

Hasan now sits on death row.

BTW if you want to know how far LGF has fallen, none of his posts on the subject mention Islam or the fact that he is Muslim. So for the benefit of LGF readers who are convinced that this is another case of the Flemish Menace striking again, here is how you identify them.

know the flemish menace
Your guide to the Flemish Menace!

I guess Charles has joined the MSM, after all it was the same MSM that was ready to tag tea party sympathizers for the Bill Sparkman… Murder suicide?

Investigators probing the death of a Kentucky census worker found hanging from a tree with the word “fed” scrawled on his chest increasingly doubt he was killed because of his government job and are pursuing the possibility he committed suicide, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

Two officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, said no final conclusions have been made in the case. In recent weeks, however, investigators have grown more skeptical that 51-year-old Bill Sparkman died at the hands of someone angry at the federal government.

The officials said investigators continue to look closely at suicide as a possible cause of Sparkman’s death for a number of reasons. There were no defensive wounds on Sparkman’s body, and while his hands were bound with duct-tape, they were still somewhat mobile, suggesting he could have manipulated the rope, the officials said.

That still seems a stretch to me but I’ll defer for now to Robert Stacy who actually reported from there.

That article had a dateline from Washington, D.C., where Barrett is based, so you can bet money that it was Barrett’s unauthorized source at the Justice Department — and not McMurray’s sources in Kentucky — who leaked the tidbit about “fed” scrawled on the chest and the “anti-government sentiment” motive.

OK, so here’s the deal with anonymous sources: The source who gives a reporter bad information automatically forfeits his right to anonymity. Barrett’s source misled him, so that the entire premise of that Sept. 23 article was bogus.

Remember the same papers (and Charles) who were POSITIVE that this was a tea party murder has no idea why Islamic Killer Major Malik Nadal Hasan did it.

Al-Qaeda got a win yesterday, the media is trying to give them a second one. It is an insult to our intelligence. As via Glenn Phillis Chester says:

The Jihadist Is Always the Victim


Update: MSNBC jumped away from the new conference to talk to Jim Miklaszewski. He is reporting that he shouted “Allah Akbar” while shooting. Mika looks like someone just peed in her cereal. They now bring up the possibility that is it a “political” killing…and immediately jump to the AARP endorsing Obamacare. That’s the story of the day apparently.

Update 2: Yes I know I can’t spell to save my life, but while I’m fixing that spelling error let’s link to the Newsbusters story that reminds us of some of the Sparkman speculation. You can find my coverage of it here.

I was in the middle of writing a birthday post for my late father when I got a call from a friend in PA who told me to turn on the TV and that Scozzafava had pulled out of the race in NY-23.

This doesn’t guarantee victory for Hoffman (that’s WHY you have the election) but it means the following.

Big Winners:

Sarah Palin: She was the republican who was willing to put herself on the line with the race was “over”

Robert Stacy McCain: He was the blogger/Reporter who pushed this story and took the time to visit the district twice. That meant he was on hand for BOTH the Palin endorsement and the Scozzafava pull out.

Rush Limbaugh: He pushed and pushed this race and hit republicans for dissing conservatives.

The Tea Party Movement: They got behind Hoffman and have proved their power. Lets see the MSM spin that one.

Northeastern Conservatives: All it takes is one win to give others the courage to try.

Dump Dede blog: Need I say why?

BIG Losers:

Newt Gingrich: He stuck his neck out for the GOP rather than conservatives and got it chopped off. Say goodbye to 2012 but as long as he opposes conservatives his place on the MSM rotation gravy train is assured forever.

GOP Establishment: They attached the conservative and gave us a RINO and end up with a zero.

NRCC: Good luck raising money from conservatives now. I suspect the funds will go directly to the candidates.

Democrats: They are in a no win situation. They don’t get the cover that a Scozzafava win would have allowed them (bi-partisan votes, a House version of Olympia Snowe) and even if Owens wins they get nothing they didn’t already have, an overwhelming house majority and a new blue dog.

The MSM: They have to deal with a Palin win and or a Hoffman win. Their RINO’s who have been proclaiming that the GOP has to tack left shows its weakness. They will play the GOP civil war card but not no effect.

RINOS: They lose their argument

Tim Pawlenty: Sloppy seconds

And to Charles Johnson he gets a Nelson award:

Vote Hoffman!

