Jacob McCandles: I hate secrets. Never knew one to be kept. They’ve all heard what’s in that red box and they all want it. What we’re doin’ by this ostentatious display is telling them they can’t have it.

Big Jake 1971

If you are at all tied into the culture you might have noticed that Tina Fey put on an ahem  interesting display as part of the David Letterman farewell tour.

Tina Fey helped make David Letterman’s finals weeks on the “Late Show” memorable on Thursday night – as she stripped down for Dave!

If you go to Youtube it comes up on the front page, if you go to entertainment sites it led, meanwhile as twitchy snarked  at Chicks on the Right Miss CJ has some definite opinions concerning Tina Fey’s interesting display:

WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT ABOUT? You have to make some big statement about how wearing a nice dress is demeaning toward women, so the obvious thing to do is strip down to a bodysuit with “Bye Dave” written above your crotch and #LastDressEver on your butt? (Because – hashtag!) I thought women in comedy didn’t have to use their bodies for humor – which she clearly proved because this stunt wasn’t really very funny

I think the answer to CJ’s question comes from the two things that came to mind when I saw the video.

The first is the slutwalks.

For those who don’t know the Slutwalks are feminist protests where women in a state of undress march with little or no clothing to ironically make a statement they are not sex objects.

Yes you read that right.

The amusing part of said slutwalks are these woman are extremely offended if while in a state of undress that highlights their sexuality, men look at them like sex objects.

Yes you read that right too.

The reality is that if these women were marching fully clothed nobody would notice them therefore they deliberately march in a state of undress, ie parade himself as sex object in order to get people to pay attention to them while at the same time scolding said observers for viewing them as sex objects, although as Stacy McCain pointed out for some of said attendees it’s an iffy proposition for them to be noticed even in said state of undress.

What does that have to do with Tina Fey? Well like the women of slutwalk she was making a statement but that statement had nothing to do with feminism and not being viewed as a sex object  and everything to do with being recognized as a sex object.  Consider the image from the video at Chicks on the Right choose.  It’s Ms. Fey  bending over in a pose that frankly screams, pardon my vulgarity, “mount me

Some might say “DaTechGuy that’s ridiculous? She is an accomplished actress & writer.”  Why would she want to be viewed as a sex object?”

And that brings us to the second point, Knowing her value.

I’ve never met Ms. Fey.  For all I know She might be a fine woman, an excellent wife a good mother and a very pleasant person  and of course as a person made in God’s image she has intrinsic value.

However when it comes to the entertainment industry those things mean nothing.  Your value, indeed your bread & butter is based on being seen and noticed and right now she at a time in life when she sees the writing on the wall.

Tina Fey is known for two things 30 Rock & as Sarah Palin on SNL.  When it comes to 30 Rock despite all the awards it never got ratings NEVER:

It was often dismissed as a niche cable show trapped on a mainstream network, a bastion of showbiz in-jokes targeted to coastal sensibilities — predictably, the middle of the country ignored it to the end. Yet the anemic household ratings and consistently low numbers in key demos somehow failed to kill off this series. Why didn’t it?

Bluntly the answer is it just wasn’t funny.  There is a reason why the title of the piece I just quoted was…

How Tina Fey’s ’30 Rock’ Lasted Seven Seasons And Changed The Game For Female Comedy Creators

I submit and suggest Tina Fey’s show was an affirmative action hire that survived on an ultra liberal network as payback to the lady who the hollywood left considered the hero of the 2008 election.   NBC carried 30 Rock not as a business decision, but as a statement.

But NBC isn’t making that statement any longer and as for the Palin business 2008  is long gone and Gov Palin isn’t running for anything anytime soon.  So where does that leave Tina Fey until the SNL 50th anniversary reunion?

It leaves her as an attractive woman who will be turning 45 on my birthday in an industry unkind to women as they age or put on weight who needs to be noticed.

As as Tami Erin once of Pippi Longstocking fame but now of Hustler Magazine fame discovered, a very easy way for an attractive woman to get noticed is to put herself out there in an advanced state of undress on Camera.  As Miley Cyrus will tell you doing so in front of a large television audience is even better.

That’s what the Letterman gambit was all about. It wasn’t about comedy, it was about her being noticed at a time when nobody was the least bit interested.

And it worked.  More people are talking about Tina Fey this weekend that likely did so over the last six months.  She’ll be asked about this in interviews and that image of her is likely going to trump any others of her in google searches for a long time to come.

Compare and contrast this to Mika Brzezinski who was one year older than Ms Fey turns next week when she announced her weight gain on the air.  As I said at the time:

Now I don’t know if Mika intended it as a cultural statement but I think it’s a very important one. Tastes change, I’ve always thought the idea that women needed to be practically anorexic to be attractive is a dangerous thing, physically & mentally not to mention false.

Mika Brzezinski is a 46 year old woman competing in an industry where image is king (if you don’t believe me count the toupees on the news screen). And if image is king for a man imagine what it is for a woman where sex is used to sell everything,

Yet Ms. Brzezinski was willing to put her weight gain out there and two years later is touring the nation promoting her book:  Knowing your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth  and the message it contains about self worth.

Tina Fey should read Mika’s book, because judging by her ostentatious display on Letterman I think Tina Fey self assessment of her value these days isn’t very high.

Kinda a shame really.


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