By John Ruberry

Around this time yesterday during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia one woman was killed and 19 others were injured when they were rammed and run over by a person driving a Dodge Challenger.

James Alex Fields Jr, 20, was allegedly the behind the wheel of that muscle car. He’s been arrested on numerous charges and presumably the case against him is very strong. According to multiple media reports Fields is a white supremacist and an admirer of Adolf Hitler. He was also prescribed anti-psychotic drugs. But that doesn’t mean Fields doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

In my opinion Fields is the archetypal contemporary member of the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party–a disturbed, and yes, dangerous person who has, as the British say, “toys in the attic.”

Multiple media sources are calling the racist rally, formally known as Unite the Right, a white nationalist event.

Every year, however, the Nation of Islam, which espouses black separatism, holds a Saviour’s Day event, usually in Chicago, to celebrate the birthday of the NOI’s founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad, who claimed that black people are divine and whites are wicked. According to Muhammad, whites were created by an evil scientist named Yakub. But because blacks are part of the victim class, according to establishment media mores, Saviour’s Day can never be a black nationalist rally. You can laugh off the Nation of Islam, which has about 50,000 followers, but one of its members, the since-executed John Allen Muhammad, was one of the Beltway Snipers who murdered 17 people–whites and blacks–in 2002. The other killer was John Lee Malvo, a teenaged illegal immigrant from Jamaica. One of the duo’s motives for the murders was to extort money in order to open a community for homeless black youths to be trained as terrorists in Canada.

Many Muslim groups condemn the National of Islam as a heretic sect.

Despite his surname, John Muhammad’s NOI membership was downplayed, even ignored by the mainstream media in its coverage of the attacks and the subsequent trials. He was not labeled a black nationalist. In 1995 Muhammad was part of the security of the Nation of Islam’s Million Man March, although the NOI leader, Louis Farrakhan, denies it.

None of us is all good–the potential to commit evil exists in all of us in different degrees. And of course no race or ethnic group is all good or all evil.

Yet here we are, well within the 21st century, and I have to point that out. Sad.

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Pseudolus: We’ll need a body. Anybody’s body.
Hysterium: Can you get one from Gusto the Body Snatcher?
Pseudolus: He owes me a favor! But he died yesterday.
Hysterium: Uh — what about HIS body?
Pseudolus: Somebody snatched it.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum 1966

Spock: If we had not crossed the Neutral Zone, on your order, you would not now need our opinions to support a decision which should never have had to be made.

Star Trek The Enterprise Incident 1968

Back in June of last year during the time when the left was seeding Trump rallies with people to be beaten I wrote that the goal of this exercise was to create an election winning narrative.

This is the election year narrative they want and they will happily sacrifice the life of some useful idiot or many useful idiots to get it.

It was also my opinion that this goal was one of the reasons why the left was pretty much silent on the ANTIFA violence. There was the hope that one of these useful idiots might get him or her (or whatever pronoun said idiot choose to use) killed by a political opponent in order to lay the blame on Trump.

With the attempted murder of a group of GOP congressman and the near fatal wounding of Congressman Steve Scalise the need for such a body increased exponentially. While the media could and did treat said murder attempt as a one off, it was completely unacceptable to the narrative for the only potential murder victim of political violence during the Trump administration to be a republican congressman targeted by a Bernie Sanders Democrat. It was necessary, nay VITAL that somebody, anybody die for the cause of changing the narrative

And that brings us to Charlottesville.

I’ve been flat out since Friday on things from a speech in Lexington to a Radio Appearance in Worcester Saturday, From more technical issues on the premiere of my new show to a sick sister in law in the hospital and until an hour or two ago a wife without a car as her’s needed repair.  Tomorrow I’ll spend most of my day at a Catholic Festival and when I’m done I’ll be finishing up a podcast that will be dominated by Friday’s speech, Saturday’s radio appearance along with a great post show interview with Mike Wade and Joe Mangiacotti.  And I still have interview and videos from the Friday Morning group to upload and post.

In other words as of this writing (8:44 PM EST on Saturday night) when it comes to Charlottesville I’m almost completely ignorant of events.   I’ve seen no media reports, heard only a few minutes of CBS news on a radio and read an odd blog post or two all very brief.  Other than the fact of someone’s death, the apprehension of the person driving the car involved and the fact that a Police Chopper crashed killing two aboard (who are for some reason being included in the death total even though as far as I know there is no direct connection between said crash and the car incident)  I have no actual knowledge of what went on who did what and I don’t pretend to.

Yet despite this admired ignorance I’ll tell you what is going to happen presuming it hasn’t happened already.

  1.  The left will Blame President Trump and his supporters for this death and any and all violence that took place during the events leading up to it and every media outlet will rush to have said leftists on lay this blame in public
  2.  The same media that dropped the Scalise story will cling to this story for weeks, bringing guest after guest to use it as a club to beat the administration and it’s supporters with it.  This will be true regardless of the facts of the case.   at the earliest possible moment will elevate the dead person as a martyr to free speech.  We will know everything possible about this person and he or she will become the only story the media will cover.
  3. The same media that did not suggest the culpability of Democrats pols or leftists in the attempted murder of Steve Scalise will insist that Republicans pols and Trump supporters as a whole are culpable for these deaths.

This is the body the left has been seeking for an entire year now that they have it they will use it to the best possible effect for the longest possible time.  The facts of the case will be irrelevant in this exercise for the media and the left, although if they do favor the desired media/left narrative listed above (and for all I know they might) that will be a bonus extra that they will gratefully accept and run with.

Of course if people simply respected the right of  their fellow Americans to freely express their opinions without demonizing each other with the help of the media, costing each other their jobs with the approval of the media, or committing violence to silence opinions they disagreed with, aided by media silence when said violence comes from the “wrong” source, all of this would be a moot point.  Protests and marches would go on without an issue, speakers would speak their opinions to venues they are invited to and take challenging questions from those who disagree and workers would feel comfortable asking questions concerning company policies without fearing for their livelihood. This is the American ideal and that’s the America I would like to see.

However there is very little power and even less money to be gained for those who profit both financially and politically from ginning up crisis and suppressing the speech of their political or cultural foes. That’s why the desired result in the previous paragraph will not happen.

It’s also why I’m confident enough to make these predictions sans any other facts because said predictions undesirable as they might be, are unfortunately so unremarkable to any person who has watched the media/left for the last twelve months, let alone the last 9 years, that any such observer of the media should be able to make them with ease.

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