Update: CNN is reporting the breaking news that a poll says Palin is not electable? Doesn’t mention NY-23 news today. Do you want to know why they are in 4th? Memorandum is on it however. CNN’s breaking news still isn’t covering it.

Update 2: Second big winner Bill Quick, two instalances on one post!

Update 3: Michelle Malkin knows who to thank. Meanwhile according to Sister Toldjah CNN discovered the story while I went down the street for breakfast and she breaks some news:

Chair Pete Sessions is now set to endorse Hoffman. Politico’s Jonathan Martin reported via Twitter that Newt Gingrich, a staunch defender of Scozzafava against conservatives who accurately described her as a liberal in sheep’s clothing, is now endorsing Hoffman and urging others to vote for him on Tuesday.

A tad late isn’t it? Meanwhile Marc Ambinder makes a good point:

Where do the rest of her votes go? CW says that most go to Hoffman, but I’m with Jonathan Martin: I think half go to Democrat Bill Owens or they stay home.

Ed Morrissey does show the race looks good for the white hats:

According to the poll, Hoffman had attracted 50% of the Republican vote, while Owens had 2/3rds of the Democrats. Hoffman leads Owens among independents, 40%-35%, and the remaining 15% supporting Scozzafava will almost certainly break more towards Hoffman than Owens. Owens will likely get more of Scozzafava’s Democratic supporters, but she only had 11%, while 14% have already gone to Hoffman. Hoffman and Owens had a near-even split of the opposition in Scozzafava’s regional stronghold of Jefferson/Lewis/St. Lawrence counties, but I’d be surprised if Hoffman didn’t pick up more in those areas of disaffected Scozzafava voters, too.

The race isn’t over until the people actually vote. Various bloggers point out that it’s all down to the voters now. Meanwhile the democrats make a tactical mistake:

Politico reports that the Biden rally will be Monday in Watertown:

The visit by Biden underlines how badly national Democrats want to snatch this seat, Republican-held since before the Civil War, from the GOP. But it also reflects Democrats’ 11th-hour efforts to avoid a clean sweep Tuesday of the three mostly closely-watched races.

By deploying Biden it makes any defeat an administration defeat. This is a lot of risk for little reward, this suggests fear of giving Sarah Palin any kind of victory.

Update 4: Robert George gets it:

Outside observers who want to dismiss Palin do so at their peril. But, there appears to be a reason that her basketball-playing nickname was “Barracuda.” Recall she was the one who coined (or at least made viral) the phrase “death panel” during the health care fight during the summer — forcing Democrats and the White House onto the defensive. Whether Palin is doing all this for PR purposes (her book comes out in three weeks) or being reckless in her political rhetoric, the fact is she is having an impact on the broader debate — and continuing to resonate with her party’s base.

Mitt Romney? Not so much. His voice hasn’t been heard during the battle over health care. And then, Thursday he gave the vaguest statement on the race:

“I have chosen not to endorse the Republican candidate in New York’s 23rd District,” Romney told reporters while campaigning in Virginia for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. “That should speak a certain amount of volume. I can’t endorse our candidate in that race.”

Yeah, Mitt, that does speak “a certain amount of volume.” It says that you’re willing to campaign for a gubernatorial candidate who has had the Virginia race in the bag for months — but not make a controversial, yet, dynamic decision in a race that would have significant ripples across the country. Palin (and Tim Pawlenty quickly following the former Alaska governor) recognized where the base’s train was going and quickly got on board. Romney missed the train — and missed the opportunity to take a significant role in a tough internal ideological debate that his party is undergoing. Even if Romney endorsed Scozzafava (as former Speaker Newt Gingrich did), at least he would have made a principled decision and could have articulated his reasons for it.

Instead, he looks completely wishy-washy.

Edisto Joe does too:

Anyone who doubts Sarah Palin as an up and coming major player on the political scene better find a doctor for a reality check.

Conservatives for Palin should be talking victory laps, Intrade sure looks good too. Meanwhile Riehl World view spares some sympathy for Dede:

I’ve no ill will toward her. She had a long, productive career as an elected official. I won’t knock her for that, even if I found some of her thinking to be wrong. Hopefully she can carry on in her career at the local level for now. I don’t see why not. These must have been incredibly stressful times for her.

She might be a nice lady and good to kittens, she was just the wrong choice for this position. David Frum’s new majority links to the Politico story but hasn’t been heard from in two days on the race. There is news; David Frum has joined and CNN is now in last place. Make of that what you will.

Speaking of Frum et/al National review has a bonanza, the biggest piece is a word from Rush Limbaugh:

“Hmmm… I thought the Era of Reagan was over? Who was it that said that? Oh yeah, the smart people on our side who told us the only way we could win was with moderate/liberal candidates like Scozzafava. Hmmm…”

Jim Geraghty sees good signs too:

A guy in the know, who’s helping out with pro-Hoffman efforts up there, tells me, “Of the 20 percent or so who supported Dede, we think 70 percent are registered Republicans. We are focusing on them. Hoffman has run an anti-Washington, stop Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid campaign, so that’s the message we’re continuing to push.”

He adds, “All the Dede resources from RNC et al got pushed to New Jersey, by the way, they didn’t stay around to help.” (Christie probably needs it more.)

While Hoffman reaches out to Dede:

“I will value a relationship with her, using the knowledge and experience she has to help me in representing this district,” says Hoffman. Working with Scozzafava, he adds, is akin to working with all Republicans to help forward conservative and fiscally-responsible policies. “In the last week, I’ve had many senior Republicans come to my aide and endorse me,” he says. “Over 25 congressional Republicans have helped and endorsed me, plus numerous presidential hopefuls.”

And Rich Santorum tries to extend the metaphor to Jersey.

We are faced with another three-way race for the governorship of New Jersey. The state of New Jersey is in a free fall under the inept leadership of Jon Corzine. Would I ever consider supporting the Independent candidate Chris Daggett there? Perhaps, if I thought, in these final days, the situation there were anything like it was in NY-23. But it is not. If you take a look at the Real Clear Politics poll average, Daggett is at 12 percent while Corzine and Christie are tied at 41 percent. What has been clear in all of the polls is that Corzine can’t break out of the low 40s in support.

Daggett, meanwhile, isn’t a Libertarian or a Socialist. He isn’t carrying the banner for a cause or a party that he has embraced. He is running, I suspect, because he knows that another four years of Corzine would be a continuing train wreck for New Jersey and he thinks he could do a better job than Chris Christie.

Like Scozzafava, Daggett was a liberal Republican in the Tom Kean mold (Daggett worked for Kean) in New Jersey. Unlike Scozzafava, he left the party to join another cause, his own. Like Scozzafava, Daggett is not going to win the election on Tuesday. Scozzafava withdrew because she put what is best for her district and her country above her personal aspirations. Let’s see if Daggett can exhibit the same selflessness.

I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

A: Robert Stacy McCain still gets instalances.

In fact not only does he still get instalances the lance goes to his American Spectator stuff which is a direct source of income and raises his stature and value at the magazine. This is due to his key work in the Ny-23 race (Vote Hoffman).

Meanwhile Mr. Johnson is reduced to soliciting donations on every single post rather than doing something like, helping to raise funds for Project Valour-It. (Donate at the link at the top BTW) Alas how the mighty have fallen!

And his foes don’t just get instalances they get Rush Lances too, and not secondary ones like I did.

Charles please look at yourself and see what you’ve become.

My mother is the quintessential Sicilian. There are people she doesn’t like or care for, but she is very proper in public concerning them as long as she isn’t questioned directly. She always taught me the value of being able to publicly associate with your enemies. And with enemies you need to establish “neutral ground” such as Church or a funeral where you can be friendly and not let your personal enmity harm or inconvenience others.

There were also other bounds, you would not hurt a foes family or attempt to cost them their livelihood. On shared occasions such as sporting events when you both cheered for the same team it was even acceptable to celebrate together and most importantly there were some rumors and accusations that were so beyond the pale that you didn’t repeat them even about your foes. I saw her do this with people that had directly hurt and insulted her publicly. It was amazing to see.

Most of this was taught by example. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me I tended to take my fathers example instead. He liked and got along with everyone and as long as they didn’t mean harm to his family he would help anyone. At his funeral I never saw so many people and neither did the funeral home guy for any non celebrity. (He even cooked his own funeral dinner but that’s another story…)

This is one of the reasons why I have taken such a hard line on Charles Johnson and lgf. His accusations against Robert Stacy are not only contrary to the personal experiences of people with actual expereince but it puts his ability to support his wife and family at risk.

Banning people from comments is childish, the comments on Jumping in Pools are childish an revealing, but the actions on the gentleman from Maryland are despicable and continue to be. (This doesn’t even count his actions against Pam Geller, Gates of Vienna et/al).

As I’ve said I’ve never met Charles so I don’t know his motivations, how he thinks, if he is having personal problems that lead to this stuff or anything, but right now I must say I don’t care much for him.

That said he has not yet crossed two particular bright lines that are significant.

He has not crossed over to opposition to Israel vs the Palestinians.

He has not crossed over to the defeat caucus concerning the radical Islam in general and the war in particular.

These are both important lines not only because of what they represent but because unlike some who support the above positions he has the facts and without a question knows better.

As long as those two lines are not crossed his chance of redemption is still intact and I will hope for it while still teasing him over his foolishness and chiding him severely for his offensives against a man I call friend.

Once those lines are crossed, once he actively supports the other side in war then all bets are off. Over time this will be the true test of him and if he just being petulant or if he is doing wrong.

I hope I’m wrong but I have a horrible feeling that this administration will very soon put this to the test.

A: Now that Beck (and Palin) has gone “all in” concerning him, if Doug Hoffman wins in NY-23 Charles Johnson is going to go so Kryten that his hairline will match mine.

That doesn’t even count Robert Stacy’s involvement. It will drive him nuts!

Annoy Charles, Vote Hoffman!

After touching on the WSJ piece they take the exact opposite view of Morning Joe concerning republicans:

Republicans just opened up their widest lead since 1994 on the generic Congressional ballot poll. Obama is in negative double-digits pretty consistently on Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll of political polarity. Only 43% say they’d vote to re-elect Obama. And – perhaps mosting damning of all for the Democrats – for the first time that I can ever remember at least, the GOP leads the Dems in ALL TEN of the “voters trust” issues – including “Democrat friendly” issues like health care, social security, and education. Also note, the GOP has a sizable trust advantage on abortion – so don’t tell me that social issues are a loser for the GOP. I’m not buying it.

If present trends hold, Republicans look set to take back Senate seats in Pennsylvania and Delaware (two bluish Northeastern states), and conservatives look like they’re going to be sweeping the big three races in Virginia handily (showing that conservative Republicans can definitely win in purple states). The Iowa governourship appears set to revert to conservative Republican hands (another purplish state), and in Ohio (another purple state), a relatively unknown Rob Portman has caught up with and is now virtually tied with each of the better-known, statewide Democrat elected officials that he is matched up against for the open Senate seat. How are Democrats faring in red states? Not good at all – if the news that Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas’s incumbent moderate Democrat Senator trails all four of her potential Republican opponents is any indication.

So please, don’t try to feed me this blithering nonsense about how the GOP needs to run to the centre to win, and is currently perceived as too right-wing to be viable. Quite the opposite is in fact true. The GOP is viewed by its own base as being full of squishes, and is viewed by independents as incapable of providing the leadership on the issues that they want. If that were to change, the GOP would win elections solidly, even in purplish and northeastern districts like NY-23. The reasonably conservative Jim Tedisco lost the special election in NY-20 by only a few hundred votes – and that is a district where the Dems had won handily in both the previous elections, and which Obama easily carried. If that special election were being held today, Tedisco would probably win it.

The question becomes what do they actually want? I’ve actually already answered that here:

If your primary interest as a feudal lord is getting back on the gravy train with the king you certainly don’t want to have the peasants revolt against that largess.

If people who actually plan on acting get elected they will try to act, that might spill the gravy train.

Unfortunately for the GOP establishment there is now too much attention to play the game they way they want.

Now we will see who is who and what is what.

Vote Hoffman!

Update: Dan Riehl makes an interesting point

If grassroots conservatives have dropped the ball in some way, especially in the Northeast, it is that we haven’t done the hard work to take back the Republican Party from the ground up. To truly prevail we must do that.

It disappointed me to hear the Club for Growth’s Andy Roth blame RNC Chairman Michael Steele and the D.C. Republicans for giving us a Dede Scozzafava. He knows better than that, and he shouldn’t play that game simply to get his message across. Scozzafava got the nod based upon a state and local decision. It’s important for conservatives to understand how that came about.

It is not the D.C. GOP’s job to stab a state or local organization in the back, no matter what you may think. Money and support flow up and flow back down. A national political organization capable of winning elections can not afford to function any other way. Let’s stop playing games.

His point about getting involved is well made but that doesn’t change the fact the Scozzafava is a lousy candidate and the national party should have been circumspect about offending the grass roots movement that is making the difference in their support nationally.

Oh and note to Charles Johnson (peace be upon him) this is how you respectfully disagree with someone on a subject without offense, particularly if you agree on so many other subjects and in that spirit let me remind you that there is still space of the statement of common principles for anyone who wants to sign.

…as King Charles the Pious (peace be upon him)declares concerning the Rush stuff:

The quote is disputed, but it has not been proven false.

Tough words concerning an honorary lizardoid.

So now we have to prove that someone never said anything rather than provide a link or a quote. After all we can’t prove that he didn’t sing this in his shower one day. Noted Cherry Picker Tim Blair quotes from Mark Stein but I think this quote from the same link is more significant:

when I began guest-hosting for Rush, I was amazed to discover that George Soros pays a team of stenographers, many of them called Zachary, to work their tippy-tappy fingers to the bone for three hours transcribing everything Rush or his fill-ins say in the hope that their efforts will one day be rewarded and he will deliver the big career-detonating soundbite. Among the afficionados of this service are, as I discovered recently, America’s “newspaper of record,” which faithfully follows the George Soros typing pool and dutifully plasters any potentially damaging bon mot on page one.

And, aside from all that, 20 million people are out there listening.

If this had any truth about it do you think it would only be coming up in the context of buying a NFL franchise? This would have been trumped from the MSM everywhere years ago. This as you might recall is the same argument I made weeks ago concerning his slander of Robert Stacy McCain:

Apparently the importance to expose that racist, neo confederate and White supremacist Evil that is Robert Stacy McCain was so great that Charles waited until Robert Stacy McCain posted 5,071 entries on his blog on his blog before exposing him.

He was so outraged by Glenn Reynolds linking to him that he waited until his 21st instalance (yes that’s 20 instalances more than me, feel free to suggest to Glenn that I deserve another) to denounce him for it. Apparently he wanted to give Glenn every chance to change his mind.

and Robert Stacy asked a similar question at his own blog.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was saying this:

Q: What are the three most harmful developments for the liberal agenda in history?

A: The Personal Computer , The Affordable Digital Camera, and the Internet because it makes it impossible to hide stuff

Apparently according to King Charles the Pious (peace be upon him) that same standard is not true when it comes to Rush. It IS possible to hide stuff, the same guy who was able to find the pictures and signs of Fauxphotography declares it unnecessary to even try to verify this stuff. That’s because there is no there there, he can’t even come up with dubious links this time.

Speaking of Cynthia Yockey back in September she said this:

Then I had another thought: isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that CJ began his vendetta against Stacy just after Stacy and Dan Riehl succeeded in shutting down the foremost lying liar Leftie bloggers who were the origins of so many lies about Gov. Sarah Palin? Just as Gov. Palin put herself in a position to fight their libels by stepping down — the grounds for libel are different for private citizens — and just as Dan Riehl and Stacy McCain proved that unflattering amounts of sunshine were going to flood down upon the blogs and lives of the lying liar anti-Palin bloggers — suddenly Stacy McCain is under relentless and groundless attack.

Hmmmmm, I thought to myself. Hmmmmmmm.

So I called Stacy to tell him I was planning to write a post asking whether Charles Johnson is being paid to conduct this campaign by Obama’s post-election minions, Organizing for America, and he told me he didn’t think so.

I said before he reminded me of an aunt of mine who was running of of people to talk to as she dropped people in the six degree style.

However the Global warming stuff is science, stuff that can actually be measured and King Charles the Pious (peace be upon him) claims to a patron of the sciences:

So as the evidence has changed to a degree that the Climate Change correspondent for the BBC actually questioned Global Warming Charles Johnson has managed to be convinced in the other direction.

What is one to think?

I think the fight is over and Robert Stacy has won, Charles has jumped the shark so far that the round by round stuff isn’t worth my time or the prospective hits one might get from it. Johnson’s positions are not supportable and can’t stand scrutiny. They are no longer worthy of serious consideration…

…but they are still worthy or ridicule so in that spirit…

Last month I had a poll concerning Charles motivations with Robert Stacy. So lets start a new poll.

Update: Added link and quote

Update 2: You know was it not even two months ago that King Charles the Pious derided the conservative blogosphere for the standard they used to condemn Van Jones?

When this “news” came out, I spent hours searching the web for any corroboration at all in Jones’ own words that he believes the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy by the US government.

Apparently the “hours on the web standard” doesn’t apply to Rush Limbaugh honorary lizardoid.

But Charles insists he is a Racist ,
And Charles is a reputable blogger…

Update 3: Looks like the left is dancing like the White Witch in front of the stone alter but be careful what you celebrate.

This is going to be a big mess for a lot of people, and none of them are Rush.

A: Both shut down those who question them.

Tim Blair Oct 1st:

UPDATE II. And now I’m blocked:


You don’t have permission to access this server.

Oh well.

Al Gore the same month:

At a conference of environmental journalists, however, he briefly deigned to answer questions. The journalist who directed Not Evil, Just Wrong, a documentary that criticizes Gore’s alarmism, took advantage of the opportunity to ask Gore about the British judge who found that there were at least nine scientific errors in Gore’s film. The exchange is pretty entertaining; it ends with the journalist’s microphone being cut off:

When your opinions can stand up on their own, you aren’t obsessed with criticism. That would also explain this.

On Oct Post Tim Blair dared to tweak King Charles the Pious with the following post:




Then. Then. Then.

Now. Now. Now.

Charles answer included the following:

Tim Blair seems to believe I was supposed to toe the right wing line on climate change forever. Now that I’ve invested the time and effort to educate myself on the issues and have changed my mind, I’m an unfaithful monkey who must be stoned.

But the Gods of Irony do not like to be mocked:

The climate change correspondent of BBC News has admitted that global warming stopped in 1998 – and he reports that leading scientists believe that the earth’s cooling-off may last for decades.

“Whatever happened to global warming?” is the title of an article by Paul Hudson that represents a clear departure from the BBC’s fanatical espousal of climate change orthodoxy. The climate change campaigners will go nuts, particularly in the run-up to Copenhagen. So, I suspect, will devout believers inside the BBC. Hudson’s story was not placed very prominently by his colleagues – but a link right at the top of Drudge will have delivered at least a million page views, possibly many more.

The actual BBC story is here:

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.

So what on Earth is going on?

Damion Thompson asks the question:

The BBC now has serious questions to answer. It has used millions of pounds of licence-payers’ money to advance a simplistic point of view that is beginning to fall apart under scrutiny. Did it not foresee that this might happen? And, now that statistics are beginning to point in the other direction, is it prepared to give equal prominence to a debate about climate change that is both respectable and urgent?

So as the evidence has changed to a degree that the Climate Change correspondent for the BBC actually questioned Global Warming Charles Johnson has managed to be convinced in the other direction.

There has been speculation that LGF is on the gravy train. Robert Stacy disagrees:

Some commenters have speculated that Johnson is now on the Soros gravy train, a conspiratorial suspicion that violates Occam’s Razor. Johnson surely isn’t a sellout, for this would mean that he had been bribed to betray some important principle or to dishonor some obligation of loyalty.

Yet no one has ever offered evidence that Charles Foster Johnson ever had any principle or honor, and or that he was ever loyal to anyone but himself. He has been consistently vicious and selfish, and this only escaped notice so long as it served Johnson’s interests to deceive those whose assistance he sought in advancing his own self-aggrandizing agenda.

I was in that camp for quite a while but the Global warming issue isn’t something that was a part of any kind of vendetta or a key issue for any of the people that Charles was feuding with. Combine this with the fact that the evidence is actually going the other way and this story:

Billionaire George Soros said on Saturday that he would invest $1 billion in clean energy technology as part of an effort to combat climate change.

and I must confess I just don’t know what to think anymore.

Update: Given my not knowing a new poll is in order.

…then you are really doing well.

Congratulations Charles you’ve managed to get your slanderous attack on Robert Stacy McCain actually repeated in a Newspaper in Charleston West Va.

Now Don Surber writes for a paper in the same city (Charleston daily mail) so far be it from me to deride the state but I suspect that this was based on the clip from Rachel Maddow via LGF now that’s sourcing for you!

So to try to score a cheap shot against Sarah Palin they have committed an actionable offense. Once they repeated that claim in print and online it became so. And since the paper is on the net so if it’s picked up by a paper or a blogger in the UK. Robert Stacy and co might even choose to sue under British Libel laws.

Robert Stacy has already taken the first step demanding a retraction:

Over the years, this malicious campaign against my reputation has metastasized spectacularly on the Internet, as individuals and organizations with various political or personal motives have elaborated and repeated them. Some of the original sources for these accusations (e.g., a column by Michelangelo Signorile) contained factual errors, which have been incorporated into the urban-legend mythology, producing a Gordian Knot of non-fact that is not worth the effort it would take to unravel it. Like ancient Alexander, however, I am prepared to swing the sword. Retract, please.

These charges have, as I say, taken on an Internet life of their own. However, never before have they been published in a print newspaper. Whatever malice against the former governor of Alaska inspired your publisher, editors and writers to undertake this false and dishonorable guilt-by-association smear, it was a most foolish blunder. Retract, please.

Congratulations Charles you now have a chance to make Robert Stacy a fair amount of change and to have your charges refuted in a court of law and it will likely not cost you a cent. Then again if he is already going to court one more person in the doc won’t make a difference will it? You will make a real great witness at the trial. I suggest deleting those Archives asap.

…is Chronicled is some detail at Gates of Vienna (via lgf2) in a post sarcastically called Becoming the MSM:

Sometimes even prominent bloggers make mistakes. But Rule #1 of blogging is to correct all errors promptly and post retractions. A blogger’s credibility supposedly hinges on such prompt corrections.

To this day, Charles Johnson has not corrected or retracted these two factual errors, nor any of the others.

And, strangely enough, his credibility hardly suffered at all. His star didn’t begin its descent until he picked fights with some of the big guns in the American blogosphere. Now — two years later — he is finally recognized as a retailer of smears and falsehoods.

Funny about that.

It’s not funny at all but the explanation as to why it took so long for him to be figured out is explained in the next sentence.

Charles Johnson made his substantial reputation back in October 2004 as one of the major bloggers who helped discredit CBS, Dan Rather, and the forged “Killian Memo”.

Basically most people here in the states weren’t familiar with what was going on over there. We saw Charles become a 9/11 hawk, saw what he did with both Rather and the Fauxphotography and with those precedents decided that he knew what he was doing. We assumed this was a blog war and figured it was both a bit of a blog war and and to some degree an honest disagreement along the lines of “who do we want as allies”?

I wrote a defense of Charles back in April at the start of his big break with US bloggers and had this to say about some of the people he was talking about:

BTW: I didn’t include the “other side” on the various disputes because this particular post was concerning Charles and LGF. I’ve read and been happy to quote both Atlas and Jihad Watch on various topics and will continue to do so. I would recommend checking out both sites and Charles’ archives if you want the full back and forth between them. I don’t listen to, read or watch Beck so frankly I’m not really interested.

On the Vlaams Belang

(BTW I don’t have a problem with either Geller’s or Johnson’s positions as they are both in my opinion decisions of conscience)

I linked to Pam and I’ve linked to Gates, didn’t have a problem with either as I simply assumed it was a stronger version of the old CIA debate over how pure allies in the war on terror have to be.

Since I had read Charles regularly until other blogs overtook him in my attentions I missed a lot of the banning. It wasn’t until he went after Robert Stacy that I actually saw Or cared what was going on.

So I must confess that I’ve been more concerned with my own situation so here is the link to the Gates Correcting page for LGF. I suggest you read it along with Charles Charges from his archives (while they are still there anyway). It will not surprise you now but it might have before. Gates of Vienna is dead on with this:

He has become the Dan Rather of the blogosphere.

Back in those heady days when political blogs first came into their own, the bloggers promised the MSM that they would “fact-check their a**.”

But what about the major blogs? Who will fact-check their a**es?

The answer, in a word, is: nobody.

I am a very minor blog in the scheme of things but for what it’s worth I’m sorry I didn’t give your situation the attention it deserved.